Overview of LCS Summer Split 2022; LCS Summer Betting, Odds, and Tips

The League of Legends Championship Series (LCS for short) is the North American professional League of Legends competition/league. This esports tournament will see ten esports teams compete for the grand prize of qualifying for the 2022 World Championship. For beginner and experienced bettors, it is the perfect opportunity to witness some incredible gameplay and it’s also where you begin your LCS Summer betting adventure.

Best Esports Sites for LCS Summer Betting

  1. GG.BET
  3. Rivalry
  4. betway
  5. 1xBet
  6. Pinnacle
  7. Betathome
  8. Thunderpick
  9. Nitrogen
  10. 22bet

How to do LCS Summer Betting

League of Legends is one of the largest esports games in the world; one with numerous tournaments around the globe that host teams from various esports countries, all of which aim to become the champion of their respective region and gain qualification for the yearly World Championship.

We’ve already seen what the teams are capable of and how far esports organizations are willing to go roster-wise to clinch that top spot on the podium. The LCS Spring Split brought us many phenomenal matches but now it’s time for the LCS Summer Split.

As far as LoL LCS betting is concerned, it doesn’t differ much from other MOBA games and LoL tournaments. Still, it’s important to know the step-by-step process which will see you go from a new bettor to an experienced one.

Firstly, you’d need to find an online esports betting operator with whose odds, betting markets, and payment methods you are satisfied. Additionally, you should also compare their esports betting bonuses (if any bonuses exist) and go for the ones you like most.

As far as payment methods are concerned, some of the most supported ones include PayPal, credit cards, Skrill, and some cryptocurrencies (such as Bitcoin). Unfortunately, if a bookie doesn’t support your preferred payment method, you will have to look elsewhere.

Once your account has been verified, it’s now ready for bet placing. However, before you do so, make sure to do some research on the participating teams and players. It’s also useful to know the basics of the game itself to maximize your chances of winning.

Lastly, don’t go overboard with the bets as soon as you begin; take some time to analyze team performances once the LCS Summer Split starts and place your bets accordingly.

Popular LCS Summer Betting Markets

Moneyline betting

Moneyline bets are the tried-and-tested go-to’s of the average Joe. If you’re just getting into LoL LCS betting, moneyline bets are simple because you only have to pick a side to win the wager.

Because of this, the risk that comes with moneyline bets is easier to manage compared to the headaches that come with prop, handicap, and total betting.

Prop betting (special bets)

When you think you’ve got the hang of moneyline bets, you can start moving your way up the ladder. If you’ve put in the time grinding in Ranked queue, you’d know that there are objectives to be taken in each game such as dragons, towers, and inhibitors.

In propositional betting, you bet on the occurrence (or its lack thereof) of these objectives getting taken by the team you’re eyeing on.

In Rivalry, for example, you can put prop bets on events such as:

  • Both teams to destroy an inhibitor
  • First team to slay Baron Nashor
  • Team to take down the first Tower
  • Team to take First Blood

This way, you can make serious cash betting on what’s happening on the Rift outside of who wins or loses. But prop betting needs a good amount of research on the teams you’re betting on and their playstyle because you’re practically predicting what will happen in-game when they go head-to-head.

Total betting (over/under)

Total betting requires bettors to estimate whether the game at hand will go over or under a designated metric (such as towers taken, dragons slain, total kills, or game time). For instance, predicting whether Cloud9 versus Immortals will take longer than 30.5 minutes.

Rivalry Odds Screenshot

Despite being similar to prop betting, total betting can be easier because it’s simply predicting over or under a threshold. If you look at a team’s history over the course of the split, you can, more or less, have a rough estimate of how they will perform.

Though, always remember that a team’s past performances have no bearing on how they will perform on a given weekend (remember Gambler’s Fallacy).

In a best-of series, you can also bet on how many games the match-up will go. For example, you can predict that Team SoloMid will 2-0 Team Liquid in the Playoffs by betting under the 2.5 map spread.

Handicap betting

Lastly, handicap bets allow bookmakers to even out the playing field for the underdogs. In League of Legends, they do this through maps won (in best-of series) and the number of kills they need to be ahead of to be considered a win.

