LEC LoL 2021: The Experts’ Guide to EU LoL Esports

The League of Legends European Championship (LEC) is Europe's premier professional LoL league. Read our definitive guide to learn all you need to know about the upcoming 2021 season: LEC LoL teams, schedule, betting odds, casters and more. To read our detailed guide to LoL Betting click here. Feel welcome to see our guides to other esports tournaments too!


 How to Bet on the LEC LoL

While you might not get rich betting on League of Legends, supporting the LEC bracket is always a thrilling affair. Make sure to read our betting guide, as well as our reviews of betting operators, to get the full picture. Then, keep yourself informed with our LEC odds, tips and expert predictions.

If you have not yet taken the leap to put money down or your favourite team, here’s how it works:

  1. Find where to bet on the League of Legends European Championship right here on our site. Read our expert reviews to discover which betting operator is best for you.
  2. Register to your preferred betting site, being sure to scout the most lucrative welcome bonuses on offer. Always use your real name and address, since you will need to confirm everything in case you win!
  3. Select your preferred payment method and make a deposit that you are comfortable with. £10 or £20 should be enough to get you started betting. The good news here is that the best LEC LoL betting operators will often match your first bet. This means you’ll have double the amount on the line for the same price.
  4. Start your research. This can be a fairly time-consuming task if you let it, so be sure to top up your favourite beverage. Then, read our LoL betting guides to find the LEC schedule, bracket, teams and odds.
  5. Set a stake amount, place your bet, then relax and enjoy the match.

League of Legends EU Betting Guide

There are many important factors to consider when making bets online, whether on Esports or traditional sports. Here are some of the most important betting terms that you will find when wagering on Esports tournaments.


LoL LEC Betting Markets

A betting market is a specific category of bets, or a specific type of bet on a particular event. You can use betting markets to find various odds for the Esports event on which you want to bet. Bookmakers will usually offer numerous betting markets on a single event. Here are some of the betting markets you can wager on for LEC LoL tournament matches.

  • Outright Winner: This allows you to bet on who you think will win the League of LEgends European Championship (Spring Split or Summer Split).
  • Match Winner: For this bet, you wager on which team will win a particular LEC match.
  • Maps Handicap: A Maps Handicap attempts to level the playing field between two teams of different strength.
  • Maps Total: This bet refers to the total number of maps that may be contested during an LEC match. This typically takes the form of Over/Under odds (such 13/20 and 11/20), and you win the bet if you correctly predict how many LoL maps are contested.
  • First to 10 Champion Kills: This bet allows you to bet on which team you believe will be the first to kill ten of its opponent’s Champions.
  • First Blood: Similar to the above bet, this is a simple wager on which team will be the first to kill an opposing Champion.


LoL LEC Odds

Odds are a fairly common term in everyday life, and they are essentially the same thing in Esports betting. Bookmakers create odds to show the likelihood of various outcomes on a game or event. Odds also determine how much profit you can make when betting on a certain event with that operator.

One key element of LEC betting odds is that different sportsbooks often offer different odds for the same event. So always be sure to shop around and compare a few before deciding to bet with one operator.


LoL LEC Statistics

Understanding Esports statistics is vital to giving you the strongest betting portfolio possible. By studying LEC LoL stats, you will better understand the tendencies of different players and teams in various situations, which in turn helps you make more precise predictions.

  • Some important player statistics include: Kills-Deaths-Assists (KDA) ratio, Damage per Minute (DPM) and Gold Share percentage.
  • Some essential team statistics include: Gold difference at 15 minutes ([email protected]), Objective Control Rates (regarding Dragons, Barons, etc.) and First Blood Rate (FB%).


Betting with Cash Out

‘Cash out’ means that you can get money back on your bet before the event is over. This can be beneficial if you see a match is not unfolding like you thought it would.

The amount of cash back can be either more or less than your initial bet, depending on a number of factors. Typically, bookmakers offer the cash out option on live events. As the likelihood of winning changes, the cash out value will either increase, decrease or be removed entirely.


Betting with Handicap

As mentioned above, handicap betting (also known as ‘point betting’ or ‘line betting’ helps to even the playing field when two teams are unevenly matched. The sportsbook will give a wager advantage to the weaker team, and a disadvantage to the stronger one.


