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starcraft 2 in game screenshotStarcraft is one of Blizzard Entertainment’s most successful franchises. The first installment of this game was released back in 1998, and conquered the RTS fan base not long thereafter. The game had massive popularity across Korea. Although the game was played worldwide, it’s not a coincidence that Koreans are the most successful eSports players of this game. In this article you will find out more about betting the competitive eSports of the game.

Starcraft II was launched in 2010, 12 years after its initial release. It was long overdue and many fans rejoiced. The second Starcraft game gave new life to this franchise and the RTS genre overall. The latest release starting spawning various high prize tournaments, slowly but surely rising on the eSports market.

Today, Starcraft II ranks among the top eSports titles and there a lot of different betting sites with odds and betting markets for SC2 tournaments and leagues. The new expansion, Legacy of the Void, released in November 2015, showed that Blizzard is keen on sustaining the life of this franchise.

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StarCraft II Bets and Bookmakers

Altough SC2 is still one of the most played esports games and especially in Asia extremly popular. Therefore it is no big suprise that all esports betting sites offer bets for the biggest SC2 tournaments and leagues.

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Upcoming & Ongoing Tournaments with betting tips

  • IEM 2018 – SC2 World Championship ($400,000) | 02/26/2018 – 03/04/2018
  • World Electronic Sports Games 2017 ($400,000) | 03/01/2018 – ??/??/2018
  • 2018 WCS Austin ($101,000) | 06/01/2018 – 06/03/2018
  • 2018 WCS Valencia ($101,000) | 06/12/2018 – 06/14/2018
  • 2018 WCS Montreal ($101,000) | 09/07/2018 – 09/09/2018

Overview Current Starcraft Bets and Odds

SC – KSL Season 2

Sharp 3.50 Soulkey 1.28

SCII – Ting Open

TeaJa 1.25 Zanster 3.75
Creator 3.50 Cure 1.28

Start Times shown in: GMT or GMT +1 during Summer Time
Betting Odds presented by bet365. The listed odds are intended as a guide only and are subject to change. Please check current Starcraft 2 odds on the bet365 website before placing any bets. Read more about esports betting at Bet365

Bookmakers and Betting Sites for StarCraft II

All four of the bookies we reviewed (Pinnacle Sports, egamingbets bet-at-home and Bet365) offer bets for SC II leagues and tournaments. As far as we know, no other website that offers SC II bets has a valid betting license and these were therefore not considered in our bookie review.

When reviewing the SC II bookies we checked the the following criteria:

  • Do they offer Bonuses and Promotions
  • Do they have a valid Betting license
  • How good are the offered odds
  • Are there enough options for the depositing and withdrawal of money
  • Do they have a reachable customer support

While egaming bets is quit young Pinnacle Sports and Bet365 are some of the biggest betting sites on the web. While egamingbets is focusing on eSports betting only Bet365 and Pinnacle Sports are offering lines and odds for all the “conventional” sports too. While Bet365 is hiding the Starcraft 2 betting programm a little too well in their menu, Pinnacle Sports has built an eSports Hub where you can view all the current Starcraft 2 leagues the betting site is having lines for.

While Pinnacle Sports is having the best odds for most of the SC2 matches, Bet365 and egamingbets are having welcome bonuses and special promotions for their players. You can find our more about all these in our betting sites review section.

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How is Starcraft 2 played?

Starcraft II is an RTS game, and everyone with knowledge of the core mechanics of RTS games, should have a grasp of the SC II basics. The objective of the game is to destroy the enemy base, consisting of various key buildings and units.

The base elements of Starcraft II involve building your base – first and foremost. You start every match by slowly developing, by constructing essential buildings and putting resource gatherings units into play. Your resources are essential to your progress, which is why you should always have a healthy upkeep.

Once you’ve established your base, you can think of assaulting your enemy by chipping away at his resources or establishing a full on assault. To do this, you need to train combat units. The combat units have massive variety. They all differ in terms of damage, defenses and each unit has a different purpose. Most units counter specific enemy units, which is why you should have a clear strategy in mind against your opponent. Naturally, they can be upgraded over time.

Lastly, the key characteristic of Starcraft II is that the majority of your units have special abilities. This is why the barrier of entry to playing this game is quite high, and the skill ceiling is massive. Micro managing your small army requires high play speed and plenty of practice, in order to maximize their effectiveness.

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Past Starcraft 2 Tournaments

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