Rainbow Six Siege is an FPS game that has garnered international fame and recognition, especially in the world of esports. Esports games have evolved quite a lot over the years and R6 Siege is unique compared to the rest, vehemently standing the test of time. Many esports countries have fielded teams that compete in it. In this guide, we’ll be looking at what the Operators within the game are and which are currently the most popular.

Who are the R6 Operators?

Operators are in-game characters that players choose to play in matches. They are divided into two main categories – Attackers and Defenders. Attackers specialize in offensive weaponry and abilities. Defenders are used for defense and wield powerful defensive capabilities.

The role of the attackers is to either save and extract hostages, find and defuse bombs, or find and secure an area containing the biohazard container, depending on the game mode. The defenders’ role is to prevent all of that from happening.

Each operator wields a couple of primary and secondary weapons as well as a unique gadget and various equipment. Every operator has specific gameplay requirements and fills a certain role within a team.

Lastly, there are a total of 19 unique roles that the operators fill (there are multiple operators per role as each operator belongs to a maximum of 5 roles). But that’s a topic for another time; for now, here are the most popular and best R6 operators.

This guide will list the 10 best operators per category (20 total operators, no particular order). Keep in mind that the current ‘meta’ may change due to the game receiving constant updates. We will update this article frequently to reflect that.


Sledge (S-Tier)

Sledge is an OG operator having been present in the game since the game’s release. Sledge’s unique gadget is exceptional when it comes to breaching, being able to make entrances by destroying walls.

As for his weapon arsenal, Sledge players can choose between an excellent assault rifle or a 12-gauge shotgun as primary weapons, and a 9mm handgun as a secondary. He comes equipped with 2 frag grenades and 3 stun grenades, making him a very popular pick among beginners and pro players.

Maverick (S-Tier)

If Thatcher ends up banned, Maverick is there to pick up the slack. Maverick fits 4 primary roles with those being Disable, Back Line, Flank, and Hard Breach. What this means is that he’s a great pick for countering Kaid claws and Bandit batteries, as well as various reinforcements.

However, he’s not an easy operator to play and requires plenty of practice and experience, making him an essential operator in esports tournaments. He comes with either the M4 or AR-15.50 assault rifles, and a .45 calibre pistol. Additionally, his use of claymore mines and frag grenades make him a difficult operator to take down but he’s also vulnerable to sustained bursts.

Thatcher (S-Tier)

Thatcher is essentially a support operator filling the Back Line and Disable roles. He’s an incredibly popular pick nowadays and is either banned or picked in matches. Another OG operator, Thatcher’s arsenal is impressive and versatile.

He can use the EMP Grenade that disables virtually all enemy electronics in a set radius – even through hard surfaces such as walls. Additionally, this ability can be used to disable enemy cameras for 10 seconds. Players can choose between two assault rifles and a 12-gauge as their primary weapons and a 9mm as their secondary. Thatcher also sports 3 breach charges for clearing a path through walls, barricades or floors, and a single claymore mine.

Ace (S-Tier)

Ace is another Hard Breacher; a role that is vital in Rainbow Six Siege, but he is also a Front-Line operator, meaning he can both take and dish out plenty of damage. His unique gadget, the S.E.L.M.A. Aqua Breacher, is used to demolish reinforced and breakable surfaces.

On top of that, Ace players can use one of two primary weapons – either the AK-12 medium-range assault rifle or the M1014, a semi-automatic shotgun. The P9 is Ace’s secondary weapon but he also carries 3 breach charges and one claymore anti-personnel mine. Thanks to his versatility and in-game strengths, Ace can often be seen picked up by pro teams.

Zofia (S-Tier)

Zofia is a handful for any enemy team, being skilled in five different roles – Anti-Roam, Crowd Control, Disable, Flank, and Soft Breach. Her skill set is filled with abilities that allow her to decimate enemy squads. Her main ability, the KS79 Lifeline, is a weapon that impairs enemy hearing and causes a dizzying effect that makes them vulnerable to enemy fire.

And, although the M762 (Zofia’s primary assault rifle) is not as good as it once was, the alternative LMG-E has become a staple choice in Rainbow Six Siege. Zofia also uses a 9mm semi-automatic pistol, 3 breach charges, and a claymore to round off her arsenal.

Ash (S-Tier)

Ash can fulfill a variety of roles including those of the Entry Fragger, Flank, Disable, and Soft Breach. This is possible thanks to her flexible assortment of weapons, one of the few operators who can wield one of two different secondary weapons.

Her main virtue is the usage of the M120 CREM grenade launcher that can breach virtually any type of surface and structure. Ash has two assault rifles at her disposal, with the R4-C being the preferred option due to its customizability and usage in medium to long-range combat. Players can pick between two pistols – the 5.7 USG and the M45 MEUSOC, and she also has 3 breach charges and a claymore mine at her disposal.

Flores (A-Tier)

Flores is an exceptional pick in the current R6 operators’ meta thanks to his unique gadget ability. He can use the RCE – Ratero Charge – to destroy enemy gadgets and soft surfaces. The player controls the RTE RC vehicle bomb and activates it once it reaches its goal.

