Rainbow Six Siege Esports Betting: Your Guide to R6 Betting 2021

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege, also known as R6 or R6S, has been a part of the esports scene for years. The competitive nature of the shooter has cultivated a huge esports scene and provided great opportunities for fans and budding punters to set their sights on the scene and start placing bets.

In this in depth guide, we will take you through the following to give you all the information you need to start betting on R6. We will outline the changes within the Rainbow 6 esports space, the types of bets you can place on R6, the Rainbow Six Siege betting odds you will likely come across, our top tips to win big, and how to choose the right R6 betting site for you.

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Rainbow Six Siege betting: The types of bets you can place

There are many betting options to choose from when it comes to R6 Betting. Depending on your knowledge of Rainbow Six Siege and the competitive scene, you can place bets that can either give you guaranteed wins or more riskier bets that come with high reward if predicted correctly.

Whether you are a beginner or seasoned bettor, there is a betting option for you and we will take you through the things you will need to know to place each type of Rainbow Six Siege wager matches option.



This market is one of the most basic R6 betting options available as all you have to think about is which team will be the overall winner of the R6 tournament. You will simply need to make a singular educated guess about which team you think will walk away as the champions. After that, you can kick your feet up and cheer on that team throughout the season.

Because you are betting on the outright winner, this betting market is only available before the start of the competition. As the progression of the event cannot be factored in on which team you believe will be the champions, it is unlikely sites will offer this betting market after the season has begun. There may be a few bookmakers who will offer outrights/futures options but, again, this is unlikely so make sure you get your bets in before the competition commences.

This betting option for the Six Invitational may seem complicated at first glance due to the open qualifiers introducing new teams that do not have a track record in the space, do not be intimidated. Even if you are a beginner and see teams that you may have never heard of, this is a perfectly suitable market for you. After all, there are only four new teams from the qualifiers and 16 veteran teams competing throughout the season so there is a lot of information on several teams that have played competitively in previous years.

For the Rainbow Six Major Leagues, this market is also a great option as many of the teams have also competed in previous majors and there is a ton of information about their performance and the specific players on Liquipedia and Reddit.


Regional Winner

Regional winner markets are especially fun for R6 betting as it is truly an international esport and you can bet on teams that reside in your country or decide to support a team that is overseas. This betting market also gives you the chance to experience different Rainbow Six Siege wager matches options, aside from typical match or outright winner markets, without needing a super in depth understanding of the R6 game or esports ecosystem.

In short, teams or organisations are generally associated with the region that they are based in, meaning that they will compete in their regional competition. In this case, regional winner markets will be offered for the Six Major Leagues happening across the year, with the european teams being confirmed as competing in May and North American teams competing in August. Because of this, you will bet on lines like North America, Europe, Asia and so on and your bet will be successful if the team you have chosen wins the overall Major.


Tournament Finalist

This type of wager is extremely common in Rainbow Six bets and you can expect to find this market on any site offering R6 betting options. This market allows you to place wagers based on your prediction on if a team will make it to the finals or not.

This option is also great if you would like to bet on an underdog and if successful you can win big. This strategy allows you to reduce the risk of betting on an underdog team as the odds will be more favourable than if you were to place a wager on an underdog to be the outright winner.

You will need some knowledge of the Rainbow 6 esports scene if you want to bet on the underdog as knowing how they have performed previously, if there have been any roster changes and what this could mean for them, and knowing how they match up with other teams will all work massively in your favour.

A great way to start this research is by checking out our list of the best teams and players in both the Rainbow Six Major Leagues and the Six Invitational above. From there, head to Liquipedia and start looking at how the team you want to research has performed generally within the leagues as well as which teams they are generally superior and disadvantaged against in previous matchups.

Once you have built on your understanding of the main teams competing, it is worth checking out siege.gg as they provide detailed stats relating to each team’s performance and also give you up to date R6 competition details.



Moneylines options are generally considered the most straightforward and popular betting market for esports. This applies to R6 betting too as it does not require you to know any additional information other than the basics of Rainbow Six Siege and the Rainbow Six Siege tournament you are choosing to bet on.

For beginners, this market is one we recommend you start with as it will give you a chance to place a wager on which team you think will win an individual series between two teams. All you need to think about is between two teams, who you think will come out victorious. Bookmakers will clearly display the favourites and underdogs of each matchup too, making it even easier to wrap your head around and gauge the opinion of the general community. Taking a look at the standings as the season progresses will give you an indicator of who is dominating and who is falling short. Also, you can take it easy and watch the beginning of the league until you familiarise yourself with how each team plays and then start placing wagers later on which is ideal for someone who is new to R6 betting.

