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As you all know, credit cards is what's driving the finances of pretty much all civilized men and women on the face of the Earth. People use them for all sorts of things – salaries, bank loans, grocery shopping, car insurance payment, bills, sending money, receiving money… and most importantly, online betting! Credit cards have become an irreplacceable part of our daily lives. Let's put it like this – If they suddenly ceased existing, the global economy would collapse in a matter of minutes.Today we are taking a closer look at another very popular esports payment method. More precisely, online esports betting. As the title suggests, we are going to be talking about credit cards. And by credit cards we are referring to basically all viable options that are recognized at the international level. Needless to say, this includes both of the most popular ones – Visa and MasterCard. Most of the people reading this will end up using one of those two anyways. With all that in mind, it's time to start with our credit cards eSports betting review!

However, when people think of credit cards, they are usually thinking of all sorts of cards that have chips inside of them connected to their dedicated bank account. But these aren't only credit cards, there are also debit cards, charge cards, ATM cards, store-valued cards and many more. In this particular article, we will mostly be focusing on the 2 most common types – credit and debit cards, but will refer to them as credit cards since that's what people call them these days.

Can You Bet on eSports Using Credit Cards?

This is probably the first thing that will come to your mind when you start to think about online eSports betting with your credit card. Consider yourself lucky because the answer to the question above is YES – you can bet on eSports using credit cards. And you can do so rather easily. How come? Well, first of all, more than 90% of online eSports bookies allow all sorts of credit cards. This includes the most popular ones such as Visa, MasterCard, Maestro but often lesser known alternatives such as Skrill and UnionPay.

While Visa, MasterCard and Maestro are present technically everywhere, Skrill, UnionPay and other alternatives will appear here and there. No worries though, if you're aiming at one of the most popular bookies that ofer credit card deposits, you're definitely have a good list of choices. While talking about bookies that offer credit card deposits, why don't we take a closer look and see the names!

Basically, the only bookies that don't offer credit cards at all (not a single type of credit cards) are those cryptocurrency bookmakers that are becoming a common sight to see nowadays. They are focused on cryptocurrencies only which means you won't see any other payment method available on their sites.

Most Popular Bookies That offer Credit Card Deposits?


Credit Cards eSports Betting Review | Are They Cost Effective?

Let's jump right off with a very short and direct answer to this question – YES THEY ARE! Credit cards are probably the most cost effective payment method for online betting that currently exists. Yes, this inlcudes cryptocurrencies and all other forms of online wallets. They just can't be compared to credit cards.

However, there are two small things that you should know about credit cards before you start using them as your default payment method. First, withdrawing to credit cards might take anywhere from 1 to 5 business days. Second, even though bookies usually don't have fees for credit card deposits/withdrawals, chances are high your bank does. Ask around and check out how high are your bank's fees. If they are too high, perhaps you should seek another alternative specifically for online betting.

How to Set Up Credit Card Payments?

Setting up credit card payments varies greatly from your banking partner of choice. Each country has their own option so generalizing the matter in any way shape or form won't yield any helpful info. What we can do from where we're standing is give you some of the usual processes included in credit card payments for online eSports betting:

  1. Getting a Credit Card From Your Bank

The first step is the most obvious one – getting a credit card from your banking partner of choice. The process probably won't take too much of your time, but then again that heavily depends on where you live. Some countries even have online forms for credit cards and they arrive as soon as a week after your order. Soon after that, you will get your PIN code in your mail and that's about it. Next you will have to go to the bank office to get your card and set up an authentification/verification method.


  1. Setting Up Your Verification Method

The second step revolves around the verification method provided by your banking partner of choice. In most cases, we are talking about security token, usb card readers or secured smartphone apps as 2-factor authentification and verification devices. Verification process will be thoroughly explained by your banking partner of choice since it heavily relies on their business practice. That's pretty much why we can't tell you more on this topic.


  1. Depositing Your First Payment To Online eSports Bookie

After receiving your credit card and setting up a verification method, now you will have only the final step ahead of you… and that's depositing your first payment to your online betting wallet. And it's quite simple, all you will have to do is selet your desired amount of money, enter your credit card details, verify your ownership and that's it! The transaction will be instant (most of the time) and you'll be able to bet on eSports before you can spell B-E-T.


Can Credit Cards be Used for Both Depositing and Withdrawing Funds?

Yes! Another positive side to using credit cards for eSports betting is the fact you can deposit and withdraw funds to them. You will not need an alternative betting payment method if you win big. You can do the transaction straight back to your credit card or the bank account tied to it. Keep in mind though, credit card transactions can be particularly slow in some parts of the world. It heavily depends on where you live so pay attention to the estimated transaction time tab before you make your move.

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