EDG (the acronym for EDward Gaming) is one of China’s best esports teams. Their most notable achievements have come from League of Legends and that’s the game they’re most famous for. This guide will take you through the team’s history and achievements and provide you with valuable betting information.

Who are EDward Gaming?

EDward Gaming is a Chinese esports organization that was created in 2013. Immediately after its inception, the organization joined the LPL – the Chinese League of Legends league. As soon as their esports participation started, it was evident that they would end up being one of the best LoL esports teams in the world.

EDG is currently active in five games and their esports scenes. However, the title they’re most famous for is League of Legends. It is this game that brought them fame and fortune, as well as international recognition as one of League of Legends’ premier esports teams.

Overall, EDward Gaming is a fairly successful esports organization whose teams are relatively consistent performance-wise. Unfortunately, they didn’t quite manage to leave a mark in other games which is somewhat disappointing considering China, as an esports country, has an epic presence in said esports.

In any case, it’s best to start watching them play so you can get a feel for their skill level. This is best done by viewing past VODs or – even better – watching live streams of them playing in an esports tournament.

What Games do EDG Participate in?

As said before, EDG is currently active across 5 games. However, keep in mind that some of these games haven’t had any esports tournaments in the past year or so. The teams (and players) are still listed as active on the official EDward Gaming website.

League of Legends

EDG are nowadays considered one of the best LoL teams in the world. However, it wasn’t always like this. There were certain seasons where EDG simply were not good enough – such as the 2019 competitive season when they didn’t even compete in the World Championship.

However, every once in a while the team starts playing out of their minds, destroying the opposition like it was nothing. 2021 and 2015 have been their strongest seasons to date. The World Championship win also came in 2021 so it seems that 2022 will be a great year as well.

To make sure this happens, Flandre, JieJie, Scout, Viper, and Meiko will give their best in each match. Meiko has been around since 2014 and, with Scout (who joined in 2016), they make up the most experienced part of the team.


EDward Gaming entered the PUBG esports scene at the tail end of 2017. Their first tournament participation was on the 22nd of November, 2017, and they competed in the Longzhu PUBG Invitational. The team finished 9th in overall standings.

EDG has shined just twice in their PUBG history with one 2nd place finish and one 3rd place finish.

PUBG’s future isn’t looking good with virtually no tournaments being held since 2019. Some say a new PUBG game is on the horizon, hence the reason for not holding any tournaments. Even so, the EDG PUBG team is still listed as active and features AzEeeeee, CHANHUI, Fugue7, and Lin1 in the roster.

Wild Rift

Wild Rift is still in its infancy, having been released in 2020 for mobile devices. With that said, Wild Rift has already had more than 30 esports tournaments, with EDG being part of nine of them. Their biggest tournament victory was the Wild Rift Rivals: LCK vs LPL where they finished first and took home $19,000.

Currently, EDG’s roster is made up of XZhang, yuf, SkyFL, Haibara, Mumu (substitute for the Dragon position), and LangGui.

Arena of Valor

Arena of Valor is arguably the second game that EDG are most known for. It’s also one where they are either exceptional or terrible; there’s rarely an in-between.

The reason for this is simple – EDward Gaming has had more than 11 changes to their roster over their 5-year Arena of Valor history. Such instability is guaranteed to cause drops in performance, with only some changes effectively strengthening the team.

Nonetheless, they’ve had some great successes in the past including a 2nd place in the King Pro League Spring 2018 tournament. The team’s current roster is as follows: NingZhi, Luoye, RanRan, ChenAn, and WenXu.


EDward Gaming joined the VALORANT esports world in 2020, originally participating in the Asian Training Tour Invitational. Since then, they’ve been present in more than 20 tournaments, most of which are of the weekly type.

However, they would slowly start competing in higher-tiered tournaments, namely the C and B-Tier ones. Their largest success to date was finishing 2nd in the FGC VALORANT Invitational – the final tournament of 2021.

EDG’s current roster has remained largely unchanged for almost two years and consists of Boommmm, NaThanD, Life, Abo, and YorkMonster.

Team History

EDward Gaming joined the Esports world in 2014 when they joined the Chinese LoL league – the LPL. Since then, the organization has spread to a couple of other games but, unfortunately, they haven’t been as successful as they wanted to be.

EDG was quickly branded as a ‘superteam’ by the LoL community due to their near-instant victories in LPL Spring and Summer 2014, defeating some strong LoL teams such as Invictus Gaming and Team WE.

Without going too much into their League of Legends history, it’s safe to say that EDG has left a lasting legacy in the world of esports.

It is evident the team had a slump in performance in 2019 and 2020 but they came back strong after signing some new players.

That’s about it for League of Legends, now let’s look at their Arena of Valor history – the second oldest game they’ve played.

They originally started participating in AoV tournaments in 2017 but didn’t achieve much success until 2019 when they finished 3rd in the 2018 Honor of Kings Champion Cup Winter Season.

Unfortunately, apart from that tournament, EDG’s performances didn’t really shine. They haven’t won a single tournament since the team was formed which doesn’t bode well for the future.

EDG’s other esports game participations haven’t been that good. The team isn’t good in either PUBG or VALORANT. This can be explained by EDG’s near fanatic focus on League of Legends whereas other games come second.

Somewhat unsurprisingly (considering Wild Rift is the mobile version of LoL), EDG have been doing a good job. They’ve won the Wild Rift Rivals: LCK vs LPL and Douyu Master Legends 2021 August tournaments and have consistently been placing in the top 5 of most events they entered.