The Rainbow Six Siege Global Points Standings.

The Rainbow Six Siege Global Points Standings. Credit: Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six Siege Website


As this betting market is presented by bookmakers in the form of odds with you either placing a bet on the favourite on the underdog, make sure you clearly understand how these odds are presented to ensure maximised winnings. We will explain more below on how to correctly read moneyline, decimal, and fractional odds, but it is worth being aware that betting on the safest option (the favourite) is not always the best idea as you can make few winnings in return compared to a riskier bet. An underdog can be a good option to bet on if you are sure they still have a fighting chance at winning in their matchup.



For a more precise wager, handicaps can be a perfect option for you. With an added layer of knowledge needed to place these bets, you have more flexibility in predicting how the match will play out.

This type of wager is high risk but also high reward as it allows you to “take away” from the favourite and “give” those points to the underdog, meaning you can predict the end score between two teams rather than merely betting on which team you think will win the match. This is a valuable market if you understand that certain maps present more of a challenge to certain teams. If you can distinguish this and use that knowledge to your advantage, you can bet on the underdog and still win, even if they lose the overall match.



Specials (also commonly referred to as prop bets) are spreads that give you the chance to be even more specific with your wager. This market provides you with specific scenarios that may happen during a match and if it happens, you win your wager. It is a super fun way to get creative with your bets but be warned that this is a very difficult type of bet to place as it involves a strong understanding of Rainbow Six Sieges’ intricacies. Also, this type of bet is not super common amongst sites offering R6 betting, but if you see a bookmaker offering it and you are confident you have a high level of understanding, go for it!


The three main Rainbow Six Siege betting odds you will come across

As presented in traditional sports betting, Rainbow Six Siege betting can be presented in three ways. We will go through fractional odds, decimal odds, and moneyline odds so you know how to read each one and bet accordingly.

Fractional odds

Fractional odds are the way markets are displayed in the UK. This type of odds are easy to read but we will take you through how to work out your winnings so it is as clear as possible.

Presented in fraction form, the bookmaker demonstrates which team they believe to be the favourite and the underdog in each matchup. This bet can be read in two ways, both ways are by looking at the numbers displayed. If the number on the left is bigger than the one on the right, it means that the bookmaker believes the team you want to place your bet with is an underdog. However, if the number on the right is bigger, it means that the team you want to bet on is considered the favourite and is likely to win the matchup.

As an example, here are how fractional odds would be presented as a bet between Team Empire and Tempra Esports:

Odds: Tempra Esports to win against Team Empire

7/4 – This fraction displays that Tempra Esports is the underdog in this matchup and has a 36.4% chance of winning.

To calculate this fractional odd as a percentage, you would have to do 7/(7+4)*100% = 36.4%.

Now that the maths bit is out of the way, all you need to do is find out what the pay out will be if your bet is correct. The fractional odd example above shows that for each £4 you put into your wager, you will receive £7 in winnings, meaning you will receive £3 profit. This would be a great wager if you are confident that Tempra Esports, despite them being considered an underdog by the bookmaker, will win the match.


Decimal odds

Decimal odds are slowly taking over the UK betting space and are already commonly shown on UK betting sites. Due to the ease of reading these types of odds, they will eventually replace fractional odds and it is useful to come to terms with it.

To calculate your winnings with decimal odds, you will need to divide it by 100%. Alternatively, for a quick estimate you can look at the decimal itself: The higher the decimal is, the more likely the team you are betting on is the favourite and therefore the less profit you will get. Be aware that these calculations combine your stake and winnings, but we will show you how to calculate your profit below.

