Six Charlotte Major – A Beginner’s Guide to Rainbow Six Major Betting

Rainbow Six Siege features a healthy esports scene with numerous esports tournaments being held each year. Some of the largest esports organizations take part in said tournaments so it’s the perfect opportunity to watch how the pros play. Punters of all kinds are looking forward to kickstarting their Rainbow Six Major betting experience – starting with the Six Charlotte Major!

Best Esports Sites for Six Major Betting

  1. 1xBet
  2. Betway
  3. Pinnacle
  5. GG.BET
  6. Vulkanbet
  7. Nitrogen
  8. Thunderpick
  9. Bethard
  10. Betfair

How to Bet on the Six Charlotte Major?

If you’re looking to expand your esports-watching hobby or just want to place a couple of bets on the Six Charlotte Major, then this is the place to start. The overall betting process doesn’t differ much from betting on other esports games but there are a few distinctions that you’ll need to consider (which we’ll talk about later in the article).

For now, these are the steps you need to take before you can start your Rainbow Six Major betting career:

  1. Find the ideal bookieOnline betting operators are numerous and more and more of them are beginning to offer esports betting to interested punters. Before you start placing bets left and right, it’s important to choose a bookie that suits your needs. This means searching for a bookie that is reputable, offers great odds on esports events, and supports your preferred payment method. This step may take some time for you to complete.
  2. Create a betting account on their website – A betting account is necessary for betting and receiving/activating potential esports betting bonuses. Make sure to use your real-life information where it’s required and check your email soon after you’ve made the account in order to verify it.
  3. Set up your favourite payment method – Most esports bettors prefer using either Crypto (like Bitcoin) or popular traditional payment methods (PayPal, Skrill, or even credit cards) for betting. There is no wrong choice here; any payment method that you’re comfortable with should be supported by your chosen bookie.
  4. Dive into the world of Rainbow Six Siege esports – Rainbow Six Siege is an esports game that seems to be slowly but consistently increasing in popularity. The tournaments hosted are massive and feature pretty large prize pools. Because of this, there are dozens of esports teams that want to be the best. Because of this, efficient Rainbow Six Major betting requires extensive research about the teams, players, and ultimately the R6S esports scene. Take some time to acquaint yourself with this information and use it to place smart bets.
  5. You are now ready to start betting – Once you’ve done the necessary research, gathered all the relevant information, and created your betting account, you’ll be able to place a few bets. A word of advice – don’t go overboard at the start; place a few bets and see how they play out. The most successful punters avoid placing numerous bets at once and generally prefer to take it slow.

Rainbow Six Major Betting Guide

Popular Rainbow Six Major Betting Markets

Esports betting markets are plentiful no matter which esports betting operator you go for. On top of that, most Rainbow Six Major betting markets are the same or extremely similar to the usual types of bets you’d find for any other esports game.

With that said, here are some of the most popular ones when it comes to Rainbow Six Major betting:

  • Outrights – Outrights have existed since betting was invented so naturally, they’re one of the first bets that a punter places for a specific tournament. Simply put, this is where you’re betting on a team to win the entire tournament before it has even started. They usually have excellent odds but are difficult to get right.
  • Match Winner – Match-winner bets are the simplest form of esports bet since you’re picking between two teams that are playing each other in a match. Theoretically, the chances of winning are 50% no matter what you pick but realistically, this percentage is skewed by the teams’ past performances and general tournament expectations. The odds are good, especially if you’re betting on the underdog, and they’re fairly safe to bet on.
  • Most Kills – This bet usually comes with great odds for most participating players but it’s inherently difficult to predict. The reason for this is uncertainty surrounding each player since even the best ones can falter at times.
  • Least Deaths – Similarly to the Most Kills betting market, this one also revolves around the players’ in-game ability and performance. The odds are similar to what they are with the Most Kills bet and it’s a great choice when a strong team is playing against a weaker one.
  • Special Bets – Special bets are generally unique to the game itself but there are situations where a bookie creates a very specific bet not seen elsewhere. The odds for these are flexible and usually unique in a sense that another bookie’s special bet may have completely different odds.

Six Charlotte Major Betting Odds

The odds for the Six Charlotte Major currently aren’t available on any bookie website due to the tournament still being some time away from starting. Keep an eye out a few days before the tournament starts to get acquainted with the expected odds as that is when the bookies should update their website with them.

What is the Six Charlotte Major Esports Tournament?

