Skin Betting CSGO Guide: The Best CSGO Skin Betting Websites

Unlike conventional online gambling where you place wagers using currency, in CSGO skin betting players place wagers using in-game cosmetic skins. CSGO is one of the most popular esports titles and thousands of players compete in clans and teams worldwide and this has boosted the popularity of CSGO skin betting on matches. These platforms have a dedicated trade section where you can place your items on sale and their banking system accepts in-game items as a deposit method.

Top CSGO Skin Betting Sites 2021

CSGOLounge– This platform has plenty to offer avid bettors and skin traders. Dedicated to providing CS: GO options, you will find multiple events to participate in. As a new player, the 100 free coins will give you a footing in the CSGO skin match betting sphere. Visit:

CSGOEmpire– Among the first CSGO gambling sites CSGOEmpire was founded in early 2016 and it has over 5 million users. The player-to-player CSGO skin trading system is fast and secure and the website has a provably fair system with a low house edge. Visit:

CSGOFast– Besides CSGO skin betting, this site also offers 13 CSGO gambling games (including Fortune Wheel and Case Opening). CSGOFAST also organizes online tournaments for amateur esports teams. Visit:

FarmSkins– This is a well-known CSGO case opening site and you can withdraw the CSGO skins that you unbox from the platform without the need to wait for a trading cooldown. However, Farmskins has a higher house edge compared to other CSGO betting sites. Visit:


How CSGO Skin Betting Works?

On all the sites, CSGO skin betting on matches looks pretty much the same. The process itself is similar to the classic sports money betting; only here, the currency is all kinds of CS: GO cosmetics-weapon skins, stickers, gloves, knives. You simply send skins from your Steam inventory to a dedicated inventory on the site of your choice and bet with them. Your reward for betting the correct score depends on the odds and the skins you have placed to bet with.

Before doing any CSGO skin betting or any other form of gambling, you must prepare your Steam profile. This is achieved by setting up a mobile token and have Steam Guard for at least 30 days. Without this, you won't be able to do any trading with items from your Steam inventory. More so, your Steam profile and inventory must be set to “public.” Sometimes skin betting websites also require a specific Steam profile level or a certain number of friends to prove your authenticity.


Is CSGO Skin Betting Legal?

Whether skin betting is legal or not depends on the gambling law regulations in your country. In many countries, gambling of any kind isn’t allowed until 18; unfortunately, a substantial portion of the CS: GO community is under this age. Even if the law in your country allows esports betting, some sites that offer CSGO skin betting may not be accessible. Of course, you can access such sites using a VPN, but you still expose yourself to legal consequences. It's also worth mentioning that if any website violates the Steam platform's Terms of Service, Valve can intervene and force the site to shut down (even through legal actions).


Is Skin Betting Safe?

Despite the popularity of CSGO skin betting, you can't quite call it safe, and losing your skins is easy. You may ask yourself why? After all, with good knowledge of the esports scene, you can influence the outcome of your gambling, and it is much safer than other gambling games like CSGO Coinflip, Fortune Wheel, or Jackpot. Well, let us explain.

You have no control over the actions of the site that hosts skin betting CSGO. As we mentioned earlier, if the website you have staked your skins on violates Valve/Steam Terms of Service, it may be forced to shut down as a result.

Gambling laws in your country could change. If the government in your country decides to ban any sports betting using virtual items such as CS: GO skins- you may never have access to the site again; therefore, your skins as well. The regulations don't even have to apply to skin betting itself; they can relate to other gambling games available on the site.

Match-fixing happens, and that's where your esports scene won’t do much. The most popular match-fixing scandal is the famous match between the team iBUYPOWER and NetcodeGuides. Unfortunately, even after revealing that the game was rigged, thousands of people did not get their skins back.

You give access to your Steam profile information. This means that you are not anonymous when betting, and virtually anyone can see your decisions. Besides, in case of any data leakage, you expose yourself to scammer attacks.

That said, we do not recommend betting on matches using CS: GO cosmetics other than some form of cheap CSGO skin betting – that is, using relatively inexpensive skins of low rarity and wear level. In general, all these CSGO gambling sites are a pretty good option to eliminate cheap, unnecessary skins from our Steam inventory.



What are the Alternatives to CSGO Skin Betting?

Since most skin betting sites operate in the grey areas and are not the safest platforms to invest your money, we recommend betting on CSGO matches on reputable betting sites. These bookies are licensed and both your personal and financial details are safeguarded from any unauthorized persons.