Examples of typical decimal odds you will see:

1.65: 100% / 1.65 = 60.6% chance of winning = clear favourites

5.1: 100% / 5.1 = 19.6% chance of winning = underdogs

9.8: 100% / 9.8 = 10.2% chance of winning = clear underdogs


If we take these three odds and place a £10 stake on each, this will be the payout:

1.65: £10 x 1.65 = £16.50 (to calculate your profit, simply minus £16.50 from your £10 wager)

5.1: £10 x 5.1 = £51 (to calculate your profit, simply minus £51 from your £10 wager)

9.8: £10 x = £98 (to calculate your profit, simply minus £98 from your £10 wager)


As shown above, to calculate your profit you will need to minus the £10 you placed on the wager from your total winnings. From the above examples, you will receive £6.50, £41, and £89 in profit respectively. From this example, you can see that betting on a clear favourite is not worth it as there are little winnings in return. Similarly, betting on a clear underdog is too risky as the chances of it happening and receiving that kind of profit is very unlikely. Finding the sweet spot, based on your knowledge of the R6 game and the R6 esports ecosystem will allow you to make educated bets and get the best win possible.


Moneyline odds

Lastly, moneyline odds are typically used in the United States and present the odds in relation to -100. This number and symbol that is assigned to the betting option changes based on the probability calculated by the bookmaker that the team will either win or lose a match.

The minus sign (-) indicates the favourite in the matchup, while the plus sign (+) demonstrates the underdog. The minus sign highlights how much you will get in winnings if you were to bet $100 and the plus sign shows how much you will need to bet to receive $100 in winnings.


A moneyline odd looks something like this:

Team Empire -300


Tempra Esports +250


From this example, we can see that Team Empire is the clear favourite in this matchup, having a very high winning rate. As there is a minus attached to Team Empire and a plus sign attached to Tempra Esports, we know that you will need to bet $300 to win $100 on Team Empire and you will receive $250 if you bet $100 on Tempra Esports.

Here are some template calculations to figure out your winnings with positive and negative moneyline odds:

Positive moneyline odds: Stake * (Odds /100) = Your winnings

Negative moneyline odds: Stake / (Odds / 100) = Your winnings

Finding odds that are not super risky but also provide decent winnings is crucial with moneyline odds as you can either side with a clear favourite and miss out on bigger payouts, or bet on clear underdogs and lose due to the unlikelihood that the team will actually perform as you had hoped.

Even though odds are presented differently based on where you live, it is good to know each one so you are able to accurately and quickly convert these odds and figure out your potential winnings.


Rainbow Six Siege betting tips

So now you know the different markets available for Rainbow Six Siege betting and the types of odds presented, you are almost ready to get started. Here is a list of our top Rainbow Six Siege betting tips and ways you can maximise your winnings.

Be clear on when to bet on the favourite and the underdog

Knowing which team is the favourite and the underdog is in each matchup will help you out tremendously when figuring out which teams you want to support in R6 esports. If you constantly support clear favourites in your R6 betting journey, you may be hindering your chances of winning.

That is why researching the R6 esports ecosystem is so important. Knowing which teams are underrated and capitalising on this knowledge will serve you greatly and allow you to place the best wagers possible. However, you can use the bookmakers predictions to your advantage too. Betting sites put a great deal of effort into researching R6 esports themselves so they can accurately predict odds, so looking at their predictions and placing bets that make sense and also have a degree of risk to them will allow you to win big.


Really understand the game and meta

Rainbow Six Siege, like many other competitive shooters, has a lot of information that is essential for you to know. From the different operators and their utility, to common strategies and play styles that are used by pros, understanding the nuances in the game is pretty essential for you to make good bets.

Each operator has a different ability which can be used offensively, defensively, or in a support role, and players generally learn a bunch of them really well so they have strong carry ability but also team synergy. Knowing your favourite teams’ main operators and how they play together will give you an edge and open up the possibility for you to dabble in more intricate betting markets.

The meta constantly changes in Rainbow Six Siege as Ubisoft often change the dynamic of the game through their balance patches and introducing new operators to the playing field. Utilising these Rainbow Six Siege esports betting tips gives you the upper hand as you are able to use that knowledge to predict how future matchups will play out. The patch notes and other important news are on Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six Siege website so it is important to keep an eye on it to see what has changed.


Do your research on the wider R6 game community

The Rainbow Six Siege community is huge and many fans love interacting with others and giving their point of views on the game itself and the esports scene. Following threads on Reddit will help you gain clarity on things you may be unsure of and also build your understanding on the common consensus among the community.

As well as that, the pro players in the R6 scene are almost all on social media, predominantly on Twitter and Twitch. Watching their streams and keeping up with their social media can make your time researching R6 way more enjoyable and you will create a strong bond with the teams you want to support. When watching pro players’ streams, keep an eye on the operators they are playing and also their general play style as this will really help you understand the game better, the team you are supporting, and how the players perform when practicing.