Apart from the Six Invitational yearly tournament, the Rainbow Six Major series of tournaments is the largest and most prestigious gathering of esports teams from various esports countries that are looking to make their mark in Rainbow Six Siege esports.

In recent years, there were supposed to be three yearly Six Major tournaments but all of them were cancelled for 2020 and the first one for 2021 (Six May Major 2021) was also cancelled. However, the Six Charlotte Major marks the resurgence of offline play with a live audience to boot.

The Six Charlotte Major not only comes with a sizeable prize pool (yet to be determined but we can expect $500,000 or more) but also comes with valuable SI Global Standings points. Getting invited to the Six Invitational requires exceptional performances throughout the year which makes the Six Charlotte Major an extremely important tournament for most of the participating teams.

Somewhat surprisingly, we won’t be seeing the likes of both FaZe Clan and Team Empire in this year’s tournament. These two have been at the forefront of Rainbow Six Major events which means other, lesser-known and arguably weaker teams will have a better chance at glory.

It’s also the perfect opportunity for punters to place a couple of bets because Rainbow Six Siege esports tournaments are both chaotic and extremely fun to watch. The Six Charlotte Major may see a new Six Major team crowned as champions, but we will have to wait and see.

Rainbow Six Major Tournament History

Event Date Prize Pool Winning Team Runners Up
Six Sweden Major 2021 08.11.2021 – 14.11.2021 $500,000 FaZe Clan Ninjas in Pyjamas
Six Mexico Major 2021 16.08.2021 – 22.08.2021 $500,000 Team oNe eSports Team Empire
Six Major Raleigh 2019 12.08.2019 – 18.08.2019 $500,000 Team Empire G2 Esports
Six Major Paris 2018 13.08.2018 – 19.08.2018 $350,000 G2 Esports Evil Geniuses
*Six November 2020 Major – North America 13.11.2020 – 15.11.2020 $125,000 Team SoloMid Spacestation Gaming
*Six November 2020 Major – Europe 06.11.2020 – 08.11.2020 $125,000 Team Empire Team BDS
*Six August 2020 Major – Europe 21.08.2020 – 23.08.2020 $125,000 Team BDS G2 Esports
*Six August 2020 Major – North America 14.08.2020 – 16.08.2020 $125,000 DarkZero Esports Team SoloMid

*Online events

Six Charlotte Major Tournament Format

The Six Charlotte Major will last for 7 days and will see 16 teams battle it out for eternal esports glory and success, as well as for Six Major Points that will help them climb the global Major leaderboards.

The Rainbow Six Major schedule and tournament format is as follows:

Group Stage (16.05.2022 – 18.05.2022):

  • Four groups with 4 teams featuring a double round robin format
  • Every team in the group comes with a different regional seed
  • One group cannot have more than 2 teams from the same region
  • Every match is a Bo1
  • The Top 2 teams from each group proceed into the Playoffs

Playoffs (20.05.2022 – 22.05.2022):

  • Single-elimination format for the bracket
  • 1st vs 2nd placed teams from each group; seeding is randomized (teams from the same group can’t be drawn in the same side of the bracket)
  • Every match is a Bo3 (except Grand Finals)
  • Grand Finals are Bo5. There is no map advantage

Six Charlotte Major Prize Pool

Placement Amount SI (Six Invitational) Global Standings Points
1st TBA 375
2nd TBA 300
3rd-4th TBA 230
5th-8th TBA 165
9th-12th TBA 105
13th-16th TBA 50

Best Teams Competing in the Six Charlotte Major


Heroic is one of the newest Rainbow Six Siege esports teams, having been created in September 2021. As such, they don’t have as much experience as other teams but they’ve already put in some excellent performances.

Heroic’s roster is also the ‘freshest’ one in R6S; the team has signed all their current players in March 2022. This roster managed to come out on top of all other teams in the Stage 1 2022 European League winning all but one of their League games. Their only loss came against Natus Vincere a few days after the League began.

While they aren’t clear-cut favourites to win the event, their new roster seems to be working well together and they may be able to cause an upset, especially since FaZe Clan and Team Empire aren’t participating.

Current Roster: Sloth, GorgoNa, Grizzly, Benjamaster, UUNO

DarkZero Esports

DarkZero Esports is a fairly lesser-known esports organization that mainly focuses on Rainbow Six Siege as their esports game of choice. The team’s rise to prominence came during the Pro League Season 10 Finals in 2019 when they finished 2nd, losing to Natus Vincere in the finals.

