Esports Betting with PayPal: The Best Paypal Bookies for Esports

Paypal LogoPayment methods are such an important part of the eSports betting industry. Their quality and quantity can make or break online bookies and that's a fact we can't run away from. But what makes them so important in the first place? Well, first of all, online bookies must have 100% transparency as far as international regulations are concerned. This is especially so in the financial side of the deal. Payments, deposits and basically everything that's connected with money has to go through serious security checkups. This, in the end, means that online bookies can feature only those payment methods which aren't problematic with international laws. One of them is definitely PayPal! Elon Musk's most popular online payment methods has found its way into the eSports betting industry too. It's the oldest e-wallet out there so it's no wonder its being used for the purposes of eSports betting too. Driven by that, we're going to give you our detailed PayPal eSports betting review throughout the several following paragraphs!

So, without much further adue, here's what we got in store for you guys:

Can I Bet On eSports Using PayPal?

Yes, you can definitely bet on eSports using your PayPal e-wallet. The matter is quite simple. You see, PayPal is the oldest e-wallet out there. It's been in the game ever (well, technically, PayPal created the game) since it came up so it's only logical for them to have experience. Technological trends are big part of PayPal's identity… and success for that matter. They are early adopters in every meaning of that word, following all security measures and precautions to offer their clients only the best possible experience.

As far as particular bookies are concerned, PayPal is accepted on a whole bunch of top tier ones. You can find a detailed list down below:

Most Popular Bookies That Use PayPal payments

Here are the most popular eSports betting sites that offer deposits and withdrawals via PayPal. Keep in mind that some of them might limit this due to your location. For instance, Bet365, BetWay and Pinnacle all have different regional policies for non-US and US residents so don't be too disappointed if you don't see PayPal as an option in your country.

PayPal eSports Betting Review | Is It Cost Effective?

PayPal transaction usually have some sort of a fee. When it comes to withdrawing money directly from your PayPal account to your card, the fees usually amount to $5 or a rough equivalent in your preferred currency. As far as bookies and their fees are concerned, these tend to vary drastically from website to website. Another thing to take into account as far as our PayPal eSports betting review goes, is that you will come across different minimum deposit/withdrawal amounts. Needless to say, this is another one of those things which vary from bookie to bookie. Make sure you're comfortable with those minimum amounts before you make your first bet, otherwise you might regret it later on.

How To Set Up PayPal eSports Betting

Setting up your own PayPal account is a pretty easy task for anyone who has basic internet browsing knowledge. The process won't take more than 5 minutes of your time. With that said, our PayPal eSports betting review couldn't be complete without a quick step by step guide. Here it goes:

Step 1

In order to set up PayPal as your default payment method, first you will have to create an account on PayPal Official Website. Once there, simply click on sign up and you should be redirected to the next page.

Step 2

The first obstacle you will come across is the option to choose between personal and business account. Obviously, you will go for a personal account since you won't be doing any business-related transactions – just eSports betting.

Step 3

Next up, you will have to select your country, give your personal information (name, DOB, adress, phone number and all that stuff) and that's basically it.

Step 4

Once you've created your account (you might have to confirm your email adress or phone number for your account to become 100% complete), you'll have to add a card and deposit funds to your PayPal account before you can start using it for esports betting purposes.

Step 5

That's it guys! You've successfully created your PayPal account, deposited some money into it, and you can now use it for eSports betting on various esports betting sites which support PayPal transactions.

Can PayPal Be Used For Both Depositing And Withdrawing Funds?

This will heavily depend on your bookie of choice. Some support it, some don't, it all comes down to their personal and regulative preferences. Most of the time, bookies that support PayPal as a depositing method will most likely also support it for withdrawing too. It's not true in all cases, but still worth mentioning. And finally, bookies which don't offer PayPal as a depositing method won't allow their clients to withdraw their funds to their PayPal accounts either. Check our guides to other payment methods on esports betting sites here.

Note that Paypal customer protection makes it a perfect solution for buying on reseller markets like Kinguin.

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