To learn more about the game itself, we recommend you watching some YouTube videos explaining how to play and also some top tips. Varsity Gaming and Spoit are our top picks when it comes to R6 YouTube content creators as they explain new strategies, basic skills, and show good gameplay regularly. Even if you do not play the game yourself, you will become familiar with how experienced players play and will make your watching experience of the tournaments a lot easier.


Bet smart but do not be too risky

This goes hand in hand with knowing who the favourite and underdog is in each matchup. Because you do not get much return on a bet placed on a clear favourite, does not mean you place a super risky bet on the underdog in hopes you cash out big.

We advise being self aware about your knowledge of the game as well as your R6 siege betting experience. Start off with basic markets and once you have won a few and got a good sense of what it is like, move on to more precise bets.


Get familiar with the R6 esports scene

Would you bet on a sports team you have no clue about? Of course not! The same applies for esports as there are quite a few similarities in traditional sports betting and R6 esports betting. For one, the structure of esports tournaments is often adopted from traditional sports formats and the teams in esports are generally long standing within the scene so you can do your research.

The R6 esports scene has changed quite a bit since it started so it is wise to get clued up on how it is formatted now. We have a section above explaining what has changed and the structure moving into 2021.

Learning about the top teams in Rainbow Six Siege is also important as knowing how these teams perform against each other will develop the skill to quickly and confidently predict how a matchup will play out. More so, knowing the game’s intricacies will allow you to bet on different markets, such as handicaps and specials, making it a more exciting and rewarding experience.


Rainbow Six Siege tournaments

The growth of the Rainbow Six Siege esport scene is an interesting one. Ubisoft’s collaboration with ESL to provide Rainbow Six Siege tournaments to fans has proved successful as since the first ESL Rainbow Six Siege Pro League Season in 2016 to now, the prize pool has risen drastically from $350,000 to a whopping $3,000,000. Although the Rainbow Six Siege Pro League is no more and the Rainbow Six World Cup has been postponed until 2022, Ubisoft will continue on this year with the Six Invitational and the R6 Major Leagues.

It is clear the Rainbow 6 esports community is still booming, so let us take a look at the different events you can bet on and the top players and teams to watch out for.


R6 Major League

The Rainbow Six Majors will take place in May and August of 2021. Each Major has tournaments running for different regions, giving each team and region the chance at qualifying for the Six Invitational. While not much information has been revealed by Ubisoft yet on what the structure of how the Major Leagues will look like in 2021, we do know there will be ten teams competing in each one and the top teams will qualify for the Six Invitational in 2022.

Here are the top teams from previous Rainbow Six Majors:

Rainbow Six Siege esport teams

Spacestation Gaming: Although they are ranked 8th on the global standings, Spacestation Gaming performed well in the Six August and November 2020 Majors with 105 and 165 points respectively.

Top players

Rampy –  The year started off in a bit of a tough spot for Rampy, with the team struggling to get it together. But he remained MVP for almost all the matches the team played.


Team Empire: Again, even though they are ranked 12th on the global standings, this team performed exceptionally well in the Rainbow Six November 2020 Major. They won the major and received a whopping 225 points for their performance.

Top players

JoystiCK – His ability to land clean shots gives him an edge and allows him to carry Team Empire, even if they are losing.


Six Invitational

The Six Invitational is the World Championship of Rainbow Six Siege, celebrating the fans and the top R6 players. This year, it is coming to Europe and will be held in February 2021. This time around, Ubisoft have confirmed that this Rainbow Six Siege competition will, for the first time ever, feature 20 teams. This event will consist of 16 teams that have qualified by earning a spot with their rankings in the Global Points standings and four slots will be up for grabs for each region by competing in the regional qualifiers.

The Six Invitational Logo

The Six Invitational. Credit: Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six Siege Website


 The 16 teams that have a spot for the Six Invitational 2021 and will be competing are BDS Esport, Team SoloMid (TSM), Giants Gaming, Cloud9, Team Liquid, DarkZero Esports, Ninjas in Pyjamas (NiP Gaming), Spacestation Gaming, Team oNe eSports, Virtus.pro, Wildcard Gaming, FaZe Clan, Oxygen Esports, G2 Esports, and MIBR.

There were four spots left and the Six Invitational Qualifiers gave the chance for all teams, whether they were already involved in the R6 esports scene or not, to show what they are made of and qualify for the Six Invitational 2021. The teams who got a spot from the Qualifiers are CYCLOPS Gaming for APAC, Mkers for Europe, Altiora for North America, and FURIA for LATAM. 

