Mousesports is a German esports entity that has teams participating in several divisions in the esports gaming landscape. This guide will walk you through the detailed information you need to start Mousesports betting today.

Mousesports Overview

Mousesports (also known as Mouz esports) is one of the most prominent esports organisations, having performed well in many European and international sports competitions. Mouz esports maintains its presence in the gaming world with rosters in games like CS:GO, Fortnite, League of Legends, Dota 2 and Warcraft III. They are one of the most popular teams in the world and have plenty of fans and even a Mousesports store.

Mousesports History

Mousesports was established in 2002 in Berlin, Germany, and the first games that the organization started to compete in were Counter-Strike, League of Legends, and Overwatch.

After a few features in nationwide, regional and international competitions, Mousesports would add other game divisions such as WarCraft, Starcraft II, Brood War, and Fortnite. Furthermore, when the Mousesports CS:GO team began operations, the team placed 3rd at the World Cyber Games.

In the bid to keep consolidating its operations, Mousesports acquired Nihilum in 2007, turning the partnership into a community known as Nihilum Mousesports MMO. As you would expect, the partnership resulted in a number of remarkable feats for the esport organisation, including Mousesports joining Dota and PES.

In 2019, Mousesports were Champions of Pro League World, German League of Legends, Global League of Legends and CS:GO Asia Champions.

Moreover, they emerged the winner of ESL Pro League Season 10 and finished first Runner-up at ESL Pro League (Europe) Season 11. You are able to see all the records and overview on Mousesports HLTV page.

Mousesports has plenty of rivalries in esports but the most legendary games have been between Mousesports vs NIP and vs Faze CSGO. They have provided fans with great entertainment in CS:GO and will continue to provide very close games in the future.

What is the Future for Mousesports

Having had an impressive track record at a number of tournaments, Mousesports maintains bright prospects for all its teams in different ongoing and upcoming tournaments. The Mousesports esports organisation occupies a respectable position on global rankings. Hence, it’s no surprise that many betting markets are always available on their matches.

Betting odds mostly fluctuate according to the team’s previous or head-to-head performance. But you can get some great Mousesports betting odds on the different leagues and tournaments in which Mousepsorts participates.

Mousesports Teams

As an esports organisation, Mousesports has teams that compete in different esports games and leagues. Each team boasts some of the best players in the esports world with the required skills to navigate each game. Let’s have a look at the teams below:


The Mousesports made a landmark Counter-Strike entry in 2002 and has had great performances in a couple of tournaments. The team finished 3rd in the World Cyber Games 2002 while also becoming champions of EPS Germany Seasons 1, III, V and VII in 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2005, respectively. Mouseports also have an academy team named mouz NXT, who are showing great potential.

For a detailed overview on everything Counterstrike, be sure to check Mousesports liquipedia page.

After adding a number of other championships to its tally, the Counter-Strike team was disbanded in 2012. Below is a list of the latest Mousesports Counter-Strike roster:

Player Name Gaming ID
Roman Ausserdorfer Roman
Michele Köhler Zonixx
Thanh Vinh Bui Ninja
Fatih Dayik Gob b

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

The Mousesports CS:GO team competes in the ESL Pro League, where they won Season 10, additionally, they finished first Runner-up in Season 11. The Mouz NXT team (academy players aged between 16 to 20 years) also emerged champion of the pilot CS:GO tournament for young esports players. This has garnered huge ratings for the team by esports betting sites. The table below has the 2021 ESL Pro League Season 14 team:

Player Name Gaming ID Position
Robin Kool Ropz Player
David Cernansky Frozen Player
Aurimas Pipiras Bymas Development Player
Frederik Gyldstrand Acor Player
Christopher Nong Dexter In-game Leader

League of Legends

Just like the Counter-Strike and CS:GO teams, Mousesports League of Legends (Mouz LoL) team has an incredible record. Mouz LoL team won the 2020 Prime League Season Finals, 2020 Prime League Summer and were first Runner in 2021 Prime League Spring. The team hosts some of the brightest players in the global landscape.

In essence, they could be your favourite team for Mousesports betting. The team currently has the following players:

Player Name Gaming ID Position
Max Gunther Satorius Top Lane
Ilya Makavchuk Gadget Ad Carry
Solal Accary Enjawve Support
Milo Wehnes Pridestalker Jungle
Pawei Szczepanik Czekolad Mid Laner
Kamil Kostal Kamilius Support


Mousesports’ Fortnite team was set up in 2018 and has undergone several reshuffles since then. It currently has a one-man roster headed by Klaus ‘Stompy’ Konstanzer, having joined the team in June 2021. It is hoped that more signings will occur for more Fortnite team-specific tournaments, going forward.

