PGL Major 2021 Betting Preview – Odds, Teams & Betting Sites

The most anticipated CSGO Major tournament is just around the corner. Best teams from all over the world will gather for PGL Major Stockholm 2021 where they will compete for their share of $2.000,000 in prize money. If you are interested in PGL Major 2021 betting, do not miss out on this piece.

Best Sites for PGL Major Betting 2021

  1. bet365
  2. Pinnacle
  4. Betway
  5. Rivalry
  6. 1xBet
  7. Arcanebet
  8. BetHard
  9. MyBookie
  10. 5Dimes

PGL Major 2021 Betting Odds, Tips & Predictions

As always, we are here to provide you with the highest odds on the market. On top of that, you can always rely on our in-depth analysis and predictions that will get you the most value for your money. Let’s get straight into it.

PGL Major Stockholm 2021 Betting Odds

With 24 teams competing in this edition of the CSGO Major tournament, it is hard to predict who is going to be the biggest favorite in this event. Given the fact that odds have not been released yet, we can agree that only a couple of teams are going to be favored to go all the way and lift the Major trophy. Both Gambit and Natus Vincere have been stellar in 2021 and they will for sure play their hearts out in this event.

PGL Major 2021 Betting Tips & Predictions

What if we told you that there is an excellent way to make money while Major betting. If you did not know by now, this event has a ton of regional qualifiers and this is where you can capitalize on.

Given the fact that there are a lot of teams competing for a Major spot in their region, the skill gap between some of the teams is going to be big and this is where you come into place. Watch the opening matches, see how good/bad certain teams are, and start placing bets. This strategy will never get old as there are a lot of bad teams looking to pull a miracle.

*it is important for you to know that not all of the betting sites will provide odds for regional qualifiers. However, sites such as bet365 and will always cover these matches.

Given the fact that the competition here is fierce, it could be hard to actually predict a tournament winner. When it comes to CSGO Major betting, you can always expect insane tournament betting odds. If you decide to pull a trigger on this type of a bet, you can expect to at least win 5 times your wager.

Let’s move on to our outright pick. Natus Vincere and Gambit are the only two teams that are keeping up their form throughout 2021. The important question here is, which one of these teams has a higher chance of winning. In our opinion, that is Natus Vincere. They have beaten Gambit several times in a row now and it seems like they have what it takes to go all the way in this one.

Popular Bets for PGL Major Stockholm 2021

Having a chance to use various betting markets is very important and here is why. A straight match winner is way too simple in today’s day and age. Bets such as round handicap, correct score, pistol round winner, etc. are crucial as they are giving us a chance to exclude the winner of the match and actually find value in something besides the team that is going to win.

Round Handicap

Sites such as HLTV offer excellent analysis and statistics regarding map pool analysis for all matches played at this CSGO Major tournament. By scanning through that information, you can find map pool gaps for certain teams and abuse this bet to the fullest. For example, we all know that Natus Vincere is perfect on Nuke. On the other hand, ENCE is not really strong on this map. By using a round handicap bet, you can get significantly higher odds for your bet.

GGBet Screenshot

Natus Vincere vs ENCE Round Handicap Odds – GGBet

Correct Score

If you want to make serious money while Major betting, you simply can’t miss out on this bet. Remember when we said that there are going to be a lot of unbalanced regional matches played? This is where the correct score bet comes into place. Regular odds for big favorites often range from 1.05 to 1.20. However, if you want to place a bet that the favorites are going to win a match without losing a map, this bet will increase the odds by a lot.

GGBet Screenshot

Natus Vincere vs ENCE Correct Score Odds – GGBet

Total Maps Played (Over/Under)

Last but not least. We also talked about the level of competition in the later stages of PGL Major Stockholm 2021. We know for a fact that teams will be preparing like never before for this event and this is why we want to recommend “total maps played – over” for the playoffs matches. There will be no kidding around once $2.000,000 is on the line and this is why teams will always pick their best maps and they will avoid experiments. Deciders are a common thing in playoffs matches and this is why you do not want to miss out on these types of bets.

