CSGO Empire Quick Facts

Betting Options Esports, Casino
Support Live Chat, Mail
Owner Moonrail Limited B.V.
Founded 2016
Headquarters Curaçao
License Curaçao License
Languages Offered: [LANG] [LANG] [LANG] [LANG] [LANG] [LANG]
Games Available: [GAME] [GAME] [GAME] [GAME] [GAME] [GAME]
Deposit Methods
Withdrawal Methods
  • Quick and easy registration process
  • Fully transparent and licensed
  • Free sign-up betting bonus
  • 24/7 customer support (chat)
  • Free spin bonus (daily)
  • Live streams and live betting are available
  • Crypto withdraws are initially locked
  • Fairly limited country betting support
  • Limited number of withdrawal options
  • Quick and easy registration process
  • Fully transparent and licensed
  • Free sign-up betting bonus
  • 24/7 customer support (chat)
  • Free spin bonus (daily)
  • Live streams and live betting are available
  • Crypto withdraws are initially locked
  • Fairly limited country betting support
  • Limited number of withdrawal options

Summary 4.5/5

Have you been wanting to get rid of the boring and ugly Boreal Forest M4A1-S skin but haven’t found the best place to do so? Well, CSGO Empire will gladly accept all the skins you don’t want – for a chance to win much better ones or even some cryptocurrency!

The Empire CSGO skin gambling website is perfect for those who want to scratch that esports gambling itch while removing all unwanted skins from their inventory. With that said, it’s time to take a look at what they offer and what you can expect from this esports skin betting website.

Pre-Match Offer 4/5

Betting Options

  • Roulette
  • Coinflip

Roulette is exactly what you’d expect. Wager a certain amount of coins and choose which symbol the roulette slider will land on. You can win double what you wagered if you choose the terrorist or counter-terrorist symbol. Alternatively, you can choose the dice symbol which can bring you 14x the amount you wagered!

CSGO Empire Roulette Screenshot
An example of a winning roulette bet

As for the Coinflip mode, you gamble with another user on the website. Both of you wager the same amount and the rest works the same way as usual coinflip games. It’s worth noting that the winning player doesn’t get double the amount they wagered but around 40% (slightly less than double).

CSGO Empire Coinflip Screenshot
Example of a few active Coinflip games

These two activities are great for part-time action and quick fulfillment since they’re incredibly easy to use and understand.

Other Betting Options

The CSGO Empire skin gambling company has gone to great lengths to ensure an enjoyable and bountiful betting experience. Punters can expect a fairly rich variety of esports games. On top of that, live betting is available on the website as well.

CSGO Empire Betting Options Screenshot
CSGO Empire esports game collection and tournament example

There are currently 11+ esports games (the plus signifies certain smaller games that are hosted on the website on occasion) to choose from, including the biggest esports titles in CSGO, Dota 2, League of Legends, and more.

As for the betting markets themselves, here is what you can expect:

CSGO Empire Betting Markets Screenshot
An example of the available betting markets and submarkets for the 1xBet Series 2022 CSGO tournament

There is no maximum stake you can place. This is, however, slightly different when talking about the Roulette section of the website (where the maximum is 100,000 coins). Keep in mind that making huge winning bets on a consistent basis may result in CSGO Empire investigating your account. More on this later!

Odds Competitiveness

For this calculation, we’ll be using the overround method. In essence, an esports betting site will always create odds that will, in most cases, guarantee a positive profit for the bookie. Let’s use the screenshot below as an example:

CSGO Empire Match Betting Screenshot
Two match-betting options with odds

Fair odds in this case would be 1.7 to 2.4 (for PALOMA vs EC Brugge, respectively). This would create a 100% overround. However, the bookie’s odds imply a 108% overround chance, essentially guaranteeing they always make a profit.

The same can be said about the Enterprise vs Dynamo Eclot example. The fair odds would be 1.5 to 3.0 for a 100% overround but they’re 1,56 to 2,27 which gives us a 110% overround!

This isn’t surprising since most reputable and respected bookies do this and these numbers aren’t far from what you’d expect. Overall, their odds are competitive and in certain cases, quite good.

Cashout & Bet Builder

Here’s some good news for bet builder fans – you can combine any esports bet into one betting slip with ease! There are no restrictions ie. creating a builder bet with only one esports or one tournament.

