The Best Betting Sites for Live Esports Betting in 2022

Placing a bet before an esports event starts can make watching it an even more exciting experience. But how about placing a bet while the action is taking place? This is where live esports betting comes in, allowing you to bet according to how events unfold during an ongoing match. Live odds are dynamic and fluctuate depending on which team is winning, with those teams considered to be favourites before the beginning of the match sometimes becoming underdogs in a matter of minutes. Read on to find out more!

Best Betting Sites for Live Betting on Esports

  1. bet365
  2. Vulkanbet
  3. Betway
  4. Pinnacle
  6. 1xBet
  7. GG.Bet
  9. EGB

The Best Sites for Live Esports Betting

Whether you are betting on LoL, FIFA or want to try Fortnite betting, many bookies have a wide range of live odds for various markets, including map markets, game winner, over/under wagers, and more. Always choose a licensed site with plenty of betting options, and if possible, a great welcome bonus for your live esports bets.



bet365 is one of the most popular betting sites in the world, offering a wealth of betting options that include a sportsbook, poker and casino games, as well as odds on most major esports events. You can bet live on CS:GO, LoLDota 2Rocket League, StarCraft and more. New players will even get up to €/£/$ 50 extra in Bet Credits on their first deposit!

For more information, check out our full bet365 esports review.

Place Live Esports Bets at bet365


William Hill

William Hill has long been one of the major betting destinations for sports punters, and they now have an excellent esports betting section as well. You can bet pre-match or live on CS:GO, LoL, Dota 2 and many more events. New players at William Hill can claim a £30 / €30 free bet!

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Place Live Esports Bets at William Hill



Betway is one of the best sites for live esports betting. You will find live odds on most major esports like CS:GO, LoL or Dota 2 betting, as well as plenty of smaller, more niche sports. Betway are also sponsors of ESL, so you can be sure that they take esports betting very seriously. You can even stream many esports events directly from their platform, meaning you will not need to switch sites while watching and betting. For new players, Betway offers a $/€/£ 30 free bet, and there is a $/€/£ 10 weekly free bet club exclusively for esports.

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Place Live Esports Bets at Betway

Best suited to American customers, is another site that focuses exclusively on esports betting. You can bet on virtually any esport here, from major ones like FIFA, CS:GO and Dota to more niche markets such as NBA2K or Street Fighter betting. For almost all events, they also offer live odds.

Place Live Esports Bets at



Pinnacle is one of the most popular betting sites internationally. The site offers odds sports betting and casino, but has an excellent esports betting section as well. You can bet live on games like CS:GO or try Rocket League betting, StarCraft or Valorant betting. Many punters will also appreciate Pinnacle's Bitcoin live esports betting option.

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Place Live Esports Bets at Pinnacle


Live Betting for Esports

Live betting on esports (or any sport) means betting on the outcome while the game is in-play. This type of betting is best for people who truly understand the dynamics of the game. The more accurately you can predict a game outcome, depending on what you see in the beginning or middle of the game, the better chance you have of gaining a clear edge over bookmakers.

For example, a team might be heavily favoured by the bookies to win a map in CS:GO; however, if you notice them under-performing during beginning of the match, you can consider betting against them as soon as possible while the odds are still high.

This makes live betting a very good strategy if you are sharp and are able to closely predict game outcomes as the game is progressing.


Pros of Live Esports Betting

Live betting offers several advantages to players. Here are some of the main benefits of live betting on esports:



1. Bet on Who You Think Will Win in the Moment

When betting live, you can bet on the team you think is winning now. Stats, previous game history, and bookie lines only go so far when predicting a match outcome. Every match is unique,meaning any great team can have a bad day, and every mediocre team can have an excellent day. Live betting lets you take advantage of the moment!


2. You Can Use Live Betting to “Cancel” Your Bet

If you think you are about to lose your bet, you can simply bet a sum on the opposite outcome to eliminate any losses. That way, you will at least break even.


3. Use Live Betting to Hedge Your Bets

Hedging your bets means placing an alternative bet that will guarantee you a win, regardless of the outcome. It is most commonly used on accas (bets with more than one selection). For example, let's say you placed a multiple on two CS:GO matches. You already won the first leg; however, while watching the game live, it looks like you might lose the second leg. You can now bet heavy on the team that seems to be winning to ensure you do not lose out on winnings.


4. You Can Bet on Both teams and Still Win

This is a secret that bookies do not want you to know. In some cases, live betting can mean you can actually bet on both teams and still make some money. For example, if you bet first on a heavy underdog, only for that team to slowly becomes a strong favourite, you can eliminate risk by betting on the new underdog, which will guarantee profit. Of course, there's always the element of chance in play, meaning that you'll never be absolutely certain beforehand if this will work.


Live Esports Betting Tips – Live Betting Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them

Of course, live esports betting is not a magical trick that can guarantee high winnings. There are several pitfalls that experienced punters know how to avoid. Our live esports betting tips will show you how to keep a cool head and bet like a pro!