GGBet Screenshot

Natus Vincere vs ENCE Total Maps Played Odds – GGBet

Tournament Structure for PGL Major Stockholm 2021

Just like every other CSGO Major tournament, PGL esports will not be any different. After regional qualifiers are finished, there are three stages to the event. The event itself starts on October 23rd, 2021 while the grand finals are played on November 7th.

A total of 24 teams are going to compete on the big stage. Yes, you heard it right, this event will be played on stage, in an offline environment in front of the fans in the “Avicii Arena”. Bear in mind that the teams are fighting for their share of $2.000,000 in prize money.

*Given the fact that COVID-19 pandemic is still a main worry regarding LAN events, PGL took that into account. In one of the latest statements, they talked about changing the venue if red alarm goes off in Sweden. Whatever happens, they are intent to get public for the playoffs no matter where they have to host the tournament.

The New Challengers Stage

This is the first stage of the event. 16 teams are competing here. Every match, except the eliminations and advancements, is played in the best of 1 format. However, advancement and elimination matches are going to be played in the best of 3 series.

The top 8 teams from The New Challengers Stage will advance through to The New Legends Stage while the remaining 8 teams are eliminated from the event.

The New Legends Stage

Once again we are going to see 16 teams compete in this stage of the PGL esports event. Keep in mind that 8 teams await for their opponents that qualified via The New Challengers Stage. This means that there are going to be a lot of gaps between these teams that you can use for PGL Major 2021 betting.

The same scenario applies in this stage as well. The best 8 teams move on to The New Champions Stage while the bottom 8 are eliminated. Advancement and elimination matches are played in the best of 3 format while every other match is played as a best of 1.

The New Champions Stage

The final stage of PGL Major Stockholm 2021. You can also consider this stage as the playoffs. A single-elimination bracket has been put in place which basically means there are no second chances for anyone in the playoffs. One defeat and you are out.

Keep in mind that every match, including the grand final, is played in the best of 3 format and this is where our recommendation that you use Total Maps Played – Over bet comes into play, so make sure you remember that once the event is live.

Best Teams Competing at PGL Major 2021

If you want to find out more information about the best teams competing at the PGL Major 2021 you have come to the right place. On top of that, we believe that these teams also have the highest chance of going all the way in this event. Let’s dive straight into this.

Natus Vincere

Natus Vincere Team

Natus Vincere – DreamHack Masters Spring 2021 Champions (Image: Natus Vincere | © Natus Vincere)

According to HLTV, Natus Vincere is currently ranked as the best CSGO team in the world. Out of the last 4 events they took place in, s1mple and his squad won 3 while claiming the second spot at BLAST Premier Spring Final 2021.

They have defeated all of the top teams several times and it seems like they are on a high level individually. The last change Natus Vincere made to the roster was bringing in B1T as a replacement for flamie. This roster change happened 7 months ago and as of now, it seems like a perfect fit. S1mple is once again playing on an insane level as he is averaging a rating of 1.30. Once he gets going, there is simply no stopping this guy.

All in all, Natus Vincere is for sure a team that we should keep an eye out for and they are one of the biggest favorites to go all the way and win this event.

  • IEM Cologne 2021: 1st place
  • StarLadder CIS RMR 2021: 1st place
  • BLAST Premier Spring Final 2021: 2nd place
  • DreamHack Masters Spring 2021: 1st place


Natus Vincere and Gambit are the only two teams most punters are talking about in relation to winning this CSGO Major tournament. To be honest, we completely agree with that and these two CIS teams are a couple of steps above everyone else. However, Gambit did show a lot of weaknesses in their last couple of matches at ESL Pro League Season 14. They were defeated by both NIP and Team Vitality in a commanding fashion.

Gambit Esports Team

(Image: GetInProLeague)

Gambit has been together for a year now without making any roster changes. The individual skill this team has is through the roof as 4 out of the 5 players in this team are averaging a rating of 1+ and this is insane. By far their two best players are Ax1le and sh1ro. If these two start to hit their shots, a lot of top teams could be in a whole world of trouble. Bear in mind that Gambit is also riding a solid streak regarding the last events that look like this.

