The Ultimate Guide to Rainbow Six Betting

Rainbow Six Siege betting has experienced a resurgence in recent times, with 2022 looking to be an insanely competitive season. It’s one of the leading FPS esports games just slightly less popular than CSGO. As such, hundreds of professional esports teams from a wide variety of esports countries partake in dozens of prestigious Rainbow Six Siege esports tournaments.

Best Esports Sites for Rainbow Six Betting

  1. bet365
  2. Pinnacle
  3. 1xBet
  4. Vulkanbet
  5. betway
  8. Thunderpick
  9. bethard

Rainbow Six Basics – Gameplay Explained

Rainbow Six Siege is an online tactical shooter that heavily relies on strategy and teamwork. Having said that R6 is very much different from other shooters on the market. In consequence CoD Betting, VALORANT Betting, and CSGO betting are significantly different than betting on Rainbow Six.

The Basics of Rainbow Six

The aim of the game is to either defend or attack an object against an enemy team. There are several different modes available in Rainbow Six Siege, each played differently:

  1. Hostage: This game mode is competitive and attackers must rescue the hostage from the defenders, while the defenders need to prevent that from happening. As a defender, you can win the round by either eliminating all attackers or successfully defending the hostage until the time runs out. Attackers must ensure they retrieve the hostage without harming them, as this can result in a loss.
  2. Bomb: This mode requires the attackers to locate and defuse one of two bombs planted on the map. The defenders will win the round if they eliminate the enemies and successfully destroy the defuser. If the defenders kill the attackers after the defuser has been planted but fail to defuse it in time, this will result in a loss.
  3. Secure Area: Defenders must protect a room with a biohazard container while the attackers must try and secure it in this game mode. The game ends once either all players from either team are killed, or if the attackers secure the biohazard container when there are no defenders present.


There are different operators available, depending on whether you are on the attacking or defending side. Each operator has their own unique ability.


Osa, Flores, Zero, Ace, Iana, Kali, Amaru, Nokk, Gridlock, Nomad, Maverick, Lion, Finka, Dokkaebi, Zofia, Ying, Jackal, Hibana, Capitão, Blackbeard, Buck, Sledge, Thatcher, Ash, Thermite, Montagne, Twitch, Blitz, IQ, Fuze, Glaz


Azami, Thorn, Thunderbird, Aruni, Melusi, Oryx, Wamai, Goyo, Warden, Mozzie, Kaid, Clash, Maestro, Alibi, Vigil, Ela, Lesion, Mira, Echo, Caveira, Valkyrie, Frost, Mute, Smoke, Castle, Pulse, Doc, Rook, Jäger, Bandit, Tachanka, Kapkan

How to Start Betting on Rainbow Six Siege Esports?

As said before, there are plenty of opportunities for R6S betting, especially when it comes to the largest Rainbow Six esports tournaments. The overall esports environment of this game has been steadily growing over the years, providing more opportunities for teams to face each other off.

Beginning your R6 betting career revolves around the very basics – how to prepare everything for your very first bet. This process is generally fairly quick, but you will have to do certain activities before you start betting. Here’s how it should go:

  1. Choose a betting operator you like – Esports betting operators come in various shapes and sizes so make sure you compare the odds, betting markets, and payment methods before picking a favorite. Also, take a look at the betting bonuses they offer as these can vary drastically from operator to operator.
  2. Create your account – Although most operators share the same registration process, there might be a few differences within each step. In most cases, you’ll be required to input your real-life information in the relevant fields to be eligible to use the website.
  3. Prepare your payment method – As far as payment methods are concerned, you’ll be happy to know that all bookies support PayPal and credit cards as payment methods. Additionally, certain bookies accept Bitcoin, Klarna, or any other lesser-used method.
  4. Dive into the research side of R6 betting – If you go in blind and place bets that you feel are worth it, chances are that you’ll find yourself on the losing end. Make sure to find out as much as you can about the game, the teams, and the players before committing to betting on Rainbow Six.
  5. Place your bets and watch the games – Once you’ve placed the bets, it’s vital you watch the match live streams (or at least tune in occasionally). Some betting operators allow in-play betting, so you’ll need to be quick to react to what’s happening on screen.

