Real Money Esports Betting 2021

Best Bookmakers for Esports Real Money Betting

Identifying the best real money betting site is the first step towards boosting your esports experience. Here is a list of the best sites for real money esports.


This is one of the most resourceful esports sites you’ll find. Pinnacle boasts a comprehensive selection of betting markets, handy esports betting guides, and an informative FAQs section. Visit Pinnacle if you’re looking to try your hand on all major and minor esports tournaments across a variety of niche esports titles.  Although Pinnacle does not offer any welcome bonus, they have made it up by offering the best value odds and dedicated betting markets on every tournament. This is a recommendable website for real money CS: GO betting, Dota 2, Overwatch, and Rocket League. Read more on our Pinnacle esports review.

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Unikrn esports has lived up to its reputation when it comes to hot esports news, vital statistics, and a rich variety of esports betting markets. This is an excellent platform for PUBG betting, Halo bets and StarCraft II betting.  What’s even better is their lucrative welcome bonus for new players where you get up to a 200% bonus on your first deposit. There are other offers that ongoing players can claim when you complete quests. Read our Unikrn esports review here.

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1xbet esports is a recommendable website for esports betting for real money since it offers an impressive range of esports markets open on major upcoming tournaments. Here, you can bet on Overwatch, Dota 2, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. If you prefer betting on League of Legends, there are several major leagues including LCS, LEC, LCK, and LPL that you can choose. New players are welcomed with a 100% bonus on the first deposit up to $100 while continuing players can claim the Super Accas bonus that can yield up to 200% cashback. Read our 1xbet esports review here.

Try Real Money Betting at 1xbet has a dedicated esports section that features several renowned esports titles such as CS: GO, FIFA, and Dota 2. If you prefer playing collectible card games, then you can bet on Hearthstone offered at Some of the bet types available include map betting, head-to-head markets, and overall tournament winner among others. When you create a new account, you are welcomed with a 50% welcome bonus and a 100% bonus when you use Bitcoin for your first deposit. Our review covers more on the available esports titles.

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What is eSports Betting?

Electronic sports betting is placing bets on competitive video gaming for different teams. Esports are mostly multiplayer-focused and can be played on a game console or a PC. Bettors use the viewer’s mode to follow the action and place bets.

For such games, you also have a chance to compete against one another whether online or offline via LAN connection. A match-making system is put in place to pit gamers with certain abilities against their match-up. Game balance and map layout among other competitive elements are featured to spice things up.


How to Choose the Best Site for Real Money Esports Betting

To help you narrow down to the best real money esports betting site, we have highlighted some of the factors you should consider when looking for esports bookmakers.



Even with a huge presence of scam online review sites, it pays to always give attention to a few that point in the right direction. It takes a good digging to assess the reputation of a betting site and make the right move.


Esports markets on offer

What good is an esports betting for real money site if it limits players to a few wagering options? Having a huge selection of esports markets is key to becoming a ruler in the esports betting arena. In addition to popular choices like LoL, Dota 2, and CS: GO, other options like Rocket League, Call of Duty, and Overwatch added in the mix make a sportsbook both eventful and accommodating.


Bonuses and promotions

Bonuses for esports are only picking their pace. Specific bonuses are so under-emphasized that most bettors often lose sight of them. But this fact shouldn’t underscore the importance of welcome and initial deposit esports bonuses and promotions especially now that big names in the gaming industry are venturing into esports. For sites with well-outlined esports welcome offers and promotions, you have a good opportunity to place free bets and keep a healthy bankroll.


Payment methods

The payment options on offer determine your overall experience when betting on esports. Instant deposits help you get started immediately while an esports payment method that offers swift withdrawals allows you to have your winnings on time.  Common payment methods for real money esports betting include Bitcoin, Credit Cards, Neteller, Entropay, Paypal and Skrill among others.


Customer support service

Any well-founded real money betting site has its customer service up the priority scale. Among other readily available resources, you want a stable customer support team that you can rely upon to effectively handle issues as they emerge. A platform with a live chat or phone call customer support is a better option. Also, check the languages supported.


Live betting

Esports is a fast-paced venture with live betting taking the center stage. As such, many esports betting sites are offering a wide selection of in-play wagering options accompanied by live streaming. Throughout the game, you get to keep a close eye on the action as it unfolds and make informed live esports betting decisions. Bookmakers such as Pinnacle and Betway  offer an impressive range of live esports games and markets.


Guide on How to Bet on eSports

Real money Esports betting is similar to traditional sports gambling. Many top sportsbooks now include odds and specials on esports events for players to choose from. Here is a guide on how to get started:

Practice First

With real money betting, real money is required which can be quite challenging if you are a beginner. However, there is a type of esports betting that does not require cash. This betting is known as skin betting where you bet using virtual skins and items in games such as CS: GO and Dota 2.  As a beginner, or if you are just looking to play for fun, skin betting is a great option to enhance your betting skills.

Another alternative to skin betting is fantasy esports. Although esports fantasy games are relatively new, they are slowly gaining popularity among players. Gameplay is easy since you just have to pick your preferred squad of players and stick with them throughout the esports event with the hope that they outperform the other players’ squad. LoL fantasy is one of the recommendable fantasy esports that gives you a chance to earn bytes and turn them into gift cards. You can also start with virtual sports to get a grasp of what sports betting is.


