It’s an exciting time to bet on Gambit Esports teams as they go head-to-head with the best in the business. In this ultimate guide to Gambit Esports betting, we tell you more about Gambit’s different rosters and how and where to bet on Gambit’s biggest tournaments and matches.

Who are Gambit Esports?

Gambit Esports are a competitive gaming company from Russia. The esports organization, previously called Gambit Gaming, has esports teams in Apex Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO), Dota 2, Fortnite Battle Royale and VALORANT. Gambit are sponsored by MTC, Liga Stavok, GGDROP and UltraGear.

Moreover, Gambit’s Fortnite and Dota 2 teams play for AS Monaco Gambit – this is the result of a new partnership between AS Monaco football club and Gambit Esports, owned by Russian media company Mobile TeleSystems (MTS).

Something Gambit CS:GO can be proud of at the moment is that they are ranked second in the world, just behind Natus Vincere (NAVI).

What’s more, until October 5, 2021, Gambit had a youth team, called Gambit Youngsters. This team allowed Gambit to develop young players in the hope they would become ready for senior matches.

They showed so much potential, by remaining in the top 30 for 12 weeks, that they have been made Gambit’s main CS:GO team, along with the more experienced in-game leader Abay Khassenov aka Hobbit. Gambit Youngsters mainly play CS:GO.

Gambit Esport’s biggest signings of recent times

Name In-game Name Date Joined Esport Age Former Team
Aleksandr Khmelevskoi Immersion 11/2/2021 Dota 2 23 Natus Vincere
Igor Vlasov Redgar 19/1/2021 VALORANT 23 flawless
Bogdan Naumov Sheydos 28/9/2020 VALORANT 19 Independent
Timofey Khromov Chronicle 28/9/2020 VALORANT 19 Independent

Gambit Fortnite had a quiet 2020 – didn’t we all? – but their 2019 was a busy year, with $266,372 won from 38 tournaments. Oddly, their biggest prizes didn’t come from finishing first, two of their players won $50,000 in the Fortnite World Cup Finals 2019 – Solo and a two won $100,000 in the Fortnite World Cup Finals 2019 – Duo. With Gambit Fortnite always competing for the top prizes, it’s always worth looking out for their Fortnite betting markets when these events come around.

Gambit Esports in CS:GO

Gambit Youngsters became the organization’s CS:GO team in 2020, which was a nice representation of player development in esports. Everyone is from Russia except Hobbit, who’s Kazak. Overall, Gambit CS:GO have 554 wins and 387 losses, with a kill/death ratio of 1.05. They recently went on a six-game winning run before losing to Ninjas in Pyjamas. This gives you an idea of their level – they will beat all but the very best CS:GO teams.

Gambit Esports in VALORANT

Gambit VALORANT have finished first in four competitions in 2021 and haven’t once finished outside the top four. As you can expect from a team from one of the leading esports organizations in the world, Gambit VALORANT have been performing well lately, showing their ability to beat Team Liquid in the EMEA VCT Stage Three: Challengers Playoffs. This gave them passage as Europe’s number one seed to the Masters Berlin event as one of the three EMEA qualifiers.

So, if you are looking for Gambit esports betting tips, one is to back Gambit VALORANT at the Masters Three Berlin.

Gambit Esports in Dota 2

Gambit Esports Dota 2 Team
ASM Gambit's Dota 2 line-up (Image: GGSCORE.COM | © GGSCORE.COM)

Gambit’s Dota 2 team is also called ASM Gambit as they are now partnered with AS Monaco. The team consists of:

  • V-Tune – Carry (Stand-in)
  • Lorenof – Mid
  • AfterLifeDota2 – Offlane
  • Immersion – Support
  • GTHEMALL – Support (Stand-in)

ASM Gambit always seem to place well in tournaments and they are prolific, so it might be worth looking for their Dota 2 odds. In 2019, they won $512,500 from 11 tournaments, and they won around $128,000 in the 2020 pandemic year.

However, Gambit have found it harder to succeed in the big International Dota 2 competition, being eliminated from The International 2019 via a rage quit, as they looked set to lose against Winstrike Team.

Gambit Esports in Apex Legends

Gambit Apex Legends currently has three players, Leogri3x6, Artyco and Hardecki. Their manager is Sweetypotz.

