MAD Lions is a Spanish esports organisation with professional teams in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and League of Legends. MAD Lions betting involves staking real money on MAD Lions teams through esports betting sites during different competitions.

Join us to learn how MAD Lions betting works in the various esports games they compete in.

MAD Lions Overview

MAD Lions is an internationally renowned esports organisation that has teams competing in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and League of Legends. It is one of the most popular esports organisations in Spain and Europe, having built an impressive portfolio in a short time.

The organisation’s participation in different European and international tournaments has made them a favourite to many esports enthusiasts. Now, let’s walk through the team’s history and other detailed information for the MAD Lions esports organisation.

MAD Lions History

MAD Lions was established on August 31, 2017 initially to compete in League of Legends (LoL) tournaments within Spain. The team made a telling entrance into the esports mainstream with their logo. The MAD Lions logo is a golden lion head with seven stars coming from the flag of Madrid, the Spanish capital. The League of Legends team soon entered the Spanish SuperLiga, where they cut their teeth in the competition. Their amazing performance earned them a spot at the European Masters Spring 2018, where they finished 3-4th place.

With a team of rookie players, the MAD Lions League of Legends (LoL) team went on to win the European Masters Summer 2018. Thereafter the team were champions at the 2018 and 2019 Iberian Cup, which gave them entry into a number of play-ins. Following the acquisition of MAD Lions by OverActive Media in May 2019, OverActive Media’s Splyce team took over the MAD Lions LoL team. Following the takeover, the team was rebranded and reshaped to contest on a bigger stage.

Consequently, the LoL team was rebranded and promoted to the League of Legends European Championship (LEC). The team placed 3rd in their debut season in LEC spring 2020 and 4th in the summer season. The MAD Lions LEC team won both the LEC Spring and Summer seasons of 2021. The team’s performance has become an interesting prospect with bettors for LoL world betting.

In addition, MAD Lions is well-rated in the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive scene. The first impressive result of the MAD Lions CS:GO team was at the DreamHack Open Sevilla 2019 where they placed 4th. Recently at the just concluded Mid Summer Invitational (MSI), the MAD Lions MSI team placed 3-4th while they also went on to win at the GameGune 23 in July 2021.

What is the Future for Mad Lions

Considering how MAD Lions have had great seasons at different tournaments, they are no longer the underdogs. Additionally, they have managed to earn an impressive reputation within the esports community. As a result, both pundits and punters look at the teams favourably.

MAD Lions Teams

MAD Lions power a couple of teams that compete professionally in a number of esports tournaments. Each team has its own roster of players that compete in different tournaments. Since the teams are trained by some of the best in the esports industry, they are also highly rated. The LoL MAD Lions coach is James ‘Mac’ MacCormack, assisted by Christophe ‘Kass’ van Oudheusden and Patrick ‘Pad’ Suckow-Breum while CS:GO MAD Lions coach is Jakub ‘Kuben’ Gurczynski who is assisted by Jonathan ‘Musamban1’ Torrent. Let’s take a look at each of the teams below:


The MAD Lions CS:GO team has landed some brilliant wins while finishing in the top 4 in a couple of events. With a roster of talented players, you can always expect the CS:GO team to deliver great gameplay in every competition. The betting odds can be favourable in some of the sites listed in this guide. The roster has the following players:

Player Name Gaming ID
Filip Tudev Tudson
Pere Solsona Saumell Sausol
Thomas Bundsbaek TMB
Justinas Lekavicius jL
Volodymyr Woro2k
Teodor Nikolov Spellan

League of Legends

MAD Lions League of Legends (LoL) team has earned a solid reputation in the whole esports landscape. The team is emboldened by their impressive list of players, and currently the team is ranked 9th in the LoL world ranking.

MAD Lions has also an academy where they foster the future of the organisation. The MAD Lions LoL academy participates for the most part in junior competitions in Spain, but even out in Europe.