Boosted Odds

This betting term is fairly simple. It refers to when betting operators ‘boost’ the odds of a particular LEC betting market or event, which in turn yields ‘boosted’ returns. Be sure to always read the terms and conditions so you fully understand the nature of any boosted odds wager.


Where to Bet on the LEC

When it comes to making your bets on LEC LoL tournament events, it’s important to choose the right sportsbook.

We recommend that you always prioritise those bookmakers who have valid licenses, secure sites and fair odds. Always be on the lookout for generous welcome bonuses and loyalty programmes as well. These can help your wagers yield significantly greater returns over the long run.

To that effect, here are some of the top LoL Esports Live betting operators that we recommend. We have researched, vetted and reviewed each of them so that you can wager confidently and with peace of mind.


Betway is one of the premier websites for making bets on sports and Esports. They are based in Malta and licensed by the MGA and UKGC. Betway also offers a generous FreeBet club to enhance your wagers on more than 30 sports and six Esports, including LEC LoL. Read our full Betway esports review here. 

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Pixel Bet

Pixel.bet has quickly made a name for itself on the Esports betting scene. Pixel.bet provides a full sportsbook covering the top Esports games, including League of Legends, CSGO betting and Overwatch betting. Their site stands out for its sleek appearance and optimised user interface. Read our Pixel.bet review here. 

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bet365 has long reigned as one of the very best online betting sites available. Their website is simple and easy to use, with 24/7 customer support as a huge plus. They have an immense catalogue of bets available on more than 12 Esports, including LoL LEC, FIFA and StarCraft 2. Read our bet365 esports review here.

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Esports betting could not be easier at Unibet, established in 1997 and licensed by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission. They offer 24/7 customer support live chat, as well as competitive betting odds on numerous sports and Esports. As one of the oldest bookkeepers on the market, Unibet is a great place to start betting on the LEC. Read our Unibet esports review here.

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You’ll find some of the most lucrative promotions at BetOnline.ag, with a 50% deposit bonus on your first deposit. At BetOnline.ag, you can wager with very high pre-match odds on all the most popular Esports, as well as on TV shows and most major syndicated sports. Keep an eye out for their huge cryptocurrencies bonuses too! Read our Betonline.ag review here.

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To learn more about these or other popular Esports bookies, browse our full list of the best Esports betting sites.


LoL LEC Odds, Tips and Predictions

We will update this section with the latest 2021 LEC odds here once they are available. Stay tuned as well for our expert betting tips and tournament predictions.


What is LEC League of Legends?

The League of Legends European Championship (formerly the EU LCS) is the biggest league of its kind in Europe. The LEC is a melting pot of nationalities and cultures, with over 20 countries currently represented between ten teams. This diversity of players defines the European approach to playing the game.

In this guide, we’ve gathered the most important information about what’s in store for the 2021 LEC LoL season. Keep reading to learn more about the teams, schedule and casters, as well as the playoffs bracket and betting odds.


LoL LEC Tournament Format

The League of Legends European Championship divides its competitive seasons into two ‘Splits’ – Spring Split and Summer Split. Both Splits take place over the course of nine weeks, during which teams compete against each other in a round-robin tournament.

Each of the ten teams plays each other twice in a Best-of-One Map matchup. The top six teams qualify for the LEC LoL playoffs, with the top four playing in the winners’ bracket and the 5th and 6th playing in the losers’ bracket. Then, a final Best-of-Five showdown between the top two teams determines the tournament winner.

In addition to prize pool money, the winner of the Summer Split qualifies for the League of Legends World Championship. The team with the most LoL Championship Points, as well as the Winner of the Gauntlet Tournament, also qualify.


League History

The LEC is organised by Riot Games, the developer and publisher of League of Legends. The first LEC playoffs took place in 2013, in which eight teams competed. Fnatic (FNC), widely regarded as one of the best teams in the league, were the first grand champions with a final score of 22W-6L.

Later, in 2019, Riot Games modified the tourney format, allowing a total of ten teams to compete. All ten teams now play against each other in a live tournament at the Riot Games studio in Berlin, Germany.



