As exciting as Esports is, nothing beats watching a stream of a tournament and seeing history unfold in your favorite video game. This is how FIFA fans feel when the Esports season begins. And this is how you’ll feel once you learn about the intricacies of FIFA Esports, as well as FIFA betting.

In this guide, we’ll be covering all the details surrounding FIFA, and more specifically, FIFA 23. When we’re done, you’ll be ready to bet on FIFA matches by visiting your favorite FIFA betting sites.

Best Esports Sites for FIFA Betting

  1. 1xBet
  2. GGBet
  3. bet365
  4. Betway
  5. Rivalry
  6. Pinnacle
  7. Thunderpick
  8. BetHard
  9. Bet-at-Home
  10. Bodog

How to Bet on FIFA Esports?

As far as Esports games go, FIFA is one of the most captivating and fun ones to watch. Seeing professional FIFA players compete against each other, score incredible goals, and control their players like it’s second nature to them is amazing.

It’s a great Esports game with near real-life competitiveness between the top players and teams. This is what makes it such an inviting title for both experienced and novice punters – plenty of action and plenty of bets.

As far as FIFA betting is concerned, the process itself is rather simple:

  1. Find your preferred betting operator – We’ve listed 10 of the best FIFA betting sites out there but it’s up to you to choose the one (or ones) you like the most. Look for things like odds, betting markets, payment methods, and tournament coverage.
  2. Open an account on your chosen operator’s website – Virtually all betting operators provide welcome bonuses, as well as a variety of betting bonuses. Make sure to include the correct personal information as you won’t be able to receive these bonuses otherwise.
  3. Set up your preferred payment method – There are a couple of payment methods that most bookies support (such as PayPal and Visa card payments). However, if you use anything other than that, you’ll need to see whether or not your chosen bookie supports it.
  4. Research the current FIFA Esports tide – Players change, teams change, Esports organizations change, and the game itself changes. What you knew before may not be applicable now. Be advised that the best course of action is to do your due diligence with researching the current FIFA Esports scene before placing any bets.
  5. Be mindful and careful when placing bets – Once you’ve completed all the previous steps, you’ll be ready to start your FIFA betting career. Just remember to not rush things and be vigilant of any significant changes in FIFA.

FIFA Betting Guide

Now that your betting account is set up, it’s time to learn about the specifics of FIFA (and in this case FIFA 23) betting.

FIFA Esports Betting Markets

Betting markets are the same thing as bet types. There are various markets to choose from, each with its own specific odds and methodology. FIFA bets are somewhat similar to real-world soccer bets, with a few exceptions.

  • Moneyline bets – A very simple betting market with generally positive odds, Moneyline bets revolve around a basic A-or-B choice. Depending on the tournament, you’d be betting on a player, team, or country (FIFA has a World Cup in Esports as well) to win against their opponents.
  • Outrights – Outright bets are generally very popular as they have much better odds than Moneyline bets. The only issue is picking the correct player to win the tournament. Outrights are inherently risky due to the nature of the bet so be careful with your selection.
  • In-Play (Live betting) – In-Play bets are pretty simple as well; you’ll be placing your bets during the match so there’s plenty of room for maneuvering, depending on the in-game situation. Not all bookies support In-Play betting.
  • Accumulator Bets – This betting market is arguably the most difficult to get right, but with the highest payouts. For example, you’ve placed 5 bets across a FIFA Esports tournament. You’ll only win if all 5 bets are correct, but their odds will be combined, making your potential winnings massive.
  • Special Bets – Special bets are independent of the match result. One example of a special bet would be for you to bet on a player to score 4 or more goals in a match. You will win the bet regardless of whether he wins or not, as long as he scores that number of goals.

FIFA Esports Betting Odds

FIFA betting odds depend on player performances and may change drastically during specific tournaments. For example, when countries are competing against each other in FIFA, they have 2 main players that play with each other. One player may be much better than the other which will prompt the odds to change.

It’s best if you take a look at a couple of bookies and see which ones offer the best odds, especially right before a tournament takes place.

FIFA Esports Statistics

Some punters think that FIFA statistics aren’t really important when it comes to betting but they couldn’t be further from the truth. These stats provide the best insight into which bets have the best potential.

The stats you should look out for are victories, defeats, and draws for each specific player or team. On top of that, you may also take goals given and goals conceded into account as well.