Player Name Gaming ID Position
Klaus Konstanzer Stompy Player

Warcraft III

After 20 years of being absent from Warcraft III, Mousesports returned to this esports game in 2020 assembling its roster of players. The roster comprises of the following:

Player Name Gaming ID Position
Daniel Spenst XLord WC3 Player
Michael Braaz Ente WC3 Player
Domenic Nimz Wan WC3 Player

Top 10 Mousesports Total Winnings and Achievements

Mousesport ranks 29th on the list of highest-earning esports organizations worldwide. The team has competed in, and won a number of major tournaments and leagues across Europe, Asia, the Americas and Oceania.

Date Esport Event Name Placement Prize
24-11-2019 CS:GO CS:GO Asia Championships 2019 1st $250,000
08-12-2019 CS:GO ESL Pro League 10: Finals 1st $250,000
25-03-2018 CS:GO V4 Future Sports Festival 2018 1st $247,148
25-02-2018 CS:GO StarLadder & i-League StarSeries – Season 4 1st $130,000
29-03-2020 Rocket League RLCS Season 9 – EU 3rd-4th $42,897.36
21-07-2014 Dota 2 The International 2014 11th-12th $38,259.00
15-11-2020 LoL Prime League Grand Final 2020 1st $35,504.40
26-04-2019 Rainbow Six Siege Pro League Season 9 – Europe 6th $13,250.00
07-10-2008 WarCraft III NiceGameTV League Season 1 1st $12,000.00
28-04-2012 Counter-Strike EPS Germany: Spring 2012 1st $7,686.19

Mousesports Top 5 Players in Terms of Winnings

With separate rosters for CS:GO, League of Legends, Fortnite, Dota 2, and Warcraft III you can always expect the most astonishing gameplay from players. These Mousesports players have earned their mark in the whole esports landscape with wins such as:

Player Name Gaming ID Date Total Amount So Far
Chris de Jong ChrisJ 21-10-2013 $591,852.73
Robin Kool Ropz 12-04-2017 $521,092.04
Tomáš Šťastný Oskar 22-08-2016 $277,284.00
David Cernansky Frozen 14-03-2019 $259,208.04
Finn Andersen Karrigan 14-03-2019 $252,066.90

Top Tournaments and Competitions for Mousesports Betting

Mousesports betting teams have participated in many lucrative and fairly-rewarding esports tournaments, leagues, or competitions. It is interesting to note that they finished exceptionally well, earning a total of $5,660,342.06 from 1029 Tournaments.

Even though a team like Mousesports rocket league has been disbanded, Mouz records remain clear to many esports enthusiasts.

Summary of Upcoming Tournaments for Mouseports Teams

Tournament Team Start Date End Date Prize Pool
PGL Major Stockholm 2021 CS:GO 23-10-2021 07-11-2021 $2,000,000
The International 10 DOTA 2 07-10-2021 17-10-2021 $40,018,195
LCS Game Changers LoL 27-09-2021 08-10-2021 Yet to be added
Intel Inspires Streamer Showdown Fortnite 15-09-2021 15-09-2021 $10,000
WePlay Esports Invitational Rocket League 16-09-2021 19-09-2021 $100,000
Six November 2021 Major Rainbow Six 15-11-2021 21-11-2021 $500,000
DH WC3 Championship Warcraft III 09-12-2021 12-12-2021 $100,000

Mouseports Betting Tips

Even though Mousesports has teams in different esports tournaments, the entity remains wholly the same, which is why the best standards are often maintained by the organisation to remain on top of their game. Just like the teams do their best to offer an unbeatable gaming experience to all esports enthusiasts, betting on Mousesports teams has to be done carefully and strategically.