R6 Betting Guide

R6 Betting Markets

  • Outrights – These are simple bets that require you to make a prediction on which team will win the entire tournament. They generally have average odds for tournament favourites, but underdog bets can be quite profitable (although they are risky so be careful).
  • Match Winner – Simply put, this bet revolves around which team you think will win the match (between the two teams). Again, a simple bet that most beginner and experienced punters enjoy.
  • Most Kills – This is a type of special bet where you bet on the player you think will achieve the most kills in the match. Generally tough to predict but with great odds.
  • Special Bets – There are numerous other special bets that differ from betting operator to betting operator. They can include a bet where you choose whether or not a team will manage to use the defuser, if a hostage will be hurt, and more.

R6 Betting Odds

R6 betting odds are generally great considering that most teams don’t stay top dogs for long. This causes some pretty hectic changes to the odds from tournament to tournament. While some punters don’t like this, it’s evident that there are plenty of opportunities to win some bets.

Always make sure to check the odds and compare them with a few betting operators. You should also keep track of how the top teams are performing to give yourself an idea of who to bet on.

Rainbow Six Betting Tips

Now that you know the different markets available for Rainbow Six Siege betting and the types of odds presented, you are almost ready to get started. Here is a list of our top Rainbow Six Siege betting tips and ways you can maximize your winnings.

Know When to Bet on the Favorite or the Underdog

In R6 esports betting, knowing which team is the favourite and the underdog in each matchup will help you out tremendously when figuring out who to support. Bear in mind, however, that if you constantly back clear favourites in your R6 betting journey, you may be hindering your chances of winning.

Understand the Game

From operators (playable characters) and their abilities to common strategies and gameplay, understanding the nuances of Rainbow Six Siege is essential if you want to place successful bets. To start off with, each operator has a different ability that can be used offensively, defensively, or in a support role, and players generally take pains to learn them well. Knowing your favorite teams’ main operators and how they play together will give you an edge, and open up the possibility for you to dabble in more intricate betting markets.

Do Your Research on the Wider R6 Community

The Rainbow Six Siege community is huge, and fans love interacting with others and exchanging their opinions. The pro players in the R6 scene are almost all on social media, predominantly on Twitter and Twitch. Watching their live streams and keeping up with their social media can make your time researching R6 more enjoyable, and you can create a strong bond with the teams you want to support. When watching pro players’ streams, keep an eye on the operators they are playing with, as well as their general play style, as this will really help you understand the game better and the team you are supporting.

Bet Smart, but Be Cautious

This goes hand in hand with knowing who the favourite and underdog is in each matchup. Just because you don't stand to make a lot of profit from a bet placed on a clear favorite doesn't mean you should place a super risky bet on the underdog in hopes that you cash out big.

We advise getting to know the ins and outs of the game itself as much as possible before kickstarting your R6 siege betting experience. Start off with basic markets, and once you have won a few bets and got a better sense of how things work, move on to more complex wagers.

Get to Know the R6 Esports Scene

There are quite a few similarities between traditional sports betting and R6 esports betting. For one, the structure of esports tournaments is often adapted from traditional sports competitions, and many esports teams have been around long enough to have garnered loyalty from both fans and punters. Knowing how top R6 teams perform against each other will help you quickly and confidently predict how a matchup will play out.

Most Popular Rainbow Six Siege Esports Tournaments

Tournament Name Prize Pool Dates Winners
Six Invitational 2022 $3,000,000 08.02.2022 – 20.02.2022 TSM
Six Invitational 2021 $3,000,000 11.05.2021 – 23.05.2021 Ninjas in Pyjamas
Six Invitational 2020 $3,000,000 07.02.2020 – 16.02.2020 Spacestation Gaming
Six Invitational 2019 $2,000,000 11.02.2019 – 17.02.2019 G2 Esports
Six Major Raleigh 2019 $500,000 12.08.2019 – 18.08.2019 Team Empire
Six Mexico Major 2021 $500,000 16.08.2021 – 22.08.2021 Team One
Six Sweden Major 2021 $500,000 08.11.2021 – 14.11.2021 FaZe Clan
Six Major Paris 2018 $350,000 13.08.2018 – 19.08.2018 G2 Esports
Pro League Season 10 Finals $290,000 09.11.2019 – 10.11.2019 NaVi
Pro League Season 9 Finals $290,000 18.05.2019 – 19.05.2019 Team Empire

