The Ultimate Guide to CSGO Coinflip Sites

It's no secret that gambling in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is something pervasive. In today's guide, we'll talk about an increasingly popular method of CS: GO gambling-CSGO Coinflip. We will also expound on how it works, tips to win in CSGO Coinflip, and the best CSGO Coinflip sites.

What is CSGO Coinflip?

CSGO Coinflip is a gambling method for CS: GO enthusiasts where the chance of success is always the same-50%. Exactly, because, as the name suggests, it's all about the coin flip. In recent months we have seen an increase in users on virtually all CSGO Coinflip sites, which indeed also has to do with the end of Operation Broken Fang and the discount on the latest RMR 2020 capsules. That said, many people with low rarity skins are deciding to take the risk to potentially increase their Steam inventory.

How Does CSGO Coinflip Work?

On virtually all CSGO Coinflip websites, this gambling mode involves taking selected items/skins from your Steam inventory and turning them into credits, for which you then flip a coin. Typically, for one credit, the service requires you to transfer the equivalent of $1 worth of skins.

Before the game, the draw machine assigns you and another player to a particular side of the coin (Heads/Tails or Terrorist/Counter-Terrorist), and then the player whose side falls out wins the pot. This is probably the easiest way to gamble in CS: GO; it requires virtually no game knowledge. All you need are a few CSGO coinflip skins, cases, capsules, or stickers.

How Much Can You Win in CSGO Coinflip?

There are two options- you either double the number of credits you bet when you flip the coin, or you lose them; as simple as that. For example, if your capital is 10 credits, and you decide to bet it at the coin flip, in case of a win, your capital will be doubled, and you will have 20 credits. Sounds good, right? However, if your opponent's side of the coin falls out, you will lose everything you bet. Bottom line, coinflip deals with two extreme outcomes for which the probabilities are perfectly equal.

How to Increase Your Odds in CSGO Coinflip?

As we mentioned earlier, the CSGO Coinflip mode is practically no different from a classic coin toss. So, is there a way to manipulate the odds in any way with a coin flip (assuming it is not intentionally balanced)? Absolutely not!

So how do you increase our chances of winning? Here, the answer for some will be obvious and for others not so much, but the only way to increase your odds in CSGO Coinflip is to throw away many coins. Most CSGO Coinflip sites allow you to play a game for up to 1 credit (the equivalent of one dollar). With such a system, the only option for real profit is to play a high number of games. That's it, just flip coins searching for an epic win streak.

5 Tips to Win in CSGO Coinflip

Although, as we mentioned earlier, the only practical option to increase your odds in CSGO Coinflip is to play a lot of games, you can't ignore the common gambling mistakes that are also easy to make in such a mode.

If you've tried a similar gambling method before, you certainly know how much getting into a state of “tilt” can cost you. Let us share 5 tips that will allow you to enjoy playing CSGO Coinflip and not lose all of your credits.

Warm-up. This may sound strange, but warming up even before a casual coin flip can help you a lot, and especially if you're planning a more extended gambling session. Launch a Coin Flipper or type “Flip a coin” into Google. Win a little, lose some, and get into the mindset.

Start with small stakes. If you are new to this mode, don't turn all your CS:GO items into credits. To start, get rid of all the skins you don't need. Ideally, their combined value should be at least $10, which on most CSGO Coinflip sites will let you play from 10 to 20 games.

Know your items value. You may find that the item you want to put into your CSGO Coinflip skins inventory is likely to get more expensive in the near future. To avoid being at a loss, watch the prices of your items on the Steam Community Market. Maybe an item you can exchange for one credit today will be worth 10 credits in a month!

Play on a variety of sites. Instead of investing all your skins in one or two sites, try out several websites. This can also help your mindset; if you catch a losing streak (which, of course, we don't wish you to!) on one side, it can be a good option to take a break from it and switch to the other.

Be Lucky. Be that as it may, it all comes down to drawing the right side of the coin. To not go crazy during CSGO Coinflip (and any gambling), you have to remember that many things are not in your control. Don't worry too much, enjoy the mode and profit.

Top CSGO Coinflip Sites (April 2021)

Now that we've covered what exactly CSGO Coinflip game mode is all about, let's see which sites players are most enthusiastic about playing on.

CSGOEmpire -Undoubtedly the most popular site for CSGO Coinflip and gambling in general. Last year, the site announced that over 5 million users had already registered on the site

CSGOROLL – On this site, in addition to coin flip, you have access to several other gambling PVP modes such as dice toss and case opening. CSGOROLL also features weekly jackpots with hundreds of users participating.

