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1xbet Review Esports 2022 overview

2019 marks a new beginning in the world of esports betting and the esports competitive scene. The League of Legends leagues have started, and other games will soon follow. And, when it’s a new year, things can get pretty chaotic. You can never know how well a team will play in a new season, even if they were massively successful before.

This is why esports bookmakers such as 1xbet are a bit above the rest. They plan ahead; waiting until teams start showing their hands is generally a bad idea.

Anyway, in this article, we’ll be taking a closer look into how 1xbet operates and what makes them great. In the meantime, why don’t you visit them yourself? You’re bound to enjoy the experience!

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Available games

There are plenty esports games that you can bet on with 1xbet. If you are MOBA fan , try King of Glory betting, LoL Betting or Dota 2 betting. Players who are more into battle royale esports games can bet on PUBG or try Garena Free Fire betting. There are also classic shooters to bet on such as CSGO and Call of Duty. Strategy lovers will be glad to hear that Starcraft betting is also available on 1xbet site.  

Types of bet

1xbet has some interesting betting options on their site. Most of them, however, are your classical 1, X, 2 betting types (where it’s either team A winning, team B winning, or a draw if possible). On top of that, you can choose Team A and Draw (or Team B and Draw) options, and an especially interesting one (Team A and Team B winning) but this one doesn’t have great odds (since you’re hoping it doesn’t end up as a draw).

These bets are mainly related to FIFA with the exception of straightforward winner A/winner B odds that are present at CSGO betting as well.

Speaking of FIFA, there are also handicap bets which allow you to keep going after the original bet. This is risky but if you win, you’ll win much more than if you played 2 different bets in a row.

1xbet also has Over/Under bets (for points in specific games as an example) which is great for people who have gotten bored of regular bets or just want to try something new!

eSport Odds

Yes. 1xbet has been around for a long time and they are pretty skilled at creating a wide variety of helpful betting odds. Sometimes, they’ll even go out of their way to provide odds that are even better for Esports betting enthusiasts (during large tournaments for example).


If you’re looking for an Esports bookmaker with which you can win and feel good about it all the time – 1xbet is the perfect place for you.


Welcome Bonus

Esports betting is a delicate hobby; one that requires lots of knowledge, information, and research to be successful. That’s why most Esports bettors take their sweet time going over team performances, player performances, and all the other stuff.

Because of that, 1xbet offers a pretty intense welcome bonus! Register and place a deposit and you’ll get around 100 euros of bonus! Doesn’t that sound enticing?

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Available Payments

Here’s the deal. There’s absolutely no way we can list all the payment methods here. Why?

Because there are 184 of them. Think about that for a second. One hundred and eighty-four payment methods. If your preferred payment method isn’t on the site then...

Anyway, here are some of the most popular ones:

And many others includ. There are even e-vouchers which are supported by 1xbet. Absolutely amazing if you ask us!

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Terms and Conditions

Customer support

Anything you encounter which isn’t supposed to happen will be dealt with by the 1xbet support team. This is a team of dedicated individuals that won’t half-ass the job; they’ll try their best to keep your experience satisfying.

You can contact them either through phone or with Live Chat (which is good if you’re in a rush).

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