CSGO Empire Bet Builder Screenshot
Example of a bet builder

It must be said that the betting slip doesn’t contain much information and can be somewhat confusing to use considering that it doesn’t show which bet is for which esports game or tournament. Nonetheless, this is a slight nuance since bettors will always keep track of what they bet on.

Users can also cash-out at any point, although they may get less money back than what they wagered.

Registration Process 5/5

In this step-by-step guide and review of CSGO Empire, we’ll take a look at all the details and functionality that are offered on the site. We’ll also start with the registration process.

As far as CSGO Empire’s registration process is concerned, it’s super easy and won’t take longer than a minute to complete. All you need to do is click the green Sign-In button on the website’s top right.

CSGO Empire Sign In Button Screenshot
Click the green Sign-In button with the Steam logo

Once you do, you will be taken to the Steam external website through which you’ll connect your Steam account. After this step is complete, all that’s left to do before you can begin using the website, is to fill out your personal information.

This incredibly quick and easy process avoids throwing too much information or required actions your way. You’ll be able to begin your CSGO Empire gambling adventure after the registration process has been completed!

Deposits and Withdrawal Options 4/5

Depositing and withdrawing currencies/skins to and from CSGO Empire is also pretty easy. However, it’s worth noting that there are a couple of distinctions between this CSGO skin gambling site and its competitors. Here’s what they are:


Before you deposit anything on the site, make sure to set the correct region. Usually, this will be set automatically once you register your account, but double-checking is always good. Once you’re sure that the chosen region is, in fact, the region/country you live in, you’ll be able to deposit from a couple of options.

These are divided into three categories:

  • Steam – CSGO skins, keys, P2P trading
  • Real Money – Visa, MasterCard, American Express, CashU, Trustly, AstroPay, ecoPayz, Neteller, Skrill, Union Pay, WebMoney, Gift Cards, Jeton, and JetonCash
  • CryptocurrencyBitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and Litecoin
CSGO Empire Deposit Options Screenshot
CSGO Empire deposit options for the UK


This is the essential bit of using Empire CSGO for esports betting – you can only withdraw in either skins, keys, and P2P profit or cryptocurrencies. However, it must be said that cryptocurrency withdrawals are only possible if you have 250 or more coins (10+ for Ethereum).

Making withdrawals by choosing the Steam CSGO skins option will open the CSGO Empire market and allow you to purchase any of the listed skins. These skins will be transferred to your Steam account, and you’ll be able to use them in CSGO. Also, there are no fees associated with this sort of withdrawal.

CSGO Empire Steam Withdrawal Screenshot
CSGO Empire Steam withdrawal option & market

If you decide to withdraw your winnings in the form of cryptocurrencies (the same ones that you can deposit with), you’ll have a couple of options (as evident in the screenshot below)

CSGO Empire Crypto Withdrawal Screenshot
Cryptocurrency withdrawal options

There is a limit of 2,000 CSGO Empire coins until your identity is verified (more on this later). As for the withdrawal process itself, simply paste your cryptocurrency wallet address into the required field and choose how many coins you want to withdraw in the form of that cryptocurrency.

You can also speed up the transaction by paying a higher fee. Otherwise, the minimum fee is 0.49 CSGO Empire coins.

If you wish to raise the withdrawal limit, you’ll have to go through their KYC (Know Your Customer) procedures (identity verification). During this process, certain options may be restricted for you, including depositing, withdrawing, tipping, or betting. Completing the KYC procedure is as simple as providing them with a document that proves your identity and address.

Open Account Offer 3/5

CSGO Empire’s welcome offer is pretty unique since it doesn’t involve money or cryptocurrencies. Instead, new users will receive one free case when they register that contains two potential skins – one that’s worth 0.01 CSGO Empire coins or one that’s worth 2050 coins.

The more valuable skin is essentially a form of jackpot. With that said, you still get one free weapon skin that you can either use to gamble or use in the game. However, the welcome offer isn’t that great compared to some other CSGO skin gambling websites but CSGO Empire contrasts this with some pretty impressive promotions and other bonuses.

Sportsbook Promotions 4/5

There’s a certain element of success and achievement when using CSGO Empire. This is related to what happens as your account level progresses as you keep placing bets. The higher your level, the better the rewards.