Gambit Apex Legends were the second-placed European team in the Apex Legends Global Series (ALGS) 2021. The winning team in Europe was ChMK while the North American winners were Skrt. Gambit topped the leaderboard going into game three but couldn’t hold on to the lead. They went away with a $4,410 prize. Gambit Apex Legends are known to play a methodical game so avoid betting on them to win the first blood in matches unless they are heavy favourites.

The best Gambit Esports betting sites

As Gambit Esports are involved in some of the biggest games around, it should be easy to find Gambit Esports betting sites. For instance, when we researched this article, there were CS:GO odds on Gambit in the ESL Pro League on several betting sites.


Betway had Gambit CS:GO heavy favourites at 1.08/1 to beat FURIA in the ESL Pro League. They also cover odds on Dota 2 and you can bet on VALORANT, so there are plenty of Gambit esports betting options.

Plus, we’ve mentioned it before, but because it’s such an extraordinary feature for esports betting sites, Betway has special promotions just for their esports punters.

  • Betway have an Esports Club that rewards punters with a £10 free bet every week if they bet £25 or more on esports doubles, trebles or accumulators.
  • There are also Betway Boosts on your favourite esports. They had Liquid to beat Entropiq at 2.5/1.
  • Betway also sometimes have a promotion where you win a £5 free bet if you bet £10 or more on a match and an Ace is scored.


The 1xBet site is a great place to bet on a range of esports, from CS:GO to Rainbow Six. There’s also odds on StarCraft 2 and King of Glory. However, it is a Russian website so it isn’t accessible in some countries. A VPN should solve this issue though.

1xBet also have odds on the ESL Pro League so you will be able to bet on Gambit Esports there. In fact, they had better odds on the Gambit CS:GO vs FURIA match in the ESL Pro League, with Gambit at 1.098 instead of 1.08. What other esports do 1xBet cover? They also have odds on Dota 2 and VALORANT.


GGBet is a fantastic site for esports betting. It’s modern and colourful, featuring match streams, and you can see that it’s a forward-thinking set-up, unlike more traditional online bookmakers, which still prioritize horse racing and soccer.

What’s more, you won’t have to look far for odds on Gambit Esports. When we reviewed the site, Gambit’s match with FURIA was easy to find. Plus, their odds were better than other esports betting sites, with Gambit at 1.11/1 to win against FURIA in the ESL Pro League. FURIA were 6.27/1 to win. They also had odds for Gambit CS:GO’s ESL Pro League match against Ninjas in Pyjamas (NiP), a couple of days later. Gambit were 1.44/1 to win while NiP were 2.7/1.

Gambit vs Ninjas in Pyjamas odds GGBet
Gambit vs Ninjas in Pyjamas odds. Source: GG.BET


Arcanebet is another betting site that is up-to-date with Gambit Esports betting odds. They also offer an attractive sports welcome bonus of 100% up to $30 back on your first deposit. Just use ‘arcane30’ on your first deposit to claim the bonus.

Arcanebet has a dedicated esports section, with odds on games like CS:GO, Dota 2, League of Legends (LoL), Overwatch, Rainbow Six and StarCraft 2. That means you can bet on two of Gambit’s teams at Arcanebet and maybe more in the future.


Betfair have Gambit esports betting odds on a long list of CS:GO and Dota 2 tournaments. To name a few, there are odds on the CS:GO ESEA Premier Division, the ESL Pro League Season and CS:GO ESEA.

We could find odds on Gambit Esports vs FURIA in the ESL Pro League, and Betfair presented odds of 1/12 while FURIA were 11/2. Betfair also has odds on the same match for map handicap, total maps (won), map 1 winner, map 2 winner, map 1 winner or draw, and first kill. Despite their considered style, Gambit were also the favourites for the first kill at 4/6.

Moreover, Betfair have a new customer offer where you can get £100 in free bets. All you have to do is place five £10 bets to get a £20 free bet, and you can do this five times.

Esports Tournaments with Gambit Esports betting odds

BLAST World Final 2021

This tournament, starting December 13, has a prize pool of €1 million, with a whopping $500,000 going to the winning team. The play-offs take place between December 14 and December 19. Currently, the two confirmed teams taking part are Gambit Esports and Heroic.

