How to bet on Fortnite esports in 2021-2022

In this in-depth guide, we discuss everything you need to know about betting on the Fortnite Champion Series and the esport’s other big tournaments and events. There’s also tips for the best Fortnite and FNCS betting sites to try and much more.

The Ultimate Fortnite Betting Sites 2021-2022

  1. bet365
  2. VulkanBet
  3. Bovada
  4. Betway
  5. Dafabet

FNCS Betting Odds, Tips & Predictions

One of the best Fortnite betting sites at the moment is VulkanBet, although in general, FNCS betting will be more widely available when the competition heats up in 2022.

Players have earned total prize money of $108 million from Fortnite esports, the third highest awarded prize money of all esports, with just CS:GO and Dota 2 so far proving more lucrative. This shows that Fortnite should be taken seriously as a major esport to bet on and that betting fans can expect coverage in the future.

FNCS 2022 Betting Tips & Predictions

In 2022, the FNCS will feature Duos matches rather than the Trios we saw in 2021. So, when you are considering which Fortnite esports teams to bet on, it won’t be as simple as picking the players who won in 2021, although past results will give you an idea.

Having said that, one of the winners of the FNCS Grand Royale Europe 2021, TaySon, has won the competition three times now, and whoever he pairs up with in 2022, there’s a fair chance the Slovenian esports pro will win again. He currently plays for Falcons Esport.EU.

Moreover, Th0masHD, who came third with his team in the Europe finals in 2021, was considered the FNCS Grand Royale MVP, so make a note of him if you want to bet on the tournament in 2022. He claimed the most eliminations in the tournament.

Popular Bets for FNCS Betting


For a tournament like the FNCS, there are usually outright bets, also known as ‘futures’, on which you can bet who you think will win the competition. Future bets on Fortnite might also include ‘X team to reach the FNCS final’.

Match winner

Bet on who you think will win individual games in the FNCS. In 2022, you’ll need to back the best duo in the new competition structure.

Best FNCS betting sites


bet365 odds screenshot

* Odds correct as at 21st November 2021, 13:44

Bet365 is one of the leading esports betting companies in the world, who call themselves ‘The world’s favourite online sports betting company’. They have a right to claim this due to having more than 45 million customers around the world.

As one of the biggest sites, you can also count on them to provide odds on the biggest Fortnite events and even some smaller matches.

See our bet365 esports betting review.


Vulkanbet odds screenshot

You can find unique Fortnite odds at VulkanBet

When we wrote this FNCS betting review, one of the few online bookies that had Fortnite odds was VulkanBet and those odds were on a relatively small match. It was a shame that the site did not offer odds on the Fortnite Grand Royale but there are big plans for Fortnite esports in 2022 to look forward to.

VulkanBet has live streams of esports matches so you can watch along with the markets on which you’ve placed a bet. What’s more, they have a nice ‘Match of the Day’ feature – no, not the long-running British soccer highlights show on a Saturday night, the MotD feature suggests a big esports match to bet on the day you visit the bookie.

VulkanBet screenshot

VulkanBet suggests one of the day’s esports games to bet on


Bovada odds screenshot

Bet on Fortnite at Bovada

As you can see in the image above, Bovada offers Fortnite betting, even Fortnite World Cup betting.

Bovada is an all-round betting website with a North American feel – the site puts emphasis on sports like American football and basketball. However, Bovada is also a great esports betting site. You can bet on Fornite, Valorant, Call of Duty and Dota 2, plus more. What’s more, Bovada has a 50% welcome bonus up to $250.

Overall, Bovada is a good choice for esports betting fans, although you might find it hard to access the site if you do not live in south, central or North America. Read our comprehensive Bovada esports betting review.


Betway is a fantastic site for Fortnite betting during the meat of the FNCS season, set to return in February 2022. With its firm focus on esports betting – with esports bet boosts and offers on big esports tournaments – it’s the ideal place to bet whether you are just starting with esports gambling or you’re a bit of an expert.

