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rainbow six siegeTom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege is a first person shooter released in December 2015. In addition to the single player, there is also a successful multiplayer. In this multiplayer you can select different classes (here called “operators”) as well as gadgets and weapons, so the game creates a great variety of tactical possibilities. The classes offer different abilities, which should work together to develop their effect. The appearance of these troops is based on special units from different countries. For example, well-known units such as the British SAS, the German GSG-9 and the Russian Special Forces, the Spetsnaz, are included. There are two sides in the game, the defenders and the attackers. The defenders must always make sure that the target (can be a hostage or bomb) remains as untouched as possible. The attackers, on the other hand, try to approach the target and eventually reach it. Rainbow Six: Siege stands out from the competition mainly due to one point: destructible environment. This means that it is possible to destroy any wall, ceiling or floor in the game. This allows several tactical tricks, an opponent hides behind the wall and believes himself safe, so a rude awakening is waiting for him. In addition, you can break new paths through the game world. This is also necessary because there are different gadgets that can block open doors. Thus, a dynamic game develops and no match plays the same way as the previous one.

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In addition to the commercial success of the Rainbow Six siege, an Esport scene has also developed. Small and manageable at the beginning, there are now many well-known teams playing for the Rainbow Six Pro League. At the end of October, one of the final tournaments will take place in Australia and only teams from Australia, New Zealand, Southeast Asia, Japan and Korea will participate. The prize pool of about $10,000 Australian Dollars is very small in comparison to the huge prize money of the biggest Esport Games, but it is still an important sign for the scene that R6S is of interest in the Esport sector. And that's not surprising, as the game offers a wide range of possibilities and no match is the same. There are also different maps on which you can play. Each one has its own peculiarities and plays itself differently due to its layout. And especially in times when LoL or Dota 2 dominate the Esports scene, both great games which are played on only one map, it is a welcome change to see very different places. And the completely different game mode compared to a MOBA could also appeal to many fans. The RS6 Pro League is hosted by ESL, someone with a lot of experience in this field. And as the Esport scene grows, so does the Esports online betting scene. Up to now, there are hardly any odds bets on the big Esport betting sites, but this will change in the future when RS6 gets more and more popular.

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