CSGOPOLYGON -Another site with a stable CSGO Coinflip mode. It is also worth mentioning that the site offers a $0.50 bonus for new users, which allows you to flip a coin right away!

CSGOatse – Large selection of games and pretty well-developed social chat. This site also allows you to deposit using the most popular cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin.

CSGOREAPER — Minimalist design and only two game modes (Coinflip and Jackpot). The site has recently returned after a short break, and it is getting more and more active users, so you may want to give it a try.

Some of these sites may not work in your country due to the gambling law regulations. Keep in mind that when recommending these sites, we only focused on the CSGO Coinflip mode.

Is CSGO Coinflip Safe?

To be honest, CSGO Coinflip is a riskier method of gambling than it may seem. There is practically nothing you can do to increase your odds of winning, and the outcome cannot be predicted. The only decision you have to make is whether you want to play or not. The fate of your credits depends 100% on the drawing algorithm. With that in mind, far be it from us to say that investing in CSGO Coinflip is something safe. So if you choose to play Coinflip, do so at your own peril.

Best CS: GO Betting Sites

Betting on matches is the safest gambling method nowadays, but it requires knowledge of the metagame and the esports’ scene. Stable prediction of match results involves a lot of work and understanding the game, but it can bring huge profits.

Unfortunately, due to the massive popularity of CSGO betting, there are many scam sites out there. If you've been following the topic, you've surely heard about CS: GO betting sites that won't process payouts or randomly close bets.

To avoid the uncertainty that comes with playing CSGO on shady sites, the best alternative is betting on CSGO games outcomes on licensed and renowned esports betting sites. We have prepared a list of 3 most legitimate bookmakers for you. Besides their authenticity, they offer fast payouts and a wide selection of matches to bet on.


Bet365 esports has been in business for 20 years! It offers betting not only for CS: GO and esports in general but you can also bet on League of Legends, Dota 2, and Overwatch. StarCraft 2 betting features prominently with this operator and you can find major tournaments such as StarCraft 2 Pro League.

Bet on CSGO at bet365


Betway is one of the best things to happen to esports online betting. Besides CS: GO, featured games include League of Legends and Starcraft. Other esports betting options include FIFA betting, and Dota 2 betting. On Betway esports, you can be 100% sure that any of the biggest tournaments of these games will be possible to bet on. More so, the site guarantees fast payouts and regular promotions for its users. Interesting fact; Betway is a sponsor of perhaps the most legendary Counter-Strike team (Ninjas in Pyjamas), which also confirms its authenticity.

Bet on CSGO at Betway


If you're already a bit into esports betting matches, you've undoubtedly heard of Unikrn. This bookmaker features a vast selection of games from CS: GO through NBA2K to classics such as Mortal Kombat. Furthermore, at Unikrn esports, you can bet on winning/losing the ranking games of the most popular live streamers. Not to forget the welcome bonuses and a great working mobile app that allows you to keep track of your placed bets wherever you are.

Bet on CSGO at Unikrn


CSGO Coinflip is undoubtedly an accessible mode for everyone. If you have never played CS: GO, and are into coin flipping, you can always buy some cheap skins and play! We hope this guide has been helpful for you and may the coin always be on your side! Also, if you are interested in learning more about esports check our esports betting academy.

CSGO Coinflip FAQ

Is CSGO Coinflip legal?

Whether it is legal to participate in games such as CSGO Coinflip or any other CS: GO gambling depends on your country's laws and possible gambling regulations.

Can pro-players gamble on CSGO Coinflip?

Most esports teams ban their players from participating in any gambling games. However, when it comes to betting, there is usually no problem with it (as long as they are not betting against themselves).

Is CSGO Coinflip really random?

In most cases- yes! Interestingly, many sites even provide the code to the randomization algorithm, so that users can check its authenticity.

What is the minimum deposit for CSGO Coinflip?

The size of the deposit required (as well as what items from your Steam inventory you can exchange for credits) depends on the rules of the site you are using. On average, the minimum deposit is about $3-$5.

When can I say I'm doing well in CSGO Coinflip?

For most gambling games, a win rate of 60% is considered good; however, you only have 2.84% for this kind of result in 100 coin flips.

How to make CSGO Coinflip site

Creating a CSGO coinflip site is not as complicated as it sounds. You just need to go to a website known as Click on the ‘Servers’ option and enter your preferred server location, server type, and hostname. Then follow this tutorial.

Why are coinflip websites down CSGO?

CS: GO is lacking in the necessities of checking if the server is down and one has to rely on third parties. There are many reasons why your CSGO website could be down this includes issues with your internet connection, PC, or due to Valve’s server. One of the most reliable ways to check the status of your CS: GO server is through

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