Dotpay Payment Method For Esports Betting

If you want to find out whether Dotpay esports betting is worth it, you definitely do not want to miss out on our guide regarding this payment method. Here, you will find out who can use this method to deposit funds into their account and which betting sites accept this payment method. Let’s get straight into it.

Best Esports Betting Sites for Dotpay Payment Method

  1. bet365
  2. Pinnacle
  4. Betway
  5. Rivalry
  6. 1xBet
  7. Arcanebet
  8. BetHard
  9. MyBookie
  10.  5Dimes

What is Dotpay?

Dotpay is a payment system created in Poland. There are a lot of banks operating out of Poland and this payment system combines all of these banks in a specific way that is accessible to Polish customers.

According to their official site, the Dotpay gateway connects to various payment products which mean Dotpay esports betting is a thing that you can use to safely fund your account. It is also important to mention security is one of the most important aspects of this payment service.

How to Register For Dotpay Account?

In this Dotpay esports betting review, it is crucial for you to know that you will not be able to use this platform without signing up for an account. As stated on the website, it takes around 3 minutes of your time to create a Dotpay account.

Before we start talking about the information you need to provide, you should know that every Dotpay PL transaction comes with fees. Both e-transfers and e-wire transfers have a 3,9% commission. In order to activate your account, Dotpay will charge you 10 PLN.

Dotpay Registration formWhen it comes to the personal information you need to provide Dotpay PL with, the list is quite long. However, they are not asking for anything out of the ordinary. First and last name, phone number, email address, ID document number, and your residence belongs to the usual stuff betting sites will ask you as well.

How Does Dotpay Work?

You are probably wondering whether Dotpay betting is actually a thing. Luckily for you, it is, and here is why. This is a system that combines credit cards, e-wallets, cash, and mobile payments all in one place. Once you have funded your Dotpay account, you can use over 30 Polish banks to transfer the funds to their destination(esports betting site as an example).

In some instances, people will use either Neteller or PayPal to deposit funds into their account, but with Dotpay, you get a perfect combination with fewer fees.

Is Dotpay a good payment method?

Dotpay esports betting payment method is actually perfect. If someone allowed you to combine your deposit methods in one place, you would definitely be thrilled with it, right? Despite this being one of the best methods on the market right now, it comes with one big flaw. It is only accessible to the bettors from Poland.

Can you imagine having Klarna, Trustly, and Entropay combined in one place, that is a dream come true for punters that tend to deposit smaller sums on regular basis.

All in all, this payment method is accessible to bettors in Poland without asking for much. To be honest, there are fees put in place, but they are not as high as some payment methods will charge you for transferring money to a betting site. It is also really important to state that Dotpay esports betting comes with an instant deposit but sadly, you are not able to withdraw the funds to your Dotpay account. This method can only be used for deposits.

Which countries use Dotpay the most?

At the time of writing, only Polish residents can sign up for a Dotpay account and use this payment system. It is also important for you to know that you need to sign up with valid Polish information. By doing so, you can use this method even when you are out of the country.

Alternatives to Dotpay Esports Betting

It is really hard to find a good comparison to Dotpay and point you in the right direction. The fact is, this payment system provides you with every type of payment(except cryptocurrencies). Given the fact that it is only available to Polish citizens, below, we will provide you with three alternatives for your esports bets. These three methods can be used for both deposits and withdrawals, which is something Dotpay does not offer.


There are a lot of e-wallets available on the market, but not all of them are accepted by the majority of esports betting sites. You should know that Skrill is the only payment method that is used by every single operator on the market.

Because of instant deposits and fast withdrawals, Skrill is a go-to method for most punters. However, there are also some people that are deterred by the transaction fees Skrill put in place. They will allow you to withdraw funds to your Skrill wallet without any fees, but afterwards, you should be prepared for a withdrawal fee if you decide to send money to your credit card.

Recently, Skrill introduced their own credit card that can be shipped to your address physically. By using their official card, you will not pay any withdrawal fees and you can get cash on your local ATM.


A couple of years ago, barely anyone used cryptocurrencies to deposit and withdraw funds to their account. Ever since Bitcoin and Ethereum became one of the most popular trading options, both betting sites and customers turned towards this method to fund their accounts.

Keep in mind that traditional sportsbooks such as Betway and bet365 are still avoiding this payment method. Because there is a high level of anonymity involved in these transactions, they are sticking to the ordinary methods.

For most bettors that do not want to use methods that require more personal information than they want to give, cryptocurrencies are their best choice. Betting sites will not charge deposit fees when using cryptocurrencies for betting, but you can expect low withdrawal fees. No need to worry though, these fees are not high and they are often revolving around 2-5$.

Even though we mentioned Bitcoin and Ethereum as the go-to methods for cryptocurrency betting, you can also use various other cryptos to fund your account or withdraw winnings. Litecoin, Tether, Dogecoin, Ripple, are just some of the additional available methods.

Let's not forget the fact that NFT betting is slowly but surely being recognized by more and more operators from all over the globe.

Credit Cards

To this date, credit cards are the most common way to fund your account and to get your winnings. If you are wondering why are not we recommending credit cards as the go-to platform for esports betting payments, hear us out.

There is a lot of personal and sensitive information tied to your credit card. There are no worries about the security of the banking information you provide, but every deposit and withdrawal can be found in the daily/monthly report. Most bettors are afraid of that and they tend to avoid this method whenever it is possible.

If you do not mind providing this information to your local bank, do not hesitate to use this method. From our experience, betting sites will not charge any deposit or withdrawal fees. Deposits are instant while withdrawals will usually arrive on your account within 62 hours.

The two most popular credit cards are VISA and MasterCard. They are widely accepted while Maestro is not accepted by a lot of betting sites. Last but not least, give Revolut a chance because it will allow you to make deposits and get withdrawals straight to your Revolut account which can be used on any ATM in the world to withdraw cash.

Dotpay Esports Betting FAQs

Do I Need an Account to Use Dotpay?

Yes, without creating an account you can’t use Dotpay. When signing up for an account with Dotpay, you will have to provide personal information such as first and last name, your address, ID number, e-mail and phone number.

Which Countries Can Use Dotpay?

At the time of writing, only one country can use Dotpay to fund their betting account, that being Poland. Hopefully, in future, Dotpay is going to be accessible to other European countries as well.

Can I Withdraw Funds to my Dotpay Account?

No, for now, you can only use Dotpay to deposit funds to your betting account. This is one of the biggest flaws with Dotpay. Luckily, betting sites do not mind paying out your winnings to other available payment methods.

Does Dotpay Charge Fees When Depositing?

At the time of writing, Dotpay will charge you a fee for every transaction. Both e-transfers and e-wire transfers have a 3,9% commission. You should also know that there is a fee of 10 PLN for account activation.

Can I Use Dotpay Anywhere in the World?

This is a tricky question to answer. If you are a Polish citizen, that signed up for a Dotpay account with Polish information and documents, you will be able to use the Dotpay payment system abroad without any problems.

How Long Does it Take for Dotpay to Process my Payment?

Dotpay payments are processed within 5 minutes. To be honest, in most instances, your funds will be immediately transferred to the destination where you send them

Esports Betting Pro: Our Verdict

We all know that payment methods such as Paysafecard are painful to use. With you having to type in 20 numbers for every deposit is not something we want to recommend in this day and age.

Dotpay esports betting comes with a unique platform that allows you to combine multiple payments like e-wallets and credit cards. Sadly, this method is currently only available to Polish citizens. Hopefully, in due time, it is going to be available worldwide for everyone to use.

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