Your account and case rank increases by a level for every 20 account levels you achieve. These ranks are:

  • Rust (1-19)
  • Bronze (20-39)
  • Silver (40-59)
  • Gold (60-79)
  • Diamond (80-99)
  • Uranium (100-119)
  • Unbreakable (120-129)

The Unbreakable rank and case is the newest one on the website as the owners of CSGO Empire realized more and more people were reaching the previous highest level (119). With that, they’ve decided to add another rank (and with it another case type) that users get as soon as they reach level 120 (and each subsequent level).

CSGO Empire Unbreakable Case Screenshot
The Unbreakable Case

The cases themselves can have anywhere between 4 and 8 items (of which you win one by opening the case) and range from skins and stickers to keys and coins. This is a consistent CSGO betting promotion meaning you will never miss out on the benefits.

Other than that, there are very rare occasions where CSGO Empire hosts betting promotions which may deter a certain type of punter that prefers esports betting sites with promotions.

VIP/Loyalty Service

While there is no VIP/Loyalty program per se, an argument can be made that by leveling up your account, you’re essentially receiving better bonuses and cases. On top of that, there is a Referral program which lets you earn coins whenever the people you refer to the Empire CSGO skin gambling website place bets (match bets are excluded from referral earnings).

CSGO Empire Referral Program Screenshot
CSGO Empire Referral Program

Simply generate a referral code and send it to whomever you want.

Live Offer 5/5

  • Great odds
  • Live betting is available
  • Live streams are available

The impressive thing about CSGO Empire is that they offer live betting for most esports matchups on their website. On top of that, you’ll be able to watch live streams directly on the website, if said live stream exists for the match you’ve chosen to watch and bet on.

In some cases, you’ll only be able to place match-winner bets whilst in others, a wide range of esports betting markets will be made available to you.

CSGO Empire Live Offer Screenshot
An example of live betting markets

Live streams are crisp, clean, and there is no delay since they’re direct streams from Twitch, YouTube, or any other streaming platform. This feature is available to everyone.

Security 5/5

  • Highly secure website
  • Full gambling license given by Curaçao
  • Full operating transparency
  • Ability to request a self-ban
  • Ability to set a block on betting or complete site access
  • 2FA for extra security

CSGO Empire is arguably one of the most secure and safe CSGO skin gambling websites out there. For starters, they have the usual restrictions such as that underage gambling is not allowed (each user is required to submit KYC information to confirm their identity, age, and location) and that they operate under the Curaçao gambling laws legally.

On top of that, all the information that they receive from you is usually kept for a very short time and deleted once they aren’t needed anymore (specifically the KYC information). You can also set Two-Factor Authentication for added security and account protection.

CSGO Empire Account Settings Screenshot
Account settings including 2FA and the ‘Take a Break’ feature

Additionally, the website offers you a feature called ‘Take a Break’. This lets you choose a duration throughout which your account will be blocked from betting or accessing the website. You can also ask them to ban your account if you are having issues with your gambling habits.

Lastly, you can learn more about their Privacy Policy by visiting their site. It tells you what data they collect from you and for which purposes but in short – they only collect necessary information that they delete once it isn’t needed anymore.

Service and Customer Support 5/5

  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Live chat support is available
  • Email support is available ([email protected])
  • Knowledge base and FAQs are also available
  • Quick response times (under 10 minutes)
  • Accurate help and responses

CSGO Empire’s customer support team is great; no matter what question you have about the site or the betting experience, they’ll be able to help you fairly quickly. You can also refer to the FAQ section that is incredibly detailed and expansive.

Users can also contact the support team through the CSGO Empire email ([email protected]) if you prefer this method of communication.

Now let’s take a look at the customer support query process. We sent a message to their support team and the first response we got was from the CSGO Empire bot. This bot sends you relevant FAQ topics while you wait for an actual response from their support team.

CSGO Empire CS Bot Screenshot
CSGO Empire bot message

Then, we received a response from a CS representative 2 minutes after we sent the original message (7:11PM compared to this 7:13PM response from them).

CSGO Empire CS Chat Screenshot
CS representative response

This is a very quick response time considering the length of the message and the additional resources given to us by the bot.