LEC LoL Spring Split 2021

Coming into the new year, the world of EU LoL Esports is eager to see new talents and strategies. Let’s take a closer look at what we can expect from the next season of the LEC.


LoL LEC Prize Pool

For the upcoming season of professional LoL gameplay in the EU, the prize pool is €200,000 EUR. The winning teams stand to win €80,000 for 1st place, €50,000 for 2nd and €30,000 for 3rd. Then, the prize for LoL Championship Points is 90 for 1st, 70 for 2nd, and 50 for 3rd, respectively.

2x5 grid with logo and name of the ten teams in the League of Legends European Championship

LoL LEC Teams competing in the 2021 Spring Split

LoL LEC Teams 2021

Generally, LEC teams tend to prioritise laning, as well as mechanical ability. However, this has often come at the expense of synergy and team efficiency. The European pros tend to be more interested in honing their own game than working as a team. But there is an underlying cause for this disunity. Unlike the LCS and LCK, these European teams do not generally share one common native language.

It can be difficult to build a strong framework of communication and collaboration between five young people who do not share a mother tongue or culture. This may partly explain why both of the top LoL LEC teams, G2 Esports and Fnatic, failed to make the World Championship finals.

For many years, this league has been the domain of its top two teams, Fnatic and G2 Esports. Some experts predict that a new team will reign supreme in 2021, which will make this an exciting season for EULEC fans.

Here are all the LEC LoL teams that will compete in the next bracket.



Astralis is a Danish Esports organisation founded in 2016. In September 2020, they acquired the Spanish LoL team, Origen, rebranding them as Astralis. The Astralis group is best known for their CS:GO team, and they compete globally in FIFA as well.


Excel Esports

Though their strength lies primarily in Call of Duty, this British Esports group has played LoL in the LEC since 2018. Excel Esports also fields teams in Street Fighter V, Rocket League, Gears of War, FIFA and Hearthstone.


FC Schalke 04 Esports

The ‘FC’ references the fact that it is owned by the German football club of the same name. When it founded its LoL team in 2015, it became the fourth football club to do so. Though not yet championship material, FC Schalke 04 Esports performed a ‘miracle run’ in the LEC Summer Split, which has many fans excited for the 2021 season.



Fnatic is based in the UK, Australia and the Netherlands. Alongside G2 Esports, Fnatic has dominated as the other top team in LEC since its inception. In addition to LoL, Fnatic also fields professional gamers in CS:GO and Painkiller. They won the Esports Team of the Year Award in 2006 and 2009. Read more about Fnatic betting here.


G2 Esports

Also known as G2.Kinguin and formerly known as Gamers2, G2 Esports is a Spanish Esports organisation currently based in Berlin, Germany. G2 has won more championship titles than any other team in the LEC. In addition to LoL, G2 Esports also hosts squads in CS:GO, Rocket League, Rainbow Six and Hearthstone.


MAD Lions

For this Spanish Esports team, ‘Mad’ is short for Madrid, and ‘Lions’ references the famous Cybele tigers of that city. MAD Lions is a rookie team, established in 2017, but with promising prospects. MAD Lions won LoL Iberian Cup in 2018 and 2019, then placed 3rd in 2020.


Misfits Gaming

Misfits Gaming is an Esports group based in the UK. They are known primarily for their League of Legends franchise, which won 1st place in EU CS Summer 2016. They also made it to the 2017 LoL World Championship, but lost 2-3 in the quarterfinals. Misfits Gaming also manages Florida Mayhem and Florida Mutineers, in the USA.



Founded in May 2016, Rogue Esports is an American Esports organisation with two League of Legends squads. The main team plays in the LEC, and its academy team participates in Poland’s national league, the Ultraliga. Rogue placed 1st in the 2020 LoL LEC Summer tournament, and 3rd in the playoffs. This makes the franchise a real contender in the Spring Split.


SK Gaming

SK Gaming is a German Esports group, founded in 1997 under the moniker ‘Schroet Kommando’. It has since become one of the largest Esports organisations in the world. Despite being an established LEC franchise, SK Gaming is primarily for its world-leading CS:GO squadron.


