Halo 5 Betting sites, Teams and Tournaments

Halo has always been a huge name for first-person shooter fans and in esports games, and that popularity led to a successful competitive sport developing. In this article, find out about Halo betting on competitive matches and esports tournaments what Halo markets are available, and who are the best teams around.


The best Halo betting sites

  1. Rivalry
  2. Vulkan Bet

Halo has some ground to cover before it will become as popular with bettors as CSGO Betting and LoL Betting but it is possible to find Halo odds at a small number of online esports bookmakers.



Halo betting fans can get a 100% deposit bonus at Rivalry.com. There is also streamer betting to enjoy. This is where Rivalry broadcasts a famous streamer playing Halo matches and you can bet on markets relating to the event.

If you are interested in finding more esports bonuses and how they work, check out our article on the Best Esports Betting Bonuses in 2021.

Bet on Halo 5 at Rivalry


Vulkan Bet

At Vulkan Bet, punters can get a 100% matched deposit bonus if they sign up for a new account. If they use the Vulkan Bet promo code, ESWELCOME, they can use their funds on Halo betting.

What’s more, Halo esports betting fans can find match bets and outrights, so they can bet on their favourite teams to win one-off encounters and whole tournaments.

Bet on Halo 5 at Vulkan.bet


How to bet on Halo 5 esports

If you are just starting to bet on Halo or you’re looking for an extra piece of insight that could help you bet better, we have some tips for you.


Halo betting markets

Some of the main Halo betting markets are map winner, handicap, match winner, tournament winner or finalist, and region winner. If you want to bet on a team from a certain region of the world, e.g. North America, to win a tournament, you can bet on the region winner.

Map winner is a bet on the team to win a certain map. A handicap in Halo could mean the favourite team in a match starts with a one map deficit. Moreover, a match winner bet is where you can bet on one of the teams to win. In addition, tournament winner bets are on one team to win the entire competition and you can also bet on a team to be a tournament finalist. Finally, you can bet on the total kills in a match and the correct score. Learn more about possible types of esports bets in our Betting Academy.


Halo betting strategies

Do your homework on the best Halo teams in the world if you want a potential advantage. Later in this article, we talk about some of the best teams around so don’t miss that. It’s very important to know which team is in form if you’re going to pick the winner of a match or tournament, so check out Halo teams’ recent results. It’s also a good idea to analyse a team’s roster; do they have new players that will need to settle in or is it a team that’s bonded and has a strong chemistry? Teams that know each other will usually perform better.

Furthermore, look at results in the latest Halo tournaments and see if there are any unfamiliar names. Maybe there is a new team on the scene who could present you with attractive odds simply because they aren’t well-known and bookmakers just don’t realise how good they are.

To see the latest Halo esports results in official competitions, you could visit the Halo Waypoint website. Plus, Gamepedia is a fantastic library of gaming information, including Halo teams’ statistics and results.


What is Halo 5?

Halo 5: Guardians is a highly-rated first-person shooter published by Microsoft for the Xbox One. It has a 9/10 rating from IGN despite some negative reactions from gamers. The game’s story mode disappointed players who said it was underwhelming after Halo 4’s story was so revered. However, players seem to love Halo 5 multiplayer and this is what Halo 5 esports is based on. Forbes Magazine even went as far as saying Halo 5’s multiplayer was perfect.


Halo game modes

In Halo 5, there is a campaign involving a four-player team venturing out to three worlds, plus there’s Warzone, the multiplayer mode where 24 players can go gun-on-gun. You could see Spartans, Covenant, and Forerunners clash in this game mode.

Halo 5’s Arena multiplayer mode is a test of pure skill. It features four vs four up to eight vs eight combat. Arena includes game types like Slayer, Capture The Flag, Infection, Grifball and Big Team Battle.

  • Slayer has a simple objective: kill as many of your opponents as you can.
  • Capture The Flag requires teams to acquire a flag and take it to a predetermined spot.
  • Infection is Halo’s zombie mode. When a zombie kills a living player, they become a zombie too.
  • In Grifball, you must take the bomb to the other team’s goal to score a point.
  • A matchmaking playlist with games involving two teams of eight players.


Popular offline and online Halo tournaments

Historically, the Halo World Championship was the biggest tournament in the esport. At its peak, it boasted a prize pool of $2.5 million. The last event of its kind was in 2018 and offered a prize pool of $300,000 but that doesn’t mean the Halo competition is now dead and buried. The new iteration of Halo, Halo Infinite, is set to launch in 2021, and hopefully this means the rebirth of the Halo World Championship or at least a replacement event with an equal prize pool. Anyway, here are some more Halo tournaments that could offer betting in 2021.