After this, we decided to ask another question, this time related to whether or not you need to do anything after creating an account to start placing bets.

CSGO Empire CS Chat Screenshot
Customer Support chat with CSGO Empire representative ‘Marcus’

Marcus was very friendly and provided us with the exact information we were looking for. He also threw in some additional info to complement what he already told us. Overall, the customer support tone and professionalism are at a very high level.

As far as we’ve seen, customer support is only available in English which might be a limiting factor in some situations; however, the FAQ section is available in one of the many supported languages on the website.

Design and Usability 4/5

  • Clean and minimalistic design
  • Quick website speed and response times
  • User friendly
  • Mobile-optimized
  • Available Languages: English, German, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Swedish, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Brazilian Portuguese, Thai, Turkish, Vietnamese, Chinese (Simplified)

The CSGO Empire website is very easy to use and isn’t cluttered with promotional material or irrelevant information like some other competitors. Instead, they went for a minimalistic approach – you can access any part of the website from any part of the website.

CSGO Empire Home Page Screenshot
CSGO Empire home page

Looking at the screenshot above, we can see the member live chat on the right (you can hide it if you aren’t interested in chatting with people), the main feature in the middle (in this case match betting), small navigation buttons on the top left as well as the choice between Roulette, Match Betting, and Coinflip, Withdraw/Deposit/Profile buttons on the top right and the chat button in the bottom right.

As for the member chat, you can select which chatroom you want to be displayed:

CSGO Empire Chat Rooms Screenshot
Various chat rooms

Lastly, the footer contains some important information about their license, legal information, and betting fairness information:

CSGO Empire Footer Screenshot
CSGO Empire footer

The only drawbacks are the inability to change your account information on the website (which is understandable since you link your Steam account and all the information on the website is linked to that), and the lack of information in builder bets/betting slips. These are basically small nuances that barely influence the betting experience.

Mobile 4/5

CSGO Empire does not have a mobile app but their website is mobile-optimised and it feels virtually the same as on PC. Users won’t have trouble accessing the site either because it uses only essential information, meaning it’s as quick as on PC. Check out the following screenshots to see how it looks like:

CSGO Empire Mobile Screenshot
Screenshot of CSGO Empire home page on mobile
CSGO Empire Mobile Menu
Screenshot of ‘hamburger menu’ of CSGO Empire website on mobile

Also, as far as connecting your Steam account is concerned, it works the same way on mobile – you’ll be taken to the Steam website where you’ll simply log into your account and voilá – your Steam account is now connected with CSGO Empire.

Summary 4.5/5

All in all, CSGO Empire is a superb gambling site that is made possible due to their professionalism, experience, and longevity in the CS:GO space. They are also fully transparent which is surely one of the best features of this CSGO gambling site.

It’s perfect for beginners since there aren’t any intricate or difficult betting options and the entire betting process is very easy. It’s also great for experienced punters due to the account progression and reward system.

In general, CSGO Empire has many redeeming qualities which puts it ahead of numerous competitors. And, it must be said, CSGO Empire does not utilize any predatory marketing tactics that are seen elsewhere. To us, this is a huge win. Good luck!

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CSGO Empire FAQs

No, it is not possible to withdraw your winnings as cash on CSGO Empire. You can withdraw in either skins or as cryptocurrency, but you will need a valid crypto wallet to do so.

If you’re an absolute beginner at CSGO betting, then you could see success with match bets. This betting market involves you betting on one of two teams in a tournament matchup. Outrights are risky but they carry great rewards as well; simply choose the team you think will win the entire tournament.

You can get more cases and keys on the CSGO Empire gambling site by placing and winning bets, playing Roulette and Coinflip. By doing this, your account will gain XP points and each time you level up, you’ll receive a case and extra keys to use.

CSGO Empire is a registered and licensed gambling operator working under the laws of Curaçao. They are one of the most transparent skin gambling operators out there.

Most CSGO gambling sites do not allow withdrawals in cash so if you’re looking to win some money – they might not be a good choice. Alternatively, you could withdraw in cryptocurrency if that is your preference. However, most people are looking to win better CSGO skins by gambling on skin betting sites so if that’s your interest – they are an excellent choice.

Through our in-depth guides and reviews, we are focused on providing the best insights into esports betting.

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