LEC Betting – Completed Guide to the League of Legends European Championship 2022

LEC betting is the action of placing bets on the League of Legends European Championships. The tournament is the 7th to take place under the LEC banner with the current holders – MAD Lions looking to keep their crown. Read on for LoL LEC betting tips, information on the teams and the best esports bookmakers.

Best Esports Betting Sites for LEC Betting

  1. Vulkanbet
  2. Rivalry
  3. Betway
  4. Pinnacle esports
  5. bet365
  6. GGbet
  7. LeoVegas
  8. Luckbox
  9. Betathome
  10. Betsson

LEC Betting – How to Get started

League of Legends European Championship betting can be very exciting with ten of the world's top teams competing. There are many markets to bet on, but firstly you must sign up for an account at one of our recommended LEC betting operators. We have made an easy LEC betting step by step guide on how to get started:

  • Signup for an account with one of our recommended operators
  • Fill out registration form and upload necessary documents
  • Check for welcome bonuses and fill in the code upon registration
  • Navigate to the esports section
  • Select LoL LEC 2022
  • Choose your preferred market
  • Start betting

LEC Spring 2022 Teams

There are 10 esports organisations competing in LEC LoL 2022 Spring, all of which will provide great opportunities for LEC betting. We have provided a breakdown of all the teams and their active rosters:


Coming from Denmark – one of the stronger esports countries, the Astralis League of Legends team was formed in 2018 after acquiring Origen. It was subsequently rebranded to the Astralis name in 2020 and the team has played in two LEC tournaments. In the LEC Spring 2021 they placed 9th and in the LEC Summer 2021 they finished 8th. Recently Oliver “Dajor” Ryppa and Kasper “Kobbe” Kobberup joined the team, so an improvement has been made ahead of the LEC Spring 2022. Their active roster is as follows:

ID Name Position Date Joined
Finland Flag Icon WhiteKnight Matti Sormunen Top 17/12/2020
Russia Flag Icon Zanzarah Nikolay Akatov Jungle 17/12/2020
Germany Flag Icon Dajor Oliver Ryppa Mid 18/11/2021
Denmark Flag Icon Kobbe Kasper Kobberup Bot 16/11/2021
Sweden Flag Icon promisq Hampus Mikael Abrahamsson Support 17/11/2021

Excel Esports

Excel Esports (XL) LoL team was formed in 2015, but they have just a few wins under their belt. These include: Insomnia 62, Insomnia 63 and The ESL UK Premiership Spring 2017: Division 1. XL is a British esports organisation and has its headquarters in London. Currently they have a six man team that comprises of:

ID Name Position Date Joined
Sweden Flag Icon Kryze Felix Hellström Top 13/05/2020
Sweden Flag Icon Finn Finn Wiestål Top 18/11/2021
The Netherlands Flag Icon Markoon Mark van Woensel Jungle 28/06/2021
Norway flag icon nukeduck Erlend Våtevik Holm Mid 17/05/2021
Czech Republic Flag Icon Patrik Patrik Jírů Bot 04/12/2019
The Netherlands Flag Icon Advienne Henk Reijenga Support 28/06/2021


Fnatic is a very successful LoL esports team, having won the LoL EU LCS seven times – being an LEC betting favourite. Furthermore in the most recent tournament Spring 2021, Fnatic were runners up to MAD Lions. The team has offices in London, Australia and the Netherlands and is considered a European LoL esports organization founded by Sam Matthews. They currently only have four players on the active roster that include:

ID Name Position Date Joined
Denmark Flag Icon Wunder Martin Nordahl Hansen Top 10/12/2021
Spain Flag Icon Razork Iván Martín Díaz Jungle 10/12/2021
Germany Flag Icon Upset Elias Lipp Bot 26/11/2020
Bulgaria flag icon Hylissang Zdravets Iliev Galabov Support 14/12/2017

G2 Esports

Founded in 2013 by Carlos “ocelote” Rodriguez, G2 Esports is a Spanish esports team based in Berlin. They have won the LEC a record nine times including the EU LCS. Additionally on December 3rd, G2 added BrokenBlade, Flakked and Targamas to their roster. Targamas in particular should add quality having won eight out of nine of his last lol esports tournaments. Their active roster is as follows:

ID Name Position Date Joined
Germany Flag Icon BrokenBlade Sergen Çelik Top 03/12/2021
Poland Flag Icon Jankos Marcin Jankowski Jungle 08/12/2017
Denmark Flag Icon Caps Rasmus Borregaard Winther Mid 29/11/2018
Spain Flag Icon Flakked Victor Lirola Bot 03/12/2021
Belgium Flag Icon Targamas Raphaël Crabbé Support 03/12/2021

