Cloud9 is a Californian Esports team that is mainly active playing League of Legends, and this team is popular with fans ant bettors alike. In this article, you will bet some Cloud9 betting tips, while touching in on some of the other teams from the Cloud9 roster. Continue reading to know more on Cloud9 Betting!

About the Cloud9 Team

Cloud9 is a California based League of Legends team founded in 2013 By Jack and Paullie Etienne. Since then they have gone on to win 3 major international events in Overwatch, Rocket league and CS:GO respectively. Cloud9 was named Second most profitable Esports Organisation in 2020, having around $78 million in raised equity.

Cloud9 does however have non-franchised teams in Fortnite, Halo, Hearthstone, Rainbow 6, TFT, Super Smash Bros, VALORANT and even WoW (World of Warcraft) but their main franchised teams play the competitive scene of League of Legends and Overwatch (London Spitfire).

Top 5 most impactful Cloud9 Players

Nickname Name Game Role Biggest Achievement
Hai Hai Du Lam League of Legends Mid 5th-8th place at the 2014 World Championship
Stewie2k Jacky Yip CS:GO Rifler Intel Grand Slam Season 2
Skadoodle Tyler Latham CS:GO Awper ELEAGUE Major: Boston 2018
EternaLEnVy Jacky Mao Dota 2 Carry The Shanghai Major 2016
Sneaky Zachary Scuderi League of Legends ADC 3rd-4th place at the 2018 World Championship

Cloud9 Lol Team

The Cloud9 LoL team is the most notable of all and is the team you will see the most of out of Cloud9’s roster on popular Esports streams. This is probably the team you are looking to bet on. They have a long history of solid performances, having won one major and a 13-win streak, being the first NA team to do so.

In the current season of 2021, their win/loss ratio is 28-17. Watching their games, you will see really close teamwork. Cloud9 do not have the stats of some of the best teams but they are definitely contenders for winning this year at LCS, especially with their new top lane. The legendary Fudge has one of the highest win rates out there and is considered one of the best top laners in the world. Not precisely for flashy plays but for being so good at coordinating his team and asking for help at the right time, a real MVP in communication.

The current line-up they are running is:

  • Fudge in the Top lane
  • Blaber in the Jungle role
  • Perkz in the Mid lane
  • Zven as the Attack damage carry
  • Vulcan as Support
Cloud9 Esports Team

Top 5 best achievements for Cloud9 LoL (in recent years)

Cloud9 has been around since the early days of Riot Games back in 2013, and have won some very impressive victories over the course of the past decade. They are a mainstay in LCS, winning four times since 2013 and placing second multiple times. They can confidently call themselves the best North American LoL team and have had great success in the World Championship as well.

Date Event Place Score Team Against Prize Money
28/10/2018 2018 World Championship 3 – 4th 0 : 3 Fnatic $451,500
29/10/2016 2016 World Championship 5 – 8th 0 : 3 Samsung Galaxy $202,800
22/10/2017 2017 World Championship 5 – 8th 2 : 3 Team WE $183,864
19/04/2020 LCS Spring 2021 1st 3 : 2 Team Liquid $100,000
11/04/2021 LCS Spring 2020 1st 3 : 0 Flyquest $100,000

Where to find the best Cloud9 betting odds


1xbet is a Russian Betting site that gives you some of the best odds in Esports betting today. They offer one of the biggest welcome bonuses at $130 as well which gives this site our recommendation. The bonus does come with terms, so those will be important to read to get the most bang for your buck. All in all, 1xBet gives great Cloud9 betting value.

1xbet creates a diversity of useful betting odds. sometimes, they will even offer better odds for large esports events than any competitor. They are one of the best odds in the whole gambling industry because they will also accept larger stakes, which is something most other companies just can’t do.


Bet365 has been around since 2001 for sports betting and has recently become an Esports betting site. Nevertheless, they definitely have a wide range of Cloud9 Betting options. You will be able to place a multitude of different types of bets on games like CS:GO or LoL. Being a large company, they are able to offer good odds in general. Signing up at bet365 will also give you a great 100% welcome bonus.