1.     You may not have enough time to research game data

When betting pre-match, you have plenty of time to research data and think about why you are making your pick. However, when you bet live, you do not usually have enough time to check stats, meaning you are relying on your gut a bit more.

How to avoid this: Do your research beforehand!

Make sure you have done all your research on both teams before you bet live.


2.     You might be tempted to go on tilt

When betting live, you may be tempted to wager your whole bankroll as you see your side becoming more likely to win. This may give you a bigger profit, but it can also be considerably risky to put your entire bankroll into a single bet.

How to avoid this: Divide your bankroll into units!

To avoid going on tilt, divide your bankroll into 100 units, bet up to 5 units initially, and increase by 1 or 2 units if you become very sure you will win.


3.     You need to act quickly, which can lead to mistakes

Thinking quickly and responding to in-game events is essential. However, the faster you think, the more likely it is to make a mistake.

How to avoid this: Come in prepared!

The first thing you need to remember is to always stay calm. Do not bet while drinking – just focus on enjoying yourself. Stress can cloud your judgement, as can over-excitement. Make sure you are well-rested and prepared before placing live esports bets.


Popular Esports for Live Betting

You can bet live on many esports. Below are some of the most popular options.


Live CS:GO Betting

CS:GO is the most popular esport, and is also the most widely available when it comes to betting. At most esports betting sites, you can bet live on major and minor events, like IEM, ESL, ELeague, PGL, and many more. Betting options include Map Winner and Round Winner, as well as plenty of specials.

Live CS:GO betting is available at most major and niche esports betting sites, including bet365, Betway, and

Read our extensive guide to CS:GO betting here.


Live Dota 2 Betting

Dota 2 is the second most popular esport, along with LoL. This MOBA offers plenty of in-game betting options, as matches last up to about 35 minutes each. This gives you plenty of time to decide which team looks to be on the winning side. Live betting on Dota 2 is available at all the bookies we listed above.

Live Dota 2 betting is also available at most major and niche esports betting sites, including Bet365, Betway, and


Live LoL Betting

League of Legends is the main rival for Dota 2, with most LoL betting options are very similar to those of the former esport. You will find live odds on LEC, LCS, LCK and All Stars, as well as plenty of smaller events at the above bookies.

Live LoL betting is available at most major and niche esports betting sites, once again including bet365, Betway, and

Read our extensive guide to LoL betting here.


Live Esports FIFA Betting

Live soccer esports is also gaining in popularity. While not all bookies offer FIFA betting, the esport is gaining traction as more and more sites now offer live odds on the game.

Live FIFA betting is available at specialised esports betting sites like


Live Esports Rocket League Betting

Rocket League is an up-and-coming esport that is seeing more leagues and players taking part every year. Bookies have now begun offering live odds on the game, and we expect in-play betting on Rocket League to be available at all bookies in the near future.

As with FIFA, live betting on Rocket League is available at specialised esports betting sites like


Where to Watch Live Esports Streams

If you want to bet on an esport event, you may want to watch it live. Although you probably already know where you can do so, you may want to check out our esports streams page, as it has links to all major streams for CS:GO, Dota, StarCraft, LoL and many more.

Of course, if you are betting in real time, where better to watch the event in question other than the bookie’s website itself? Many of the top betting sites also offer esports streams, such as Betway, where you can watch almost all esports matches live.

We recommend

€30 Free Bets

This is the perfect place to place your eSports bets


Where to Find Live Esports Scores

If you are searching for esports live scores, there are plenty of options you can go with. Sites like FlashScore have live scores for games like Dota 2, Counter-Strike, LoL and StarCraft. Meanwhile, EGamersWorld has live streams and scores for the same sports, along with many others.

Many bookies such as also offer the most recent live esports scores.


Bitcoin Live Esports Betting

In some countries, players have limited banking options for betting. That makes Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies a handy option, since the transfers are untraceable and there are no fees either.

Two of the best sites that accept Bitcoin or other cryptos are 1xBet and Pinnacle. For more info on Bitcoin betting, visit our page on esports Bitcoin betting.


Live Esports Betting FAQs

What is live in-play betting?

Live betting, or in-play betting, means you are betting on an outcome while the game is in progress. Odds can vary during the match; however, you will always be paid out according to the odds available at the time you placed your bet.


Is live betting on esports legal?

The legality of betting on any sport or esport depends on which country, state or territory you are in currently. Many countries, such as the UK, many US states and parts of Canada have legalised and licensed esports betting. In various other countries, such as India, online betting is not regulated, meaning it is neither legal nor illegal.


Can live betting be profitable?

Any form of betting can be profitable if you select the right odds and strategise well. If you feel you need further guidance, we recommend that you take a look at our highly useful esports betting tips, which should give you some helpful advice.


How do I place a live bet on esports?

If you want to place an in-play bet on esports, head to one of the above bookies at the top of this page and create an account. You will find their selection of live odds under the ‘live’ tab. Choose an event, predict an outcome, add it to your betting slip and confirm your selection. Good luck!

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