Esports has come a long way since its inception. It has grown to heights that we never thought were possible just a decade ago. It seemed incomprehensible that video games would impact sports as they do now – and we’re glad. was created around the time professional esports began its slow initial ascent so we can say with pride that we’ve watched it grow, evolve, and expand – and so did we.

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These valuable years of experience have served to constantly and consistently improve our project, and, with a talented team of esports and betting lovers alike, we’ve managed to turn into a unified, detailed, and valuable platform with countless insightful articles and reviews.

So, who are we and what do we do?

What We Do

On our platform, you will find numerous analysis articles, reviews, and blog posts, all oriented towards esports and esports betting. We provide professional insights and tips to users who want to spend real money betting on esports tournaments.

Esports games have become the focal point of gaming – those who become part of the ecosystem are immortalized in esports history. Let us not forget the early days of esports and Defense of the Ancients (DotA), the predecessor of Dota 2.

The health of esports depends on its popularity, and we believe that sharing knowledge and the passion for it can contribute to further expansion and the strengthening of esports in the eye of the non-gamer public.

With that in mind, our esports knowledge portal has become a cradle of vital information for both gamers and bettors around the globe. We provide high-value content to our readers through online betting operator reviews, esports tournament overviews and predictions, information about live betting, glossaries of esports teams, and much more.

We also write esports news and betting guides rich with beneficial information that will get you started with esports betting. If you’re still unsure about where to start with esports betting, we’ve also prepared a course in our betting academy to help you tackle any issues you may have.

So, whether you’re a fan of traditional esports games, mobile esports games, or just enjoy playing free esports games or following your favourite teams by watching live streams of their games – we’ve got you covered.

How We Review

Our bookmaker review process is impartial, comprehensive, and straightforward. When it comes to picking the best esports bookies for you, our expert team of analysts leaves no stone unturned.

The Esports-Betting team is in direct contact with esports bookmakers, so we’ve got the inside story on everything you need to know about them. We thoroughly vet their odds, bonuses and betting markets as well as personally testing their payment methods and deposit/withdrawal times.

Payment method support is important because nowadays, people use dozens, if not hundreds of payment methods, especially cryptocurrencies, Skrill, credit cards, and PayPal.

We make sure that every esports betting site we recommend has a positive reputation in the iGaming community. That means verifying that they always pay out punters’ winnings, maintain legitimate licensing, offer fair odds and generous bonuses as well as reliable customer support.

Our Story and the Growth of Esports

We are an international team of esports enthusiasts, bettors, writers and analysts who have been collaborating together for over 9 years. Since February 2013, in the very early days of esports, we have dedicated ourselves to creating the best possible all-in-one guide for anyone looking to bet on video games.

We’ve watched this industry grow into a worldwide phenomenon, and now it’s your turn to enjoy the action.

Esports as an industry, and the number of bettors who wager on professional video gaming events, has grown at an unbelievably fast pace in recent years.

According to Roundhill Investments, the viewership of esports nearly tripled from 2012 to 2018. The number of viewers grew from 134 million in 2012 to 395 million total viewers in 2018 – an average year-to-year increase of 32.5%!

Then, the global period of isolation following the Covid-19 pandemic created more than 50 million new esports fans. By December 2020, we totalled nearly 500 million casual and diehard esports enthusiasts around the world.

In 2022, the monthly number of esports viewers equaled almost 30 million; an 11.5% increase compared to 2021. It’s clear that esports is showing no signs of slowing down which is fantastic news for every gamer and esports bettor out there.

Newszoo anticipates that a total of nearly 650 million people will be watching esports in 2026. PR Newswire estimates that the industry will be worth approximately USD 1.86 billion in that same year.

What does all this mean for esports bettors? Well, our experience and research strongly suggests that betting on professional video games will only increase in popularity in coming years.

But don’t just take our word for it. MarketWatch expects the global esports betting market to reach USD 13 billion by 2025, from USD 8 billion in 2019.

So as bookmakers will have to continue competing for your business in 2024, you can expect better odds and bigger welcome bonuses, all of which you’ll find right here on!

Philosophy and Method

Since’s inception, we’ve been dedicated to providing high-quality and valuable information about esports and esports betting. Our goal has always been to put the reader first and give them everything they need to make further decisions themselves.

Our ethics guidelines have been instrumental in being completely transparent to our readers. No matter what the truth is – we uphold it.

With that said, we only review and feature reputable esports bookies that are fully licensed, legit, and reputable. Our entire process follows the ESIC (Esports Integrity Coalition) as well as numerous guidelines set by other regulators and licensing bodies.

We do our utmost to provide accurate and relatable information about every aspect of esports. You will not find fuzz in our content; only what is related to the topic at hand. Saving time is crucial, and you should be able to learn what you want to know in one fell swoop, without unnecessary info that only exists to increase the word count.

The philosophy has always been to stay honest and back up any claims you make. We do not plan on changing this as we want to have integrity and a reputation of doing good in and for the esports community.

Lastly, we guarantee that your bets will be real and that you’ll be safe from scams if you opt for any of the bookies on our site. We do NOT feature fraudulent or scam-related betting operators nor do we want to review them.

So, no matter which esports country you’re from, if betting is legal there, you’ll have a great time with both the bookies that we review and us.

Privacy Policy

We know that it is increasingly more difficult to maintain privacy and safety on the internet these days. For that reason, we put great care into protecting your personal information from malicious third parties. Please read our privacy policy to inform yourself of how we collect, process and/or share data from our site.

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