Team Envy, formerly known as Team EnVyUs, is an American esports organization owned by Envy Gaming. It started as a professional Call of Duty team but has diversified into other esports games, including Halo, Rocket League, VALORANT, and more. This guide covers all you need to know about Team Envy betting, including the best Team Envy betting sites and the available esports betting markets.

Team Envy Betting Esports Games

Team Envy started as a professional Call of Duty team, and over the years, they have ventured into other esports games. Their rosters have participated in FIFA, Counter-Strike, Halo, Overwatch, Rocket League, League of Legends, PUBG, and more. Some of these rosters are no longer active, but Team Envy is still active in the following esports games.


Team Envy VALORANT was founded in 2020, where the first roster joined in July. They included aKis, c4Lypso, FNS, kaboose, mummAy (currently on bench). In September aKis, kaboose, and c4Lypso were replaced by victor and crashies, yay, and Marved (on loan). Some of their significant achievements are highlighted below:

Date Event Placement Winning
August 2021 VCT 2021: North America Stage 3 Challengers Playoffs 3rd $15,000
May 2021 VCT 2021: North America Stage 2 Challengers Finals 4th $10,000
March 2021 VCT 2021: North America Stage 1 Masters 4th $15,000
February 2021 VCT 2021: North America Stage 1 Challengers 2 1st $20,000
December 2020 First Strike North America 3rd-4th $12,500

Best betting site for VALORANT betting: GG.Bet


Team Envy ventured into Halo in 2015, and the first roster featured Heinz, APG, iGotUr Pistola, and Mikwen. They did have any major winnings in 2015, but their breakthrough came in 2016 when they finished in 3rd position at the NA HCS Pro League-2016 Summer Finals. Later that year, they were crowned the champions of HCS Las Vegas 2016.

In December 2016, they won their second championship during the NA HCS Pro League-2016 Fall Finals. Their progressive success saw them win their third championship at HCS Daytona 2017. However, the Halo roster was released in 2018, and it was not until October 2020 when Team Envy announced that they would be reliving their Halo squad. The roster featured some veteran players such as iGotUrPistola, Saiyan, TriPPPeY, aPG, and Swift Kill as the coach. Check out some of their incredible achievements;

Date Event Placement Winning
April 2018 Halo World Championship 2018 3rd $100,000
September 2017 HCS Pro League NA Fall 2017 Regular Season 1st $10,000
July 2017 Dreamhack Atlanta 2017 (Halo 5) 3rd $25,000
March 2017 Halo World Championship 2017 2nd $200,000
December 2016 HCS Pro League NA Fall 2016 Season Finals 1st $75,000
July 2016 HSC Pro League NA Summer 2016 Season Finals 1st $25,000

Best betting site for Halo 5 betting: Rivalry

Team Envy Halo 5: Guardian Active Roster

Rocket League

Team Envy joined Rocket League after acquiring the Northern Gaming roster in 2017. The organization released its roster in 2018 but later returned in 2020 after their Vanguard acquisition. Other players, including Allushin, mist, furane, and Atomic, joined in the same year, but most have since left. Currently, the active players include Atomic, mist, Turbopolsa, and Plip. Here is an overview of their major wins.

Date Event Placement Winning
June 2021 RLCS Season X-North American Championship 3-4th $52.000
April 2021 RLCS Season X-Spring: Lamborghini Open-NA Regional Event 3 1st $30,000
December 2020 RLCS Season X-Winter: NA Regional Event 2 1st $30,000
November 2020 RLCS Season x-Winter: NA Regional Event 1 1st $30,000
October 2020 RLCS Season X: Fall: NA Regional Event 3 1st $30,000

Best betting site for Rocket League betting: bet365

Best Team Envy Esports Betting Sites

Team Envy competes in several esports games, which offers bettors numerous betting markets. The best Team Envy betting sites have competitive odds for ongoing and upcoming matches. Our top esports bookmakers choice includes Rivalry, Bet365, and GG.Bet. These websites have diverse market ranges for both minor and major Team Envy tournaments. Thus, they are recommendable for VALORANT betting, Halo 5 betting, Rocket League betting, and more.


This is among the most popular esports betting sites that provide players with access to a wide range of esports titles and betting markets. Rivalry is a recommendable site for CSGO betting, Rocket League betting, FIFA betting, Rainbow 6 betting, and more. The simple website design makes it easy to find great deals for upcoming and live matches. This platform not only has an intuitive interface, but it is also beginner-friendly since you can place wagers for as little as $0.50. Some of the best markets available include match winner, map winner, milestone bets such as first map, first kill, and first-round bets. For veteran bettors, parlays bets are also available.

Bonus Other Offers
100% deposit bonus up to $100
  • 24/7 live chat support
  • Tons of payment methods
  • User-friendly UI and mobile compatible site


Bet365 offers both sports betting and esports betting options. It is a recommendable platform for Dota 2 betting, Overwatch betting, King of Glory betting, and more. Bet365 Esports also supports pre-match, outright, and live esports betting. Compared to other esports bookmakers, their odds are competitive regardless of the tournament you bet on. Their customer support personnel are friendly and available 24/7.

