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Since the first LoL World Championship in 2011, the prize pool has been ever-growing and will likely reach another record level at this year's LoL Worlds 2017. The Budget of Riot itself in the last two years has been $2.130.000 USD, whereas in 2016, 25% of the sales of the Championship Skin of Zed and the Championship Wardskin were added to the prize pool, resulting in a sum of $5.070.000 USD (approximately 4,621,122.46 €) in total. The prize money for the World Champion was 40% of the prize pool, but also the last-placed teams got tens of thousands of Dollars. At first sight, these numbers may seem pretty huge, but another MOBA is holding the record for the highest prize pool ein eSports: The International 2017 (TI 7) from Dota 2 is currently at approximately 22 Million USD and this sum is still increasing. If you just look at League of Legends, you will most likely see another record-breaking prize pool at this year's LoL World Championship 2017. The popularity of this event seems to continue its recent growth and many viewers play the game themselves and want to support the players with their in-game purchases. We will provide you with more information about the contribution of prize money before the tournament starts. The size of the prize pool will be announced shortly before the finals and will be here for you to find.

UPDATE 2nd November: Riot Games announced that the current prize money totals up to $2.250.000.- + $2.350.000.- (25% of Championship Ashe/Ward Skin sales). Of course the distributed money will increase until November 6th because 25% of the purchased Championship Ashe and Ward Skin earnings all over the globe will be added to the final tournament prize pool until then.

Price Money LoL Worlds 2017 Distribution Update

Riot Games also announced that a further 25% of the revenue from these Championship Skins will be donated to charity. There are three international charity foundations at choice, each player with a valid League of Legends account will be able vote directly in the client for his/her favourite organisation. The winning organisation then receives the lion's share of the donated money but the other two won't leave the World Championship empty-handed either.

2017 LoL Words Distribution of Prize Money

Because of great changes in the format of the LoL World Championship, the distribution of prize money will most likely not be the same as last year. You can look up the shares of the teams in last year's event here. But as mentioned, due to the increased number of participants from 16 to 24, there will be more teams to get prize money and thus the shares of each team will get smaller. We will keep you up to date with further information about the distribution of prize money as soon as possible!

Position Prize USD ≈ Prize EUR Team
Gold Medal Icon World Champion
$ 1,723,721.63 € 1,482,400.60 League of Legends Samsung Galaxy Logo LoL Worlds Samsung Galaxy
Silver Medal Icon 2nd Place
$ 620,539.79 € 533,664.22 SK Telecom T1 MSI 2017 Team Logo SK Telecom T1
Bronze Medal Icon 3rd – 4th
$ 321,761.37 € 276,714.78 League of Legends Royal Never Give Up Logo LoL Worlds RNG
League of Legends Team WE Logo LoL Worlds Team WE
 5th – 8th
$ 183,863.64 € 158,122.73 Misfits EU LCS Team Logo LoL Misfits
League of Legends Fnatic Logo LoL Worlds Fnatic
League of Legends Longhzu Gaming Logo LoL Worlds Longzhu Gaming
League of Legends Cloud9 Logo LoL Worlds Cloud9
9th – 11th
$ 103,423.30 € 88,944.04 G2 Esports MSI 2017 Team Logo G2 Esports
Team SoloMid MSI 2017 Team Logo Team SoloMid
League of Legends GIGABYTE Marines Logo LoL Worlds GIGABYTE Marines
12th – 13th
$ 80,440.34 € 69,178.69 League of Legends EDward Gaming Logo LoL Worlds EDward Gaming
Ahq e-Sports Club LMS League of Legends Logo ahq e-Sports Club
14th – 16th
$ 57,457.39 € 49,413.35 Flash Wolves LMS League of Legends Logo Flash Wolves
1907 Fenerbahçe League of Legends Logo 1907 Fenerbace
Immortals CSGO Team Logo Immortals
17th – 20th
$ 34,474.43 € 29,648.01 League of Legends Lyons Gaming Logo LoL Worlds Lyon Gaming
Hong Kong Attitude LMS League of Legends Logo HK Attitude
League of Legends Team oNe eSports Logo LoL Worlds Team oNe eSports
Young Generation GPL Logo Young Generation
21th – 24th
$ 22,982.96 € 19,765.34 League of Legends Rampage Logo LoL Worlds Rampage
Kaos Latin Gamer League of Legends Logo Kaos Latin Gamers
League of Legends Dire Wolves Logo LoL Worlds LG Dire Wolves
League of Legends Gambit Esports Logo LoL Worlds Gambit.CIS

Meanwhile the percentual distribution of the prize money has been released by Riot Games but the exact amount of money will steadily increase until November 6th due to Championship Skin sales and will only be announced after the World Championship 2017 has concluded.

Position Prize Money
World Champion 37.5% of all prize money
2nd Place 13.5% of all prize money
3rd – 4th  7% of all prize money
 5th – 8th 4% of all prize money
Group Stage Position Prize Money
1st Advance to Quarterfinals
2nd Advance to Quarterfinals
3rd 2.25% of all prize money
4th 1.25% of all prize money
Play-In Stage Position Prize Money
1st Advance to Group Stage
2nd 0.75 % of all prize money
3rd 0.5 % of all prize money

LoL Worlds Prize Pool in Comparison

We now take a look at how the lates prize pools of LoL World Championships compare to other eSports events. As mentioned before is the yearly The International from Dota 2 the tournament with the highest prize pools. For the TI 7 (The International 2017)  taking place in August 2017, the prize pool as almost reached an estimated 22 Million USD, already surpassing last year's prize pool. To compare this to traditional sports: The prize pool of the football World Cup 2014 has reached 358 Million USD. That's way more than any eSport event could achieve in the next few years, but football World Cups have been around since 1930, the LoL Worlds as well as The International have both been established in 2011. Besides the two most famous MOBAs, other games can't provide with such generous prize pools. Although Counter Strike: Global Offensive is fairly popular with an all-time peak of 850,485 unique players on one day, the highest prize pool reached yet is 1.5 Million USD. Here is an overview of prize pool in the last few years. (Image source:

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