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Heroes of the Storm, or as it’s better known, HotS has surfaced in 2015. This was Blizzard’s attempt at creating a MOBA that would take over the scene. HotS is a combination of multiple games that Blizzard has developed, at least character wise. It features heroes from Starcraft, Diablo, and Warcraft – all fighting each other in one universe.

It didn’t take eSports betting long to devise betting odds for HotS because of how quickly the game grew. And, even though HotS isn’t as popular as for example, League of Legends, it is still a beloved game by many. In this article we’ll walk you through what the game is and the best Esports bookmakers for HotS Esports betting. Have fun reading!

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How to bet on Heroes of the Storm (HotS)

HotS is similar to other MOBAs in a couple of ways but there are unique aspects of it as well. The action is similar to others; 3 lanes that heroes can choose and the main goal of the game is to defeat the enemy base (and destroy it obviously).

The main difference between HotS and other MOBAs is that there’s no shopping system. You aren’t able to purchase items or potions; there’s only action. Another difference is that, when you kill an enemy, your entire team reaps the rewards (compared to LoL and Dota where the hero who’s attributed with the kill gets most of the XP and Gold).

And lastly, HotS is played on multiple different maps and battlegrounds. There’s always something new happening which is why players love this game. There are plenty of heroes to choose from and it’s quite a fun game to play.


Popular HotS Tournaments with Betting Info – HotS Global Championships

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Blizzard organizes HotS tournaments on a yearly basis. BlizzCon is the host of the HotS Global Championships where four of the best regions around the world are pit against each other. Gen.G was the team that won the Global Championship in 2018 and the prize they won was equal to $500,000!

The four regions are further divided into two groups:

  • East Region: China and South Korea
  • West Region: North America and Europe

On top of that, Blizzard organizes smaller tournaments for smaller regions of the world as well (Like CIS and Latin America). These tournaments are also featured during BlizzCon and the prize pools aren’t too shabby at all.

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Which Betting Types are Available?

Finding a bookmaker that is reputable is hard enough, but figuring out that the bookie you’ve chosen doesn’t have attractive bets is the worst. In order to prevent this from happening, we’ve decided to let you know exactly what you can look out for when it comes to the Esports bookies we already mentioned.

Most of the betting choices are well-known:

  • Winner choice – Choosing the winner is never easy, but HotS takes the cake in this regard. Since the maps are ever-changing, it can be tough pinpointing the best possible betting option. For example, US used to dominate the scene but South Korea has recently taken the crown from them.
  • Region Winner – These bets are slightly smaller than regular ones due to having only a couple of choices but it’s nothing too scary. Simply bet on the region you think will host the winner of the tournament.
  • Special bets – First blood, epic monsters, whatever it may be – these are the most interesting and usually toughest to get right. Nonetheless, Esports fans love special bets and all the bookies we mentioned offer them!

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Betting Tips for HotS Esports Bets

When it comes to placing proper bets on HotS tournaments, things can get confusing fast. HotS has been growing for quite some time now and in 2017, a major overhaul happened that improved the competitive scene drastically. Blizzard made some moves and now we’re here. More options in champion select, solid prize pool increases, and others.

Player skill is incredibly important but playing as a team is even moreso. Some strategies in this game are much stronger than others which can skew the betting odds in different directions. Here’s what you should know:

  • Player and Team analysis: Before placing a bet on the team of your choice, it’s best if you research them a bit and find out their previous 5-game record. If they’ve lost all 5 games, it might be worth betting on another team. The same goes for players – research! Sure, the amount of info you’ll be able to find is less than when searching for other games, but Liquipedia has plenty of resources for you.
  • Patches: If a player has 4 main heroes they play and a patch changes the effectiveness of two, how good will that player be with only 2 champions left to play (that haven’t been changed in any way)? This is also something you need to look out for; depending on the patches and what they do, a player might do better or worse, so keep an eye out!

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