Bonus Other Offers
Up to $100 in bet credit
  • Covers major esports titles
  • Competitive odds
  • Diverse payment methods


The GG.Bet website is dedicated to esports betting, and all major games and markets are available. The platform is popular for LoL betting, Hearthstone betting, Heroes of the Storm betting, Starcraft 2 betting, and more. The Esports bookie has various esports markets depending on the match and includes match-winner, overall winner, round winner, first map, first blood, live betting, parlays, and hedge.

Bonus Other Offers
Exclusive bonuses and individual offers
  • Wide variety of payment methods
  • Fast cashout
  • Live esports betting

Tips for Team Envy Esports Betting

From our discussion above, it is clear that there are numerous Team Envy betting options for VALORANT, Halo, and Rocket League esports titles. As a beginner, we would highly advise you to go through the betting tips highlighted below. These tips also work for veteran players.

Set Your Budget

Before you start with Team Envy betting, it is always advisable to have a set budget and be clear on how much you are willing to spend. It is really important only to deposit amounts you are comfortable losing since some wagers will go to bets that will likely not win. Accepting this fact makes it easy to walk away when you lose, and you won’t be tempted to chase your losses. Having a fixed budget will help shift your focus from winning or losing to paying attention to the bets you are placing and identifying other promising opportunities.

Watch Esports Streams

Watching Previous Team Envy matches is a great way to familiarize yourself with the team and see which esports games they are good at and have better betting opportunities. This is also another way to get to know individual players and their contributions to the team’s overall performance. During a live stream, the live chat option is usually active, and reading other people’s comments can give you an idea of what others think about the performance of a team and the current state of the roster.

Select the Best Team Envy Betting Site

The esports betting site that you choose plays a crucial role in your overall gambling experience. The best Team Envy esports bookies offer a diverse range of eSports titles and, most importantly, the games in which Team Envy is active. These esports games include VALORANT, Halo 5, and Rocket League.

Other factors to look out for in an esports bookmaker include a wide range of betting markets, competitive odds, a variety of baking options, reliable customer support, a licence from recognizable regulation bodies. To save you the hustle, we have provided you with a list of established Team Envy esports betting sites, including Rivalry, bet365, GG.Bet, Arcanebet, and BetDSI.

Take Advantage of the Available Bonuses

The Team Envy esports sites recommended on this page offer impressive esports bonuses for new players and promotional offers for ongoing players. The additional funds go a long way to boost your bankroll and allow you to play for longer, increasing your chances of winning. Before claiming the offer, be sure to read and understand the attached terms and conditions.

Compare the Betting Markets

Depending on the esports game you are looking to wager on, it is important to compare the available betting markets on various esports bookies. This allows you to settle for the wagers that are more likely to win. The most common esports markets which are recommendable for beginners include match-winner, round winner, and overall winner. Other betting markets include outright/future bets, handicap bets, over/under wagers, odd/even bets, handicap, and hedge bets. While there is a variety of betting markets, it is always good to only consider markets that you understand.

Team Envy History Overview

Team Envy is a global esports franchise operated and owned by Envy Gaming. The organization was founded in November 2007 and is based in Dallas, United States. They started as a Call of Duty team. Still, They diversified into other esports fields, including Counter-Strike, Halo 5, League of Legends, Rocket League, FIFA, Overwatch, Super Smash Bros, and StarCraft, just to mention a few. They have been on and off in most of these games, but currently, they have active rosters in VALORANT, Halo 5, and Rocket League.

Team Envy has had successful seasons and unbelievable achievements in various esports fields. For starters, they are recognized as one of the most winning esports organizations of all time in Call of Duty and Counter-Strike esports competition. It is also the first North American esports franchise to be crowned Overwatch Champions in Korea. Team Envy also holds a Guinness World Record of the only team to have the longest winning streak in Overwatch.

Team Envy Winnings

Based on Esports Earnings statistics, Team Envy have earned $7,066,527 from 403 tournaments. Their top earners being CS:GO ($2,170,613), Call of Duty ($2,134,911), Halo (556,000), and Overwatch (504, 391).

Esports Betting Pro: Our Verdict

Team Envy has had impeccable accomplishments in the esports industry and is still growing strong. Since 2017, the organization has ventured into more than ten esports games, and they have won championships in Overwatch, CS:GO, and Call of Duty. Currently, their rosters are only active in Halo 5, VALORANT, and Rocket League. If you are looking to bet on an upcoming Team Envy tournament, we have highlighted the best esports sites for you. These include Rivalry, bet365, GG.Bet, Arcanebet, and BetDSI.

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Team Envy Betting FAQs

Our top five recommendable Team Envy esports betting sites include Rivalry, bet365, and GG.Bet. Here you will find the best odds and diverse esports betting market.

Absolutely! When you sign up at any of the esports betting sites listed above, you can bet on live Team Envy’s esports tournaments. You are guaranteed reasonable live odds that don’t vary as much as pre-match odds at these platforms.

Currently, Team Envy has active esports teams in VALORANT, Halo 5, and Rocket League.

Yes. Sign up at your favourite esports bookmaker and fund your account to win real money.

Based on their overall tournament winnings, Team Envy is worth at least $7 million.

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