Get to know about esports betting

There is a risk involved with esports betting for real money and it is crucial to have an understanding of how to make money betting on esports by exploring the available markets and the types of bets available. While real money esports betting does not require you to be an expert in competitive video gaming, knowing the basics comes in handy.


Determine how much you are willing to risk

Just like any other form of betting, esports betting for real money involves the risk of losing money. This is why you need to have a budget of the amount you are willing to wager and always stick to it regardless of whether you are winning or losing. This will prevent you from chasing your losses where you could end up losing even more. It is also advisable to only wager amounts you are comfortable losing.


Esports Titles to Bet on

Esports events are among the most popular contests in the world and you can bet on esports games, matches, and tournaments. Here are our top recommendable games for esports betting.


This 5v5 military shooter game has been ruling the combat genre since 2012. CS: GO brings two teams of 5 gamers against each other in a terror and counter-terror action. While the game is popular for skin betting, there are several esports real money betting sites where you can bet on CS: GO tournaments such as Dreamhack Open and cs_summit. Read our guide to CSGO betting here.


Dota 2

Although known to be one of the video games with steep learning curves, this mobile battle arena sensation by Valve continues to keep online punters yearning for yet another chance. Dota 2 real money betting offers numerous bet options, especially for international tournaments.



FIFA is the biggest and by far the most successful of the video games franchise to date. While FIFA esports betting is not as popular as Dota 2 and CS: GO, there are several FIFA betting events that you can consider including E Premier League and FIFA e World Cup.


League of Legends

League of Legends aka LoL is one of the biggest esports on the planet and is among the most common games you can find. You can bet for real money on some of the major LOL esports – try LCK betting, LCS betting, LEC betting or LPL betting.


Call of Duty

This is an industry behemoth that you’ve probably already had your go at it if you’re a first-person shooter enthusiast. In terms of the fan base, Call of Duty betting still maintains a place in the heavy-hitters esports betting arena. CoD tournaments are held in North America and Europe, and they don’t have the same worldwide esports pull as LOL. However, you can take advantage of some of the biggest tournaments such as the Call of Duty World League.



Fortnite by Epic Games boasts the greatest watch time on Twitch. The continuous storytelling and plentiful updates keep the real money esports bettors restless for the next season. You can bet on Fortnite for real money on various events including Fortnite World Cup and Fortnite Champion Series.


Popular eSports Bets to Make

With many still under development, the first-moving esports betting now boasts plenty of online gambling action. Wagering options for esports are pretty similar to those of sports betting only that sometimes they refer to different actions or events and not regular sports matches. Below are some of the common esports bets that you can place at real money betting sites:


Also known as Straight Up, the Moneyline bet is a wager placed on the winning team. This type of bet is ideal for new players since you don’t need prior knowledge of the team and neither do you have to go through lots of statistics to make an informed decision. By just looking at the odds of each team you can easily tell who’s the favorite and who’s the underdog.


Top Player/MVP Bet

Some real money betting sites offer players a chance to bet on the outcome of a certain team member. For example the player with the most assists. These types of bets are suitable for punters who are more accustomed to the esports scene and who are familiar with the current shape of players on the team.


Most Kills

This is another esport wager that requires you to know the game’s mechanics. It is mostly linked to MOBA titles such as Dota 2 and League of Legends seeing that a team that wins may not necessarily be the one with the most number of kills.


Point Spread

You bet either ‘map spread’ i.e. the number of kills a team has on a specific map or ‘match bet’ (the number of maps a team wins).



This is where you bet on whether the total number of specific events of a match (i.e. player kills per match or goals scored in FIFA is over or under a total specified by the real money betting site.



These are wagers on the overall outcome of a match i.e. team B to win the Dota 2 International. They can also be on which team qualifies for a competition or progresses to a certain stage.



Ready to get into Esports betting for real money? As mentioned beforehand, first ensure you’re signed up with a genuine real money esports betting site, learn your way around the various sports, and put together a sound betting plan. While betting on esports does not require you to be an expert in competitive video gaming, having basic information will help you make an informed decision on the bets to place. Read more about esports betting tricks and tips in our Esports Betting Academy.



How does esports betting work?

Esports betting is as simple as regular sports betting. To get started you first identify your favorite esports betting site, learn the types of markets available then choose the most suitable to bet on. For real money esports betting, you need to create an account and make your initial deposit.


Is betting on esports illegal?

Esports betting regulations vary across jurisdictions but, on average, you’ll hardly get in any trouble for betting on esports or gambling online. However, check your betting practices are within the compliant bracket if you’re playing in countries where online gambling is highly regulated.


How do I choose the best esports betting site?

The best online website for esports betting for real money is that which is licensed by the necessary authorities, has numerous payment methods, offers a wide range of markets, and reasonable odds. Check our list of top real money esports betting sites featuring Pinnacle, Unikrn, and 1xbet.


What is in-play betting?

In-play or live betting is a feature provided by betting sites allowing you to bet on the available markets as the game progresses. Odds in this arrangement are updated live as the match happens.


What should I consider when betting on esports?

The most significant consideration is teams’ formation and their opponent match-up. Take into account any recent changes in the team’s roster as well as the chances of winning in comparison with the sportsbook’s odds.


Is esports betting profitable?

It can be profitable but, like any other form of gambling, you shouldn’t rely on real money esports betting as the only source of income. To increase your chances of winning, you need to have a good understanding of your preferred games, team formation, and individual players. A sound bankroll strategy also comes in handy.

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