Bitcoin is slowly taking over the world of investment and becoming one of the most commonly accepted payment methods in the world. Thanks to its reliability through the blockchain network, as well as the speed of transfers and its ease of use, you can now bet on esports with Bitcoin and various other cryptos. Read on to find out the best esports betting sites Bitcoin can be used at! 

Best Bitcoin Betting Sites for Esports



LOOT.BET has a ton of esports betting options to choose from, featuring many niche leagues than many other esports sites do not cover. In total, the site has offered bets and/or wagers on twenty-six titles!

The site began accepting Bitcoin in 2019, which is the only cryptocurrency accepted by the site at the time of writing. While LOOT.BET does not have the most options to choose from when it comes to cryptocurrencies, their plethora of esports betting offerings make up for it!

LOOT.BET also features their own games, which can be played on the same site as their other offerings. These games range from casual to shooters, and users can bet either against the computer or other players.

Besides top esports like LoL or Dota 2, you can also bet on Call of Duty, bet on StarCraft, or bet on Overwatch.

Stake accepts eight different cryptocurrencies as a payment method for esports betting. Customers can bet on virtually any esport, from CS:GO betting to FIFA betting.

This bookmaker also hosts their own table tennis league, the TT League, which users can watch and bet from itself. They have also made a few strategic partnerships, especially in the combat sports industry, including both UFC and Israel Adesanya, a successful UFC fighter.



1xBet was one of the first mainstream platforms to offer esports betting and popularise it. This Russian-based bookmaker welcomes users from over 50 countries and accepts many payment methods. Some of the titles you can bet on are CS:GO, League of Legends, Dota 2, and Call of Duty. Also included are more niche markets for Rainbow Six Siege betting or Rocket League betting, among others.

The site is available in various countries, and accepts 20 cryptocurrencies and alt coins.



1xBit accepts over 20 cryptocurrencies to bet with – more than any other esports betting site!

The site offers a solid lineup of esports betting offers, such as League of Legends, CS:GO, and many of the other most popular titles. You'll be able to find Rocket League betting available along with Hearthstone betting, and you can even bet on Rainbow Six Siege if you wish.

Although there are no unique offerings in the vein of ZenSports’ peer-to-peer features, the site is solid and trustworthy.

They do however feature an entire casino in addition to their sportsbook and a unique esports welcome bonus – you can get up to 7 Bitcoin extra on your first deposit!


Esports Betting With Other Cryptocurrencies

While Bitcoin is the most popular and widely accepted cryptocurrency, there are actually plenty of other cryptos that you can use. Ethereum esports betting is nearly as widespread as Bitcoin, for example, and you can often bet with smaller coins or even alt coins, such as Dogecoin, Stellar, Bitcoin Cash, and more. Some sites, like 1xBet and 1xBit, will accept up to twenty different coins.


Pros and Cons of Esports Crypto Betting

Whether esports crypto betting is the right choice for you really depends on which territory you live in. In some countries, you can simply bet with your chosen payment method and expect to receive your winnings without paying any fees or taxes. In other regions, options are sometimes more limited, making sites that accept cryptocurrencies the best option. If you want to bet on esports using Bitcoin (or other cryptos) but aren't sure of its advantages and disadvantages, read on below to find out more.


+ Lower Fees

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies offer many benefits regarding transaction-related costs and processing times. Most blockchains can send cryptocurrencies all over the world for less than a penny or cent – instantly.

This is useful for many reasons when betting, as it speeds up the time it takes for funds to arrive in your account as well as transfers and withdrawals – not to mention during the weekend!


+ Less Hassle

Another aspect where Bitcoin has an advantage over traditional payment methods is when it comes to fraud and charge-backs, both of which are incredibly annoying to deal with as a customer. With a decentralised system built around it, a transaction made in Bitcoin cannot be reversed – remember, there is no central bank in charge of the crypto money supply.


+ Faster Transactions

Esports betting with Bitcoin allows you to get your money faster, without having to wait for slow international bank transfers – the latter can sometimes take up to five banking days to be processed.


+ Bet Anonymously

One of the main advantages of crypto esports betting is that your transactions are anonymous. Nobody can find out the amount of your winnings, and you will likely not need to pay any taxes on what you've recieved either.


+ Safe and Reliable

Thanks to the blockchain, esports betting has become a lot safer, especially in countries where there is little regulation. Thanks to smart contracts with cryptos, you can be sure to receive your money when you win a bet.



– Wallet Fees

Bear in mind that while Bitcoin gambling sites do not charge fees, most wallets do charge transfer fees. These can cost a small percentage of your overall profit.


Alternative Esports Betting Payment Methods

The payment method you end up choosing will depend on various factors and personal preferences. Instead of esports betting with Bitcoin, you could opt for other cryptocurries, or perhaps the speed of e-wallets appeals to you more. Alternatively, there are even good old-fashioned bank transfers to rely on. Of course, each method has its pros and cons, which we have explored below.



PayPal is the most widely accepted e-wallet, at least when it comes to e-commerce. However, there are very few esports betting sites that accept PayPal. A few that do include bet365, Betway and Betfair. PayPal does offer the advantage of lightning-fast transfers, though there may be fees for withdrawals involved.


Skrill and NETELLER

Skrill esports betting and NETELLER betting are much more widespread than PayPal betting is, with both of the former guaranteeing extremely rapid transfers as well. While you do not need to pay for withdrawals, you may be charged when adding funds to your Skrill or NETELLER accounts. The list of Skrill and NETELLER betting sites is long, though we recommend bet365, Pinnacle, Betway, and EnergyBet as the best sites that accept these payment methods for esports betting.



Klarna is a payment app that was primarily designed for e-commerce. It allows you to make online payments and pay later, using various payment methods. Recently, there have been more and more betting sites that accept Klarna, including EnergyBet, bet-at-home and Betway. Klarna is available for esports betting in the UK, France, Germany and nine other European countries.


Betting Sites With Their Own Cryptocurrencies

If this article were written in 2019, we would have harped on Unikrn’s native cryptocurrency, Unikrn Gold, which was used for many of the same benefits as ZenSports’ SPORTS token.

Unfortunately, Unikrn failed to treat its coin as a utility token (rather than a security token), and were forced to take the token off of the market. This was a big deal, as Unikrn had been a leader in the Bitcoin esports betting industry before they lost their coin.

While GWX no longer exists, Unikrn still supports betting in Bitcoin, and remains one of the premier esports betting sites that accepts both fiat currency and various cryptocurrencies.


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Bitcoin Esports Betting FAQs

Two of the best Bitcoin esports betting sites include Stake.come and 1xBet. Each also offers a handsome welcome bonus on your first deposit.

Depending where you live, betting with cryptocurrencies can be legal, illegal or unregulated. In most cases, crypto betting for esports or any other sport falls under a legal grey area, meaning it is neither regulated nor banned.

Yes, as long as you play at a trusted, licensed site, you can be sure your bets are safe and will be paid out 100%.

Yes! Sites like 1xBit or 1xBet let you bet with Ethereum, Dogecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple and dozens of other cryptocurrencies.

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