At Betway, you can find on CS:GO and other major esports like LoL and Rainbow Six Siege. But at Betway, it tends to be a case of quality esports bets rather than quantity. Right now, they have markets on 13 different esports, even more niche games like Call of Duty Mobile.


As you can see from the image below, Dafabet also features Fortnite esports odds, although when we visited, there weren’t any future bets, pre-match or in-play odds for the game. This is probably because the FNCS has just come to a close for 2021. However, you can still bet on Fortnite’s smaller events. For example, there are one-off Fortnite matches to keep an eye out for.

Dafabet screenshot

Bet on Fortnite at Dafabet

When we visited, Dafabet had nearly 400 live esports markets ready to bet on, including esports like FIFA, League of Legends, Rocket League Warcraft 3 and Fortnite. NBA2K betting fans will be pleased to see there were 110 markets for the basketball game.

Read our Dafabet esports betting review for more information.

FNCS Betting – Where to watch?


If you are going to watch and bet on the FNCS Grand Royale and potentially other Fortnite Competitive events, you could earn in-game drops as well by linking your Twitch account. You can also see the Fortnite esports action via Twitch streamers like Kevzter and Marzz_Ow.


You can follow much of the Fortnite esports action from their official YouTube channel. Epic Games also provide coverage on Fortnite Competitive events through productions like their Hype Hour show. During the FNCS Grand Royale 2021, their Hype Hour featured a highlight reel of all the best bits of the event, plus interviews with players, analysis from casters, and an announcement about Fortnite Competitive in 2022. You can still watch the show on demand if you missed it live.

Fortnite tournaments and competitions

In a Hype Hour during FNCS Grand Royale 2021, Epic revealed the plans for competitive Fortnite in 2022. They announced that events will still be online-only for now but they are always evaluating the situation to see if that can change. Unfortunately, this means that the Fortnite World Cup cannot be confirmed for 2022.

FNCS Duos 2022

After a year of Trios, 2022 will be all about two-player teams. Once duos reach the FNCS semi-final, they will only have to win a single game this time to reach the final. Matches will be held on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, similar to the set-up in 2021. Duos who don’t win a semi-final but prove their consistency will be helped into a final spot thanks to technology that will be used for the first time in FNCS 2022.

So, bettors should keep track of teams who perform consistently well because maintaining form will be rewarded in 2022.

What’s more, Epic Games say the new Duos format will make it easier for players with smaller reputations to put together a team to compete. Also, in the FNCS 2022, there will be only two qualifying rounds to make more events possible in the Fortnite esports calendar. There will also be a new match point feature in the FNCS finals where teams that reach a certain number of points will automatically win the game.

You’ll be able to start betting on FNCS 2022 in February.

Fortnite World Cup 2022

Fortnite betting fans will have to wait a while longer to find out if they can bet on a Fortnite World Cup in the year 2022 or ever again. In their latest competitive Fortnite announcement blog, Epic made no mention of a Fortnite World Cup but they did promise they are going to expand their offering of esports events, to include more levels of player and new tournament organisers. If fact, DreamHack was one esports events company that was mooted regarding future Fortnite LAN events.

FNCS Grand Royale 2021

In 2021, Fortnite Champion Series betting came to a climax on the weekend of November 20-21, when teams from Europe, North America, Oceania and others were crowned FNCS Grand Royale champions.

You can see who won in the table below:

Region Winner
Europe Guild Hen
Falcon Tayson
Falcon Oogway
North America East Dukez
Sentinels Bugha
TNA Mero11
Brazil Hero Opai
North America West NRG EpikWhale5x
100T Arkhram
Asia GW_Dokn329
Oceania GLM Suns
Warriors TuII
Middle East HWR Hellon
Scytes Murloc
Scytes Netlov

In 2022, the FNCS Grand Royale might be a competition featuring only two-player teams so the teams who won in 2021 could change a lot by then.

FNCS Grand Royale Betting: how the tournament works

There are different regions involved in the FNCS Grand Royale from all around the world. These include Europe, North America East, North America West, Brazil, Asia, Oceania and Middle East. Each has a different prize pool.