Now that almost all spots are locked and loaded, here are the top teams to look out for and some notable players:

Rainbow Six Siege esports teams

BDS Esport: They are ranked joint first place with a total of 900 Global Points and 225, 285, 225, and 165 points in the Regional Leagues Stage 1, August Major, Regional League Stage 2, and November Major respectively.

Top players

Elemzje – Performed among the best in his new squad despite the limited exposure to their tactics.

Shaiiko – An iconic player that played extremely well in the Pro Leagues and placed multiple aces under his belt in the Six Invitational events so far.


Team SoloMid (TSM): TSM are ranked joint first place with a total of 900 Global Points and 225, 165, 225, and 285 points in the Regional Leagues Stage 1, August Major, Regional League Stage 2, and November Major respectively.

Top players

Beaulo – So good that early on in his career he was considered a hacker, Beaulo maintains the highest ranking in the TSM squad and helped lead them to a third place victory at the previous Six Invitational.

Achieved – As the leader of the team, Achieved has shown many moments where he can carry a round all by himself. Definitely one to watch out for in the 2021 season.

Merc – Analysts predict he will be the MVP if TSM wins the Six Invitational 2021 due to his insane ability to frag and carry rounds.

Giants Gaming: This team is ranked joint first place with a total of 900 Global Points and 390 and 510 points in the August and November Majors.

Top players

SpeakEasy – A solid member of the team with the ability to frag out and help Giants Gaming obtain clean victories across the season.

HysteRiX – Another powerful member of Giants Gaming, constantly getting kills that aid the team to get continuous victories.


Cloud 9: C9 are ranked joint first place with a total of 900 Global Points and 510 and 390 points in the August and November Majors.

Top players

Nova – Cloud 9 re-entering the Rainbow Six Siege competitive circuit in 2019 with Nova on board was a great decision as his playstyle and aggression allowed them to place high in R6 esports events.

Team Liquid: This team is ranked fifth place with a total of 840 Grand Points and 225, 105, 225, and 285 points in the Regional Leagues Stage 1, August Major, Regional League Stage 2, and November Major respectively.

Top players

Psk1 – A valiant effort across the season from Psk1 and the team, maintaining dominance in matchups with quick and effective frags.

Nesk –  Nesk has had ups and downs in previous R6 tournaments but has won Player of the Year in 2019 and proves to be a great asset to Team Liquid.


And here are some notable mentions that you should keep your eye on during Six Invitational 2021 to gather a better understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of each matchup:

Hyper – DarkZero Esports

Mint – DarkZero Esports

CTZN – G2 Esports

Virtue – G2 Esports


Knowing which teams have proved their ability to maintain high rankings in previous seasons and the players that are known to perform extremely well within the R6 esports scene will make your research easier and more concise. Looking into these teams and players is a sure way of knowing who to support when placing your very own Rainbow Six bets.


Choosing the right Rainbow Six Siege betting site for you

Esports betting has become increasingly popular due to its demand. Bookmakers are all trying to accommodate the influx of fans and offer R6 betting on their sites. Knowing the signs to look for to make sure you choose the right betting site for you is so important. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here are the main things to look for when choosing a bookmaker.


Reputation on the bookmaker

Reputation for any company is important, but even more so for a betting site. Because you are spending your hard earned money, you need to make sure that not only is your bookmaker legit, but also has a good reputation among the betting community. Having a look at external reviews about your chosen bookmaker will quickly give you an insight into their practices and other people’s experience with them. Also, have a look at their licenses and regulations to make sure they are who they say they are and can legally provide you with the services they are claiming to.


The R6 odds the bookmaker is offering

A simple error can cost you in betting. That does not change when it comes to R6 siege betting so it is crucial you browse several bookmakers and the odds they are offering before sticking with just one.

An easy way to do this is by checking out several sites overing R6 bets and comparing the odds offered on each one to see which bookmaker is providing the most competitive one, but also which ones are outliers. If there are clear discrepancies from one bookmaker compared to the others you are looking at, then that is really not a good sign and you should stay clear. If the difference is small, you can then use our calculations above to see which operator is offering the most favourable odds for your chosen bet and go from there.