Halo 5 Pro Series

You can expect Halo 5 tournament action in 2021, with the Halo 5 Pro Series coming to a climax in April in both North America and the rest of the world. The North American competition comes with a top prize of $10,000 while the rest of the world edition has a main prize of $5,000.


MCC Pro Series

There are online four versus four tournaments of Halo 3 every Sunday with prizes of $1,000, on PC and Xbox. You can watch these events on Twitch. Both amateur and professional players can register for these tournaments, so it is a good chance to catch well-known Halo esports players testing their sharpness against the general public. You can also learn to read Halo games better by watching these competitive events before you place a bet.


Kellogg’s Halo 5 Tournament Series

Esports Mogul (ESH) will host the Halo 5 Tournament Series in the US and Canada this year. ESH manages the online esports tournament website and app mogul.gg. It is ESH’s job to get this competition online to ensure Covid-19 cannot get in the way.

The prize pool for the series is expected to be $25,000 and both professional and amateur players are welcome to enter.


Halo tournament prize pools

The biggest Halo prize pool was €2.5 million for the Halo World Championship in 2016. Even the LoL World Championship in 2021 cannot compete with such a huge prize pool. It is set to award $2.25 million to its best teams.


The best Halo esports teams 2021

If you are going to place some match win bets, you should know the best teams in Halo esports first. Research these teams and their players before Halo matches and tournaments and decide for yourself who is worth betting on.


Team Envy

Team Envy are the fourth-best Halo team of all time. They have earned $556,000 in total. In October 2020, they formed a new team with Bradley Laws (aPG), Justin Deese (iGotUrPistola), Tommy Wilson (Saiyan), and Joey Taylor (TriPPPeY). Let’s hope they stick around and continue to attract fans and bettors to Halo 5 esports.


Team Elevate

This Halo esports team has won €310,000 in prize money from seven tournaments. They are currently made up of Jason “Karmea” Morales, Haad “Simply Fear Me” Hassan, Brian “Goldstarbr” Pennington, and Noisass. One of eLevate’s finest moments was finishing in the top four in the Halo World Championship in 2016, which earned the team $250,000. If you want to bet on Halo, you should know eLevate returned to Halo esports in December 2020 and they might be a dark horse for 2021’s Halo tournaments.


Counter Logic Gaming

Counter Logic Gaming (CLG) get an honourable mention because they have won the most prize money in Halo 5: Guardians esports, making them the defacto best Halo 5 team in the world. They won €1.12 million before they put their controllers down in September 2016. Despite earning the most prize money though, CLG no longer has a Halo team, instead focusing on games like LoL, Fortnite, CS:GO: Red, Smash, Apex, and Valorant Red.

Learn more about betting on these games with our LoL Betting, Valorant Betting and CSGO Betting guides.


The best Halo esports players

One of the best Halo esports players in 2021 is Tony Campbell (Lethul), who has Halo 5 earnings of nearly $579,000. He plays for Sentinels and his biggest achievements are winning the Halo World Championship twice. He’s also played for OpTic Gaming and Counter Logic Gaming. And we can’t forget Frosty! Frosty or Bradley Bergstrom, from North America, has earned nearly $578,000 from Halo competition. He also plays for Sentinels. What a team they have!


Where to watch Halo esports streams online

Why not watch the Halo esports action while you wait to see if your bet has won? Or you could research Halo teams to bet on before big tournaments. This section tells you where you can watch the most exciting Halo online tournaments and other match action. And you can read our Esports Streams Guide.



The official Halo Twitch channel is one of the best places to go for high-quality streams of Halo events. It has 279,000 followers. You can also watch Team Envy’s TriPPPeY stream Halo matches live on Twitch. Not to mention TheOneSaiyan aka Tommy Wilson, also a member of Team Envy. These are excellent Halo esports players to watch if you want to learn from the best.



Check out Halo’s official YouTube channel for streams of the biggest tournaments like the Halo 5 Pro Series North America Championship. This way, you can keep an eye on the teams you’ve placed a bet on! You can also keep track of teams’ form and even build your game knowledge by watching live events and videos by experts about aspects of the game and new releases.


We hope that you feel more knowledgeable about Halo 5 betting after reading this article. Feel welcome to read our betting guides for other games: Apex Legends betting, R6 Betting, CoD Betting.

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FAQ section

Is Halo an esport?

Halo is a science fiction first-person shooter video game, which is also played competitively as an esport.


Where can I bet on Halo?

You can bet on Halo at Rivalry and Vulkan Bet.


What happened to Halo esports?

Halo esports is still alive and well and the coming of Halo Infinite in 2021 could return the esport to its former glory.


What Halo betting markets are there?

The main betting markets for Halo are outrights, match winner, map winner, handicap, tournament finalist and region winner (e.g. bet on a team from Europe to win the event).


Is Halo CoD?

No CoD is Call of Duty, another first-person shooter game, which you can also bet on.

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