Regular betting sites also offer a wide range of CSGO markets that you can wager on. These CSGO markets include CS: GO team betting, CS: GO match betting, and CS: GO map betting.

Fortunately, there are several other sites where you'll be able to cash in on your knowledge of the CS: GO esports scene. The best alternative to unreliable CSGO skin betting is to bet with trustworthy bookmakers. We have prepared a list of the best match betting sites where you can bet on CS: GO matches for real money. You can rest assured that each of these sites is legit. Plus, each of them offers exciting entry bonuses, so you can test them out and get your CS: GO betting experience off to a great start. Learn more in our esports betting academy.


If you're into competitive gaming, then there's a good chance you've heard of Betway; they sponsor top esport teams such as Ninjas in Pyjamas, PSG esports, and Berlin International Gaming. With Betway, you can be sure of reliable odds that change in real-time and that you will be able to bet on CS: GO events including Dreamhack, PGL, ELEAGUE, ECS, and FACEIT among others. Besides, you have a chance to get an entry bonus of $30 free bet and an exclusive $10 weekly free bet club for esports.  Read more on Betway esports review here.

Bet on CSGO at Betway



A secure esports bookmaker covering all major events for games like CS: GO, League of Legends, and Dota 2. This is also an excellent site for Overwatch betting, Starcraft 2 betting, and Rocket League betting. They have been in the market for 20 years, so their brand is very well-proven. One of the most significant advantages of Pinnacle is the low margin- as low as 1%! This is one of the most profitable sites to do esports match betting. Read more on Pinnacle esports review here.

Bet on CSGO at Pinnacle



Another strong competitor in the esports betting market. GGBet is mostly known for safe Dota 2 betting, but you can also bet on Fortnite, League of Legends, PUBG, and Rainbow 6 among others.  You might have seen their logo on jerseys of professional CS: GO players representing teams like Heroic.GG or Natus Vincere, which perfectly confirms their authenticity. You can also get a bonus on your first deposit worth up to €200. Check more details about this esports bookmaker here GGBet esports review.

Bet on CSGO at GG.Bet


CSGO Skin Betting FAQs

How CSGO skin betting websites make profit?

The way CSGO skin betting sites make a profit is by charging fees for every bet you make. Depending on the site's fee policy, you will usually get about 95%-90% of the actual value of your skins, and that 5%-10% will go to the site that hosts the match betting. Since CSGO skin betting is still prevalent, such sites can earn thousands of dollars in skins for an average CS: GO match.


How to make your own CSGO skin betting website?

You can find many Open-Source projects on the internet that will help you create your first CSGO skin betting website. Here are some examples of Open-Source projects we found on GitHub: Link1, Link2, Link3. Take inspiration from them when creating your CSGO gambling website with skin betting options.


What is the most expensive CSGO skin?

In CSGO, there are two legendary skins — M4A4 | Howl (Factory-New) and Souvenir AWP | Dragon Lore (Factory New). These are by far the rarest skins, and their prices fluctuate all the time, but rest assured, you'll get no less than $25k for them. In general, souvenir skins from maps no longer available in the “Active Duty Pool” (such as Cache or Cobblestone) keep getting more expensive. One equally expensive skin is Souvenir SSG 08 | Detour from the LDLC vs. Fnatic match at Dreamhack Winter 2014, one of the most famous matches in the entire CS: GO history.


Can professional players place bets on CSGO skin betting websites?

After numerous CSGO skin betting scandals, many esport organizations have blocked their representatives from participating in any CSGO-related betting. Some teams still allow it, but of course, without the ability to bet on or against themselves. However, semi-professional players without any contract prohibiting them from betting can safely participate in this type of gambling.


Is it worth doing CSGO skin betting using stickers?

If you have any stickers from old major tournaments, keep them! Their value will probably increase, and in some cases, their price may rise even tenfold, even if it is high now. Don't stick them on your weapon skins either; just wait patiently and preferably sell them on the Steam Community Market.


What are the best skins to use for CSGO skin betting?

The answer is simple -cheap ones. There is no point in betting on more valuable or unique skins, and there is too much risk of not getting them back. It's best to only bet with skins that you don't use anyway and that only take up space in your Steam inventory. More so, avoid betting on skins with stickers; the value-checking bots on CSGO skin betting sites don't even take them into account, and it's just not worth it.

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