SK Gaming is a legacy team with an insanely rich history. Take a peek into who they are, and start betting on SK Gaming with the knowledge necessary to place smart bets.

Who are SK Gaming?

SK Gaming has entrenched itself as a signature Esports organization. They have been around for a long time, having been formed way back in 1997! Older gamers and Esports lovers remember those times but their public image and appreciation came years later.

Slowly improving over the years across most games, SK Gaming eventually became a constant entity in the Esports world. The organization left its mark in a couple of games, namely League of Legends, CSGO, Quake, etc.

Nowadays, the organization is large and takes part in a wide variety of games and Esports tournaments. Whilst it might not have the same appeal as before, the organization as a whole is well-respected and supported by fans around the world. The future is bright for their players plus, who knows what the future might bring?

Currently, SK Gaming has 7 rosters across 6 games (SK LoL teams with one being in the LEC and the other being an Academy team). Let’s take a closer look at the organization itself, shall we?

Team History

SK Gaming is most known for their CSGO achievements (as far as the new era of Esports goes). That SK Gaming roster was so dominant that the only other team to achieve a similar feat (and eventually overtake them) was Astralis.

You could easily say that the CSGO Esports scene from mid-2016 until the end of 2017 was their playground. Countless 1st places throughout those years give away the story of SK Gaming’s invulnerability. At least back then.

SK Gaming’s Most Valuable Signings

Full Name Nickname Age Esports Prize Winnings
Marcelo David coldzera 26 CSGO $1,032,201
Gabriel Toledo FalleN 30 CSGO $1,108,738
Epitácio de Melo TACO 26 CSGO $1,070,358
Dennis Johnsen Svenskeren 25 LoL $257,257
Carlos Rodriguez Santiago ocelote 31 LoL $29,527

Unfortunately for SK Gaming fans back in 2018, the team would disband after some horrific performances throughout that year.

The second most impactful team was the League of Legends’ one. From 2012 to today, the team was never a powerhouse; but they were progressive in terms of organization activity and character.

There was a certain charm surrounding SK Gaming that propelled them to heights often ‘reserved’ for the best of teams. Still, SK Gaming was a great team for a while – they seemed to churn out some insane performances during Spring Splits but would experience a huge downfall when the Summer Split starts.

And it’s been getting worse in recent years. The highest position they’ve managed since the introduction of the LEC was 5th, and that was during LEC 2020 Summer. SK still have that spark, that wish to get to the top but they’ve been stumbling for a while. Hopefully, the fans will have a reason to cheer and be elated soon since the team has been stagnant for almost 3 years.

As for other modern games, they have been fairly successful, especially in Brawl Stars and Clash Royale.

Overall, SK Gaming has a rich history of triumph, despair, rebirth, and anguish. One of League of Legends’ most charismatic players – Carlos ‘ocelote’ Rodriguez – has become a huge part of competitive LoL both as a player and an organization owner (G2).

SK Gaming was, is, and will be, a fundamental part of the Esports scene.

SK Gaming Successes

Game Tournament Placement Date Roster
CSGO ESL One Cologne 2016 1st 10.07.2016. Fnx, FalleN, fer, coldzera, TACO
CSGO ESL Pro League Season 6 Finals 1st 10.12.2017. FalleN, fer, Boltz, coldzera, TACO
FIFA FUT Champions Cup 2019 January 1st 27.01.2019. DullenMIKE
League of Legends EU LCS 2014 Spring 1st 03.04.2014. Fredy122, Svenskeren, Jesiz, CandyPanda, nRated
CSGO EPICENTER 2017 1st 29.10.2017. FalleN, fer, boltz, coldzera, TACO

What Games do SK Gaming Participate in?

SK Gaming has a rich history of games they competed in but the active game ‘roster’ keeps rotating every once in a while. This is the natural progression of Esports as it evolves and new games start appearing.

Currently, SK Gaming play in Rocket League, Clash Royale, Brawl Stars, NBA2K, FIFA, and League of Legends.

Rocket League

SK’s Rocket League history isn’t the greatest. They never participated in anything higher than a B-Tier tournament throughout 2015 and 2016. Their total number of tournaments during these years is 13, although, these 13 matches were spread out over a 4-month time period. After February 2016, the team dissolved.

In a fantastic turn of events for SK Gaming fans, SK’s Esports career in Rocket League was resurrected. The organization acquired a new roster on the 14th of May, 2021 that has already displayed improvement over their old performances. The team finished 3rd/4th in the S-Tier RLCS Season X Spring: European Major tournament.