What’s the same though is that the teams always compete in their alluring white MAD Lions jerseys with gold letterings that are available at MAD Lions shop online. The main team roster includes:

Player Name Gaming ID Position
Irfun Berk Tukek Armut Top
Javier Prades Elyoya Jungler
Marek Brazda Humanoid Mid
Matyas Orsag Carzzy ADC
Norman Kaiser Kaiser Support

Call of Duty


OverActiveMedia does not only own MAD Lions, the esports organisation also owns the top Call of Duty (CoD) team Toronto Ultra. The MAD Lio ns CoD Toronto Ultra team has competed in several competitions. The first one was the Call of Duty League Championship 2020, where they placed 5th – 6th. Additionally, they won the Call of Duty League 2021 – Stage 2 Major. Having performed well at tournaments, the team has become popular on the global stage. Check their roster below:

Player Name Gaming ID
Bance Benjamin Bance
Jonsson Tobias CleanX
Zinni Anthony Methodz
McKilligan Cameron Cammy
Craven Jamie Insight

Top 5 MAD Lions Total Winnings and Achievement

MAD Lions has earned $1,082,858.48 in 37 tournaments at the time of writing this guide. Over 95% of the earnings are from their CS:GO and LoL teams, while the rest come from their academy teams.

Date Esport Event Name Placement Prize
19-04-2020 CS:GO Flashpoint Season 1 1st $500,000.00
22-08-2021 Call of Duty Call of Duty League Championship 2nd $162,500.00
11-04-2021 League of Legends LEC Spring 2021 1st $95,208.00
29-08-2021 League of Legends LEC Summer 2021 Summer 2021 1st $94,098.00
06-12-2020 CS:GO Flashpoint Season 2 5th-6th $35,000.00

MAD Lions Top 5 Players in Terms of Winnings

A number of MAD Lions players have also earned some excellent cash prizes playing for the organisation. Have a look at them below:

  1. CS:GO: $678,474.37
  2. League of Legends: 344, 876.41
  3. Call of Duty: $359,000.00
Rank Player Name Gaming ID Total Amount So Far Esport
1. Bance Benjamin Bance $359,000.00 Call of Duty
2. Frederick Gyldstrand acoR $130,700.00 CS:GO
3. Fredrik Jørgensen roejJ $130,700.00 CS:GO
4. Matyas Orsag Carzzy $57,496.28 League of Legends
5. Norman Kaiser Kaiser $57,496.28 League of Legends

Upcoming Tournaments and Events for MAD Lions Betting

MAD Lions CS:GO and League of Legends teams are popular in different esports competitions, ranging from S-Tier, B-Tier to A-Tier and qualifiers. The MAD Lions schedule of upcoming and ongoing tournaments include:

Tournament Esports Schedule
DreamHack Open November 2021: Closed Qualifier CS:GO Oct.20 – Oct.21
ESEA Season 39: Advanced Division – Europe CS:GO Oct.25 – Dec.19
LJL 2021 Scouting Grounds League of Legends Oct. 27 – Nov. 20
VCS Winter 2021 League of Legends Nov. 16 – Dec. 31
IEM Season XVI Winter CS:GO Dec. 02 – Dec. 12

MAD Lions Betting Tips

MAD Lions esports betting can be a little overwhelming sometimes, especially for new bettors. However, with our guide you will learn the ropes of staking skillfully. The following tips below will help you to navigate your MAD Lions betting:

  1. Always play at safe sites. We recommend playing at only licensed esports betting sites where your money is secure, your privacy is intact and your details are encrypted.
  2. Grow your bankroll with bonuses. Most betting sites on our platform provide new players with a welcome bonus. They also provide cashback, reload bonuses, and no deposit bonuses to both new and existing players. We advise that you make the best of these bonuses to reduce the amount you have to fund while wagering on your carefully selected esports games.
  3. Study Mad Lions esports betting. Before you start betting on Mad Lions, you have to learn every relevant detail. Study the statistics, the team rosters and the current form. You can also check out the most successful match runs the teams have performed. You also need to learn and understand how the betting markets work and how to use them.
  4. Make use of accumulator bets. Some sites offer you to accumulate your bet which allows you to build your bet and multiply the odds for each betting selection within a single stake. Most of the sites on our list offer this feature to give you a better experience whilst you place your bets.
  5. Do not chase your lost bets. There are days you have a lucky streak, and some days not so much. This is normal, but always set up a budget of how much of your bankroll you are allowed to lose. In general you will lose more if you try to chase those losses. Let them go, pause, and start betting when you are much calmer.