Keep an eye out on promotions

Promotions are useful for you to test out different betting markets and strategies if you are new to R6 betting. Many sites offer promotions for new customers as a way of incentivising you to use their site. As long as you have checked their reviews and made sure the site is legit, feel free to use these promotions! Just know that some bookmakers that advertise these promotions will ask you to place a certain number of bets before you can withdraw any winnings.


Live streaming and customer support

Betting sites that offer customer support services are definitely top of our list when it comes to the best betting sites. Customer support is important because things go wrong and when that happens you want to know that the company will deal with it quickly. A betting site that offers customer support is definitely one you can trust.

Sites that offer live streaming have clearly put effort in ensuring that you have the best experience possible and can watch the match while monitoring available bets all in one place. This makes it even easier to bet on R6 and is definitely advantageous for you. However, don’t worry too much if the bookmaker you have your sights on does not offer live streaming services though as Ubisoft streams every match on Twitch for free.


Esports betting payment options offered

Having a site that offers multiple payment options just gives you the flexibility and comfort needed when real money betting.

Here some popular payment options that are provided by esports betting sites and their benefits:

Credit card: This option is offered by pretty much all betting sites and allows you to make quick and safe payments. More about credit card betting here.

PayPal: This is a popular payment method and your deposited balance is immediately available. Read more about PayPal betting here.

Paysafecard: This can be bought at different costs online and your deposits are made by PIN entry. Paysafecard payment option offers quick, secure, and easy payment.

Neteller: An ewallet payment provider that allows you to link multiple payment methods. Read more about Neteller Esports here.

Skrill: Another fantastic ewallet perfect for depositing at esports betting sites. We have an article about esports betting with Skrill here.

Bitcoin: Cryptocurrencies are taking esports world by storm. Learn more about Bitcoin Esports betting here.

Klarna: A form of online payment centered around direct transactions. Check our article on Klarna betting here.


For full insight into the payment methods listed above and many others, check out our esports payment methods review.


Our favourite Rainbow Six Siege esport betting sites

We are very familiar with many R6 betting sites and what they provide. Here is our list of our favourites, what they offer, and why they could be a good choice for you.


Rainbow Six Siege betting Betway

Betway offers a range of betting markets, great Rainbow Six Siege esports betting odds, and a plethora of payment methods to choose from. They offer their services on both desktop and mobile, making it as easy as possible to get involved. As well as all of this, they have gained a great reputation in the space and offer welcome bonuses for newcomers to try out bets before making real money bets. Check out our full Betway esports review.


Rainbow Six Siege betting Bet365

Bet365 is arguably the most trusted and popular betting site for both sports and esports betting. They offer up to £100 in bet credits for new customers and have an array of available games, markets, and great odds. Not to mention their customer support service is top class so any issues you may run into will be dealt with swiftly. Take a look at our in depth Bet365 esports review.  


Rainbow Six Siege betting Mybookie

Mybookie provides the full package when it comes to R6 esports betting. They have pulled out all the stops in making your experience easy, worthwhile, and fun. Because you can only either place pre-match betting and live betting, their Rainbow Six Siege esports betting odds are very competitive. They also provide a welcome bonus and a reload and referral bonus which is great for newcomers. Read our full Mybookie esports review.


Rainbow Six Siege betting betonline.ag

Betonline.ag is another great choice as they have been in the betting scene for a while, offering over 10 esports titles to bet on, competitive odds, and so many betting markets to choose from. This site is great for beginners as well as seasoned bettors. Check out our full betonline.ag esports review.


Rainbow Six Siege gameplay explained

Rainbow Six Siege is an online tactical shooter, heavily emphasising environmental destruction, strategy, and teamwork. Because of this, R6 differs from other shooters such as Call of Duty, VALORANT, and even CS:GO. We have provided a brief introduction to the game so you can get a basic understanding of R6.


The basics of Rainbow Six

The aim of the game is to either defend or attack an object against an enemy team. There are several different modes available in Rainbow Six Siege, each played differently.

Hostage: This game mode is competitive and attackers must rescue the hostage from the defenders, while the defenders need to prevent that from happening. As a defender, you can win the round by either eliminating all attackers or successfully defending the hostage until the time runs out. Attackers must ensure they retrieve the hostage while not harming them as this can result in a loss.

Bomb: This mode requires the attackers to locate and defuse one of two bombs planted on the map. The defenders will win the round if they eliminate the enemies and successfully destroy the defuser. If the defenders kill the attackers after the defuser has been planted but fail to defuse it in time, this will result in a loss.

