FIFA Betting Tips and Sites: An Ultimate Guide 2021

In terms of eSoccer betting, FIFA is the most popular game. FIFA esports betting might not be as well-known as CS:GO betting or LOL betting, but this popular e-sport has plenty of followers, and is available at select esports betting sites. While plenty of players are playing FIFA for money, there are also plenty of punters who win money from esoccer betting.

In this article, we will discuss the best FIFA betting sites, and give our best betting tips for this popular game.

Top FIFA Betting Sites

  1. bet365
  2. Betway
  5. 1xBET
  6. Rivalry 
  7. VulkanBet
  8. Vbet


Best FIFA Betting Sites Reviewed

If you want to bet on FIFA, you will find plenty of options. Some of the most popular FIFA betting events include the FIFA e World Cup, or the E Premier League, but there are dozens of other events from which to choose. Most months see 3 to 5 major FIFA tournaments, as well as plenty of smaller FUT events.

We recommend playing at licenced FIFA betting sites, so you can be sure the odds are fair, and you will get our money paid out correctly.


bet365 FIFA Esports

In terms of e-soccer, bet365 is probably the most popular and well-known betting site. The site caters to players from all over the world, including the US, Europe, Canada and many other territories. It is one of the biggest betting sites in the world, with bets on virtually any sport, as well as several esports. It focuses primarily on games like Rocket League, CS:GO and LOL, though there are several bet365 FIFA Esports options. Check our bet365 Esports Review here.

Bet365 FIFA offers players a handsome welcome bonus (€50 in free bets) and has licencing in several countries and territories.

Bet on FIFA at bet365



Betway is a popular UK betting site that also has a Malta gaming licence. That makes it a safe place for players from all over the world, though most players are from the UK or Europe.

Their esports offer is one of the most exclusive, with a €/£/$30 free bet for new players, as well as the exclusive esports club, where you can get a weekly €/£/$10 free bet! Check our Betway Esports Review here.

Bet on FIFA at Betway


BUFF.BET is the home of several FIFA betting markets, which you cannot find on other betting sites. The site lets you place FIFA wagers with Skrill betting, credit cards and cash, as well as Bitcoin and other cryptos. With a licence in Curacao, the site is open to players from many countries around the world. Check our Esports Review here.

Use bonus code GET100 to get a 100% bonus up to €100 (or currency equivalent) for your first deposit.

Bet on FIFA at

While offers bets on various sports, it has esports betting at heart. In fact, this site is one of the very best for FIFA betting, and it is even the sponsor of one of the main international FIFA esports leagues, GGBET Elite League FIFA 2020. This site accepts players from around the world, though UK, USA, Australia, and many European countries are restricted. Check our Esports Review here.

Bet on FIFA at GG.Bet



1xBET is another of the most popular betting sites in the world. The site caters to players from virtually any region, with the exception of the UK and most EU countries. The site offers bets on virtually any sport as well as most major esports competitions. New players can enjoy a huge welcome bonus in their own currency. Check our 1xBET Esports Review here.

Bet on FIFA at 1xbet



MyBookie has some of the best FIFA esports odds. They cover events like Live Arena and Liga Pro, and even offer a 20% weekly rebate exclusively for esports punters. With a $1,000 welcome esports bonus, deposits in Bitcoin as well as USD, and American style odds, it is easy to see why this site is so popular with American punters. Check our MyBookie Esports Review here.

Bet on FIFA at MyBookie also offers weekly odds on FIFA events. With major and minor tournaments on which to bet, and plenty of other esports options, it has become one of the main destinations for American sports bettors. New players get a $1,000 welcome bonus, and there is a 20% weekly rebate for esports. Deposits are possible with Bitcoin as well as fiat currency, making it an attractive option for players in many regions. Check our Esports Review here.

Bet on FIFA at BetOnline.AG


FIFA 20 Betting

FIFA 20 is of course the 2020 version of this popular game. FIFA 20 online betting is the only real option for soccer betting. The 2020 update had plenty of fun additions, including VOLTA Football, career mode and more, though many critics argued that not much was different from FIFA 19. Still, EA is constantly updating its FIFA roster and games, with patches, new players and other goodies.