As Pinnacle puts it, you can cash out on a bet put on a team at +1.5 as long as they manage to win one game in the best-of-three or win it outright. Meanwhile, a -1.5 bet means that the team must win two straight games to have the bet paid out.

This increases the risk that you can take while betting, but with an equivalent increase in payout if you manage to get it right.

The kill handicap functions the same way. A -7.5 kill handicap means that your chosen team must end the game with over 8 kills ahead of their opponent. Meanwhile, a team with a +7.5 kill handicap must end the game only having 7 kills under the opposing team.

As in total and prop betting, the outcome of the match (winner and loser) does not influence the results of handicap betting.

LCS Summer Betting Tips

With the season ending on the 1st of August, 2022, there’s still a long way to go before the standings are locked in for the 2022 LCS Championship. Here are a few key reminders to go by to help you win in your LCS summer betting adventure.

Do not let emotions dictate your bets

Although you might feel that placing a bet on your favourite team is wise, it is only justified if you’re a fan of one of the stronger teams. Successful bettors do not let emotion take over as they’re placing their bets. It’s all about being skillful at making accurate predictions based on available information, both current and past.

Upsets are common

League of Legends is a game where there’s rarely a team that dominates their opposition on a consistent basis. Usually, even when a team is experiencing a good run of results, they’ll eventually lose to one of the underdogs. This is important to understand because you’d otherwise be lulled into a false sense of security. Betting on the underdog is also a viable strategy – when it works out.

Don’t rush into LCS Summer betting

You may be tempted to place a couple of bets on the favourites, match-in match-out, but there’s more to LoL LCS betting than this. The best way to ensure that most of your bets will be winning ones is to carefully research the teams and take it slow. Ideally, you’ll also want to be on the conservative side of creating betting slips with multiple moneyline bets – at least until you gain some experience.

What is the LCS Summer Split?

The LCS Summer Split is the 2nd ‘regular part of the season’ of the LCS yearly tournament. The Spring Split and Spring Playoffs have concluded and the teams now have a new objective in mind – win the Summer Split, qualify for the Playoffs, and finish first (ideally) to qualify for the 2022 World championship.

Following the end of the LCS Spring Finals, strong teams need to continue their previous form while weaker ones will have to adapt and attempt to overthrow the favourites. However, this is easier said than done but at least they’ll have almost three months to complete their journey in the highest possible position.

The LCS Summer Split begins on the 17th of June and ends in mid-August, around which time the Summer Playoffs will start. What the teams do here will determine their competitive future in 2022, and they might potentially win a certain share of the $200,000 prize pool.

LCS Tournament History

Event Date Prize Pool Winning Team Runners-Up
LCS Spring 2022 05.02.2022 – 24.04.2022 $200,000 Evil Geniuses 100 Thieves
LCS Summer 2021 04.06.2021 – 29.08.2021 $200,000 100 Thieves Team Liquid
LCS Spring 2021 05.02.2021 – 11.04.2021 $200,000 Cloud9 Team Liquid
LCS Summer 2020 13.06.2020 – 06.09.2020 $200,000 Team SoloMid FlyQuest
LCS Spring 2020 25.01.2020 – 19.04.2020 $200,000 Cloud9 FlyQuest
LCS Summer 2019 01.06.2019 – 25.08.2019 $200,000 Team Liquid Cloud9
LCS Spring 2019 26.01.2019 – 13.04.2019 $200,000 Team Liquid Team SoloMid

LCS Summer Split 2022 Tournament Format

The LCS Summer Split begins on the 17th of June and will last until the 14th of August. After that, we will bear witness to the LCS Playoffs (unique to the LCS). Ten teams will participate in the Summer Split – the same teams that we’ve watched for the past few seasons of the LCS. The tournament format is as follows:

Group Stage:

  • Double round robin format
  • Each team plays a total of 18 matches (twice against each other team in the league)
  • Every match is a Bo1
  • 1st through 6th-placed teams qualify for the LCS Summer Playoffs
    • 1st through 4th-placed teams are seeded into the Semifinals
    • 5th and 6th-placed teams are seeded into the 1st Losers’ Round


  • Double elimination format
  • All matches are Bo5
  • Top three teams qualify for the 2022 World Championship (seeding depends on finishing position)

