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Vainglory LogoIt is not every day that we have a chance to do a betting overview for a smartphone game. I'm sure most of you know that, just like their PC counterparts, smartphone MOBA's are enjoying a lot of popularity. They bring the joy of highly competitive MOBA matches to a handheld audience.

Needless to say, these matches are usually quite shorter than the most popular MOBA eSports franchises such as LoL or DotA II, but their charm is in mobility. You see, since these games are only available on smartphones, the players aren't bound to their homes. This means they can enjoy a good Vainglory match wherever they are!

With this much mobility, it is not surprising that Vainglory is growing rapidly… and so is its professional scene which is filled with well-known teams. Obviously, with the eruption of professional Vainglory events, it is not surprising to see lots of betting websites taking on the game and showcasing it within their markets.



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Vainglory Betting Odds for the upcoming Tournaments & Leagues

With the prestigious Vainglory 8 league in full spark, we are going to take a look at the betting options available for the upcoming matches. As always, Bet365 has prepared decent odds that might interest those of you who are following the Vainglory professional scene. However, BetWay is continuing their hard work and were also quick to feature the latest smartphone-MOBA tournament!

Start Times shown in: GMT or GMT +1 during Summer Time
Betting Odds presented by bet365. The listed odds are intended as a guide only and are subject to change. Please check current Vainglory odds on the bet365 website before placing any bets. Read more about esports betting at Bet365

Vainglory Betting Sites

At the moment, there are only 3 legitimate eSports betting websites that feature Vainglory tournaments across their eSports markets. Besides Bet365 and BetWay which you can see above, Vainglory is also occasionally available at ArcaneBet, so you might want to check that bookie out as well.

Vainglory Gameplay

As far as the gameplay of Vainglory is concerned, we are pretty much talking about a standard touchscreen powered MOBA game. It has all of the classic MOBA elements that are the basis of most popular games of that types such as LoL or DotA 2. But, like we stated above, games usually last much shorter (20 to 25 minutes) and features several different gameplay modes: Standard, Blitz and Battle Royale. Each of them has unique characteristics but the goals remain similar – defeating all enemies and destroying their bases as fast as possible. As the time of writing this review, there are a total of 33 heroes to choose from, all of them having different abilities and serving different purposes. Last, but not least, Vainglory is played in a 3v3 scheme where each player controls a single hero. In-app purchases are present as well, but I suppose grinding for better heroes is always a good option!

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