Here are some of EDG’s most valuable player signings.

Full Name Nickname Age Esports Title Winnings Date Joined
Tian, Ye Meiko 23 LoL $494,979 17.12.2014.
Ming, Kai ClearLove 28 LoL $442,068 12.02.2014.
Lee, Ye Chan Scout 23 LoL $398,320 22.03.2016.
Tao, Chuankai Chuchen 21 Arena of Valor $123,704 2017
Zhu, Haoyun Wuhen / Arena of Valor $99,387 Unknown

EDward Gaming Successes

Game Tournament Placement Date Roster
LoL 2021 World Championship 1st 06.11.2021. Flandre, JieJie, Meiko, Scout, Viper
LoL LPL Summer 2021 1st 02.09.2021. Flandre, JieJie, Meiko, Scout, Viper
LoL LPL Summer 2017 1st 01.09.2017. ClearLove, Meiko, Mouse, Scout, Zet
LoL MSI 2015 1st 10.05.2015. ClearLove, Deft, Koro1, Meiko, PawN
Clash Royale Clash Royale League Fall 2018 – China 2nd 28.10.2018. Nuomici, Rain, SoloMan, Xiaosa, Yulin
Wild Rift Wild Rift Rivals: LCK vs LPL 1st 14.08.2021. Haibara, LangGui, SkyFL, XZhang, yuf
Arena of Valor King Pro League Spring 2018 2nd 08.07.2018. Ache, Chuchen, Jiumeng, KOKO, Mac, PJJ, Wave, Wuhen

Upcoming EDward Gaming Event Participations

Apart from the LPL (the Chinese League of Legends league), we have no information about other tournaments that EDG might participate in. However, there’s a high probability of more information being released soon.

EDward Gaming Esports Betting for Beginners

Now that we’ve gone over EDG’s history, it’s time to look at whether it’s worth placing bets on the EDward Gaming in the 2022 season.

First up – experience. This organization has been active for quite a long time. Not as long as some iconic orgs such as Fnatic and NaVi, but long, nonetheless. Most of their existence was focused on League of Legends but they’ve still dabbled in other games as well.

However, when it comes to betting on EDG, LoL is actually the best choice. You could also take some time to explore the other games that EDward Gaming competes in, though don’t expect a lot.

Is EDG Betting a Good Choice?

As long as you keep to LoL betting, you should be alright. Other games can sometimes warrant a bet or two but in most cases, EDward Gaming does not have what it takes to win, especially if you’re placing outright bets.

As far as EDG LoL betting is concerned, the team has recently won the 2021 World Championship by defeating some of the best LoL teams in the world. Their LoL roster is very strong, talented, and with a lot of competitive experience.

As with all bets, you should still do your research and take a look at the team’s previous results to get a good understanding of which bets to place. You’ll also need to know which betting markets are for the games you want to bet on. Nothing too complicated, but necessary for increasing your chances of winning.

Which Types of Bets Should you Place on EDward Gaming?

Bet Type Pros Cons
Match Winner
  • A solid bet with a high chance of winning
  • Fairly easy to predict
  • Not the best odds
  • To make it worthwhile, you’d need to place a very large bet
  • Exceptional odds
  • EDG are, interestingly, usually not considered the favorites
  • Risky
  • Requires research
Total Kills (Over/Under)
  • Great odds
  • Relatively easy to predict as EDG usually get plenty of kills
  • Risky
  • Sometimes the number of kills you are given can be difficult to predict (whether it’s over or under that amount)
Game Length (Over/Under)
  • Interesting and fun
  • Usually great odds
  • Risky
  • Not quite easy to get right

Esports Betting Pro: Our Verdict

The Chinese audience is proud of EDward Gaming and its success in esports. The organization has come a long way since it first began but the real impact they’ve left has been in League of Legends.

If the team manages to continue their previous form, especially after winning the 2021 World Championship, the 2022 competitive season will see them be a formidable foe for many teams that want to achieve glory themselves.

As for the betting side, they’re a viable choice for LoL betting while being a risky choice for all other games, they participate in. As a final word of advice – do not rush your bets. Think them through and analyze whether they’ve a good enough chance of winning. Good luck!

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EDward Gaming FAQs

EDG, or EDward Gaming, is a Chinese esports organization that is best known for its League of Legends history. The EDG LoL team is considered one of the best globally, which was proven with their victory at the 2021 World Championship.

Definitely League of Legends. Although EDG can perform in other games, they aren’t as consistent or good enough to place bets on them. Their League of Legends roster is experienced, strong, and difficult to defeat which makes LoL the prime candidate for EDG betting.

In most cases, you can place match winner bets in LoL tournaments. You can either choose the LPL to place your bets or MSI & the World Championship. Outrights are another great choice albeit riskier considering the team would have to win the entire tournament or league.

While you’re at it, make sure you’ve chosen a bookie that fits your needs, has great odds, and supports your preferred payment method. Both 1xBet and LOOT.BET are excellent betting operators.

Meiko is the longest-standing member of the EDG LoL team; he’s been part of EDG since 2014 and has consistently put in stellar performances. He has earned an impressive $494,979 while playing for EDG.

EDward Gaming are a capable and strong team, worthy of their spot in LoL history. Unfortunately, they haven’t shown that level of strength in other games so if we’re talking specifically about EDG’s teams – only the LoL one is actually good. Still, it’s evident that the organization is focused solely on League of Legends and leaving a mark in LoL esports.

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