LCS Summer Split 2022 Prize Pool & Championship Points

Placement Amount Seed
1st $100,000 Worlds 2022 (1st seed)
2nd $50,000 Worlds 2022 (2nd seed)
3rd $30,000 Worlds 2022 (3rd seed)
4th $20,000 /
5th / /
6th / /
7th / /
8th / /
9th / /
10th / /

LCS Summer Split 2022 Teams

Favourites to Win the LCS Summer Split

Evil Geniuses

Evil Geniuses returned to the forefront of competitive League of Legends following an absence spell between 2014 and 2020. The team originally surprised the world with their 3rd place finish in LCS Spring 2020, but it was soon clear they wouldn’t be able to stay consistent.

However, 2022 has seen them become the team to beat. Following the acquisitions of Inspired, Jojopyun, and Vulcan, and under the leadership of Impact, Evil Geniuses have never looked better. They finished 2nd, 1st, and 3rd/4th in the LCS Lock-In, LCS Spring, and MSI 2022 tournaments, respectively. They are the favourites to win the LCS Summer Split.

100 Thieves

100 Thieves truly came into the limelight in 2021 after performing at the highest level in LCS. They started the year fairly averagely, finishing in 4th place in LCS Spring 2021, but then experienced a revival where they decimated the opposition and claimed 1st place in LCS Summer 2021 – and direct qualification for the 2021 World Championship as the 1st seed.

Unfortunately, their Worlds performance was lackluster; the team finished 3rd in their group, behind South Korea’s T1 and China’s EDward Gaming. However, an impressive 2nd place in LCS Spring 2022 has cemented them as one of the favourites to win the Summer Split.

Team Liquid

Team Liquid is the only team to manage a top 3 finish in any one tournament in a competitive year since their entry into LoL esports in 2015. Their most dominant regional performance occurred in 2019 where they claimed 1st in LCS Spring 2019, 2nd at MSI 2019, 2nd in Rift Rivals 2019: NA vs EU, and 1st in LCS Summer 2019.

However, their Worlds performances were terrible; Team Liquid was always eliminated in the Group Stage. As for 2022, they started well by winning the LCS Lock-In 2022 tournament but fell short in LCS Spring 2022 where they finished 3rd. Nonetheless, Team Liquid is a formidable opponent; one that is entirely capable of surprising the opposition and maybe even winning the LCS Summer Split.

Where to Watch the LCS Summer Split 2022 Live

You can watch the LCS live on Twitch and YouTube from Fridays to Sundays. Alternatively, you can also catch the action by visiting the official lolesports website that hosts the live stream!

LCS Summer Betting FAQs

What is the LCS?

The LCS (League of Legends Championship Series) is the yearly competitive season that Riot Games host for the North American esports scene. Competing teams are considered league partners and, depending on their finishing position following the Spring and Summer Splits, can qualify for the Mid-Season Invitational (MSI) and the World Championship.

When does the LCS Summer Split begin?

The LCS Summer Split starts on the 17th of June and ends on the 14th of August, 2022.

Who are the favourites to win the LCS Summer Split?

Due to their past performances and finishing positions in the LCS Spring Playoffs, Evil Geniuses, 100 Thieves, and Team Liquid are the favourites to win. We might see an upset but for that to happen, the weaker teams need to up their game.

What are the best esports betting sites for LCS Summer betting?

We recommend bet365 for moneyline bets, Rivalry for prop and total bets, and Pinnacle for handicap betting! Truthfully though, any of the bookies we’ve mentioned are good choices and some may have better odds once the tournament begins so keep an eye on them!

What is the best bet for LCS Summer betting?

A great betting market for beginners is moneyline betting or match-winner betting. The chances for your bets to win will be highest if you bet on the stronger teams. Alternatively, you could also bet on the favourites to win the entire event in an Outright type of bet. Special bets are also attractive to bettors since they’re unique and sometimes have impressive odds assigned to them.

Esports Betting Pro: Our Verdict

The LCS Summer Split is going to be an absolutely mesmerizing esports experience for spectators and bettors alike. There will be more than 90 matches throughout the Summer Split, so there will be plenty of betting opportunities.

Speaking of betting, remember the tips you’ve learned from this guide; don’t rush it, research the teams and players properly, and keep track of their LCS Summer Split performances. Good luck!

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