Heroic is a Danish esports organisation that boasts professional teams in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO), PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) and Rainbow Six Siege (R6). In this guide, we’ll be giving you insights on Heroic betting tips and the best esport sites you can place your bet.

Heroic Overview

When it comes to esports games, Heroic is a household name. The organisation is involved in various events and has teams representing it in various tournaments. Heroic was created in 2016 and it has continuously recruited talented players to strengthen their squads.

This Heroic overview covers all you need to know about the esports organisation, from how it all started, their achievements, and finally, the best sites where you can bet on them. Let's dive in!

Heroic History

In 2016, former members of Team X founded the esports organisation- Heroic. Upon its formation, the Heroic CS:GO team shot to prominence after beating Dignitas in the POWER-LAN tournament. The team then went on to win the final round of the International Gaming League 2016 – Grand Finals, beating VG.ZyberGen.

In 2017, Heroic CS:GO team came 4th in Intel Extreme Masters XI – World Championship, and 2nd in Dreamhack Open Atlanta 2017. Additionally, they managed to take 1st place at the World Cyber Arena 2017 – Europe Main Stage.

In the Copenhagen Games 2018 Heroic managed to reach the finals and finished 2nd after being defeated by The Imperials by 2 maps to 1. In the same year they won both the Games Clash Masters 2018 and TOYOTA Master CS:GO Bangkok 2018. After an astonishing year, Heroic was later sold to Serenades Global Inc.

In 2020 Heroic took the number one spot in the world amongst other esports teams, and in February 2021, it was bought by Omaken Sports, a Norwegian gaming investment company. According to GOSU and HLTV, Heroic CS:GO team currently sits at number 5 in the world rankings.

With regards to PUBG, the Heroic team has been picking up their pace. The team placed 8th at the PUBG Finland Suomiliiga Seasons 7 in 2020 and in the just concluded Season 10 of the same competition they placed 2nd earning $5,239.

The Heroic Rainbow Six team has also not been left behind as they placed 9th at the European League 2021 – Stage 3. The team came 4th at the 6 French League Season 3 2021, taking home $3,502 from the competition.

What is the Future for Heroic

In 2021, CS:GO team had a fantastic season earning $390,250.00 from 11 competitions, the team looks to be a force to be reckoned with going into 2022. Additionally, the PUBG team came 2nd in PUBG Finland- PSL Season 10 coming runners up to Polish Power. With these recent successes, the future is bright and there is a lot to look forward to. Hence, pundits and esports bettors should watch out for the other Heroic gaming teams.

Heroic Teams

Since Heroic has different teams that represent them in CS:GO, PUBG, and Rainbow Six, they are involved in various esports events. The teams take part in different games and each has a roster of players. They are also coached by some of the most talented in the esports industry. The impact of this was evident in a recent update on Heroic’s twitter, when they announced the Heroic CS:GO has qualified to the Legends Stage. The roster of each Heroic team is listed below in this section.


The Heroic CS:GO team has been very successful in recent times. The team ended up as the ESL PRO LEAGUE SEASON 13 champions and are currently ranked 5th in the world with a total winnings of $1,306,672. Nicolas Hansen manages the Heroic CSGO team, and the in-game leader is cadiaN. When betting on the Heroic CS:GO team, most esports betting sites have the odds in their favour.

The Heroic CSGO roster is provided below:

Player Name Nickname
Martin Lund Stavn
Casper Møller cadiaN
René Madsen TeSeS
Ismail Ali Refresh
Rasmus Beck Sjuush

Rainbow Six

The Heroic Rainbow Six team currently sits 10th in the European League – Season 21. They are managed by Clement “TORTANK” Windecker and coached by Jonathan “spokeN” Nolasco, while the captain is Christophe “Chaoxys” Soares. The Heroic R6 team is still relatively new, having been established on the 4th of September 2021.

Although still part of Heroic, which is a Danish organisation, the Heroic R6 team is located in France, and four of the players are French. The Roster is provided below:

Player Name Nickname
Alexandre Thomas BlaZ
Christophe Soares Chaoxys
Pedro Muniz Thuunder
Valentin Cheron Voy
Brice Mahmoud Shoukri


Heroic did not have a PUBG team prior to its sale. The PUBG team was formed when the organisation was bought by Omaken sports. The Heroic PUBG team is coached by Oliver Santaselo, and the Roster of players is provided below.

Player Name Nickname
Paavo Voutilainen Pag3
Luke Crafer TeaBone
Valterri Jussila Vazku
Benjamin Steffensen Beami
Timi Tenhula Curexi

Top 5 Heroic Total Winnings and Achievements

At the time of writing this Heroic guide, they have earned $1,521,647.85 from 88 tournaments. These earnings are wholly from the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team, as the other Rainbow Six and PUBG teams are yet to win anything. The highest winnings are provided in the table below.