As for weapons, Flores uses two rifles – The SR-25 semi-automatic rifle (highly customizable), and the AR33, a very popular gun in medium-range situations. He also comes equipped with a claymore mine and three stun grenades. The secondary weapon comes in the form of the GSh-18; a 9mm semi-automatic pistol for precision shooting thanks to its low recoil.

Osa (A-Tier)

Osa is an Anti-Roam, Area Denial, and Intel Gatherer type of operator whose main attribute is the incredible Talon-8 Clear Shield. With this shield, the Osa can easily keep herself protected while on the prowl, but it can also be deployed to certain surfaces such as window frames and floors.

Her primary weapons pack a punch as well, with players being given the choice between the 556xi short-range assault rifle or the PDW9 – a submachine gun. Osa also carries a PMM 9mm pistol, 2 smoke grenades, and a claymore mine.

Hibana (A-Tier)

Although Hibana isn’t considered an S-Tier operator, she is an excellent choice in situations where the team requires a consistent damage dealer and a couple of support abilities. She is a fast and powerful operator, relying on her X-KAIROS explosive pellet launcher for breaching reinforced walls from a distance.

She also comes equipped with an assault rifle (Type-89) and a 12-gauge pump-action shotgun (SuperNova). Another operator with two secondary firearms, players can either go for the P229 or the Bearing 9, a close-range submachine gun. As for equipment, Hibana has 3 breach charges and 3 stun grenades.

Thermite (A-Tier)

Thermite is an oldie but a goldie, having been released in the original operator pack when the game came out. He is best known for his unique gadget; the Brimstone BC-3 rolling mat. Yep, that’s right, Thermite brings out the ‘welcome mat’ that is remotely detonated and can destroy reinforced walls.

He also sports a semi-automatic shotgun and a short-range assault rifle which makes him an exceptional choice for close-combat situations. Players can also choose one of two pistols (the 5.7 USG or the M45 MEUSOC) and use smoke and stun grenades when the situation calls for it (2 and 3 grenades, respectively).


Maestro (S-Tier)

Maestro is the first defensive operator on our list and, although not essential, can be an incredibly powerful support option. His main ability is the ‘Evil Eye’, a remote-controlled camera turret. The camera can see through smoke and is impervious to bullets or melee attacks – provided the laser isn’t being used. It is only vulnerable when firing the laser.

The ALDA 5.56 is a very strong machine gun, but it makes Maestro feel sluggish due to its weight. Alternatively, Maestro players can choose the ACS12 12-gauge shotgun. His most impressive weapon is definitely the Bailiff 410; a mini-shotgun secondary weapon. Lastly, Maestro carries 2 barbed wires and 2 impact grenades.

Mozzie (S-Tier)

Mozzie’s primary focus in games is gathering intel and preventing the enemy from doing the same. She is also used for securing certain map areas thanks to her barber wire + remote C4 explosive combination of equipment.

Mozzie’s unique gadget is the ‘Pest Launcher’; a weapon that launches autonomous bots that hijack enemy drones. Additionally, Mozzie carries either the Commando 9 (a 9mm assault rifle) or the P10 RONI, an incredibly strong fully automatic pistol, converted into a carbine. Mozzie’s secondary weapon, the SDP 9mm, is useful as well. Overall, she is a crucial component of any defending team.

Smoke (S-Tier)

Smoke is one of the original operators released with the Rainbow Six Siege game. And, since then, he’s been a relentless defensive force, often picked in both pro play and casual. His main gadget is Compound Z8, a remote toxic gas grenade. It lasts for 10 seconds and is detonated remotely, meaning Smoke can easily incapacitate the enemy team’s advance.

Additionally, the M590A1 is often considered the best shotgun in the game, and both of his secondary weapons are powerful as well. Smoke also carries 2 barbed wires and a deployable shield which comes in handy in narrow corridors where Smoke can defend for a very long time.

Valkyrie (S-Tier)

Valkyrie used to have a deployable shield (the same as Smoke) but it was deemed too powerful, so her kit nowadays comes with 2 impact grenades. She also carries one C4 explosive. Her primary roles are Intel-Gatherer and Roam; her main mission in games is to gather as much intel as possible. This is done through the use of the Gyro Cam MK2 (of which she carries 3).

The Gyro Cam can be attached to any surface, and it provides a live video feed to every operator on her team. She also carries three weapons; the two primary guns are the MPX (9mm submachine gun) and the SPAS-12 12-gauge semi-automatic shotgun. Her secondary gun is the D-50, essentially a variant of the Desert Eagle.

Kaid (S-Tier)

Kaid is a tough target to take down due to his high health and excellent firepower. He can either wield the AUG A3 or the TCSG12 – both strong choices. His secondary weapons are also powerful, coming in the form of the .44 Mag Semi-Auto pistol with a low-powered scope, and the LFP586 .357 Magnum revolver.

