Vainglory betting is staking on the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) esports game. It is available for mobile and tablet gamers only. Created by Super Evil megacorp in 2015, the game is just as cool as its developer’s name. And in this review, you’ll get a full picture of why Vainglory esports betting is so popular and fun.

Disclaimer: At the moment Vainglory game servers are currently shut down. But we will keep you updated, so please check back to this page for further updates.

Best Esports Betting Sites for Vainglory Betting

  1. Rivalry
  2. bet365
  3. Pinnacle
  4. Betway
  6. 1xBet
  7. EnergyBet
  8. BetHard
  9. LeoVegas
  10. 22Bet

Vainglory Gameplay: How to Play Vainglory

The objective of Vainglory the game is very simple – defeat your enemies and destroy the opposing teams Vain Crystal. It is similar to other popular MOBA esports games in this regard, but with some slight variations. The game takes place in the world of “Halcyon Fold” with two teams of three heroes vying for glory.

To play the game, you can play against CPU AI or real-life players around the world, or in your region. The objective is to penetrate the opponents base and destroy the Vain Crystal. However, this is easier said than done. Along the journey, heroes become stronger by defeating enemies on the way, which are not exclusive to the opponents’ team. There are Turrets, Krakens, and other obstacles for you to overcome. Nonetheless, there is assistance from minions that are spawned from your team's Vain Crystal to help you fight your enemies.

When you kill your enemies, you are rewarded with gold – which you can use to upgrade your armory, that buff your abilities, making it easier to complete your goals.

Each game takes around 20 minutes to complete, and can be very exciting and volatile. With nuances between your base and your opponent’s base, you can already imagine how many fun options we’ll explore in this Vainglory betting guide.

Vainglory Heroes

In the Halcyon Fold, there are three types of roles that a hero can occupy. They are:

The Captain: This is the hero strategising, protecting, calling the shots and leading the way to the enemy's base.

The Carry/Laner: This hero gets gold for the team by taking care of all enemies on the lane. However, this character is not the most durable – therefore, it will need protection.

The Jungler: The Jungler roams the jungle, which is just beneath the lane, taking care of all enemies there. The Jungler is between the Captain and Laner, in terms of strength and durability.

Now that we know what roles can be occupied by a hero, let’s look at the top heroes and what role best suits them. This way, when you partake in Vainglory betting, you can analyse which team is playing their cards – rather, Heroes – right.

Nr. Hero Preferred Role Special Abilities
1. Catherine Captain/Jungler Captain Of The Guard, Merciless Pursuit, Blast Tremor, Stormguard
2. Blackfeather Laner Heartthrob, On Point, Feint of Heart, Rose Offensive
3. Ringo Laner Hellfire Brew
4. Ardan Captain Vanguard, Julia’s Gift
5. Glaive Jungler Bloodsong, Hunt The Weak, Afterburn
6. Reim Jungler Valkyrie Raids
7. Gwen Laner/Sniper Moves swiftly picking off enemies from a distance
8. Samuel Mage Controls large areas with his abilities
9. Skaarf Laner/Mage Sets his enemies on fire
10. Krul Jungler Able to absorb massive amounts of damage and recover large portions of health

Vainglory Betting Strategy

Making a bet on Vainglory is just like any other MOBA esports game, in regard to optimising your betting experience. Therefore, our experts at Esports Betting Pro have made some valuable Vainglory betting tips:

  • Understand the game
    • Understanding the game is paramount to successful Vainglory betting. If you do not, we have provided the core basics in this guide, but if you need more help, there are plenty of resources online.
  • Use bonuses and promotion to boost your bankroll
    • When you utilise Vainglory betting bonuses, you increase your bankroll to maximise profits and minimise risks, as you do not play with your own money. Our experts have scoured the web to bring you the best bookies and bonuses in this guide!
  • Check form and statistics to be informed
    • Many Vainglory betting sites will provide statistics on the teams’ head to heads and recent form. Moreover, there are plenty of previous matches that can be watched on esports stream resources such as Twitch and YouTube. You can also check Vainglory Twitter to keep up to date on any relevant news.
  • Shop around for the best odds
    • Some odds fluctuate between operators so make sure you compare them before placing a bet. If for example one site offers 3/1 and the other 4/1, that is a large difference meaning less winnings.
  • Have a betting strategy before you start
    • Always prepare accordingly when making Vainglory bets. Have a plan and stick to it will make your bankroll last longer. For every bet, have a budget, and if you lose, walk away, and do not chase your losses.
  • Explore in-play betting
    • When Vainglory mobile betting, consider checking the in-play markets for more attractive odds. Although, make sure you understand the game and be quick, as games only last 20 minutes. With in-play some operators may offer cashback, which minimises your risks greatly.

Vainglory Betting Markets

If you are interested in Vainglory betting in 2022, there are many Vainglory betting markets to choose from. This is because the gameplay itself has several side objectives within the main goal to destroy the enemies’ Vain Crystal. This is reminiscent of other esports games with many betting markets, including King of Glory, Rocket League, FIFA and Fortnite.