Date Esport Event Name Placement Prize
2021-04-11 CS:GO ESL PRO League Season 13 1st $200,000
2020-08-30 CS:GO ESL One: Cologne 2020 Online: Europe 1st $150,000
2021-09-11 CS:GO ESL PRO League Season 14 3rd-4th $55,000
2019-11-17 CS:GO DreamHack Open Atlanta 2019 1st $50,000
2018-09-30 CS:GO Games Clash Masters 2018 1st $50,000

Heroic Top 5 Players in Terms of Winnings

A number of Heroic players have been instrumental in contributing to the excellence of this team. The winnings of these players have been provided in the table below:

Player Name Nickname Total Amount So Far Esport
Martin Lund stavn $190,750.00 CS:GO
Casper Møller cadiaN $183,350.00 CS:GO
Nikolaj Keistensen Niko $153,140.33 CS:GO
Paavo Voutilainen PaG3 $22,762.50 PUBG
Alexandre Thomas BlaZ $8,207.48 R6

Top Upcoming Tournaments and Events for Heroic Betting

The Heroic teams are active participants in various esports tournaments. While some have been concluded, some are currently underway, and others are upcoming – with many A tier tournaments just around the corner. We have provided a table of upcoming esports tournaments for Heroic teams.

Tournament Esport Schedule
PGL Major Stockholm 2021 CS:GO Oct. 26 – Nov. 7
PUBG Global Championship 2021 PUBG Nov. 19 – Dec. 19
European League – Season 2021 Rainbow Six Nov. 30 – Nov. 30
Intel Extreme Masters XVI- Winter CS:GO Dec 02 – Dec. 12
BLAST Premier: World Final 2021 CS:GO Dec. 14 – Dec. 19
1xBet Odds Screenshot
Heroic Betting options and Market odds at the PGL Major Stockholm. Source: 1xBet

When considering Heroic esports betting, the following markets are the most popular on many betting sites: Some of the available markets include:

  1. Kills: This covers bets pertaining to kills. Here, you get to bet on the first player to make a kill, or who makes the last kill, or who will have the highest kills, as well as kill spread bets.
  2. Winner: This involves placing a bet on the team that will come out as the winner of a round, within a group, a map, or even the entire tournament.
  3. Scores: This market entails correctly placing bets on the team with the highest points; for instance, the points per map or the total points earned within a particular round.
  4. Under/Over: This market entails making a bet that a particular team will score more kills or fewer kills.
  5. Handicaps: Prior to the start of the game, an edge is given to the underdog team. In this market, the bookmaker equates the chance of winning for both teams to 50-50 by adding a particular number of points (kills) to the underdog of the game.

Best esports Sites for Heroic Betting

With the large markets, several sites offer esports betting. Therefore, we urge you to bet only on platforms that offer bonuses, have top notch security and offer varied banking methods. We have provided our top three heroic esports betting sites for you below.


Betonline.ag is a secure and properly licensed site. Not only does it offer a large number of markets for Heroic esports betting, but it is also renowned for its fast payouts. Check out our Betonline.ag guide to learn more about Heroic bet predictions and the available offers.

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Betway is easily one of the most accessible sportsbooks across the world. In terms of esports betting, it is among the pioneers in the industry. It also offers exciting bonuses regularly on esports tournaments while giving you a chance to enjoy live esports streaming. Learn more from our recent Betway betting guide.

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LeoVegas offers a variety of markets to players, such as match odds, total rounds, round handicap, and map betting. It is perfect if you are a new esports bettor as it provides an esports betting guide that you can read before you start placing your first wager. The sportsbook has commendable customer service, which operates 24/7 via phone, email, or live chat. Here is our full Leovegas review.

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Heroic Betting: Our Verdict

Having held the number 1 spot in CS:GO in the world previously and currently sitting at number 5, it's safe to say that Heroic is among the top-tier esports organisations in recent years. Additionally the results from the Rainbow Six and PUBG in competitions have been impressive. Hence, you can also be on the lookout for its Rainbow Six and PUBG teams in the upcoming tournaments.

The Heroic tips in this guide are tailored to assist you, so you'll get to know the markets and the best sites to place your Heroic bets. Head over to any of our recommended sites to get started!

Esports Betting Cover

Heroic Betting FAQs

The best betting site provides you with exciting bonus offers and a variety of betting markets. We have provided our top three sites in this guide for you to pick the one you prefer freely.

Heroic has several teams. In CS:GO the current most notable players are ‘stavn’, ‘cadiaN’, and ‘TeSes’. In the Rainbow Six team some of their players are ‘BlaZ’, ‘Chaoxys’ and‘Thuunder’ among others, and in the PUBG team, there’s ‘Pag3’, ‘TeaBone’, and ‘Vazku’.

The CS:GO team will be competing in the PGL Major Stockholm 2021 (Oct. 26-Nov. 7), Intel Extreme Masters XVI-Winter (Dec. 2 – Dec. 12) and BLAST Premier: World Final 2021 (Dec. 14 – Dec. 19). At the same time, its PUBG team will compete in the PUBG Global Championship 2021 between Nov. 19 – Dec. 19.

You can place a bet on any of the Heroic esports teams. This is done by visiting any esports betting sites we have provided and wagering on one of the markets.

When betting on Heroic, you can bet on markets such as Kills, Winner, Scores, Under/Over, Maps, amongst others.

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