Their current roster consists of Yukeo, Tox, and eekso.

Clash Royale

SK Gaming Clash Royale Team

SK Gaming’s Clash Royale team is in such an intriguing spot at the moment, Esports-history-wise. Not only are they exceptionally good at Clash Royale, having finished first in two Tier-1 and one Tier-2 tournament, but they’re great at a game with an arguably smaller following than most Esports titles.

Even so, success isn’t a given, and neither should it be diminished. SK Gaming has a very strong roster in Clash Royale whose most recent result is an incredible 2nd place finish in the Clash Royale League 2020 World Finals!

The team did not, however, participate in any 2021 tournament though their roster is still listed as active on the official website.

Brawl Stars

SK Gaming Brawl Stars Team

SK’s Brawl Stars roster creation came as a surprise considering there aren’t many major organizations that actively play Brawl Stars. Nonetheless, SK found its footing almost immediately after creating a team; victories came at three different A-Tier events in 2020, and an impressive 3rd/4th place following a loss to PSG in the Brawl Stars World Finals 2020.

2021 was an even better year with SK Gaming being off the ‘podium’ at only one B-Tier event; in all others, they finished either in first or second place, with just a few 3rd/4th place finishes. In short, SK Gaming is absolutely smashing it in Brawl Stars.

This dominant team is made up of xlmSkYRiiKZz, Symantec, and Jeton.


SK Gaming FIFA Team

SK Gaming began their FIFA career back in 2018 with only one success story since then. DullenMIKE was their main player for half a year and managed to snatch 1st place at FUT Champions Cup 2019 January.

Other than that, there weren’t any notable performances from SK’s roster in FIFA. Speaking of roster, the current players playing for SK are FLEXX000 and TheStrxngeR.

League of Legends

SK Gaming LoL Team

Although SK Gaming’s status in League of Legends has dwindled over the years, they are still a capable team that can cause discomfort for the top dogs. After a tumultuous 2-year hiatus from League of Legends, the team returned to the competitive scene in 2018 and became a fully-fledged member of the LEC in 2019.

SK Gaming unfortunately still haven’t managed to grasp LEC or international greatness as their highest finishing position in the LEC was 5th.

2021 was a terrible year as well because they could only manage 9th in the LEC 2021 Summer tournament. SK fans are hopeful that their team can turn things around, though it’s not looking great at the moment. But the pedigree is still there and the team should never be underestimated.

SK’s LoL roster is made up of Jenax (top lane), Treatz (jungle), Blue (mid lane), Jezu (marksman), and Lilipp (support).

Additionally, we’d like to mention SK’s Academy team – SK Gaming Prime whose members are Alois (top lane), Canee (jungle), ZaZee (mid lane), UNF0RGIVEN (marksman), Quicktimer (support). The team has been around since 2014 but has changed rosters many times since then.

Upcoming SK Gaming Event Participations

Currently, SK Gaming is not going to be participating in any Esports events as the competitive season is drawing to a close and they hadn’t secured spots in the most prestigious events in a couple of games (ie. Worlds 2021).

SK Esports Betting for Beginners

If you’re planning on some SK Gaming betting then you’re in for a surprise. This is one of those unconventional Esports teams that shine in smaller games and aren’t very good in larger ones. Which wasn’t always the case; SK did have some absolutely smashing performances in the past, even in games they no longer participate in.

Still, if you plan on placing some bets on SK, you must be prepared to take risks. Why? Because SK Gaming rosters can be volatile in terms of underperforming when they can’t afford to. On the other hand, they can sometimes overperform and deliver knockout blows to even the strongest of teams.

In the end, you’d need to take some time to analyze SK’s previous results in all games they play, though we’ll help you out with an overview and some advice.

Is Betting on SK Gaming a Good Choice?

Placing bets on SK Gaming is risky but can bring massive rewards. Realistically, the only game where most bets will be winning bets is Brawl Stars. All other games will require careful planning and analysis for the bets to bring you winnings.

With that said, you should probably ignore placing bets on their League of Legends team or at the very least, place bets only when they’re playing against weaker teams. Though funnily enough, SK managed to defeat both Fnatic and MAD Lions in the 2021 LEC Summer tournament.

Other than that, there are a couple of things to look out for and certain bet types to avoid when betting on SK.

Which Types of Bets Should you Place?

The bets you’ll be placing on SK Gaming can get vastly different across all the games SK participates in. Though in general, the safest SK Gaming bets are the outrights. With those, you can hardly go wrong when placing them intelligently.

Rocket League

There are plenty of possible Rocket League bets for you to choose from but we’ll go over the ones where you’ll have the highest chances of winning.