  • StarLadder CIS RMR 2021: 2nd place
  • BLAST Premier Spring Final 2021: 1st place
  • IEM Summer 2021: 1st place
  • EPIC League CIS 2021: 1st place


We understand that Heroic does not have the most skilled line-up in the game, but their team play and cohesion are on a level above everyone else. Currently ranked as the 7th best team, Heroic stands a solid chance of stunning the favorites and they proved that in the past.

By adding refrezh and sjuush 6 months ago, Heroic found their footing and in our opinion, they are looking really good. Even though they are not playing a lot of events, the ones they do play, they leave a solid mark on. Here are their latest results.

  • DreamHack Masters Spring 2021: 3rd place
  • BLAST Premier Spring Showdown 2021: 3rd place
  • ESL Pro League Season 13: 1st place
  • cs_summit 7: 3rd place


The simple question here is, can you ever write off NiKo? In our opinion, he is one of the best CSGO players in the world and if he gets rolling, G2 is unstoppable. We all know how much he likes to play Majors and how big of an impact he has on these events.

The only problem for him is that he often lacks support. JaCkz, AmaNEk, and nexa do not add much in terms of kills. If they can step up and help out, G2 could prevail over the big teams. Even though this is a long shot, a risk to reward ratio for G2 is definitely acceptable once you find out that a small bet can win you a lot of money.

History of PGL Esports Events

The fact is, PGL esports tournaments are not played that often. We simply can’t compare these events to the likes of IEM or ESL. However, this host always makes sure that once they do host the events, they are well-organized, played without delays, and overall, they provide a lot of action-packed moments. Below, you can find a recent history regarding PGL.

Past Winners

Event Date Prize Winner
PGL Major Stockholm 2021 November 7th, 2021 $2,000,000 TBA
PGL Major Kraków 2017 July 23rd, 2017 $500,000 Gambit
HTC 2v2 Invitational by PGL May 13th, 2017 $20,000 G2
PGL National Division Season 2 September 3rd, 2016 $4,000 XPC
HTC 1v1 Invitational by PGL April 23rd, 2016 $10,000 shox
PGL CS:GO Championship Series Season 1: Finals October 2nd, 2015 $40,000 Team SoloMid
PGL CS:GO Championship Series Kick-off Season April 24th, 2015 $40,000 Team SoloMid

PGL Major 2021 Key Stats

  • This is the second CSGO Major tournament hosted by PGL. The first one was PGL Major Kraków 2017 that was won by Gambit.
  • PGL esports Major is broadcasted on YouTube and Twitch.
  • 24 of the best teams from all over the world fighting for their share of $2,000,000 in prize money.
  • Current favorites to win this event are Gambit and Natus Vincere.

PGL Major Stockholm 2021 Betting FAQs

Best Betting Site For PGL Major 2021?

There are a lot of betting sites that offer odds for this CSGO Major. These are the best ones: bet365, Rivalry,, Betway, 1xBet, MyBookie, Arcanebet, 5Dimes, Pinnacle, BetHard.

When Will PGL Major 2021 Start?

This CSGO Major tournament starts on October 23rd, 2021. Bear in mind that this is a lengthy event since the grand finals are played on November 7th, 2021.

PGL Stockholm Major Tickets?

Since PGL esports Major is going to be played live at Avicii Arena in Sweden, tickets are available and they can be found here.

Where to Watch PGL Major 2021?

PGL Major can be watched on one of the official PGL channels such as Twitch or YouTube.

PGL Major Prize Pool?

24 teams are competing for a total of $2.000,000 in prize money.

*If you are a safe bettor, our honest advice is to hunt for the favorites. From our research, Gambit and Natus Vincere are the only two teams worth being labeled as favorites. On the other hand, if you want to get bigger reward for your money, G2 and Heroic have what it takes to surprise everyone. We presented you with the options, but the choice is yours.

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