FIFA Betting Tips

Now that we have the specifics and metrics out of the way, we can move on to certain actions you should do in order to improve your winning chances.


First up, you’d want to get at least acquainted with the game before setting out to place bets. The reason for this is that you need to understand how the core mechanics of the game work, as well as certain elements that are just as important for betting as it is for playing.

FIFA 23 might look like the same game like the previous ones on the outside, but there are key differences that you’ll only learn about once you start playing.

It also must be said that FIFA 23 will be the final iteration of FIFA in its current format. From 2024 onward, the game will be known as EA Sports FC and may differ from what many fans of the series are used to.

Watch FIFA Esports Tournaments

FIFA Esports has evolved drastically over the years, with 2022 marking a year with three major tournaments that FIFA themselves are hosting. We’ll go over these tournaments in a jiffy.

What’s important here is that you are proactive when they’re happening; start watching live streams on the regular and focus on player performances. This will give you an accurate representation of which players are worth placing bets on. The same applies to teams.

Be Mindful of Game Updates

A game like FIFA might not change much between iterations, but it still experiences updates to various game elements. The most important stuff that gets updated are player cards and ratings, as well as certain core mechanics.

If you aren’t particularly fond of tracking every single update, you should still at least find out whether or not specific player ratings have changed, as these can have a massive impact on the meta. Ronaldo might have an 91 rating now, but he might end up as an 93-rated player in the next patch.

And while most basic, non-special cards have ratings that do not change over time, OTW (Ones To Watch) and other similar special cards do. They change depending on how the player is performing in real life, so you might need to keep an eye on that as well!

As for FIFA 23 itself, the game will become available on the 30th of September, 2022. The game may feature changes a few updates following its release but the best time to start playing the game is when it releases.

Keep a Close Eye on the FIFA Esports Meta

FIFA is the same as other games when it comes to having a meta. And just in case you don’t know, meta stands for ‘Most Effective Tactics Available’. Essentially, there will be a few dozen players that are considered the best, and most professionals will have these players in their teams.

This meta changes over time due to patches, player improvements or deterioration, and more. To prevent yourself from placing incorrect bets due to an old meta, it’s best to keep track of its evolution on a constant basis.

Do Your Research

Lastly, you don’t want to go in blind. There’s nothing worse than placing random bets and hoping for the best. On top of that, there are plenty of variables with FIFA betting that constantly change so it’s important you stay on top and do your due diligence before any bet is placed.

Largest FIFA 23 Esports Tournaments

Since the game hasn’t been released yet, we don’t have any concrete information about future tournaments. However, seeing how FIFA 23 will be the final FIFA game (under that name), there probably won’t be too many changes compared to FIFA 22 esports tournaments. Let’s analyze those in preparation for the FIFA 23 esports events to be announced.

FIFAe Club Series 2022

The FIFAe Club Series 2022 was FIFA’s next iteration of the Club Series. It is an expanded version of last year’s competition in both player/team numbers and possibly featuring a larger prize pool.

The tournament will feature 9 zones and 12 conferences from around the world, with the top teams qualifying for the FIFAe Club World Cup in Summer 2022.

First up, we had the online qualifiers, after which we found out which teams have qualified for the Club World Cup. One interesting tidbit of info here is that the participating teams included both true Esports organizations, as well as Esports divisions of real-life soccer teams.

The FIFAe Club Series 2022 was eventually won by Movistar Riders who were extremely impressive throughout the tournament.

In any case, this is the most important tournament in FIFA Esports. We’re in for an exceptional series of matches fairly soon. Lastly, here are the top 10 teams of the FIFAe Club Series.

Position Team Points
1st Complexity Gaming 1428.75
2nd Mkers 1116.25
3rd Team Ronaldinho 880
4th 25esports 774.17
5th Tuwaiq eSports Club 732.75
6th Ellevens 702.25
7th Fnatic 667.75
8th FC Schalke 04 654.25
9th FC Basel 1893 eSports 644.75
10th Blue United eFC 624.75

FIFAe Nations Series 2022

Contrary to the FIFAe Club Series 2022, the Nations Series doesn’t have professional Esports organizations competing against each other, but rather national teams. These national teams pick the players themselves so it’s very important each national team has capable players.

The matches were played in a 2v2 format that provided a dose of unpredictability, as well as national pride. There’s nothing more sportsmanlike than bringing gold back to your home country.