Since MAD Lions betting appeals to many esports enthusiasts, here are a few top betting markets to consider:

  • Kills: You can stake on what number of kills a MAD Lions team will get; quadra kills, total kills, map kills, kill spread, single player kills, most kills, penta kills, etc.
  • Handicaps: With the handicap betting market, the site will have the underdog team offered an edge before the game starts. You can bet on the team with the handicap or against it.
  • Winner: This has to do with betting on the tournament/league winner market, match winner, group winner, map winner, round winner, among others.
  • Firsts: You can bet on which team gets some of the most interesting actions of a particular match. Such actions include the first tower destroyed, first map finish, the first baron slayed, team to draw first blood, the first dragon slayed, the first inhibitor destroyed, and so on.
  • Scores: It is possible to bet on map score, total score, round score, correct score, player score, map scores, among others.

Best esports Sites for MAD Lions Betting

Since esports keeps garnering more and more attention from fans and corporations around the world, MAD Lions betting is no small activity. However, you need to consider factors like esport bonuses, competitive betting odds and security when you play at the best MAD Lions esports betting sites. Here's a compilation of the best three sites:


Lootbet is one of the most prestigious esports betting sites today. Apart from solid security which you get to enjoy, the site offers seamless deposit and withdrawal options using cryptocurrencies; such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum. Also, the number of esports games available on Lootbet is very generous. Our in-depth LootBet betting guide is a great place to get started when wagering on MAD Lions!

Bonus Pros
€100 first deposit bonus
  • Great user interface
  • Varied banking methods
  • Top-notch security


Vulkanbet has an amazing design and layout where you experience a sharp and easy to use interface. Also you get the benefit of watching your favourite esports with a dedicated live esports streams section. Vulkanbet has a huge number of esports games to bet on while offering a loyalty program with generous rewards. Their customer service is top-notch, as you can contact them 24/7 via live chat.

Bonus Pros
Loyalty Program With Generous Rewards
  • Specially dedicated for esports betting
  • Accepts cryptocurrency transactions
  • Awesome user interface

MAD Lions Betting: Our Verdict

MAD Lions has an impressive roster of players taking part in CS:GO and LoL competitions, as well as their LoL academy. Although relatively new when compared to other esports organisations, MAD Lions have been spectacular since its inception. This has been demonstrated in the top regional and international titles they have won with their CS:GO and LoL teams.

With earnings exceeding over $1 million already, MAD Lions betting has become a favourite activity to many esports enthusiasts. We have listed the offerings of a couple of the best betting sites where playing is safe, great odds are available, as well as that you can claim a welcome bonus when you register and make your first deposit. Visit these sites to get started today!

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MAD Lions betting FAQs

The best betting sites for MAD Lions have been carefully selected and included in this guide. They offer exciting bonuses, great odds, and are secure.

MAD Lions has esports teams that compete in CS:GO and LoL. Its sister team Toronto Ultra, owned by the same parent company OverActive Media, participates in Call of Duty.

MAD Lions CS:GO and League of Legends teams will be participating in different esports competitions like CS:GO: Blast Premier: Fall Showdown – MAD Lions vs. Evil Geniuses, LoL: 2021 World Championship Group Stage.

HLTV ranks MAD Lions 34th on their global ranking of esports organisations. The MAD Lions League of Legends team is ranked 9th in the world by Gosu Gamers.

Collectively, MAD Lions has a net worth of $1,082,858.48. Over 95% of the earnings are from their CS:GO and LoL teams.

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