Popular Esports Betting Markets

Esports is an ever-evolving gaming environment that takes constant adjusting to. This includes changes to Esports games, tournament formats, player and team changes, and just about everything else. The same can be said about Esports betting markets.

If this is your first foray into Esports betting, then this article will serve as a guide to the most popular Esports betting markets. We’ll be covering everything from how to bet to concise explanations about all the betting markets.

Best Esports Betting Sites

  1. Betway
  2. 1xBet
  3. GGBet
  4. VulkanBet
  5. LootBet
  6. bet365
  7. Nitrogen
  8. BetHard
  9. Thunderpick
  10. ReloadBet

Esports Betting Process

Before setting out on your first betting voyage, you need to understand how the betting process works. Although this is a fairly simple process, there are plenty of metrics that go into it. In general, many Esports countries have produced strong teams with either regional or international players.

And that’s just one piece of info that you might end up needing to place your bets. On the other side we’ve got betting operators and a couple of important metrics here as well, including but not limited to betting odds, payment methods, betting markets, and more.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves – here’s the rundown of how to start betting:

  1. Pick your main betting operator – While you can use multiple betting operators for Esports betting, you should have one that serves as your main choice. When making your choice, you want to look at the betting metrics that we previously mentioned.
  2. Create your account – You won’t be able to place bets without making an account on the bookie’s website. Make sure to include your real information; failure to do so will prevent you from receiving bonuses and having the ability to bet.
  3. Set up a payment method – Payment methods vary in form and function from one another but they all serve the same purpose. However, some bookies may not support your chosen payment method so make sure to check this information before you start depositing.
  4. Gather useful info about your chosen Esports game – Esports betting isn’t quite the same across all Esports games. Although the bulk of the betting markets are available across almost all Esports titles, there are key differences between them. On top of that, Esports organizations and their teams are valuable sources of information regarding their competitive performances. You should also take a look at their players for the best insight.
  5. Always keep track of games – Certain bookies allow for live betting which requires you to be on top of each game as it’s happening. Additionally, watching games will deepen your understanding of it, as well as give you a new perspective on team play, consistency, and player performance. Simply tune in to a live stream and enjoy the show!

Beginners Guide to Esports Betting Markets

Betting markets shouldn’t be too tough to understand but there are quite a lot of them so pay close attention. In short, betting markets represent the types of bets you can place on a bookie website.

However, due to the nature of these betting markets, there are a couple of differences to consider before you start betting. Esports betting may be fun, but you need to be mindful of the specifics.


Each betting market has predetermined odds with slight changes depending on the teams or players that are playing against each other. For example, outrights have amazing odds because they’re difficult to guess correctly, whilst match winner or over/under bets don’t have odds as good as the outrights, but you have better chances of winning.


Certain betting markets aren’t available on specific bookie websites. The reasons behind this aren’t important; what is important is that you know which betting markets are available where.

Virtually all betting operators support most of the basic betting markets (match winner, outrights, etc.). The divergence happens when special or unique Esports betting markets come into play. Keep an eye out for the betting operators and the betting markets they have on offer.

Chances of Winning

Although odds can be considered as a chance to win a bet, they still aren’t reliable enough. They’re meant to show you what the size of your winning will be if you nail the bet, but aren’t precise enough to give an accurate representation of what to expect.

Having said that, certain betting markets have lower chances of bringing you victory, but you can increase these chances if you do your background research, essentially elevating your knowledge about each bet you want to place.


Sometimes, punters want to indulge in special or unique bets that can be drastically different from the ones people usually place. Essentially, the weirder the bet, the more interesting it’ll appear.

For example, in League of Legends betting, certain betting operators offer the ‘First Dragon’ or ‘First Baron’ betting market. With it, you bet on the team or player that gets to kill the first drake or Baron.

Most Popular Esports Betting Markets

Now, we’re ready to go over the most popular Esports betting markets of today. We’ll be providing you with information surrounding which betting operators offer these betting markets, as well as the games you can expect to find them for.

Match Winner

Simply put, this is the most common betting market and probably will be for some time. After all, betting originally featured only this type of bet – either A or B will win.

LootBet Odds Screenshot

LootBet Match Winner Betting

In most cases, this is the easiest and quickest bet to make – you don’t have a lot of variables at play, although the research process might be longer than expected.

Pros Cons
Available at all bookies Odds aren’t always ideal
Featured betting market on all Esports games Lack of a handicap makes betting on the favorites not worth your while in some cases (small winnings)
Fairly easy bet to make In order to make it worthwhile, you’d need to place multiple match winner bets whose odds would combine

Map/Round Winner

This type of bet is very similar to the match-winner betting market with the key difference being that this bet is available only for games that use multiple maps. However, that is not all.

BetHard Odds Screenshot

BetHard Map Winner Betting

Due to the nature of these games, certain teams will perform better on certain maps and vice-versa. Because of this, it can get difficult to make safe bets which is why this betting market is both attractive and a deterrent to punters. Those who like risks and lots of research will like this one.

Pros Cons
Inviting odds Requires some in-depth research
Team consistency that improves your chances of winning Can be difficult to get right
Supported on most betting operators Uncertainty during roster changes; a team may start playing worse on a particular map following a roster change


When talking about over/under betting markets, we can see that they’re related to either time-based bets or score-based. What this means is that, depending on the game, the subtype of the bet type changes.