The BLAST World Final is the culmination of the BLAST Premier 2021 series. It’s the biggest BLAST event of the year, so betting sites are sure to have odds available.

VALORANT Stage 3 Masters Berlin

Fireworks are set to fly at the offline VALORANT Stage 3 Masters Berlin as the best teams fight it out for a place in the end of tour Valorant Champions event.

The teams taking part at the Masters 3 Berlin will be:

  • Gambit
  • SuperMassive Blaze
  • Acend
  • G2
  • KRU
  • Zeta Division
  • Crazy Raccoon
  • F4Q
  • Vision Strikers
  • Paper Rex
  • Keyd Stars
  • Team Envy
  • Havan Liberty
  • 100 Thieves
  • Sentinels

The eagle-eyed of you might have noticed there’s only 15 teams listed, instead of the planned 16. This is because Bren Esports, from the Philippines, could not obtain the right visas to travel to compete in Berlin, due to the covid-19 pandemic.

Gambit won the Valorant Champions Tour (VCT) CIS Stage 1 Masters in 2021 and could be an excellent outside bet.

To give you an idea of the relative strength of the different teams involved, Gambit are heavy favourites (1.08) to beat their first opponents Crazy Raccoon (6.50) and G2 are strong favourites (1.12) to win their first match against F4Q (5.25). However, G2 (3.80) will be unfancied in their Sunday match vs Sentinels (1.22), while Sentinels will be heavy favourites (1.08) to beat F4Q (6.50) in their match the following Monday.

Valorant Champions

The Valorant Champions event is the culmination of the Valorant Champions Tour 2021, which will see the best 16 teams go gun-on-gun. It starts on December 2 and climaxes on December 12, so it will be an amazing early Christmas present for the winner, and esports bettors could also bag a Christmas bonus if they bet smart. Once again, if they qualify, Gambit will be worth your consideration.

When to back Gambit Esports: Esports betting tips

All of Gambit’s esports teams stand a chance of winning you some money if you bet on them to win. However, some teams are better than others and could be a safer bet. Gambit’s CS:GO team are strong and won the IEM Katowice World Championship 2021. Also, Gambit Apex claimed the first spot in the European leaderboard in March 2021.

Not to be outdone, Gambit VALORANT were the first team in the CIS Esports League to win the VCT Masters. Furthermore, Gambit’s Fortnite player Ilya “Toose” Chernyshov was part of the duo that won the DreamHack Open Fortnite Duo tournament.

Gambit VALORANT could be worth a bet in the Masters 3 Berlin. They are the number one seed from Europe and they come off a good run of form.

Where to watch Gambit Esports


One of Gambit’s leading esports is CS:GO and the official ESL Pro League Twitch account is a good place to watch them in action. They have official footage from every match.

Moreover, if you want to watch Gambit in the VCT, check out the official Champions Tour Twitch channel.


Gambit Esports’ YouTube channel has 223,000 subscribers who can enjoy action from all their teams’ matches. You can also see fun videos like questions and answers sessions with fans and guessing teams by their flags.


Gambit Esports’ TikTok channel has 6.5 million likes and is mainly used for posting funny clips. There’s not tons of match action to give you Gambit Esports betting tips. But it’s cool to see another side to Gambit’s teams, see more of the players’ personality and see them life trophies.

Esports Betting Pro: Our Verdict

The beauty of Gambit Esports is they play some mainstream esports so it isn’t hard to find Gambit Esports betting online. It will be especially easy to find odds on their CS:GO, Dota 2 and VALORANT teams. Plus, there are some exciting esports tournaments coming soon to bet on, featuring Gambit teams, such as VALORANT Champions.

Esports Betting Cover

Gambit Esports Betting FAQs

Gambit has excellent teams in CS:GO and Valorant, however, all of their team receive good backing and have the potential to win championships.

Gambit Esports are owned by MTS or Mobile TeleSystems, a mobile network operator from Moscow, Russia.

Gambit CS:GO is made up of sh1r0, Ax1Le, Hobbit and interz.

Gambit are from Moscow, Russia.

Unfortunately, Gambit League of Legends disbanded so there will be no matches for the foreseeable future.

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