FIFA 21 Betting

FIFA 21 online betting will be popular in 2021. The 28th instalment in the FIFA series was launched on October 2020 for various platforms, including Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Versions for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, Series S Xbox Series, and Stadia were released on 3 December 2020.


FIFA Esports Betting Markets

In terms of betting, markets mean the types of bets a bookie offers. If you want to place FIFA wagers, it is best to know which markets are available.

Below are some of the most popular FIFA Esports betting markets.


Match Odds

Match odds are probably the most common for FIFA esports punters. Here you can bet on one of three options: Team A to win, Team B to win, or Draw.

For example:

  • Borussia Dortmund (Olom) 1.32
  • Draw 4.73
  • RB Leipzig (Stig) 7.47

Goal Handicap

If you want to predict how well a team would do with the added benefit of one or several goals, you can bet with Goal Handicap.

For example:

  • Borussia Dortmund (Olom) 1.91 – RB Leipzig (Stig) 1.81

In this market, you bet your team will win with the benefit of a (hypothetical) extra goal. This type of betting eliminates some of the variance from betting, though the payoff is a bit lower.


Total Goals

Total goals lets you wager on how many goals will be scored during a FIFA match.

For example:

  • Over 5.5 1.73
  • Under 5.5 2.01

If you think there will be more than 5 goals, you choose Over 5.5. If you think there will be 5 goals or fewer, you choose Under 5.5.


Both Teams to Score

If you bet on the both teams to score, you essentially bet whether each team will score at least one goal. As you can see from the odds below, teams are very likely to score at least one goal, unlike in real football.

For example:


  • Yes 1.02
  • No 11.00

FIFA Tournament Betting – Outright Betting

There are dozens of FIFA tournaments on which to bet, and another popular FIFA betting market is the outright winner of a tournament or championship. The earlier on you bet, the better, since odds will drop as more and more contenders are eliminated.


FIFA Betting Rules

Most FIFA betting sites operate under a similar set of rules. In general, it is very easy to know whether your bet has been settled correctly or not, since the various esports betting sites rely on the data that they find on the official tournament pages.


FIFA Betting Odds

FIFA esports odds work the same as any other set of odds. Just like betting on real football, you can choose between American, Decimal, Fractional and sometimes Hong Kong Odds.


American Odds

American Odds are most common in the USA and Canada. These odds tell you how much you would win if you lay down $100, or how much you have to wager in order to win $100.

For example:

  • RB Leipzig (Stig) +236
  • Draw +369
  • VfL Wolfsburg (Quavo) -143

Wagering $100 on RB Leipzig and winning your bet means you will get your $100 bet +$236 on the return, or a payout of $336.

In order to win $100 by betting on VfL Wolfsburg, you will need to put down $143. If your bet wins, you will get a payout of $243.


Decimal Odds

Decimal odds are probably the easiest to understand. These are most popular in Europe. They show you your payout if your bet wins.

For example:

  • OWNED (OWN) 2.55
  • DRAW 4.85
  • Fints (FIN) 1.99

A bet of €100 on OWNED will give you a payout of €255 if it wins. A bet of €100 on Fints will give you a bet of €199 if your bet wins.


Fractional Odds

Fractional odds are easy to understand, though the math is slightly more complex. These are the most common in the UK. The left part of the fraction is your wager and the right is the return on that wager.

For example:

  • OWNED (OWN) 31/20
  • Draw 77/20
  • Fints (FIN) 99/100

Bet £20 on Owned to win £31, or a payout of £51. Bet £100 on Fints for a payout of £99, or a return of £199.


Hong Kong Odds

Hong Kong Odds work similar to decimal odds, but they show you only the return on your wager, instead of wager + return. They are equal to (decimal odds – 1). These odds are most popular in Asia.

For example:

  • OWNED (OWN) 1.55
  • Draw 3.85
  • Fints (FIN) 0.99

Bet HKD 1000 on Owned for a return of 1550, or a payout of 2550. Bet 1000 HKD on Fints for a return of HKD 990, or a payout of HKD 1990.


Our Top Five FIFA Betting Tips!

No matter which bet you place, there is always a chance you may lose. However, with the right betting strategy, you should at least be able to win more money than you lose. We always recommend doing your own research, as there are few tipsters who specialize in FIFA esports. Besides tips specific for esports, you should also remember basic betting fundamentals.

Here are our top FIFA esport betting tips.