Thunderpick Odds Screenshot

Thunderpick Over/Under Betting

For instance, if there’s a League of Legends match going on and you get a prompt that the game will last for 30 minutes. You can bet that it’ll finish sooner than that, or later. In games such as CSGO, you might get a prompt related to the score (Team A wins with an 8-match score difference, i.e. 16-8).

Pros Cons
Interesting and fun bet Sometimes odds aren’t good
Sometimes has great odds Predominantly random results so it’s mainly a 50/50 in most cases (with similar odds)
Doesn’t require almost any research Difficult to get right

Exact Score/Points

Simply put, this type of betting market is something you can do quickly. Because calculating the exact score (if possible) is tedious and time-consuming, punters usually just go with their gut at the moment.

VulkanBet Odds Screenshot

VulkanBet Correct Score Betting

The truth is, guessing the correct score is nearly impossible to get right, but at least the odds are very good if you do.

Pros Cons
Exceptional odds Very difficult to get right
Quick to place due to requiring no research Fairly random results
Available for all games with a scoring system (kills, round wins, goals, etc.) Multiple of these bets are ill-advised


Outrights are simple betting markets that are available at all bookies and for all games. However, there is a subgroup of outrights that revolve around group winners (if a tournament features a group system in combination with the knockout stages).

These work similarly to tournament outrights (betting on a team to win the entire tournament) except that they’re limited to the group stage (you pick a team that you think will be 1st place once the group stage is finished).

bet365 Odds Screenshot

bet365 Outright Betting. Odds correct as at 24/01/2022, 21:01.

These may not be available at all bookies so definitely keep an eye out; the odds for them are slightly worse but your chances of winning are higher.

Pros Cons
Great odds Low chances of winning
Available on all online betting operator websites Group winner outrights aren’t available everywhere
Available for all games Very difficult to get enough information for a precise bet

Time Limit

Certain games (like Overwatch) have a time limit at the end of each round. If the score is tied, the game goes into overtime to break the stalemate. These betting markets aren’t too common and there’s a limited number of games with an in-game time limit.

Pros Cons
Popular bet type for experienced punters Low chances of winning
Great odds Only available for a few Esports titles
Very easy to place a bet (requires no research) Isn’t available on all bookie website’s


Handicap bets are specific types of already existing betting markets, with a slight twist. A handicap bet can be any type of bet that involves a team (so no time limit or over/under bets). In essence, a handicap is assigned to the team that are considered the favorites.

1xBet Odds Screenshot

1xBet Handicap Betting

An example of one would be a CSGO match where Team A are the favorites, but to level the betting playing field, they must win the match with 5 or more rounds against Team B (ie. 16-10 or 16-11).

Pros Cons
Fun and interesting bets Can be difficult to win (either choice)
Makes both choices viable; good odds on both Might turn away bettors due to the bets nature
Available for all games and at all bookies Vast handicap differences across bookies

First Kill/First Blood

LootBet Odds Screenshot

LootBet First Kill/First Blood Betting

This betting market is generally available for games with the thematic describing it. Essentially, all games with a kill mechanic can be bet on. Keep in mind that, while this is a popular betting market, it isn’t as widespread as others.

Pros Cons
Simple Not available for all games
Good odds Difficult to get right
Quick and easy to bet on Not available everywhere

Game-Specific Bets

LootBet Odds Screenshot

LootBet Game-Specific Betting

For those that are looking for an extra challenge, game-specific and unique bets are the way to go. These betting markets vary wildly across all bookies, while some might not even have them on offer. You can expect things like ‘how many Barons will be taken in a LoL match’, ‘What CSGO map will be played the most in a tournament’, and more.

Pros Cons
Very fun and interesting betting choices Not available for all games
A unique way to bet on Esports Generally reserved for the biggest tournaments
Usually available at all bookies Shaky odds; dependant on the online betting operator

Esports Betting Markets FAQs

What are Esports betting markets?

Esports betting markets represent the types of bets you can place. Most online betting operators provide the same betting markets (with slightly different odds and some other differences) but they’re free to create their own unique ones.

What is the best Esports betting market?

That depends on what you would consider the best. Match winner and over/under bets have the highest chances of winning, while outrights and similar difficult betting markets have the best odds. In truth – the best ones are the ones you’re most comfortable with.

What Esports betting markets to avoid?

This may take some time to figure out, but you’d need to try with all and see which one simply isn’t working out with you. In most cases, you should avoid placing loads of difficult-to-win bets. Bet-specific wise? There are no bad betting markets – only bad odds.

How many betting markets are there?

Theoretically, there could be an infinite number of betting markets. But that’s probably never going to happen. Still, there are plenty of them; some are available at just one place – at the bookie that created it.

You can find most of these betting markets at one of our partnered bookies, including Betway, 1xBet, GGBet, VulkanBet, and LootBet.

How to improve your chances of winning Esports bets?

In order to become successful at Esports betting, you need to be smart, diligent, and wise with your bets. Research is your friend; it is the only way you can get an idea of what to place and when. That, plus the experience you’ll get along the way, so take your time; don’t rush it!

Esports Betting Pro: Our Verdict

Esports betting markets must be understood in order for punters to place potentially winning bets. It is one of the core features of Esports betting, hence its importance.

Now that you’ve learned about the most popular Esports betting markets, you’ll be ready for betting. Of course, as long as you don’t go in blind, you’re doing a good job. Also, remember that each online betting operator decides the odds for themselves, so certain betting markets may differ from bookie to bookie.

If you want to learn even more about Esports betting and the various intricacies that come with it, make sure to visit our betting Academy for more info. Good luck!

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