As previously mentioned at the beginning of the guide, the Vainglory servers are currently down, so currently staking Vainglory bets is not available. Nevertheless, for when it's back up and running, we have summarised the most popular markets for Vainglory betting and have added some Vainglory betting tips:

First Tower

A self-explanatory Vainglory betting market, whichever team is first to destroy their opponent’s turret. However, destroying an opposing team's tower first is not always an indicator on who will win the match.

Best Esports Betting Site for First Tower: Pinnacle

Total Number of Kills

This is similar to over/under bets in sports that you might be familiar with. You can bet on the number of kills that you expect from a team or a player.

Best Esports Betting Site for Total Number of Kills: bet365

Most Kills

In this case, you’re predicting which player or team you think will land the most kills in the game. You have to make sure that you understand how a team makes use of their laners, junglers and captains to know who to stake your funds on.

Best Esports Betting Site for Most Kills: LootBet

First Kill

First kill involves betting on the player or team that you expect to make the first kill in a playing session. It’s one of the first bets to get out of the way, so there’s not much suspense here.

Best Esports Betting Site for First Kill: EnergyBet

Match Winner

This is the most straightforward outcome to predict. It is an outright market and you just have to pick the team who you think will win the match.

Best Esports Betting Site for Match Winner: Betway

Series Winner

A popular market, it is betting on the outright winner for any given series. Such as the Vainglory Championship or Vainglory Premier League.

Best Esports Betting Site for Series Winner: bet365

Speciality Bets

Some operators will offer special Vainglory bets especially in in-play betting. One example of this would be who to kill a hero within the next 5 minutes.

Best Esports Betting Site for Speciality Bets: Betway


When you are watching Vainglory esports teams and you believe there is a strong favourite, it is beneficial to use handicap betting. Normally the handicap is -1.5 against the favourite, and a correct prediction will boost your winnings as opposed to outright betting.

Best Esports Betting Site for Handicap: LootBet

Top Vainglory Teams

In April 2020, the publisher Rogue Games made the decision to shut down the Vainglory servers outside of China. Consequently, meaning that all professional competitions have been dissolved. This has led to Vainglory moving to a community edition model. Hopefully, the game will be revived again in the near future, so below we have given an overview of the most successful Vainglory teams in history:

Team SoloMid

An exceptionally successful esports organization that comes from one of the top esports countries – USA. Team SoloMid acquired Alliance and entered the Vainglory esports scene in 2016. Among many of their titles and prizes, they managed to win the NA Summer 2016 Championship and take second place in the 2016 World Championship. In addition, TSM has the second highest amount of Vainglory esports earnings totalling $62,050. The team was disbanded on the 19th July 2018.


One of the few organizations that still exist with an active squad. Singapore team Impunity clinched fourth place at the Vainglory Worlds 2017 trophy claiming a prize of $9K. In addition, earlier that year, the team took first place in SEA Vainglory 8 – Spring 2017 Split 2. Impunity has won a total of $10,800 in Vainglory esports earnings.

Tribe Gaming

This North American Team are the winners of the 2017 World Championships. They merged with Cloud9, another top esports organization and global Vainglory team. The Tribe were often looked upon as favourites for many Vainglory tournaments and are the highest ever earners in Vainglory history. It is fair to say that they are one of the top Vainglory Teams, who were very difficult to beat. The Vainglory division was disbanded on February 5th 2018.


Formerly called Gankstars Sirius, this is another North American esports team that was one of the best in their region and worldwide as well. Gankstars have won several prizes from the Championship. The team withdrew from Vainglory on the 17th February 2019, with the organisation still competing in other esports games.

Team Good Luck

This team was one of the best groups of Vainglory players in Japan before disbanding in May 2018. They’ve won the RAGE Vainglory Japan Cup twice, as well as coming second for the GLP (Gamers League Prime) Spring season on another occasion. Team Good Luck was easily your go-to team for Vainglory tournaments in Japan.

Rank Team Total Winnings
1. Tribe Gaming $70,000
2. Team SoloMid $62,050
3. GankStars $18,500
4. Team Good Luck $17,365
5. Impunity $10,800

Vainglory Tournaments

A Vainglory tournament is one of the best ways to go when it comes to Vainglory esports betting because they provide many betting markets. Let’s take a look at some exciting esports tournaments where you can bet on Vainglory matches.

Vainglory Premier League

The Vainglory International League, or VIPL, is an invitational competition run by OGN (formerly ongamenet). The competition features 12 teams in three groups of four with a pool prize of $70,000.

This complex tournament style of the VIPL is great for Vainglory esports betting as there are so many categories to wager on. These include the group stage, wildcard stage, playoffs and even third-place match. You can expect to find standard Vainglory betting markets in any of these matches, so pick and choose according to your preference.

Vainglory Championship

This is usually the last series of the Vainglory competitive season with a prize pool of $140,000, and the format of this championship is quite familiar to lovers of sports like the NFL and NBA. The participants are qualified from the different regions in the Vainglory 8 Circuit run by Super Evil Megacorp themselves.