Best Rainbow Six Siege Players

Position Nickname Full Name Team Earnings (Total)
1st Geoometrics Emilio Cuevas TSM $381,900
2nd Canadian Troy Jaroslawski DarkZero Esports $380,828
3rd Psycho Gustavo Rigal Ninjas in Pyjamas $376,533
4th Pengu Niclas Mouritzen Retired $373,157
5th Kamikaze João Gomes Ninjas in Pyjamas $372,533
6th julio Júlio Giacomelli Ninjas in Pyjamas $372,024
7th Achieved Matthew Solomon TSM $352,800
8th Beaulo Jason Doty TSM $352,385
9th pino Gabriel Fernandes Ninjas in Pyjamas $352,052
10th Merc Bryan Wrzek TSM $349,716

Best Rainbow Six Siege Teams

Position Team Name Total Earnings Tournaments Entered
1st Ninjas in Pyjamas $1,781,762 18
2nd TSM $1,747,000 19
3rd Spacestation Gaming $1,618,500 32
4th Team Empire $1,529,557 25
5th G2 Esports $1,510,847 22
6th Team Liquid $1,166,349 21
7th FaZe Clan $889,269 18
8th Team BDS $695,182 21
9th DarkZero Esports $661,500 24
10th MIBR $585,000 9

Team SoloMid

TSM has been competing in R6 esports tournaments since 2019 and has managed to win a couple of them. Namely, TSM has won the Six November 2020 Major for North America, the NAL 2020 US Division Finals, and most recently, the Six Invitational 2022.

Such a powerful presence cannot be understated, at least in recent times. Team SoloMid wasn’t quite as strong in the past, but it seems they’ve found what they were looking for. Their roster consists of Achieved, Beaulo, Chala, Geoometrics, and Merc.

Team Empire

Team Empire are a Russian team with competitive R6 roots going back to 2018. The team finished 2nd in the Six Invitational 2022 after losing to TSM; an exceptional result considering their long row of unfulfilling performances.

2019 was their strongest year with almost all tournament participations ending in 1st place. Unfortunately, they also finished 2nd then which makes Team Empire winless in Six Invitational tournaments. Their current roster features Always, Dan, JoyStiCK, Scyther, and ShepparD.

FaZe Clan

FaZe Clan has hardly been at the top of R6 competitiveness, and they didn’t partake in many tournaments either. Their first foray into Rainbow Six Siege esports was in 2018 but they’ve had limited success until last year.

Then, something changed. The team achieved a 5th/6th finish in the Six Invitational 2021 but then won the Six Sweden Major 2021. And, with a respectable 3rd place finish in the Six Invitational 2022, the roster consisting of Astro, Bullet1, cameram4n, Cyb3r, and soulz1 is looking to make 2022 just as good, if not better.

Rainbow Six Siege FAQs

What are the best Rainbow Six Siege betting sites?

When it comes to Rainbow Six Siege betting, bet365 is the best betting site. They offer welcome bonuses, a range of markets to choose from, very competitive odds, and brilliant customer service support. Alternatively, you can also check VulkanBet and Pinnacle, both of which are excellent choices.

How old is Rainbow Six Siege?

Rainbow Six Siege came out in 2015 and has since then received numerous updates and a multitude of new operators.

How much is Rainbow Six Siege?

The Standard Edition of R6 Siege costs $19.99 but you can get the improved versions as well. Their prices differ from retailer to retailer so make sure to check all of them for the best prices.

Which player has earned the most in R6 Siege?

The player that has earned the most in R6 Siege esports competitions is Emilio ‘Geoometrics’ Cuevas, a Team SoloMid player, with $381,900 earned. Behind him, in a very close second place, is Troy ‘Canadian’ Jaroslawski who plays for DarkZero Esports. He has earned $380,828.

What is the best Rainbow 6 esports team?

Ninjas in Pyjamas have earned the most in R6 esports tournaments with Team SoloMid in second place. Both of these teams are exceptional but Team SoloMid is currently on a stunning run of performances, so Team SoloMid are currently the favourites to win in most upcoming events.

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