On bet365 you are looking for pre-match betting or live betting. Our research has shown the odds they put out will be oftentimes amazing compared to other bookmakers. Since these are the most popular types of bets bet365 is surely worth a shot.


Pinnacle has been around for around two decades, they have all the payment options you can dream of as well as a neat lay-out and a separate dedicated section to esports betting. There is a variety of different bets you can make which you wouldn’t be able to make on any other Esports related website. it’s all very conveniently depicted and the website works ergonomically, very user friendly. They also have betting for local matches happening in your area, where the odds will be roughly 50-50.

Pinnacle promises you the pinnacle of Pre-match odds, especially so for Esports. They are a little lacking in the live betting odds department but if you’re looking for a good pre-match bet, Pinnacle will probably have the deal for you covering most of the major Esports. For outright betting odds as well, you will have a hard time finding a better bookie.


Betway offers betting in almost any niche in the world. They will offer smaller bets and low risk promotions and it would be a nice way for bettors who are just getting started to place bets on their favourite teams. They will give you extra information about the teams and matchups so you can make strong educated bets. The traders who work at Betway are constantly checking their odds against competitor sites to give you the best odds for pre-game bets, around bets, and in play bets.

Esports betting at Betway cannot be rivalled by any other bookmaker. they took it very seriously when they decided to get involved in Esports tournaments, that’s why they have really high odds, Especially For CS:GO or LoL. Betway is rated very highly in all betting categories in general with live betting being similar to other companies. When betting at Betway you have to consider that favourites will not always be rated highly but if you are one to support an underdog Betway is the one for you, especially when it comes to outright betting.

Cloud9 betting tips

1. Use Cloud9 betting stats

You can always bet based on your feelings; however, a data-driven approach is likely to be more profitable in the long run. For Cloud9’s match history, you will like to check the Cloud9 official site, as well as and HLTV. You will find more Betting tips for the LCS Championship here.

2. Follow the players on Twitch and social media

Whenever you want to bet on a particular esports team, it is important to make sure to keep up to date on the different players, as much as possible. Try to follow the Cloud9 official twitter, as well as the players from each team.

Besides that, you should of course watch the matches, especially if you want to place live bets. They also have a great Twitch channel, where you can follow their podcasts on LoL, Valorant and more.

3. Keep a betting bankroll and manage it well

Keeping a betting bankroll means that you set a certain amount of money you wish to risk and invest. Having this bankroll will help you make more logical and consistent bets and analysing it will help you to learn from mistakes. Managing your money is a must if you intend to become a professional bettor. It basically means that you don’t spend all your money on a single event so you will have some spare credit to make up for your losses. Managing this well will tell the difference between a pro and an amateur and it is the only way you will beat the bookie.

Esports Betting Pro: Our Verdict on Cloud9 Betting

In summary, there are tons of teams to bet on, as well as plenty of different bookmakers to choose from. It will be up to you to learn about these teams’ playstyles and making educated bets based on research. Cloud9 is one of the best teams out there but with a 26-15 win / loss it can always still be anybody’s game. Generally though, you can expect them to win against most of the less well known teams since they are being coached by the best professionals in the industry and practicing every day on such a high level. As for the bookmakers, we have listed the best ones for you in this article and we hope you give them a try. Manage your bankroll well and betting on cloud9 matches might just rake you in some money.

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Cloud9 Betting FAQs

There are plenty of websites you can use to bet on Cloud9, but our favourites are currently Betway, Vulkanbet, Pinnacle, bet365 and 1xBet

The main teams are for Lol, and Valorant but you also have teams in Apex legends, Halo, Super Smash Bros, Wild Rift, Overwatch, Hearthstone, TFT, WoW and even online chess. The CS:GO team has recently been suspended, and it is unclear when it will re-emerge.

Unless you are the absolute best of the best, it would be hard to join the organisation; however, there are academies on their website.

When using any of the websites we have provided, like bet365 or pinnacle, it is completely legal, as long as betting is legal in your territory. We recommend checking your country’s betting regulations before heading into esports betting.

It is important to know your stuff when it comes to esports, but if you can make a good bet, it will most definitely be profitable.

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