Team Vitality

Team Vitality is a French Esports organisation, which entered the LEC as in 2015. In addition to LoL, they also compete in Counter-Strike, Rainbow Six, Hearthstone, Rocket League, Fortnite and Fifa.


LoL LEC Playoffs Results 2020

Of the ten teams that competed in 2020’s LEC Summer Split, six made it to the playoffs:

  • Rogue
  • Fnatic
  • G2 Esports
  • MAD Lions
  • SK Gaming
  • FC Schalke 04 Esports

Coming into this year’s LEC LoL finals, both G2 and Fnatic had nine titles apiece. This figure alone is mind-boggling, considering that the tournament has only been active since 2013.

In reality, it means that either Fnatic or G2 had won nearly every championship of the league’s history, except ALL in 2014, OG in 2015 and SPY in 2016.

To analyse the LEC 2020 Summer Split results, G2 retained its title as LoL EU champion when they rallied to defeat Fnatic in the final with a score of 3-0. As the runners-up, Fnatic played par for the course, performing only incrementally better than in previous seasons.

Finally, special mention goes to Rogue’s performance in the 2020 Summer Split. This nuanced team flipped the script of G2-Fnatic dominance, proving that they are one of the sharpest and most interesting teams in the league. MAD Lions, the rookies based in Madrid, and FC Schalke 04 both gave impressive runs as well.


Year Split Champion Runner-Up
2020 Spring G2 Esports Fnatic
Summer G2 Esports Fnatic
2019 Spring G2 Esports Fnatic
Summer G2 Esports Fnatic
2018 Spring Fnatic G2 Esports
Summer Fnatic Schalke 04
2017 Spring G2 Esports Unicorns of Love
Summer G2 Esports Misfits Gaming
2016 Spring G2 Esports Origen
Summer G2 Esports Splyce
2015 Spring Fnatic Unicorns of Love
Summer Fnatic Origen
2014 Spring Fnatic SK Gaming
Summer Alliance Fnatic
2013 Spring Fnatic Gambit Gaming
Summer Fnatic Lemondogs


LEC LoL Offseason Roster Moves

Some of the teams in European Championship have made minor, nuanced changes to their line-ups. But others have opted for promising new rosters, with strong up-and-coming players leading the charge. With these offseason roster changes, the ten LoL LEC teams are now much more closely matched in firepower.

Here’s a quick summary of the most important roster changes of the 2020 offseason:


This team has brought on Andrei ‘Odoamne‘ Pascu and Adrian ‘Trymbi‘ Trybus to their line-up. In exchange, they’ve let go of Finn ‘Finn‘ Wiestål and Oskar ‘Vander‘ Bogdan. This squad remains stacked with talent, and we are excited to see how they continue the momentum of LEC Summer Split 2020.



This team has promoted the Academy top laner, Tobiasz ‘Agresivoo‘ Ciba to the starting roster. They have also signed Vincent ‘Vetheo‘ Berrié as the replacement of LoL LEC veteran, Fabian ‘Febiven‘ Diepstraten. While not a premier line-up, the team at least has some solid veterans leading the charge in LEC Spring Split 2021.


Schalke 04

Often regarded as the de facto underdogs of the LEC, this LoL team has made some promising roster changes. They’ve brought on the top laner and champion, Sergen ‘BrokenBlade‘ Çelik, as well as Dino ‘Limit‘ Tot. While neither of these will make Schalke a perfect team, with Erberk ‘Gilius‘ Demir at the helm their performance may drastically improve.


G2 Esports

Saving the best for last, G2’s simple roster change for the upcoming LEC LoL season has left many Esports live fans reeling. When Rekkles left Fnatic, he signed on with their arch-rival, G2 Esports, on better terms and with much fanfare. Only time will tell what this seasoned veteran and league championship will perform in his new role, but we’ve got popcorn and front row seats.



With the iconoclastic Martin ‘Rekkles‘ Larsson leaving Fnatic, the team has scrambled to find a replacement for the star player. The 20-year-old League of Legends pro, Upset, has joined the LEC with big shoes to fill as ADC. This is seen by many as a controversial move, but we’re looking forward to seeing how he performs, possibly changing the future of Fnatic.


