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NBA 2K is forever one of the greatest Basketball Simulations of human work. We want to provide you an in-depth review about the best NBA 2k 2019 eSports betting providers & odds out there. Probably we owe the game a lot of youngsters, who only discovered basketball because of the simulation. The game made itself a name when it was run past the days by Sega Sports. Shortly after the millennium, however, the American company 2K Sports bought the rights and is now spreading it over years with great success. The famous American Basketball League (NBA) also plays a major role in the development and provides game developers with decisive authentic player knowledge about the “real” basketball in court. Experience has shown that the number of NBA 2K players has remained constant over many years. Many have doubted the success of the simulation, but have been taught a better. In our review, we not only want to give a report on the best bookmakers, odds and general game information but also show you some betting tips:

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NBA 2K | A brilliant simulation and playable on many plattforms

NBA 2K wants to be first and foremost a realistic basketball simulation. The game is mostly based on the rules of the NBA league and only deviates from certain game factor dependent points. Typical for all simulations is that the developers try to take into account the player changes for each year. Therefore, the annual version is always available after the end of the transfer market. The fact that the game is available on so many platforms also speaks for its great success. NBA 2K can be played on Playstation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft, Nintendo, Wii and of course on all Android systems.

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The game can be played with friends in the free game. Since a few years the career mode brings a fresh breeze into the game, where players can go into the role of the coach. Here you can deal with all the problems of an NBA trainer: player changes, advertising contracts, tournament planning and much more… For the NBA 2K eSports mode the free 1v1 game is suitable. Here only the individual skill of the player counts regardless of the career!

Are you ready to bet?

Top 3 Bookmakers for NBA 2K eSports Betting

NBA 2K remains a niche sport no question. The game has a lot to offer and the annual new edition is more than just a name exchange. Unfortunately, not many bookmakers offer NBA 2K eSports betting, so we didn't find it that difficult to present the right selection. Here are the three best bookmakers, who not only present you with the best odds, but can also score in the general impression. Browse through the betting markets and compare the odds once you've seen your favorite!

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Betting Odds presented by bet365. The listed odds are intended as a guide only and are subject to change. Please check current NBA 2K odds on the bet365 website before placing any bets. Read more about esports betting at Bet365

In the meantime, check out our Esports betting academy guide about some phrases in Esports betting that you should know.

What types of bet are existing for NBA 2K eSports betting and how are the odds?

You have to have realistic expectations of the game. Of course, this is not about League of Legends or Counter Strike: Global Offensive. The game remains a niche and so the bookmakers take a relative risk to offer odds. However, the odds for our three bookmakers are relatively low and are no worse than in midfield.

For the Types of Bets it unfortunately looks meager. Most bets are limited to a match winner bet or the tournament winner. There are a few live betting options existing, but still it remains exciting whether with the upwind of the live bets possibly there would come more in 2019. We would welcome it in any case.

Our Betting Tips for your successful Bet?

In order for your NBA 2K eSport bet to be a success, there are a few points to keep in mind. With these betting tips you are ready for the next tournament:

  • Statistics: Last year's favorite can just keep its head above water this year? You can find this term unfortunately in every betting guide and it is easy to say. Every good eSport better knows well about the statistics of its favorite play. So nobody should doubt that there is a lot of truth about this point. Go to the relevant pages and recap the data for at least the last five games.
  • Tournament form: As it makes a difference whether you sleep in 5-Star Hotel or in a tent in front of the location, it also makes a difference with which clan you are enrolled in the tournament. Big clans have very different financial possibilities for the players. Not only excellent coaches and strategists, but also game psychologists support the professional players in their first big tournament. Excitement throttles the performance and so it is better to look very closely at new players!
  • Live betting: Live bets are offered for more and more sports simulations. Especially if you are a player yourself, use the option and make (in case needed) use of Cashout!

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