Secure Area: Defenders must protect a room with a biohazard container and the attackers must secure it in this game mode. The game ends once either all players from either team are killed or if the attackers secure the biohazard container when there are no defenders present.


The different operators

There are different operators available depending on if you are on the attacking and defending side. Each operator has their own unique ability. Check out Ubisoft’s list of operators to find out more about their abilities, loadouts and utility.


Zero, Ace, Iani, Kali, Amaru, Nokk, Gridlock, Nomad, Maverick, Lion, Finka, Vigil, Dokkaebi, Zofia, Ying, Jackal, Hibana, Capitao, Blackbeard, Buck, Sledge, Thatcher, Ash, Thermite, Montagne, Twitch, Blitz, IQ, Fuze, and Gaze.


Defenders: Aruni, Melusi, Oryx, Wamai, Goyo, Warden, Mozzie, Kaid, Clash, Maestro, Albi, Vigil, Ela, Lesion, Mira, Echo, Caveira, Valkyrie, Frost, Mute, Smoke, Castle, Pulse, Doc, Rook, Jager, Bandit, Tachanka, and Kapkan.


The Rainbow Six meta

With 58 different operators to choose from there, there are so many different strategies to choose from when playing Rainbow Six Siege. However, due to the balancing Ubisoft does on the game and the nature of shooters, there are certain favourite operators and strategies that are common in the competitive scene.


These are the top operators used in 2021:


Ace – A hard breacher, this operator uses their ability to destroy reinforced surfaces well which is very useful in pretty much every game mode.

Thermite – Thermite can charge objectives well and is a solid pick when tactfully reaching objects and attacking as a team.

Hibana – Another great breacher who is able to lay on a strong attack with their hard hitting ability.

Thatcher – Thatcher’s ability allows him to set up the defenders which is often followed up with a breacher’s heavy attack.

Zofia – A very powerful support, bringing great utility rather than weapon power and speed.



Aruni – The newest operator to R6, their utility makes it a pain for the attackers to enter objectives.

Bandit – A solid operator that counters hard breachers by stopping them from destroying reinforced walls.

Smoke – Particularly popular among high level players, Smoke’s remote-activated poison canisters are useful for subtly stopping a defuser plant.

Mute – Utilising Mute’s signal jammers allows your team to coordinate and defend objectives well.

Wamai – Clever placement of their MAG-NET traps can successfully disrupt the attackers and their AUG A2 is one of the best weapons on the defending side.


Rainbow Six Siege editions differences

Rainbow Six Siege started off with only two editions back in 2015, giving new players the chance to instantly unlock a set number of operators to try. Now, you have four to choose from, each providing you with different operators and season passes. Ubisoft’s decision to introduce Year 4 has revised many of the versions that were available and with the Year 5 Pass also up for grabs, let’s dive in and see what each edition gives you.

Rainbow Six Siege: Siege Edition

The Siege Edition includes the base game with all the original operators when the game first released. You can get this version exclusively on PC, and has replaced the “Starter Edition”. This version is currently on sale on the Ubisoft store for £6.80, retailing originally at £16.99.

Rainbow Six Siege: Deluxe Edition

The Deluxe Edition provides you with a little more. While receiving the base game, you will also get 16 operators from Year 1 and Year 2. This version is great because unlocking operators by using in-game currency is quite a long process, so having a few operators already unlocked to hand will allow you to easily get the hang of and try out a range of playstyles. This edition will cost you  £25.99.

Rainbow Six Siege: Gold Edition

The Gold Edition gives you all the content from the Deluxe edition as well as granting you the Year 5 Pass. This version is £45.99 on the Ubisoft store.

Rainbow Six Siege: Ultimate Edition

The Ultimate Edition is quite the price jump from the other editions, but gives you a ton more. With this edition, you will receive the base game and a whopping 32 operators from Year 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. This version retails at £70.99 but gives you so many operators, that if you want to grind and get really good it is probably worth it.


Rainbow Six Siege terms explained – keep brief

Rainbow Six Siege has many terms to describe what exactly is going on during a match. We have created a list for those who are unfamiliar to make understanding these terms easier when watching streams and tournaments.


Hard wall –  A reinforced wall by the defenders. This means that the metal support rods are placed on a wall and are seen from the outer side of the wall. This type of wall cannot be blown up by grenades or shot through with weapons.