MAD Lions

One of the LoL LEC 2022 teams to beat is MAD Lions. They have won both the LEC Spring and Summer 21 editions in brilliant style. The Spanish organisation was founded in 2017, and its first LEC lol tournament occurred in 2020 replacing Splyce. The MAD Lions team has seen some recent changes with star player Carzzy moving to Team Vitality. However, they have signed “UNF0RGIVEN” for the 2022 LEC season. The current roster for the LEC 2022 you can find below:

ID Name Position Date Joined
Turkey flag icon Armut İrfan Berk Tükek Top 27/11/2020
Spain Flag Icon Elyoya Javier Prades Jungle 24/11/2020
Germany Flag Icon Reeker Steven Chen Mid 23/11/2021
Sweden Flag Icon UNF0RGIVEN William Nieminen Bot 23/11/2021
Germany Flag Icon Kaiser Norman Kaiser Support 29/11/2019

Misfits Gaming

One of the two American esports teams that will participate and compete in the 2022 League of Legends European Championship is Misfits Gaming. The team was founded in May 2016 by the CEO Ben Spoont, Laurie Silvers and Mitchell Rubenstein. Their form at LEC lol the past two years has been missing, having finished 5th in the most recent summer tournament and placing 7th at the LoL LEC Spring.

With Razork and Kobbe parting ways in November, and Neon and Mersa joining in December 2021, the five-man team is as following:

ID Name Position Date Joined
South Korea Flag Icon HiRit Shin Tae-min (신태민) Top 10/12/2020
Poland Flag Icon Shlatan Lucjan Ahmad Jungle 22/12/2021
France Flag Icon Vetheo Vincent Berrié Mid 10/12/2020
Slovakia Flag Icon Neon Matúš Jakubčík Bot 22/12/2021
Greece flag icon Mersa Mertai Sari Support 22/12/2021


Rogue finished off the LEC Summer Group Stage as top, winning 13 games and losing 5. The esports organization comes from the USA and is owned by ReKTGlobal. Recently, they have seen the 2021 LEC LoL 2021 Summer MVP ‘Inspired’ leave as well as Hans sama and Ismind. On the other hand they have recently signed Malrang and former Team Vitality player comp. Their five-man active roster comprises of:

ID Name Position Date Joined
Romania flag icon Odoamne Andrei Pascu Top 17/11/2020
South Korea Flag Icon Malrang Kim Geun-seong (김근성) Jungle 16/12/2021
Sweden Flag Icon Larssen Emil Larsson Mid 28/05/2019
Greece flag icon Comp Markos Stamkopoulos Bot 16/12/2021
Poland Flag Icon Trymbi Adrian Trybus Support 17/11/2020

SK Gaming

SK Gaming is an esports organization that has been around for a very long time. It was founded in Germany in 1997 as “Schroet Kommando”, but it later rebranded to SK Gaming. In the recent LEC Spring and Summer tournaments they placed 5th and 6th. However, with Jesiz, Lilipp and Blue all exiting recently this year can be a tough one. In good news they have signed German duo Gilius and Sertuss. Despite this, SK might not be winning the LEC, but can for sure surprise, so do not count the team out for your LEC Betting. Below is the five man roster:

ID Name Position Date Joined
Germany Flag Icon Jenax Janik Bartels Top 01/08/2019
Germany Flag Icon Gilius Erberk Demir Jungle 16/12/2021
Germany Flag Icon Sertuss Daniel Gamani Mid 16/12/2021
France Flag Icon Jezu Jean Massol Bot 19/11/2020
Sweden Flag Icon Treatz Erik Wessén Support 19/11/2020

Team BDS

A team that has a lot to prove and is playing their first LEC esports event is Team BDS. In June 2021 they acquired a LEC spot after purchasing Schalke 04 esports place for $26.5m. The team have recently signed accomplished esports coach GrabbZ who has won the LEC LoL event three times. In November 2021, iBo and bluerzor left with all the active players in the BDS team joining on December 20th. The five man team is as follows:

ID Name Position Date Joined
France Flag Icon Adam Adam Maanane Top 20/12/2021
Poland Flag Icon Cinkrof Jakub Rokicki Jungle 20/12/2021
France Flag Icon NUCLEARINT Ilias Bizriken Mid 20/12/2021
United Kingdom UK Flag Icon xMatty Matthew Coombs Bot 20/12/2021
Croatia flag icon LIMIT Dino Tot Support 20/12/2021

