Astralis is an Esports organization that backs some of the best gamers in the world. Betting on esports is becoming almost as popular as regular sports betting, and just as you could bet on Juventus or Manchester football teams, you can bet on Esports teams like Astralis. This article will explain everything you need to know about Astralis betting.

About the Astralis Team

Astralis is quite literally the number 1 esports team in the world. They have won the most Major events out of any esports team. They have also brought in the most revenue, winning around $800,000 in prize money. They hold the spot for being in first place for the longest consecutive amount of time, as well as holding the longest win streak. They have teams in various esports, though they truly stand out in CS:GO, FIFA and LoL.

Astralis CS:GO team

The Astralis CS:GO Team is a Danish team that has been dominating the world of CS:GO since 2017 winning a shocking amount of first places since then. This team consists of a core trio of players who actually started the brand Astralis, it being the first S-tier player owned esports brand, headed by Nicolai “Dev1ce” reedtz.

Dev1ce is usually the AWPer for his team and he has won a lot of MVP titles since starting his career. He has consistently been ranked the 3rd player in the world for many years.

Other players on the team include Dupreeh, Xyp9x, gla1ve, Magisk and most recently Bubzkji.

Gla1ve is widely considered one of the best CS:GO team captains in the world.

Astralis FIFA Roster

FIFA is a relatively new title to join the Astralis roster. FifaÜstun is the player with the best stats for Astralis betting odds. He has earned 2 second place titles since FIFA 19 became competitive in 2020.

Other Astralis players on the team include Teca, Feldman and Agge. Agge Has won 2 championships since 2013 playing on other teams.

Astralis League Of Legends Team Origen

LoL is one of the most strategic MOBAs in Esports. 5 players battle down 3 lanes to destroy 3 tiers of towers and the nexus. The Astralis LoL team currently consists of the legendary players Whiteknight in the top lane, Zanzarah as a jungler, Magifelix as the midlaner, Jeskla in the bottom lane and finally Promisq as support.

Where to find the best Astralis betting odds

To be fair, you can bet on Astralis or any other esports team at virtually any betting site that offers esports betting. However, we have listed the best betting options for CS:GO betting, FIFA betting and LoL betting. Here you can bet on almost any esports event or team.


1xbet is a Russian Betting site founded in 2013. They offer one of the best bonus offers on this list as a $130 deposit bonus. This means that you will receive double the amount of your deposit in betting currency. Of course, there is some small letters tied to this bonus, so do read them well. It is quite a generous welcome that offers great opportunity for Astralis betting value.


Bet365 is a comparatively new title to Esports betting, nevertheless they have been around for a while covering regular sports betting and they have been a trustworthy website. Bet365 offers a flexible betting experience, you will be able to experience much more than just an outright match winner bet. Most gamblers are aware that Bet365 offers great value for money on CS:GO and LOL bets.


Betonline-ag is a bookmaker based in panama running a site that gives lots of good information on how esports work. They really care about the growth of the industry. Here you will find a wide selection of games to bet on, including CS:GO, LoL, Valorant, Fifa and more. has the simplest betting experience and the focus really lies on Esports although they do have regular sports betting and an online casino. The website is nice and streamlined. They give you matches to watch and the odds on them. Not more nor less. also has a great deposit bonus and some free bets.


Betway would be a great website to start your Esports betting career, seeing as they run small low risk promotions for Astralis betting. They definitely differentiate themselves from other betting sites offering many different forms of Esports betting than just the market of betting on the match winner. The Traders at Betway are always checking and comparing their odds against other bookmakers and really push it to attempt to give you the best odds for competitive around, pre-game and in-play.

Astralis betting tips

1. Use Astralis betting stats

Astralis is a team with consistently good betting stats. Especially for their CS:GO team. They are definitely a go to team for winning bets considering they have won four majors so far. This is an unrivalled performance. There are countless Betting stat calculators immediately at your disposal, so do not hesitate to use them for best Astralis betting results.

Sites like HLTV and GGscore are some of your best options, while dedicated esports betting sites like often offer you stats on most of the leagues on which you can bet.

2. Look for value

When betting on Astralis it is important to look for value. You could be statistically getting the right winning teams very often and still see a decrease in your bank account. It is more important to look for value bets that offer more bang for your buck. For example winning 75% of your bets does not necessarily mean you will make profit if the odds are bad on the 25% you lose. It’s no difficult task to find some good odds between the betting sites we have provided above.

3. Bet the number, not the team

Bookmakers pay out based on what they think is likely to happen. The less likely something is to happen, the more pay out. There are many ways to bet on Esports, but it takes time and patience to learn when is the right time to place which type of bets. Understanding the goals and mechanics of the game is key here. We recommend you keep the stakes low until you figure this out. You are betting based on the odds not what team you think is going to win.

Esports Betting Pro: Our Verdict on Astralis Betting

All in all we think that Astralis gets good odds from most bookmakers and they are especially strong in the CS:GO department. They are a popular team so they get a lot of coverage. This will make it possible to place strong calculated bets based on the commentary. They have some of the best players and even coaches in the world and its an organisation by gamers for gamers. Astralis, being such a popular team, might be overvalued by bettors, due to the volume of people betting on them, meaning the odds may have less value. As always, we recommend betting based on the odds and not just who is your favourite.

Esports Betting Cover


There are a variety of betting sites u can use to bet on Astralis like bet365, and Betway.

Yes, it is completely legal, as long as you are using a website that is approved in your region.

Short answer: It definitely can be profitable to bet On Astralis. But it will depend on the odds given by the bookmaker, and how smart your placed bets are.

You can find odds for Astralis or any other esport team at various betting sites. However, do not hesitate to look for information and professional advice from livestreams on twitch, Reddit discussions or elsewhere on the web.

Yes, depending on what bookmaker you are using you will be able to place live bets during the matches of Astralis.

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