1.    Play FIFA!

This is our number one esoccer betting tip! If you want to understand the game mechanics, you will have to play the game yourself. The more experienced you are, the better you can understand how the real pros play.

2.    Watch FIFA action!

There are plenty of ways to watch FIFA tournaments, including live esports streaming services, Twitch, YouTube, and even some television channels. The more you watch, the better you can understand the tactics and playing style of each player. Some of the best places to watch include:

3.    Watch for updates, patches and new versions!

This is one of our most important esports FIFA betting tips. While many players complain that FIFA 20 was almost the same as FIFA 19, and that FIFA 21 is almost the same as FIFA 20, the fact remains that EA is constantly creating updates for its games. FIFA is no exception. Minor changes to the gameplay, player stats or game rules can have a major effect on game outcomes.

4.    Remember the FIFA META!

META stands for most effective tactics available. With all of the updates come strategy guides on how to make the most of the options given. Sites like Dexterto give monthly updates on FIFA META, as well as plenty of other games such as Call Of Duty, Valorant, Apex, Fortnite, Pokemon and CS:GO

5.    Use the FIFA betting Reddit!

Reddit has tonnes of pages where users can ask each other questions on virtually any topic. Create your own thread or browse the opinions of countless other esports bettors.

Extra Tip: Remember betting fundamentals!

Any serious bettor would be wise to stick to betting fundamentals. These tips are not specific to FIFA esport betting. They are universal, for any type of competitive wager on sports, esports or other events.


Do not bet more than you can afford to lose!

This is the most obvious rule in the book, though some still seem to forget it. Betting is not a guaranteed way to make an income, and make sure you only bet with money you do not need for food, rent, or other expenses.


Look for value!

Value is the most important concept in betting. A value bet means a bet where the likelihood of something happening are is greater than what the bookies odds imply. Of course, it is up to you to be the judge of whether bookie’s odds are accurate.


Manage your bankroll!

A bankroll is a sum of money you set aside for the express purpose of betting. Most smart bettors keep this money separate from their other money in order to use it exclusively for betting.

The best way to manage your bankroll is to divide it into 100 units and bet no more than five units per bet, depending on how much value you see.

This stops you from losing everything at once and allows you to make multiple bets and evaluate your betting strategy. This is a good way to keep yourself from going full tilt.


History of EA FIFA

The first FIFA game dates back to 1993, in the early stages of gaming and internet. Originally, it was a 2D football simulator released for PC, as well as consoles such as SNES, Mega Drive and Game Boy. This popular franchise has been updated every year since. With each new version, the game gets new game modes, better stats, improved graphics and gameplay, as well as updated players and teams.


FIFA Online

One of the most significant updates was the addition of online gaming for PC players in 2001. This feature was later added for console players as well. The game can be played both offline as well as online, making it a popular sport for gaming streamers. This has led to the creation of professional esports leagues such as E Premier League, making the sport popular for spectators as well as punters. 2004 saw the first true FIFA esport competition:  the FIWC (FIFA Interactive World Cup), and the game has continued developing more professional players since.


FIFA Ultimate Team

FIFA Ultimate Team was introduced in 2009 and is still the most popular game mode, with currently over 20 million users. The mode allow players to create their own squad using players acquired through rewards or card packs.


FUT Champions

In 2017, EA Sports added FUT Champions to the game. This game mode allows players use their acquired Ultimate Team against other online players. As players rise through the ranks, they can ultimately win real money prizes by playing in competitions. Most professional FIFA players started as successful FUT Champions, and it continues to be the best place for players to hone their skills.


FIFA gaming leagues

If you are looking for a FIFA online league in which to bet, you will find plenty of options. FIFA organizes its own e World Cup, e Nations Cups, Club Worlds Cups, while there are also plenty of other championships organized by third parties.


FIFA e Club World Cup

The FIFA e Club World Cup is divided in 6 zones, each with 3 conferences. Players can create their own teams to send through Pre-Qualification, Online Qualifiers, Playoffs and the Final.


FIFA e Nations Cup

The FIFA e Nations Cup allows players to represent their home country in an international tournament. Each country can select its best players who will qualify in a head-to-head tournament. After that, each national squad will square off  for the FIFA e Nations Cup championship.

At the time of this writing, no dates have been released for the 2021 FIFA e Nations Cup.