Team Vitality

One of the favourites for the crown and to take MAD Lions off their perch is Team Vitality. Still the LoL team is missing any major achievements but has assembled a dream team with having easily the strongest line-up going into the LEC Spring 2022. The French has performed mediocrely in previous LEC lol tournaments with their highest place finish being 5-6th. They currently have a 5-man star studded roster comprising of:

ID Name Position Date Joined
United Kingdom UK Flag Icon Alphari Barney Morris Top 08/12/2021
Poland Flag Icon Selfmade Oskar Boderek Jungle 26/05/2021
Croatia flag icon Perkz Luka Perković Mid 08/12/2021
Czech Republic Flag Icon Carzzy Matyáš Orság Bot 08/12/2021
Greece flag icon Labrov Labros Papoutsakis Support 19/05/2021

League of Legends European Championship Overview

LEC History

The League of Legends European Championship is organised by Riot Games, with its inaugural tournament being held in 2013.
Initially the championship was called “European League Championship Series” (EU LCS), but later in 2019 it was rebranded to “League of Legends European Championship” (LEC). The tournaments have proved to be a great success, with the team winning it the most being G2 Esports. The only team to play in every tournament is Fnatic, and a total of 17 teams have featured since the inception.

All the games have been played live in Riot Games’ studio in Adlershof, Berlin with the exception of some touring events. Furthermore it’s being played in front of a small live audience and streamed on Twitch and Youtube. Additionally, the event is sponsored by Red Bull, KIA and Erste Group.

Event Date Prize Pool Venue Champions Runners-up
LEC Summer 2021 June 11 – August 29 2021 $237,271 Germany Flag Icon Berlin MAD Lions Fnatic
LEC Spring 2021 Jan 22 – April 11 2021 $237,975 Germany Flag Icon Berlin MAD Lions Rogue
LEC Summer 2020 June 12 – Sep 6 2020 $236,809 Germany Flag Icon Berlin G2 Esports Fnatic
LEC Spring 2020 Jan 24 – April 19 2020 $217,159 Germany Flag Icon Berlin G2 Esports Fnatic
LEC Summer 2019 June 7 – Sep 8 2019 $220,720 Germany Flag Icon Berlin / Greece flag icon Athens G2 Esports Fnatic
LEC Spring 2019 Jan 18 – April 14 2019 $225,219 Germany Flag Icon Berlin / The Netherlands Flag Icon Rotterdam G2 Esports Origen

LEC Future

The upcoming Spring 2022 edition should provide some terrific LEC betting moments. It will be held in the Riot Games studio in Berlin and will have a prize pool of $226,051 with first prize taking home $90,333.

LEC Summer 2021 Recap

MAD Lions won the LEC Summer 2021 event hosted in Berlin, by beating Fnatic with 3 maps to 1 in the Grand Final. The victory saw the team claim the top prize of €80,000. As always, there were 10 teams competing which were (in order of finish): MAD Lions, Fnatic, Rogue, G2 Esports, Misfits, Team Vitality, Excel Esports, Astralis, SK Gaming and FC Schalke 04 Esports.

The competition took place from June 6th 2021 – August 29th 2021 and had a prize pool of $237,271 with Rogue star player “Inspired” earning the MVP.

The tournament was streamed on Twitch and reached a peak viewership of 843,491 and had a lot of dramatic events along the way such as the Losers Round 3 match which saw Fnatic defeat G2 esports with 3-2 in a 5-match thriller.

LoL LEC Betting Tips, Predictions and Odds

Betway odds screenshot

Latest odds on the winner of LoL LEC 2022, who takes the crown?

LoL LEC Betting Odds

League of Legends LEC betting odds vary from operator to operator so always be sure to compare the odds if you are going to place a wager. Additionally, always check with the bookmakers which markets are offered as some offer more than others.

LEC Betting Statistics

Many operators provide statistics to use as a betting strategy on LoL esports. Doing your research and checking teams' form can be beneficial when you decide to bet. Statistics can be provided externally and have pertinent information on all the LoL LEC 2022 schedule including head-to-head data, players win rate and so on.

LEC Betting Rules

When placing a bet, it is imperative that you understand the rules on which the bet is paid out. These terms and conditions are on the LoL betting websites that you can find in our top tables on our page. Moreover, with bonuses, there may be wagering requirements to withdraw your funds so always be sure to check before making a bet.

LEC Betting with Cash Out

If you believe the game is going to take a turn or are not very confident with your position, many operators have the cash out function. This allows you to lock in profits by selling your position back to the bookmaker. Moreover, you can also take advantage of cash out when betting in-play

LEC Betting with Handicap

This market is perfect for when the match has a strong favourite. If you believe a team will win comfortably you can use the handicap market which has much higher odds than the match winner. For example, in LEC LoL Summer 21, the Losers Final between Fnatic and Rogue ended up being 3-0 to Fnatic, meaning any handicaps bets like -1 or -2 would have been very profitable.