These prize pools are:

  • EU: $2,250,300
  • NAE: $1,055,250
  • Brazil: $699,300
  • NAW: $398,850
  • Asia: $248,400
  • Middle East: $198,400
  • Oceania: $151,800

FNCS Betting – Structure for the Grand Royale

The Grand Royale takes place over two weekends, with the first dedicated to qualifying matches and the second is for the finals. Teams earn one point for every elimination they claim.

Primarily, there’s a three-hour qualifying session where each team has up to 10 matches to earn as many points from eliminations as they can. The top 33 teams head to the Victory Path and other participants proceed to the Reload Path, where they get a final chance to join the Victory Path.

The FNCS Victory Path explained briefly

  • The Victory Path has four separate sessions of eight games each.
  • Each match winner in the ‘Victory Path’ takes the ‘Victory Royale’ and heads to the Finals.
  • When a Victory Path session ends, the next session will include teams from the Reload Path, making a lobby of 33 teams again, with the top team progressing until 33 teams qualify for the Finals.

The FNCS Grand Royale Finals then take place the following weekend with six matches each day and points worth double on Day 2.

History of the FNCS

The tweet below from Kristian Oko shows all the previous winners in the FNCS, colour-coded to show teams and players who have won more than one competition. You can see who has won Solo, Duos, Trios and Squads events.

Past Winners

See the tables below for a clearer picture of who won and from which region:

Season X FNCS Champions 2020
Region Winner
Europe FaZe Mongrааl
Liquid mitr0 ツ
e11 tayson ッ
North America East TNA Deyy
TNA Mero.
Brazil Zтruk
redlee the beast
North America West 100T Arkhram.
100T rehx
NRG EpikWhale
Asia CRLowGroundRur1
Rid Maufin 67
Rid Bob 777
Oceania PWR Jynx
PWR Aleccw1k3
PWR worthy
Middle East ASMR VagnaR2x
Ig zarckhrvat1
TU Dexefite
Season X FNCS Champions 2019
Region Winner
Europe E11 Tschiiinken
E11 Stompy
North America East TSM_Zexrow
yung calculator
Brazil FURIA leleo
North America West Jayrosez
Asia CR Ruri
CR RizArt
Riddle Maufin
Oceania Minkin
hillo the piggy
Middle East POWER FHD

FNCS Key Stats

  • The prize pool for the FNCS Grand Royale in 2021 was €5 million
  • The prize for the European team who won the Grand Royale in 2021 was €2,250,300. This was the biggest prize of any region.
  • After teams of Trios in 2021, the FNCS Grand Royale 2022 will feature Duos.
  • The FNCS Grand Royale features seven regions from around the world: Europe, North America East, North America West, Brazil, Asia, Oceania and the Middle East.

FNCS Betting FAQs

Where to watch the FNCS Grand Royale?

You can watch Fortnite esports on Twitch and sometimes, viewers can earn in-game prizes simply by linking their Epic Games account with their Twitch account.

Which Fortnite esports player has the most career earnings?

Kyle Giersdorf, 18, has earned $3.175 million playing competitive Fortnite. He has won most of that with the Sentinels Fortnite esports team.

Who are the best team in Fortnite esports?

The most successful Fortnite competitive team are Team SoloMid, who make around $600,000 a year.

Where can you bet on the FNCS?

The best betting sites for Fortnite are VulkanBet, Dafabet, Bovada, Betway and bet365.

How do you qualify for the FNCS Grand Royale?

To qualify to make a team for the FNCS Grand Royale, you must make a single-lobby round of FNCS (Round 4 of an FNCS Qualifier, Semi-Finals, or Finals). Epic Games are aiming to make the FNCS more and more accessible, regardless of a player’s ability, although the best players will always be able to prove themselves.

Esports Betting Pro: Our Verdict

Considering how big the prize pools are in Fortnite Competitive – there was $5 million up for grabs at the FNCS Grand Royale 2021 – betting sites seem reluctant to offer odds on the esport. But you can’t keep a good game down. We think Fortnite betting will grow and the FNCS is a not-to-be-missed betting opportunity in 2022. The future’s bright for Fortnite betting.

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