Gamdom Quick Facts

Betting Options Esports, Casino, Sportsbook
Support Live Chat, Mail
Owner Smein Hosting N.V.
Founded 2016
Headquarters Willemstad, Curacao
License Curaçao License
Languages Offered: [LANG] [LANG] [LANG] [LANG] [LANG] [LANG]
Games Available: [GAME] [GAME] [GAME] [GAME] [GAME] [GAME]
Deposit Methods
Withdrawal Methods
  • Easy to manage around the sites
  • Daily “Rain Drops” or free money drops
  • Wide range of betting markets
  • Easy to sign up for an account
  • Relatively new operator for betting
  • Restricted for players based in the US & UK
  • Easy to manage around the sites
  • Daily “Rain Drops” or free money drops
  • Wide range of betting markets
  • Easy to sign up for an account
  • Relatively new operator for betting
  • Restricted for players based in the US & UK

Summary 4.5/5

Gamdom is an up-and-coming operator in the world of esports betting. However, they are taking things one step further as they provide you with various gambling options such as slots, crash, roulette, esports, and traditional sports betting. The website itself comes with a modern design, and it is available in English and 12 other languages.

Pre-Match Offer 5/5

The coverage here is insane. Some would say that Gamdom did not start like a simple skins gambling website. Alongside top esports tournaments, Gamdom is providing odds for the not-so-popular ones.

For instance, they are covering the most popular LoL leagues such as LCK, LEC, etc. On top of that, they are also providing betting opportunities for PCS, TCL, and various other low-tier events and leagues. When it comes to available games that you can bet on, here is a list of what is available:

Let’s go over one of the Dota 2 Riyadh Masters matches. There are 30+ betting markets for the upcoming PSG.LGD vs Nigma Galaxy bout. You can wager on literally anything including the first blood, team to slay the first Roshan, map winners, kill handicap, correct score and more.

If we compare the odds provided to us by Gamdom, we can clearly see that the margins they use do not differ from other popular esports betting sites as the odds are really close. The minimum amount of money you can wager on this match is $/€1 while the maximum bet amount is set to $/€13,000 which is excellent for high rollers.

At the time of writing, Gamdom is not offering outright odds. However, this type of betting is high in demand recently and we are positive that they will address this problem anytime now. When it comes to odds competitiveness, Gamdom is making things competitive as they are hanging in with the top operators like Betway, bet365, and GG.BET. If you compare the odds and the margins, you will not find much difference.

Betting Options

You will be glad to hear that Gamdom offers a wide range of matches that you can bet on. To make things even better, there are a lot of betting markets available that will certainly make things more interesting for punters. The overall pre-match section of the sites looks clean and stylish. Everything is just a couple of clicks away.

There are plenty of odds format to choose from. Alongside the most popular ones like decimal, fractional and American, you can also enjoy esports odds in Hong Kong, Malaysian, and Indonesian formats.

Gamdom Betting Options Screenshot

Let’s face it. We all like to see a lot of information provided to us by betting sites. This significantly reduces the amount of time you put in to research the teams, and find out more about their recent matches and placements. At the time of writing, the only information Gamdom provides us with is the exact start of the match, and teams winning chances in percentages.

Cashout & Bet Builder

You should not even consider joining a betting site that does not offer a cashout option to their customers. This basically means that you can get most of your winning before the match ends. Logically, all of this depends on the updated odds. If the chance of your team winning the match increase, so do the cash-out option. Right now, you can only use the full cashout option.

Gamdom tends to provide its customers with small bonuses such as odds boosters. If you place an accumulator bet, the site will reward you with additional odds depending on the number of selections you placed.

Gamdom Bet Builder

Other Betting Options

Esports betting is not the only thing that is available at Gamdom. There are also plenty of other betting options. Logically, top traditional sports, including soccer, tennis, basketball, and baseball are all covered in great depth.

On top of that, you can also find a lot of bets for boxing and MMA events. The reality is, that you will not enjoy as many betting markets as you would in the esports section of their site, but still, the coverage is great as the less popular matches are covered just like the most popular ones.

Gamdom Sports Betting Screenshot

Last but not least, traditional sports are also capped at around $/€13,000 for high rollers as this operator will not allow you to bet more than that per match.


If you ever tried skins gambling, then you must be familiar with the ‘crash’ game. Basically, every round, the multiplier will start to increase. However, suddenly it is going to crash. Customers will place their wagers and they will decide when do they want to withdraw their winnings.

This is a super fun game that can lead to massive profits. However, if you are not careful enough and the red strike starts, you can also lose your investment.