The final is a best-of-seven (Bo7) matchup, and there is a third-place spot up for grabs as well. The format of this tournament is good for MOBA esports betting as there are so many variables. You can bet on the tiebreakers in the round-robin group stage, down to deciding on winners of every game in the best-of-seven series. It is the perfect tournament for betting on Vainglory as all the best teams compete.

Rising Star Cup

The Rising Star Cup was an online tournament held in March 2020 lasting for 2 hours and only averaging 22-25 views per map. It was particularly popular in Russia and was streamed on VK and Youtube.

WESG World Finals

The famous Chinese competition sponsored by the Alibaba group occurred in March 2019. It had an impressive prize pool of $105K and was hosted at Chonqing Olympic Sports Centre. Tribe Gaming were crowned champions taking home $60K beating Korean team, ACE gaming 2-0 in the final. The German outfit, Team Sly placed third defeating Impunity, collecting $15K for their efforts.

Rank Tournaments Prize Pool
1. WESG World Finals $105,000
2. Vainglory Championship $140,000
3. VainGlory Premier League $70,000

Vainglory Live Betting

Esports live betting is a very important market when wagering on Vainglory matches. It helps you see the dynamics of the game in real time and capitalise on special betting markets. Instead of staking everything on a tournament bet, you can then make more nuanced wagers with more information on special bets like first kill or number of turrets killed, for example.You can even bet on the go with mobile betting for a greater Vainglory betting experience.

What are the Top Three Vainglory Betting Sites?


An established player, Betway was one of the first major bookmakers to offer esports betting markets. Moreover, it has a simple and easy to use interface across multiple devices. The Vainglory betting odds are competitive and there are many different markets to bet on. Additionally, the customer support is professional and responsive, and the platform offers varied payment methods like Skrill and PayPal. To give you further insight, read our unbiased comprehensive review.

Rank Vainglory Bookmaker Pros
1. Betway
  • Dedicated esports section
  • Varied Payment Methods
  • Easy to use Interface


If betting on Vainglory, bet365 offers the most markets and at the same time has very attractive odds. To allow more insightful wagers, there are many resources for bettors such as form and head-to-head statistics. You can also benefit from regular promotions when making Vainglory bets. For further information, we have written a thorough review on bet365. Finally, there is helpful and responsive customer support 24/7 via live chat. A perfect bookmaker for all your Vainglory mobile betting needs!

Rank Vainglory Bookmaker Pros
2. bet365
  • Bet £10 Get £50 in Free Bets
  • Worlds Largest Bookmaker
  • Extensive Markets


An impressive bookmaker with very competitive Vainglory betting odds, Pinnacle is a punter's dream. Moreover, for esports fans, there is a dedicated market with hundreds of markets to bet on. The platform is clean, and simple to use and if you need help, you can always contact the 24/7 customer service via live chat. To provide a better understanding, read our review of Pinnacle and find out more on what this competitive sportsbook has to offer.

Rank Vainglory Bookmaker Pros
3. Pinnacle
  • Very Attractive Odds
  • Hundreds of Esports Markets
  • Quick Customer Support

Vainglory Visuals and Graphics

For a mobile esports game, the graphics for Vainglory are immaculate with the game initially using Metal; Apple’s graphic engine for iOS. In addition to the excellent visuals, it has one of the highest frame rates for any mobile esports games.

Pros and Cons of Vainglory Esport Betting

Pros Cons
  • Vainglory has many in-game side objectives, thus, a wide variety of betting markets
  • Vainglory tournaments have several rounds and betting options
  • The game is easy to understand
  • There are regional games asides from the World Championships to capitalise on
  • Live betting on Vainglory has several betting markets with great odds
  • Live betting can be hard to follow because the game only lasts for twenty minutes and is very fast-paced
  • There are not many betting sites, which limits odds comparison strategies

Our Final Verdict on Vainglory Betting

So, there you have it, a complete in-depth guide to Vainglory betting, its history, and the best teams. The game is very easy to understand for a MOBA and provides thrilling entertainment for esports fans!

Get involved and check out one of Esports Betting Pro’s recommended bookmakers to start your Vainglory betting adventure today!

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Vainglory Betting FAQs

When Vainglory betting, we have found that the best bookmakers are; Betway, bet365 and Pinnacle.

Yes. In this guide we have provided safe operators for you to select so you can enjoy Vainglory betting. All of which have top notch SSL security and are licensed by reputable regulators.

Yes, it is, just like betting on countless other esports games online. Just make sure that you’re playing at a site from a licensed gambling operator and that your local jurisdiction allows online gambling.

When you bet on Vainglory online, it simply means that you’re making predictions on the outcome of different Vainglory matchups. You can make predictions on several things within the game such as first kill or match winner, and you can also make predictions on a tournament about who will be the outright winner.

It is extremely simple to open a Vainglory betting account. Simply select one of our recommended operators, signup and you can start your Vainglory betting adventure today!

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