Soft wall – A wall that is not reinforced and can be breached by any method, including grenades, bullets, shotguns, and mele.

Down – A player that has been downed but is not yet dead. These players can be revived by their teammates and will continue playing with 20 health.

Prefire – The act of beginning to shoot before the enemy is visible.

Anchor – A player that has the role of defending and focusing on staying near or on the objective.

Hard Breacher – An operator that uses unique abilities to breach reinforced walls and hatches. Breachers include Thermite, Hibana, and Ace.

Murder hole – A hole that is made in a wall by meleing it. It is used as a way of seeing what is happening and shooting enemies.

One hit – Used to refer to an enemy who is one hit away from dying.

Half – A reference to how much health someone has.

Lit, lit up – A way of saying that the person you are fighting has been injured. An example of this would be someone saying “Thermite is lit”.

Spawn peeking – The act of a defender opening a window or door at the beginning of a round to see enemies and get kills early within the round.

Wallbang – A kill obtained from shooting through a wall.

Roaming – A defender moving around the map to catch attackers off guard and flank enemies pushing toward the objective.

Dropshot – Initiating a prone during a fight to make yourself a harder target to hit.

Rainbow Six FAQ:

We collected the most common questions about Rainbow Six Betting below.


What is the difference between Rainbow Six Siege and other shooters?

Rainbow Six Siege puts emphasis on environmental destruction and teamwork between players. Unlike Call of Duty, Siege play centers around defenders reinforcing walls, hard breachers breaching those walls, using murder holes, and other types of play to secure and defend objectives.


Who is the top Rainbow Six Siege player?

Jake “Virtue” Grannan is considered one of the top Rainbow Six Siege pro players. He has excellent knowledge of the game, allowing him to exceptionally defend and attack objectives, and has overall amazing performance in the competitive scene.


How is Rainbow Six Siege an esport?

Rainbow Six Siege is an esport due to its competitive nature. Similarly to other shooter esports titles, R6 requires top notch aiming, a spectacular and well rounded knowledge of the game, and flawless teamwork. The Rainbow Six Siege team composition is a very important factor to the game and makes it a skilled, cut-throat, and complex esports title. Because of the importance of the Rainbow Six Siege team composition, it qualifies as an esport where teams can be formed to compete regionally and internationally.


When does the new season of the Six Invitational start?

The fifth iteration of Rainbow Six Invitational will commence on February 21st, 2021.


What is the difference between Rainbow Six Siege and Call of Duty?

Rainbow Six Siege and Call of Duty differ in many different ways. In basic terms, Siege is a lot more decisive and tactful than COD gameplay. Also, unlike in Siege where operators have varying speeds all operators in COD are the same but can jump and use other mobility tactics.


How to get into Rainbow Six esports?

Start researching the teams competing in the various esports events and figure out who the top teams and players are. Liquipedia, siege.gg, YouTube and Reddit have plenty of resources to get you started.


How does the Six Invitational work?

The Six Invitational allows the top teams in the world to compete against each other. The event will feature 20 teams for the first time ever and the Invitational Qualifiers gives teams from each region who may have not competed before the chance to qualify for the main event It is scheduled to start on the 21st of February 2021 and will be streamed on Twitch.


How does betting work in Rainbow Six Siege?

Rainbow Six Siege betting works similarly to other esports betting titles. You pick a team to support, you decide how much you want to wager and the type of bet you would like to place, and wait for the outcome of the match to see if you have won or not. The markets commonly on offer are regional winner, tournament winner, moneylines, handicaps, and outrights/futures.


What is the best Rainbow Six Siege betting site?

Bet365 Rainbow Six is the best Rainbow Six Siege betting site because it offers welcome bonuses, a range of markets to choose from, very competitive odds, and brilliant customer service support. Read our full Rainbow Six Siege betting Bet365 review.


What kind of bets can you place on Rainbow Six Siege?

You can place a variety of bets on Rainbow Six Siege. Although not every betting site offers these bets, the main ones are outrights/futures, regional winner, tournament finalist, moneylines, and rarely you can bet on specials.


Is Bet365 good for Rainbow Six Siege betting?

Yes, Bet365 Rainbow Six is one of the best options for R6 betting. They offer extremely favourable odds and you can bet on so many different markets, making it super fun and easy to get started. The versatility that Bet365 offers makes it a great option for beginners as well as seasoned bettors.

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