Most Popular LEC Betting Markets

There are many different markets to bet on when LEC betting, so we have broken it down into the most popular markets:

First Blood

The First Blood market is quite simply who gets the first kill. Some teams are known for starting off the game notoriously quickly and in 59% of occurrences the team that secures first blood goes on to win the match. The market therefore may be indicative of the match winner and a highly popular League of Legends betting market.

First to Slay a Baron

The most powerful monster Baron comes into the game at the 20 minute mark replacing Rift Herald. The Baron has the power to destroy the opposing team's nexus so it is probably one of the most important things to do in slaying it. The market is betting on which team will succeed, which will hopefully give them the edge over their opponents.

Outright Winner

Probably the most popular market; the Outright Winner is betting on the team who will be crowned champions of the League of Legends European Championship. You can place LoL esports bets pre tournament, during and inplay.

Match Winner

The Match Winner market is placing bets on which team will win the match. Matches are best of five and you can bet on this market before the match or InPlay. A team wins the match when they destroy the nexus.

Total Kills Odds/Even

A fun market to bet on can be the total number of kills being odd or even. A little like flipping a coin, most operators offer this market and can make games very exciting, as every kill matters.

Best Esports Betting Sites for LEC Betting


Betway is an established player in the esports space offering many different esports games and markets. On top of that, you can find very competitive LoL LEC odds with many markets to bet on. The interface is easy-to-use for both computer and mobile. Additionally, they have varied payment methods including Mastercard and Visa and also support online wallets such as Neteller and Skrill. To find out more about Betway, read our in-depth review.

Bonus Pros
Up to £30 matched bet welcome bonus
  • Attractive Odds
  • Easy To Use Website And App
  • High Level SSL-Encryption


If you are looking for an operator that provides vital statistics for bettors, then bet365 is probably the sportsbook to go with. Here you have a more informed opinion when placing bets and you can benefit from bonuses and promotions regularly. At our site Esports Betting Pro, we have written a comprehensive review on bet365 to help you get started. They offer top notch customer support and have extensive LoL LEC betting markets to bet on.

Bonus Pros
Up to €50 in bet credits for new customers
  • Top Notch Customer Support
  • Extensive Markets
  • Safe and Secure Payment Options


With having over 18 different esports to bet on, Rivalry is an esports enthusiasts dream! They offer a very generous welcome bonus and if you need to learn more about esports, they have an academy helping new and seasoned players. Furthermore, Rivalry runs contests whereby you complete quests and gain xp, ultimately winning cash prizes. There are tons of benefits with Rivalry, and to learn more, you can read our in depth review.

Bonus Pros
100% deposit bonus up to $100
  • 18+ Esports To Bet On
  • Weekly Contest To Win Cash Prizes
  • Extensive Markets To Bet On

LEC Betting FAQs

What is the best betting site for LEC betting?

We have provided a comprehensive review of all the best LEC betting sites. All the sites we recommend are safe and secure but if we had to pick one it would be Betway. They have extensive markets with excellent customer support.

What are the most popular betting markets for LEC betting?

There are many betting markets for LEC betting with the most popular being: outright winner, first blood, match duration and first to slay a baron. If the match seems uneven, handicap markets can also be very popular.

Is LEC betting safe?

Yes, as long as you place a bet with one of the LEC betting websites mentioned in this guide. All bookmakers are licensed and have secure SSL encryption. Additionally they are all licensed with reputable gaming licenses from Malta Gaming Authority, Curacao e-gaming and UKGC.

When can I bet on the LEC Spring 2022?

You can bet right now on the competition but be sure to read all our best betting tips. There are ten teams to bet on that can win the LEC Spring 2022 series, with only the outright winner market to bet on currently.

Which is the best team for LEC betting?

The team to keep an eye on for LoL LEC 2022 betting is MAD Lions. They have won the past two LoL LEC events and are currently playing some of their best League of Legends ever. On the other hand,the bookies' favourite going into the competition is Team Vitality.

LEC Betting: Our Verdict

The LEC 2022 schedule will for sure offer some entertaining duels from the Group Stages all the way to the Grand Final. There are many different strategies to utilise and with our League of Legends LEC betting tips, you already got a head start. There are 10 teams that compete for the €200,000 prize pool, and the first price is €80,000. Bet on MAD Lions, Team Vitality, Fnatic or Astralis, and you might get the luck on your side.

Take advantage of our top listed esports betting sites and claim a bonus today!

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