Following that impressive performance, the team finished 5th in the Six Invitational 2020 tournament which cemented their presence in Rainbow Six esports. However, DarkZero Esports seem to struggle when participating in Rainbow Six Major events, usually finishing in midtable positions. Nonetheless, they’ve managed to win one of these events – the Six August 2020 Major North America tournament.

Although they also aren’t considered true favourites to win the Six Charlotte Major, they will prove to be a worthy opponent for most other teams.

Current Roster: Hyper, Ecl9pse, njr, Panbazou, Canadian

Team oNe eSports

Team oNe eSports are an interesting team. They usually experience periods of dominance, followed by periods of shambolic performances. Here’s a prime example of how their form works – they managed to win the Six Mexico Major 2021, beating Team Empire 3:2 in the Grand Finals.

Just three months later, they finished 6th in the Six Sweden Major 2021. And, three months after that they competed in the Six Invitational 2022. The team failed to exit the group stage and finished in a lowly – last position (20th).

However, this simply shows that they are actually capable of putting in the performances necessary to win S-Tier events; but it also shows their major weakness is consistency. With that said, they are a team to watch during the Six Charlotte Major and most fans are hopeful of the team at least reaching the Playoffs. Time will tell.

Current Roster: Dotz, d4sh, rhZ, Maia, Lagonis

Team BDS

Lastly, we have Team BDS. This team managed to win the Six August 2020 Major Europe after defeating G2 Esports in the Grand Finals, so they have some R6S pedigree. They’ve also managed to put in fairly consistent performances in A-Tier tournaments.

Unfortunately, when it comes to the largest events, Team BDS doesn’t always show up. In the Six Invitational 2022, they could only manage 19th and they finished 7th in the Six Sweden Major 2021.

Nonetheless, their roster has plenty of experience playing together and are more than capable of playing to the best of their ability. They may be an interesting team to watch in the Six Charlotte Major.

Current Roster: Renshiro, Shaiiko, RaFaLe, Elemzje, BriD

Where to Watch the Six Charlotte Major Tournament?

Fans and punters alike can watch the Six Charlotte Major live by turning on the official Rainbow Six esports Twitch channel live stream. You can also watch VODs and other interesting videos and analyses on the official Rainbow Six esports YouTube channel.

Rainbow Six Major Betting FAQs

What is the Six Charlotte Major?

The Six Charlotte Major is an S-Tier Rainbow Six Siege esports tournament that serves as a prelude to the Six Invitational. Some of the best R6S teams are competing at this event as they’ll be looking to win as many SI points as possible so they can qualify for the Six Invitational later in the year.

When is the next Rainbow Six Major tournament?

After the Six Charlotte Major tournament is finished, fans will have to wait until August 2022 for the next Rainbow Six Major esports event. The next one will be held from August 15th to August 21st, under the name ‘Six August Major 2022’.

Who are the favourites to win the Six Charlotte Major tournament?

As it stands, no team is the clear-cut favourite to win the event. Most of the teams are nicely balanced in terms of performance and in-game abilities so it’s tough to choose, but either one of Team oNe eSports, DarkZero Esports, and Heroic can win the Six Charlotte Major.

When is the Six Charlotte Major tournament?

The Six Charlotte Major tournament will be held from the 16th of May to the 22nd of May. The event will last for 7 days but only 6 days will be filled with matches. May 19th serves as a break between the Group Stage and the Playoffs.

What is the best betting market for Rainbow Six Major betting?

If you want the safest Rainbow Six Major betting experience, then match-winner bets are your best choice. They’re usually the easiest to get right but don’t have particularly excellent odds (they’re still good, but you may need to make a couple of match-winner bets to make a profit, in which case all of them need to be correct).

Otherwise, if you’re looking for the best odds, then outrights or special bets are your friends. Most Kills and Least Deaths are also interesting betting markets, but they can be difficult to get right.

Esports Betting Pro: Our Verdict

Whether you’re a beginner looking to start betting on Rainbow Six Siege esports or an expert in esports betting, the Six Charlotte Major is an exceptional tournament to bet on. On top of that, Rainbow Six Siege esports doesn’t seem to be slowing down which means we’ll most likely get even more events to choose from in the future. In any case, the competition in Rainbow Six Siege esports is healthy and strong; there are rarely any true favourites for most events making betting on them very inviting due to consistently great odds on most matchups.

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