SK Gaming

Bringing over Erik ‘Treatz’ Wessén to fill Limit’s shoes will prove to be an interesting choice. Time will tell if Treatz is an upgrade, a downgrade, or just a sidegrade from the previous lineup.


MAD Lions 

No major or surprising changes here. MAD Lions has signed İrfan ‘Armut‘ Berk Tükek and the Movistar Riders jungler, Javier ‘Elyoya‘ Prades.

LoL LEC Casters

The official team of LoL LEC casters has not yet been confirmed for the 2021 season. However, we hope that our favourites from 2020 will return to dazzle us once more:

  • Aaron ‘Medic’ Chamberlain – Play-by-Play Caster
  • Trevor ‘Quickshot’ Henry – Play-by-Play Caster
  • Daniel ‘Drakos’ Drakos – Play-by-Play Caster
  • Andrew ‘Vedius’ Day – Colour Caster
  • Indiana ‘Froskurinn’ Black – Colour Caster
  • Christy ‘Ender’ Frierson – Colour Caster


LoL LEC Schedule

We will add the 2021 LoL LEC schedule closer to the start date of the tournament.


Where to Watch 2021 LoL Esports Live

All LEC matchups are played live at the Riot Games studio in Adlershof, Berlin, Germany. Riot Games broadcasts the tournament on numerous streaming platforms so fans can watch the competition in real time. The 2020 Summer Split broke all previous records, with peak viewership reaching 1,002,178.

Here are our recommendations for you to tune into the LEC LoL Esports stream from your home, a cafe, or wherever you prefer to watch.



Twitch is the world's leading live streaming platform for gamers. More than 1 million people tuned in to watch the League of Legends LEC summer playoffs of 2020. More than 670,000 of those viewers watched on Twitch. With broadcasts in eight languages and counting, Twitch is the tried and true platform for streaming your favourite LoL Esports live.



Sometimes it feels like YouTube is as old as the internet itself. But its technology and content as a digital media platform have always outperformed its competitors. Have you spent years watching speedrun videos, reaction videos and/or cat videos on YouTube? Fortunately, you'll also find all the most important League of Legends LEC streams there, accessible from anywhere in the world.

Don't miss out on our article titled “Where to watch LoL” where we suggest more channels to watch if you are a League of Legends fan.


LEC LoL 2021 Final Say

The top EU teams’ performance at the 2020 World Championship left something to be desired. There simply was not much for European fans to feel very proud of. But with every offseason come roster changes, and with every new year we have new opportunities to excel.

While the LoL LEC champions of 2020 weren’t yet ready for Worlds, local talent continues to shine. It remains to be seen how the ‘underdogs’ of the league, such as Rogue and MAD Lions, will fare against their long standing overlords, G2 Esports and Fnatic. But there is a change in the wind. Many fans seem to sense that the LEC standings will soon change, and that a new contender will emerge victorious.

As longtime fans of League of Legends, we are excited to see what the 2021 season holds for the LEC league. Will G2 Esports and Fnatic maintain their superiority? Or will a new team be crowned champion?

Either way you’ll find all the latest information and top League of Legends betting guides right here on our site. So stay tuned and prepare for a 2021 LEC LoL season that is bound to be . . . Legendary!



What is LEC LoL?

The League of Legends European Championship (formerly known as the EU LCS) is the biggest LoL league in the EU. It has been active for nine years. The league comprises ten teams made up of players from across Europe and around the world. In the LEC, professional Esports teams compete against each other for a top prize of €80,000 for 1st place.


How can I bet on the League of Legends European Championship?

There are many ways to bet on the LEC LoL! First, start by reading our in-depth guide to betting on the LEC league, where you’ll find the best LoL LEC odds and bonuses.


What is the LoL LEC schedule in 2021?

The 2021 schedule has yet to be determined, so stay tuned on our site for the latest developments for the 2021 LEC Spring Split.


What does LEC stand for League of Legends?

LEC is short for the League of Legends European Championship.


Who are the LoL LEC casters for 2021?

The LEC LoL casters have not yet been announced. Keep up to date with the latest news, standings and more on our site. You will also find the best odds for betting on League of Legends right here as well.


What other LoL competitions are there?

Check our guides to LCK betting, LPL betting and MSI betting.


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