First up, the outrights. Outright betting on SK Gaming in Rocket League is currently the safest option considering SK have just started playing again. It’ll take some time to be precise with other bet types.

Still, you can try your hand at Totals (Goals, Saves, Maps). With each of these, the broker provides you with a prompt of either Over or Under (ie. 4 goals in a game on a single map). SK can occasionally score a few bangers but they’re one of the lesser-scoring teams.

As for saves, they aren’t the best but are perfectly capable of making plenty of saves. Maps are a different story; in most of the matches they’ve played, it took 5 maps in the group stages and 6+ in the playoffs.

Clash Royale

For now, betting on SK Gaming in Clash Royale isn’t feasible considering that there’s no info on when SK Gaming is playing next. The team has gone silent in 2021 (without tournament participations) which essentially means you won’t be able to place any bets.

But when SK Esports betting becomes available again, it would be realistic to play some outrights on SK. Just make sure to take their previous performances into account.

Brawl Stars

Not a lot to say when Brawl Stars is concerned. SK Gaming has been amazing for quite a while now so as long as you’re placing outrights and choosing SK against most teams – you’re in for a win, as are they.

Of course, SK Gaming isn’t invincible so sometimes it might not go your way, but considering their track record, we’d say that some 85% of the time you’ll win the bet. Simple as.


It’s best if you avoid betting on SK Gaming in FIFA completely. They haven’t been doing well in recent times, especially in 2021 with their players crashing out fairly early in the tournaments.

League of Legends

League of Legends is a tricky one. Betting outright on SK is probably not a smart idea when you take their LEC 2021 Summer Split win rate into account. A measly 28% (5-13 track record) means your chances of winning these bets are very low.

Alternatively, you could bet on the match duration. This type of bet depends on what the bookie offers (an Over/Under prompt or intervals such as 20-30min, 30-40min, etc.). SK’s average match duration is 31 minutes which is right on the cusp of the interval system. Tough bet to get right, but miles better than an outright and with potentially large winnings.

As for First Blood and First Baron – best stay away. SK rarely take first blood and first Baron, even against weaker teams.

Best Game for SK Betting

Your best choice by far would be Brawl Stars. SK Gaming has dominated the professional scene with some insane victories. They have a great track record against other powerful teams and seem to be performing on a consistent basis.

Just keep in mind that Brawl Stars isn’t as huge as some other Esports titles so some bookies won’t have it in their ‘roster’.

An SK betting alternative to Brawl Stars would be Rocket League although it’s still a bit too early to tell how SK Gaming will continue their Rocket League campaign. Nonetheless, getting 3rd/4th in the RLCS Season X Spring EU Major after a 5-year hiatus is a positive sign.

Esports Betting Pro: Our Verdict

Being such a decorated team during the 2000s and experiencing a growing fanbase throughout the 2010s, one would expect SK Gaming to be one of the dominant forces in the Esports scene.

But this isn’t the case. Things have been going downhill for a while with SK, although it finally seems like they’ve gotten a hold of everything. They’re exceptional when playing smaller Esports titles such as Brawl Stars or Clash Royale, but still aren’t near the top in larger titles such as League of Legends.

Nonetheless, both SK fans and betting lovers can finally be positive about their chances of getting some winning bets. SK Gaming Esports presence is always respected, even if their results aren’t the best. We have to remember that this organization has been around for such a long time; it’s only natural to have constant ups and downs through so many years of existence.

Just make sure to eliminate emotion when placing bets on SK. Good luck!

Esports Betting Cover

SK Gaming Betting FAQs

You would first need to start doing some deep research into the organization’s recent results. These, along with knowing the roster, are great indicators of what to expect from SK’s future performances.

The best SK Gaming bet would be an outright in Brawl Stars. The team has been doing very well recently which makes an outright on SK Gaming a very inviting choice to those who want safe and rewarding bets.

Lootbet has some great betting odds and almost all the games that SK Gaming plays. Their interface is easy to use and features some interesting betting types as well. An alternative to Lootbet is Pinnacle – also a great bookie!

As we mentioned previously, for now at least, you should not place any bets in Clash Royale. Also, some types of LoL bets are not ideal (ie. First Blood) so avoid those as well.

Live-betting (or in-play betting) is an interesting concept when applied to the fast pace of Rocket League. Not so much in other games. Rocket League gameplay is volatile and chaotic; there are also many types of bets to pick from. Live-betting is a good choice but you should probably wait a little while longer until SK Gaming play a few more games or tournaments.

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