Gamdom Crash Screenshot


Is there really much to talk about in regards to roulette? Gamdom provides us with a nice looking layout. There are three sections of the game: red, black, and green. If you hit black or red, you will double your initial stake.

However, if you want to make things more interesting, and also more rewarding, you can start chasing 0 (green). By landing on green, you will win 13x your initial wager.

Gamdom Roulette Screenshot


Hilo is an interesting card game with a couple of simple rules. The main question is, will the next card be higher or lower? If you chose correctly, you will profit. Bear in mind that payout for every round depends on the card that has been drawn.

Gamdom put in place a neat looking Hilo game with varius other special bets designed for this card game.

Gamdom Hilo Screenshot


If we told you that Gamdom has a super slots/casino section of the side, you probably would not believe us. With 35 game providers you will never be bored if you stumble upon this section of their site.

They also seperated the trending games, new ones, and the ones that are customer-favored. All in all, the overlay itself is slick and easy to manage around.

Gamdom Slot Games Screenshot

Slots Battles

This is something that can’t be found on a lot of websites. Slots battles are geniunely fun and very entertaining. This is the way they work. Someone creates a battle for a particular slot. Players will join with a pre-determined stake.

Whoever wins the most money in certain amount of spins is winning it all. This is a great way to have fun with your friends or try to team up with someone and have fun.

Gamdom Slots Battles Screenshot

Registration Process 5/5

To be honest, Gamdom put in place one of the easiest registration processes on the market. The only information you need to provide them with is the username, password, and your email address. However, you can also opt-in to register via Steam or your Google account.

The entire process will not take a lot of your time. Personally, it took us around 2 minutes to set up an account. All in all, this is a user-friendly method of attracting new customers as most traditional bookmakers are really making it hard for newcomers to sign up and test things out.

Gamdom Registration Page Screenshot

Deposits and Withdrawal Options 4.5/5

When it comes to deposit and withdrawal options at Gamdom, you will be glad to hear that there is a big variety to choose from. There are three main sets of deposit methods, that being cryptocurrencies, bank deposits, and Gamdom gift cards.

Gamdom Payment Methods Screenshot

In total, there are four cryptocurrencies available on site, that being Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, and Litecoin. As for the bank deposits, you can use Ecopayz, Cards Through PayDo Wallet, or Neosurf Europe. Last but not least, the Gamdom gift cards can be bought through MasterCard, Visa, PayPal, Paysafecard, Google Pay, and Trustly.

Gamdom Gift Cards Screenshot

As for the withdrawals, you can only use the cryptocurrencies we already mentioned to withdraw the winning from your Gamdom account. Let’s talk fees. Most payment methods such as MasterCard, VISA, PayPal, or cryptocurrencies come with no fees attached. However, if you decide to use a deposit method like Cards Through PayDo Wallet or Neosurf, you will pay processing fees. Deposit limits have been put in place for most payment methods. A minimum amount of 0.00005 BTC can be deposited(approximately $1.5). Ethereum comes with a higher deposit minimum that is capped at 0.015 EHT or $23. The minimum deposit with Tether is $50 while Litecoin is set to 0.015 LTC which amounts to $1.

Moving on to more traditional payment methods. If you want to use Gamdom gift cards, or any other bank deposit option, you will have to deposit a minimum of $5 while the maximum amount of gift cards you can buy at once is $250. Bear in mind that Ecopayz’s maximum deposit is set to $500 per transaction.

Gamdom Wallet Screenshot

Given the fact that the only withdrawal options you have are different cryptocurrencies, it is logical that the withdrawals are instant. However, before withdrawing your funds, you will have to make at least one deposit and verify your profile, also known as KYC. The easiest method of providing Gamdom with your ID and other information is to send it directly to [email protected].

Bear in mind that the information you will have to provide them with revolves around the passport, ID, or driving license copy. On top of that, you will have to include a proof of address that can be found on the recent utility bill that is not older than three months.

Open Account Offer 3.5/5

At the time of writing, Gamdom put in place a single welcome bonus on their site. By using our referral code, you can claim 15% instant Rakeback for the next 7 days. Keep in mind that this is the only bonus on this site and there are no Gamdom casino bonuses available. However, there is a catch to this that you do not want to miss out on so bear with us.