The tournament itself featured a Play-In stage that took 5 months to complete (December to April). After this was done, the losing teams had a second chance at competing in the final event by playing against newcomer teams in the Main Stage.

The best teams proceeded into the FIFAe Nations Playoffs with the culmination being the FIFAe Nations Cup.

After a long and successful campaign, Brazil came out on top by dominating the opposition. No one could shake up their resilience and so, Brazil won the FIFAe Nations Series 2022 by defeating Poland in the grand finals.

The teams were divided into five zones, two conferences, and two divisions. You can check the full Nations Series ratings here.

Position Team Points
1st Brazil 2662.46
2nd Poland 1952.36
3rd Italy 1704.87
4th Sweden 1699.54
5th Portugal 1511.06
6th Argentina 1477.61
7th Denmark 1440.25
8th France 1417.08
9th Canada 1299.55
10th Netherlands 1275.42

FIFAe World Cup 2022

The FIFAe World Cup is an annual competition that sees the best individual players go up against each other for the prestigious title of World Cup winner. This iteration of the tournament was the spiritual heir of FIFA’s previous World Cup tournament titled FIWC.

The event is based on FUT Champions (an in-game mode) with the double-elimination knockout format being used to create some additional excitement.

32 players were divided into 4 groups of 8 in the Group Stage. The top 4 players of each group went into the Playoffs where, eventually, Umut claimed the title of World Champion by defeating Nicolas99FC, a very skilled FIFA player. Umut plays for RBLZ Gaming (RBLeipzig’s esports team).

Here’s also a list of previous winners:

Year Dates Winner
2015 17.05 – 19.05 Abdulaziz Alshehri (Saudi Arabia)
2016 20.03 – 22.03 Mohamad Al-Bacha (Denmark)
2017 16.08 – 18.08 Spencer Ealing (England)
2018 02.08 – 03.08 Mosaad Al Dossary (Saudi Arabia)
2019 02.08 – 04.08 Mohammed Harkous (Germany)
2022 14.07 – 17.07 Umut Gültekin (Germany)

Respective Regional/National Leagues

If the previous three tournaments aren’t enough to satisfy your betting and viewing needs, then one, two, or more of the national leagues should do so.

FIFA 22 marked the first time when more than 30 national leagues around the world were included in the FIFA Esports ecosystem. Some of the leagues included Serie A, Premier League, Bundesliga, La Liga, Ligue 1, CONMEBOL, MLS, and others. We also expect to see the same with FIFA 23.

In short, these leagues will provide round-the-clock entertainment and enhance the competitive spirit of many international players that will play for their respective clubs in their respective leagues.

Some of the Best FIFA 22 Teams

Team Players Successes
Fnatic Tekkz & Diogo FUT Champions Cup, eClub World Cup, ePL, and eCL Invitational winner (Tekkz)
Complexity Gaming Joksan, AlanAvi & MaXe FIFA eClub World Cup 2020
Team Heretics Matias & H1dalgo eLibertadores winner (Matias), eLa Liga 3rd place (H1dalgo), FIFA 22 Global Series Team of the Season Cup winners
Team Falcons Msdossary & NightWatch FIFAe World Cup 2019, FUT Champions Cup (Msdossary), eChampions League finalist (NightWatch)
Movistar Riders Andonii & tuga810 FIFAe Club World Cup 2022

Esports Betting Cover

FIFA Betting FAQs

FIFA 23 is set to release on the 30th of September, 2023. It will be the last FIFA game in the series.

It won’t be the last soccer game by EA by any means, but the name will cease to exist due to the agreement between FIFA and EA about naming rights expiring. EA will still continue to produce such games but they’ll be under a different name – EA Sports FC.

Ideally, you want to find a bookie that fits all the usual betting criteria (FIFA betting odds, payment methods, etc.). Simply make an account, do some research, and find background information about each tournament, and start betting!

You’ll want to look at 1xBet and GGBet as they have pretty good odds for FIFA Esports tournaments. Bodog is another good one where soccer is in the limelight.

Msdossary, otherwise known as the Saudi Prince, has achieved quite a lot since he first started. He managed to win the FIFAe World Cup at just 18 years of age and has earned more than $600k in his Esports career.

Other popular and strong players include Tekkz (winner of the eChampions League and more), Nicolas99fc (one of the best Playstation FIFA players in the world), and Shellzz (winner of the 2021 ePremier League competition).

We are determined to give the best insight on Esports Betting through our in-depth game and tournament betting guides.

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