FIFA e World Cup

The FIFA e World Cup is open to all registered individuals, who are Elite 1 rank in FUT Champions. They can then square off in regional cups, after which 32 players will advance to the finals. While all players who reached Elite 1 rank in FUT Champions before December 31st 2020, the exact dates for the regional cups and finals are still unknown at the time of this writing.


ePremier League

The ePremier League is a yearly tournament organized by EA Sports and the English Premier League. The tournament is open to UK players aged 16 and older. Reigning Champion is Watford's “Hashtag Tom” Leese, who bested AFC Bournemouth's Marc “MarcMarleyyy” Marley 2-1 at last year’s final.

ePremier League 2021 Key Dates:

  • 3 December 2020 -15 January 2021: Registration
  • 4-31 January 2021: Online qualification
  • 15 February-3 March 2021: Club playoffs
  • March – April 2021: ePremier League Finals

GGBET Elite League FIFA 2020

You can watch this league on GGBETs own Twitch Channel, as GGBET is the sponsor of this league. There are daily matches between some of the best players in the world. You can bet on all these matches at GG.BET.


eSoccer (FIFA) best players

When speaking of the best players, there are the best players inside each game (based on real footballers), as well as the best esports players.

Best in-game players

According to the EA Sports ratings, the FIFA 20 Top 10 Players are:

  1. Lionel Messi – FC Barcelona (94 points overall)
  2. Cristiano Ronaldo – Piemonte Calcio (93 points overall)
  3. Neymar Jr. – Paris Saint-Germain (92 points overall)
  4. Eden Hazard – Real Madrid (91 points overall)
  5. Kevin De Bruyne – Manchester City (91 overall)
  6. Jan Oblak – Atlético de Madrid (91 points overall)
  7. Virgil Van Dijk – Liverpool (90 points overall)
  8. Mohamed Salah – Liverpool (90 points overall)
  9. Luka Modrić – Real Madrid (90 points overall)
  10. Marc-André ter Stegen – FC Barcelona (90 points overall)

Best players in the Global series

The Global series ranking is divided between East Asia, Europe, North America, Oceania, South Africa, South America and West Asia.

In terms of best esports players on the Global series ranking, the best players for Europe on PlayStation are:

# Country Name Points
1 Sweden OliBoli7 1590
2 Denmark afgjort_kaktus 1290
3 France DPeixoto7 1090
4 Spain Adrimaan01 990
5 Italy Prinsipe44 890
7 Denmark Mads_Skibsted_ 790
7 France FoumaFIFA 790
9 Spain FALCON-JRA 690 690
9 Italy KARIMISBAK 690
9 Italy Obrun2002 690


For Xbox, the ratings are as follows:

# Country Name Points
1 Germany bmg lefti 1088
2 Germany KKoray34 990
3 Germany NRaseck 7 890
5 ? Godzillinho 690
6 Switserland x NisiFIFA x 688
7 Germany Sakul970611 630
8 Israel Yuvalbeli 628
9 Germany DullenMIKE 570
9 France Slow x Flow 570



What is esoccer?

eSoccer is any professional competition in football games, though the most played game is FIFA.


What is FIFA betting?

FIFA betting lets you bet on game outcomes and results, such as match outcomes (win – lose – draw) game scores, outright or handicap markets.


How do you bet on FIFA games?

If you want to bet on FIFA games, choose one of the sites on this page, create an account and bet on FIFA. You can choose between in-play bets, pre-match bets and several markets.


Can you gamble on FIFA?

Yes, there are several FIFA esports bookies. We listed the best options above.


What can I do to win esoccer betting?

If you want to win soccer bets, best is to do proper research and remember betting fundamentals: look for value and manage your bankroll.


Can you bet on simulates FIFA games?

Yes, FIFA is one of the games which is a part of simulated sports betting scene.


Is FIFA gambling legal?

Whether FIFA gambling is legal depends where you are. Many countries, states or territories have legalized sports betting, and the same rules also apply to esports. However, even though sports / esports betting is legal, it is impossible to bet on events where minors participate in some jurisdictions.

Not a football fan? Try betting on action packed esports games. Check out our guide on King of Glory betting, Dota2 betting, Overwatch betting, Rainbow Six betting or Starcraft betting.


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