Offer15% instant Rakeback for the first 7 days
Referral linkhttps://www.esports-betting.pro/bookmaker/gamdom/
Time to rollover(wager) bonusNo rollover needed
Excluded payment methodsNo excluded methods
Excluded countriesAruba, Austria, Bonaire, Curacao, French Guiana, French Polynesia, Germany, Guernsey, Gibraltar, Hungary, Isle of Man, Jersey, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Martinique, Reunion, Mayotte, Netherlands, United States, United Kingdom

Here is a step by step guide on how to claim your Gamdom code:

1. Once you have signed up for an account with Gamdom, navigate over to the “rewards” section of the site.

Gamdom Rewards Menu Screenshot

2. On the right side of the “rewards” section, you will find a “CLAIM BONUS” button.

Gamdom Welcome Offer Screenshot

3. Once you have pressed the button, a pop-up will appear and you will have to enter the Gamdom code in order to claim your bonus. Do not forget the fact that this promotion is only available for new customers.

*if you do not know what Rakeback is, Rakeback is basically a return on every bet you place. It does not matter if it wins or loses, you are getting part of your wager back immediately (15% in this case). The more you win, the higher the Rakeback you are getting back is going to be.

Sportsbook Promotions 4/5

The fact is, Gamdom is a unique operator that does not work like traditional bookmakers that will lure you in with insane welcome bonuses and various other promotions. Gamdom tends to reward the most loyal players and there are quite a few ways for them to do so.

We can split this article into three sections as there are three types of promotions available. Some can be listed as minor/daily ones, while the major/monthly ones come with massive prizes. Without further ado, let’s get straight into it.

1. Surprise

We can freely label this bonus as a daily one. Bear in mind that it applies to esports betting and Gamdom casino. This is how it works. If you wager a minimum of $15 in the last 24 hours, you are entitled to a surprise bonus that you must claim in the “rewards” section of the site.

Keep in mind that if the timer reaches zero, your surprise bonus will expire and you will not be able to claim it. The type of bonus you are going to get depends on the amount of money you wagered in those 24 hours.

Gamdom Surprise Bonus Screenshot

2. King of the Hill

This is yet another promotion that applies to both Gamdom casino and esports betting part of the site. Here are the rules of this promotion. You gain points by wagering money on Gamdom. For every wager you place, you get the same amount of points. However, slots and live casino will get you 25% of wagered money. Once the timer runs out, a total of $100,000 is shared amongst the players that accumulated the most points. Do not forget the fact that once the 1st place is overtaken, extra time is added to the timer, if the event timer is under 6 hours.

Gamdom King of the Hill Promotion Screenshot

3. Rain Drops

This is another great promotion that rewards active users on the site. Gamdom robot will appear every 8-12 minutes and hand out money to the eligible players. The amount of money that is handed out depends on the overall site activity.

Claiming rain drops is easy and these funds can be used for both Gamdom casino and wagering on esports. The process is fairly simple. You have to be online during the drop. The “CLAIM” button will appear, and afterward, Google-captcha will have to be solved. Once the rain ends, you will get your reward.

*these promotions are available at the time of writing and they could be changed or removed in the future.

VIP/Loyalty Service

Gamdom put in place a solid loyalty program for their customers. Everything is based on collecting points and leveling up. The higher the level you are, the better the rewards you are getting. This method applies to every aspect of this site, including Gamdom casino, sportsbook, roulette, etc.

Every player is automatically added to the loyalty service. However, it depends on the player itself on whether he’ll reach a particular stage, and how many special rewards is he going to get. Another important piece of information that you must know is that you can’t exchange these points for anything. They are purely used to provide benefits and special perks.

High rollers have a special place on Gamdom. If you become a member of the Royal Family, you are getting your own Royal Assistant. Alongside a new assistant, you are getting personalized rewards, exclusive free bets, and more.

Live Offer 4.5/5

Every title that we talked about in regards to pre-match betting is also available for live betting. There is no denying that League of Legends, Dota 2, and CS:GO are the most popular selections for live bets here. There is a decent amount of betting markets for live matches, especially for Counter-Strike where you can even place round handicap bets live. Not many operators will provide you with this option.

Gamdom Live Offer Screenshot

The maximum amount of money you can stake on live matches varies from $/€200 to $/€1000. However, for top tournaments and matches, this number will surely increase. Live streaming is available on site. The quality is solid and the screen is not that small so you can actually pay attention to what is happening without having to invest in glasses.

Security 5/5

First and foremost, it is super important to mention that Gamdom allows access to their provably fair system that will add an extra dose of trustworthiness between the customers and the site.

The site itself is owned by Smein Hosting N.V. Currently, they are holding a Curacao Gambling License that is relatively popular in the world of esports betting.