Kaid also carries 2 barbed wires and a C4 explosive, but his main ability is what gives him the edge as an Anti-Hard-Breach operator. His gadget, the Rtila Electroclaw, is capable of electrifying metal surfaces such as reinforced walls, deployable shields, and barbed wire within a 0.75 metre radius.

Mira (S-Tier)

Mira is an Intel Gatherer but also an Anchor and Secure type of Operator. Her Black Mirror unique gadget is incredibly useful thanks to it being a one-way mirror that can be placed on reinforcable and breakable walls. Additionally, Mira can eject the mirror, enabling fellow operators to spew bullets through the hole.

She carries the Vector .45 ACP submachine gun and the ITA12L pump-action 12-gauge shotgun. And, thanks to her assortment of secondary weapons (semi-auto pistol and a compact variant of the ITA12L shotgun), players can make versatile loadouts for most situations. Lastly, Mira’s equipment comes in the form of a C4 explosive and 2 proximity alarms.

Pulse (S-Tier)

Pulse’s main objective in matches is to gather intel on the enemy operators by using his HB-5 Cardiac Sensor. This unique device lets him keep tabs on enemies, even through walls. Pulse’s main armament focuses on close and medium range; the UMP45 submachine gun is well-known to all, and the M1014 semi-automatic shotgun makes him a lethal opponent.

Pulse players can select one of two secondary weapons – the 5.7 USG semi-auto pistol or the M45 MEUSOC that we already mentioned for previous operators. His equipment loadout is strong as well – 2 barbed wires and a C4 explosive. Pulse’s Cardiac Sensor is virtually impossible to block which makes him a prime operator in competitive matches.

Mute (S-Tier)

Following the update to Mute’s Signal Disruptor in March 2021, he has become a staple choice in competitive and casual gameplay. The GC90 Signal Disruptor is capable of completely shutting down enemy intel and communication due to blocking remote detonation and jamming comms. It has a range of 2.25 metres making it perfect against intel-heavy matchups.

Additionally, Mute carries either the M590A1 12-gauge shotgun or the MP5K submachine gun that are lethal at close range. Mute also has two secondary weapon options to him – a 9mm handgun or the SMG-11 submachine gun. Lastly, the C4 explosive and bulletproof camera round off his entire kit.

Jäger (A-Tier)

Jäger has been a constant threat in competitive play since his release (in the original R6S game release) but the most recent change to his unique gadget has propelled him to the top. The ADS-MK IV mountable grenade launcher has infinite charges, albeit with a relatively long cooldown. This gadget has an additional 4 surveillance cameras for precise targeting of enemy equipment within a range of 5 metres.

Jäger can carry one of two primary weapons in the form of the M870 12-gauge shotgun and the 416-C Carbine. The only secondary weapon he wields is the P12 semi-automatic pistol. Lastly, Jäger comes equipped with 2 barbed wires and a bulletproof camera.

Lesion (A-Tier)

And lastly, we have Lesion. Lesion fulfills a multitude of roles including Anchor, Intel-Gatherer, Crowd Control, Roam, and Trap. He is a very versatile and flexible operator thanks to his complete loadout. Players can use either the SIX12 D 12-gauge shotgun with a stealth suppressor or the T-5 SMG.

His main strength comes from the unique gadget – Gu Mine. Lesion carries 8 Gu Mines that inject opponents with toxins, causing damage and reducing their speed. On top of that, he carries the Q-929 semi-automatic pistol, 2 impact grenades, and a bulletproof camera.

How to Unlock Operators?

If you’re just starting out, the first 9 operators will already be available to you. The rest are locked but you can unlock them by using renown or R6 credits.

Renown is earned by playing games, fulfilling challenges, and winning matches. R6 credits are acquired by spending real money. It’s up to you to choose which path you’ll go down but keep in mind some operators cost more to unlock than others.

Players can expect to earn between 150 and 450+ renown per match, depending on whether or not they’re playing ranked and if they have battle boosts activated. Operators usually cost between 5,000 or less and 25,000 for new operator releases.

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R6 Operators FAQs

Each new player receives 9 free operators that they can start playing with. Otherwise, you will only be able to unlock operators by playing the game (and earning ‘renown’) or by purchasing R6 credits that cost real money.

Each calendar year is divided into 4 seasons, each season contains 3 months, and with every season come two new operators. Essentially, you can expect new operators to come out every three months.

There is currently no way to refund purchased operators in Rainbow Six Siege. You can, however, refund in-game purchases (including operator packs) but ONLY if you haven’t activated or launched them. This will be available for 14 days after your purchase, following which it will be impossible to refund the purchase.

Although the game receives large updates every 3 months (due to new seasons being introduced in this timeframe), there may be certain quick fixes throughout those 3 months. However, the operators themselves don’t receive updates quite often as the game is relatively well-balanced.

Yes, Rainbow Six Siege betting is possible and if you use certain betting operators, you may receive specific betting bonuses to help out. If you do plan on betting, make sure to watch live streams of tournaments to get a better idea of how the game is played in a professional environment.

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