In view of this, we provide you with 5 practical esports betting tips below:

  1. Spend some time on research. You have to invest ample time studying and understanding Mousesports esports teams, players, records and performances in different competitions. Moreover, you must study the different bookmakers available. We have made it easier by making a guide to esports betting sites.
  2. Practice bankroll management always. One thing that will save you from a possible losing streak is bankroll management. This has to do with making a budget and sticking to it, not chasing your losses, and knowing when to stop.
  3. Play more of the games you win often. A lot of players have lost money trying to play different games, leaving the ones that have paid them more often. Even if you are playing for fun, you have to focus more on the esports games you have won more often.
  4. Compare odds, bonuses, banking options and T&Cs. As much as a betting site looks really appealing, you owe yourself the duty of ensuring they offer better odds, have innovative banking methods, and operate based on terms that you can meet. Another very important thing to check out is their esports bonus offers and promotions.
  5. Don’t get greedy. One key point to note is that the higher the odds, the less likely the event will occur, and many players fail to understand this. Huge odds are always attractive but don’t be so focused on them that you become greedy for more. Betting is extremely unpredictable, so we advise you to go for safer bets, even if the odds are lower.

Mousesports Betting Odds

Even though Mouz betting odds will differ amongst sites, Mousesports betting teams are mostly given sizable odds. Since odds are tremendously valued in the betting world, we try to recommend Mousesports betting sites that offer great odds.

There are different odds for different markets, such as winner, map handicap, 1st/2nd map winning margin, total over + win, odd/even, way to win, total maps,1st/2nd map total rounds, race to round, correct score, number of maps to be won, among numerous other markets.

To keep tabs on the best offers, you can check out our recommended esports betting sites so you can compare their odds to get the best deal. Odds change based on certain gameplay metrics, which is why you should also opt for betting sites that offer live betting options. With live betting, you could still get some excellent odds even after the game has started. Moreover, betting in play provides an even more exhilarating experience.

Best Sites for Mousesports Esports Betting

We would like you to only play at the best esports betting sites. Therefore, we prioritize safety, bonuses and promotions, innovative banking methods, and reliable betting options. Here are the top three Mousesports esports betting sites to play:


Betway has a unique mobile app compatible with all android and iOS devices, where you have countless betting options. There’s also a comprehensive breakdown of available esports betting markets, giving you numerous betting options when wagering at Betway.

  Bonus Pros
Betway Logo Get up to £10 in free bets
  • Over 1,500 esports betting markets
  • Top security
  • Unique mobile app


Ggbet was specially created in 2016 for esports professionals and enthusiasts. GGbet is a user-friendly betting platform that hugely focuses on esports while strongly promoting responsible gambling. It offers customer support in 8 languages, with a dedicated mobile app on which you can stream live esports matches.

  Bonus Pros
GG.Bet Logo Get up to 15% cashback on sports betting
  • Special dedication to esports
  • Strong customer support via multiple channels
  • Accepts bets in multiple currencies


Rivalry, also known as, is one of the best betting sites dedicated to esports. The site covers over 20 esports betting markets and has a generous welcome bonus. At Rivalry, you get to play an incredible number of in-house contests, while the site’s Academy releases tutorials to help newbies navigate esports betting fully.

  Bonus Pros
Rivalry Logo Get 100% welcome bonus up to up to £100
  • Stunning user interface
  • Bitcoin deposit and withdrawal available
  • Thousands of esports markets

Mousesports Betting: Our Verdict

Mousesports is a top esports club with teams you can stake on. This esports organisation is renowned for having a formidable Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team from its inception. The team has some of the best odds on most Mousesports betting sites included in this guide.

The Mousesports League of Legends team also possesses huge potential of making profitable bets, with high odds available on particular games. You simply have to compare the odds of these sites and choose the most convenient for you.

Esports Betting Cover

Mousesports Betting FAQs

The best Mousesports esports site is the one with all the features you’ll need to have fun. These features include excellent bonuses, security, suitable banking methods and fast payouts. Betway, GGbet and Pinnacle Esports are shining examples that have all these features and more.

Mousesports has teams competing in different esports tournaments, and each team comprises players. These players include ‘Acor’, ‘Dexter’, ‘Gymas’, ‘Frozen’, ‘Ropz’, ‘Gadget’, ‘Enjawve’, ‘Stompy’, etc.

Mousesports team will be competing in many upcoming esports tournaments like CS:GO PGL Major Stockholm 2021, Dota 2: The DOTA 2 International, Rainbow Six: Six Majors and more.

HLTV ranks Mousesports 14th on their global ranking of esports organisations. This ranking places the organisation in the top 15 most performing esports organisations in the world.

Mousesports is a German esports club that competes in a number of tournaments involving games such as CS:GO, Dota 2, League of Legends, WarCraft III, and Fortnite. The team has represented Europe in several regional and global esports tournaments.

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