According to Gamdom’s privacy policy, they use administrative, technical, and physical measures to protect your personal information. Self-exclusion has been put in place at Gamdom. If you have problems with gambling, then this is something you should look for. By excluding yourself, you will not be able to deposit nor gamble, but you will be able to use chat and withdraw funds from your account.

Gamdom Self Exclusion Screenshot

A dedicated section for gambling addicts can be found at the bottom of the page. There are plenty of links that will get you the help you are looking for.

Service and Customer Support 4/5

There are two ways of reaching out to Gamdom customer support. The first option is to use their live chat which is available to use anywhere on the site. The second option is to reach out to them via email, which is a more practical method, at least according to our tests.

We tried reaching out to live chat a couple of times. We were in the queue for around 8 minutes before we were connected to an agent. Our queries were answered quickly and professionally.

Gamdom Customer Support Screenshot

Their email service is top-notch. Our queries have been answered in a matter of hours. Bear in mind that traditional sports usually take 24 hours to answer your email queries. Do not forget the fact that their service is only available in English.

The agent we talked with over the email was polite and professional. He answered all of our queries politely and guided us through everything we wanted to know about the site.

Gamdom dedicated a special part of their site to FAQ. There, they answered a total of 20 burning topics that will help out most newcomers to Gamdom. Answers for questions related to the Gamdom robot, free money, deposits, and affiliates can be found in Gamdom FAQ.

Customer ServiceDetailsDurationAvailabilityQuality
Live ChatBottom right corner of the page10 minutes24/74/5
Mail[email protected]150 minutes24/75/5

Design and Usability 4.5/5

The design itself is a mixture of classic and modern. The most important thing is that everything is located just a couple of clicks or touches away. Most important information is often found in boxes and it is eye-catching.

Overall, the site is easy to use and it is user-friendly. Deposit and withdrawals have their own dedicated sections. To make things even better, every betting/gambling option is separated so you can find what you are looking for with barely any effort. The website itself is translated into a lot of languages:

  • English
  • Polish
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Portuguese
  • Turkish
  • Japanese
  • Hindi
  • Swedish
  • Norwegian
  • Finnish
  • Pinoy

Mobile 5/5

Even though Gamdom does not have a mobile application, after testing things out, we came to a conclusion that they do not even need one. The Mobile version of the site is running smoothly, there are barely any input lags and the important information can be found straight away.

Other Products 4/5

Gamdom is doing wonders with their site design. They put in place a wonderful-looking chat featured that will allow customers to connect and share their winnings and experiences. This feature is also available in many languages.

The skins gambling section of the site is also up and running. You can enjoy roulette, crash, hilo. On top of that, slots battles are also available where you can play slots and other casino games against other players.

Summary 4.5/5

After concluding our Gamdom review, we came to a simple conclusion. This site will offer everything you are looking for. Alongside esports betting, you can also wager on traditional sports. To make things even better, you can use old-school skin gambling games to have fun around the site.

Slots battles against other players present a unique feature that will surely get you interested. The site itself looks modern and managing around is fast and easy. There are plenty of payment methods at your disposal including cryptocurrencies. Esports coverage is top-notch and there are plenty of tournaments and betting markets to choose from.

Overall, we would recommend Gamdom for both newcomers and experienced bettors. There are a lot of perks you can get if you start now with free money drops and daily surprises. On top of that, high rollers can join King of the Hill to win their share of $100,000 in prize money.

Esports Betting Cover

Gamdom FAQs

Alongside traditional sports, casino, vegas, and old-school skin gambling, Gamdom put in place a section dedicated to esports matches where you can wager on your favourite teams.

When signing up for an account with Gamdom, you do not have to fill out KYC process. You can start betting immediately. However, in order to withdraw your winnings, you will have to fill out the KYC verification.

A couple of years ago, Gamdom fully transitioned to real money (fiat) gambling. This means that you can win real money or withdraw your winnings via various cryptocurrencies that are accepted on the site.

Alongside cryptocurrencies(Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, Litecoin), you can also use traditional payment methods such as credit cards(VISA & MasterCard), PayPal, Paysafecard, Trustly, Ecopayz, and Neosurf.

Gamdom was established back in 2016. They are licensed and regulated by the Government of Curacao and this is where their headquarters are. All of this means that Gamdom is a legit company that will not scam you for your hard-earned winnings.

Mario has been involved into the esports scene ever since the first CS:GO tournament. His passion is betting on Dota 2, League of Legends, CS:GO and Valorant. He enjoys creating tournament previews and he found success with his tips and predictions.

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