Rainbow 6 Siege – Esports Betting and Bookmaker Overview 2019

Rainbow 6 Siege Esports Betting

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Who would have thought that Rainbow 6 came out 3 years ago in 2015? It’s such a timeless classic, right? FPS games rarely get boring quickly and Rainbow 6 is no different. This game is the definition of tactical shooters where you not only have to work as a team but have to plan a strategy of attack as well (or defense).

Alongside CSGO, Rainbow 6 is the biggest FPS shooter out there (Overwatch too but a little less so). Rainbow 6 quickly gained traction and was instantly received well by players. Over time, the game would grow and new additions would appear so it’s only logical that it would show its face in Esports. And so it did! Esports bookmakers also used this opportunity to expand their area of operation so nowadays, you have Rainbow 6 Esports bets and odds around every corner.

Speaking of Esports bookmakers, the best in the business regarding Rainbow 6 Esports betting are bet365, esportsbetting, and Betway. More on them below!

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Rainbow 6 Siege Esports Betting on League games and Tournaments

Rainbow 6 Siege Esports Betting

It’s worth noting that Rainbow 6 Siege doesn’t have huge tournaments that have massive prize pools. Some of the biggest ones right now are the Pro League Season Finals and the Six Invitational/Major tournaments. In fact, the Six Invitational 2019 will feature a hefty prize pool of $1,000,000 (the highest out of all previous ones).

The Esports aspect of Rainbow 6 Siege is on the rise so it’s no wonder the tournaments are getting larger as well. As for the spectators – boy, is there plenty of action for you. Strong teams in the scene can also change often. Currently, G2 is a pretty tough opponent but Team Liquid, FaZe, and even EG have made great appearances. Analyzing the teams and understanding what’s going on in the game is a pretty big deal; randomly stumbling upon an R6S game and deciding to place a bet (before you’ve studied the game a bit) is generally risky. So, before you start placing bets on Rainbow 6 Siege, try to understand the game as much as possible and read up on the teams. The more info you have the better!

Tournaments to look out for

Start Times shown in: GMT or GMT +1 during Summer Time
Betting Odds presented by bet365. The listed odds are intended as a guide only and are subject to change. Please check current Rainbow Six odds on the bet365 website before placing any bets. Read more about esports betting at Bet365.

In the meantime, check out our Esports betting academy guide about some phrases in Esports betting that you should know.

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Top 3 Esports Bookmakers for Rainbow 6 Siege Esports Bets

Rainbow 6 Siege Esports Betting

So the way we decided these bookies were the best for Rainbow 6 Siege Esports bets is by evaluating the following categories: Available betting options, overall customer satisfaction, betting odds quality, number of available payment methods, and general performance of the site.

These three were highest on the list for Rainbow 6 Siege betting so selecting any of the three will provide you with anything you might need for placing Esports bets. The reason we did this was to help you out in the search for the best Rainbow 6 Siege bookmakers. We know it can take a long time to find the best one, so shortening this time will mean you can focus on betting much sooner.

Rainbow 6 Siege – Which Betting Types are Available?

Whenever a Rainbow 6 Siege tournament happens, the bookies seem to already have everything set in advance. But you won’t have to face any issues whilst betting on Rainbow 6 Siege because the bets are as simple as can be.

  • Winning: These are the simplest bets out there. You’re presented with two teams. You choose one team to place a bet and that’s it! There are outright options as well where you select a team that you think will win a tournament but these are a bit more difficult to get right. In any case, these ‘classical’ betting options are great for beginner Esports bettors that are looking to get started with their new hobby.
  • Handicap: Handicap bets are for experienced Esports betting enthusiasts that already know who’s going to win (like it’s magic). Of course, this just means that they’ve been around for a long time and are avid followers of every team so they know which teams are on form and which aren’t. Anyway, the handicap betting type is unique in that you don’t receive your winnings after making a winning bet; instead, that money is moved into the next bet. If you win this second bet, your winnings will multiply by a certain degree. Think of it as a high-risk high-reward system!

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How do you Play Rainbow 6 Siege?

Rainbow 6 Siege Esports Betting

Rainbow 6 Siege is a very specific and unique game. There are plenty of characters to choose from (more precisely called operators) and each one has unique abilities. It’s similar to MOBAs in that regard. And there are multiple gameplay elements to the game such as spying, defense, attack, support, and many others.

The maps are beautifully designed and feature multiple action areas where you either have to capture/hack/destroy something or defend the same stuff. The action can sometimes get tedious due to how tactically important the gameplay is, but it’s always fun. So whether you’re playing the long game or the short game – doing things on the fly is never a good idea.

This is why Rainbow 6 Siege appeared on the Esports scene; it’s the perfect representation of player skill, team compositions, team communication, premade strategies, and improvisation when things go wrong. And that’s why so many people love both playing and watching it!

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