Esports Betting Payment Methods Reviews for 2021

Online betting is a rapidly growing industry that’s racking up impressive numbers with each passing year. With it, the Esports betting industry keeps flourishing too… and it all wouldn’t be happening if it wasn’t for a plethora of online payment methods. Payment methods that ensure seamless integration of online transactions to/from Esports bookmakers. If you find yourself puzzled and unsure which payment method to use, look no further because this article can be your very own payment method guide. In fact, if you’re willing to take a look at one of our many payment method reviews, we are sure you would be able to make the choice afterward. So, with all that being said, I guess it is time to dig straight to business and check out what exactly makes a good online payment method!

What makes good online payment methods?

There are lots of online payment methods to choose from out there, but the key is in getting the right one. So, here are the 3 main factors that make online payment methods worth checking out:


The first and foremost – security! Security is of utmost importance for all online payment business out there. Whether we’re talking about online wallets or payment getaways… or basically any other type, security is the top priority. Encryption, security certificated and frequent penetration testing is what ensures the optimal safety of these online payment method provides.


If the security is on point, the second factor that has to be taken into consideration is the simplicity. User interface and fluid on-page navigation are more important than most people think. Especially for beginners who are either charmed or scared by the on-page simplicity of a website.

Low Fees

Third’s the charm, eh? As far as good online payment methods are concerned, low fees are surely among the top 3 factors for all users. Let’s face it – the lower they are the higher the chances for them to acquire new clients. It doesn’t get any simpler than that, right?

Now that you know all 3 factors that come into play, let’s jump straight to the actual payment method reviews, shall we!?

Payment Method Reviews | What are the best Options for eSports Betting?


PayPal is establishing itself as the go-to option not just for eSports but for general online betting sites and shopping websites too. With low fees, instant transactions and ultra-secure systems, PayPal is a no-brainer if you’re just starting out your career as an eSports bettor.

Paypal Esports Betting Sites



Similarly to PayPal, Skrill is another well established payment method option. It works in many countries all over the world and supports a plethora of currencies. For more information about this payment method, make sure you check our full review by clicking the link below.

Skrill Esports Betting Sites



Neteller is another very popular payment method for all sorts of online betting. Even though that’s not its primary use, Neteller is being used for betting all around the globe since it has many advantages over conventional options. Click the link below for more info. Who knows, perhaps you’ll make Neteller your next payment method of choice.

Neteller Esports Betting Sites



Entropay is an online payment business that gets you your very own virtual VISA card. Such a simple interface combined together with top tier security protocols is justifiably among the top solutions for eSports betting. Keep in mind though, there are small transaction fees which you will have to deal with… but other than that, Entropay is looking absolutely great.

Entropay Esports Betting Sites

Credit Cards

Credit Card LogoCredit Cards are the typical online payment methods used for a whole variety of things. Among the, of course, is eSports betting. We are sure most of you are already well-familiar with online payments via credit cards so there’s no point in getting into too much depth here. That’s why, for more info, click the link below:

Credit Cards Esports Betting Sites


Physical currency notes available in 46 countries all over the world – that’s basically the easiest way of presenting Paysafecard to your average consumer. And it’s true – this online payment method is most appreciated due to the fact it can be purchased virtually anywhere and it has a solid base of anonymity online. Great for all things gaming… including eSports betting, of course.

Paysafecard Esports Betting Sites


Klarna LogoSofort changed his name and now is called Klarna, used by over 12 million people all around the globe, there is no denying the fact Klarna is one of the world’s most used online payment methods. In fact, across all of our payment method reviews, there’s just a handful of options that can go toe to toe with Sofort. The only “downside” is the currency system which only supports EUR transactions. If can live past that, then Sofort is definitely worth checking out.

Klarna Esports Betting Sites



 Trustly LogoTrustly is a quick and convenient way of online payments strictly for Europeans. Trustly works perfectly across 29 European countries, making itself somewhat of a standard for online payments. If you are located in Europe and you are looking for a quick and easy way to pay online, Trustly should definitely be at the top of your list.

Trustly Esports Betting Sites



For those of you who don’t know, Bitcoin is the world’s most popular Cryptocurrency. Other than that, it’s also noteworthy to mention Bitcoin is being heavily used for online betting too. eSports betting is there as well, racking up great numbers as far as Bitcoin bets go. So, if you are looking for a fully anonymous, untraceable and ultra-secure payment method, there is no need to look further than Bitcoin. There are also other cryptocurrencies that can be used for betting. Don't miss out on our guide to Ethereum esports betting.

Bitcoin Esports Betting Sites

Payment Methods for eSports Betting | FAQ

Do I Need To Enter my Personal Information for Online Betting?

Well, all bookies (and/or payment methods) will require some of your personal information. This is the norm on the internet so you should not be worried about it. These types of websites are considered as safe and secure so there is no room for panic if you're asked to enter your SSN or similar personal info.


Are the fees high for online payments?

As far as the fees are concerned, you will not have to worry about them… as long as you don't stumble upon a wicked bookie that's bound to skin you off your money. Normally, you will have some fees associated to your transactions. These are usually going somewhere between 1% to 7% of the total transaction amount. They are usually located in the fine print so take your time and read carefully before you end up being scammed by fishy eSports betting websites.


What if I win money by betting on eSports?

If you win money by betting on eSports, you will either want to bet the amount again to further increase your winnings… or, if you are a low-risk kind of bettor, you will be wanting to withdraw them back to your bank account/credit card. If that's the case, you will have to go through the withdrawal process which is different for each payment method and the bookie you use. Most of the time, the processes are simple and they take a short while to be completed.


Are there any limits for withdrawing money on eSports bookies?

Yes and no! As far as limits go, the most likely culprits will be your online payment method and not your eSports bookie of choice. However, unless you are a seasoned bettor who likes to bet (and win) big, we doubt you will come across limits that often. They are usually placed at around couple thousand Euros, Dollars or the equivalent value in your native currency.

That’s about it as far as our Payment Method Reviews article is concerned. We sincerely hope you had fun reading it and that it helped you with making the right decision. As we already said above, finding the optimal eSports bookie that works with the payment method that suits your needs can be rather tricky. But no worries, all of our Payment Method Reviews up above have surely shed some light onto the matter.

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