Dota 2 The International Betting- Odds on Offer, Tips, and Predictions

Dota 2 International or T10 is set to take place in October 2021 with the Group Stage taking place from Oct 7-10 and the Main Stage from Oct 12-17. This will be the final event of the Dota Pro Circuit 2020-2021 season which is organised and produced by Valve and will take place in Bucharest, Romania. In this guide, we will discuss everything you need to know about this tournament including the odds on offer for Dota 2 International betting, recommendable tips, and predictions, as well as the best betting sites to use for Dota2 International betting.

The Best Betting Sites for Dota 2 The International Betting

  1. Pinnacle
  2. GG.Bet
  3. 1xBet
  4. Loot.Bet
  6. bet365
  7. Vulkanbet
  8. Betsson Esports
  9. William Hill
  10. Rivalry

Dota 2 The International Betting Odds, Tips & Predictions

Dota 2 International is widely covered by many esports betting sites and such as there are various TI10 odds for the event. Thus, having an idea of the available options will help you choose the best betting odds. In the sections below, we will also discuss some of the tips and predictions to give you an upper hand when betting on Dota 2 Internationals.

Dota 2 The International Betting Odds

Check the Top Dota 2 International betting sites with the best odds

Team to Win Odds at bet365 Odds at GG.Bet
Evil Genius 5.50 5.5
PSG.LGD 4.50 3.5
Virtus Pro 13.00 12
Quincy Crew 26.00 13
Invictus Gaming 15.00 10
TI 16.00 9
Vici Gaming 10.00 9
Team Secret 5.50 14
Team Aster 21.00 23
Alliance 26.00 16
Beastcoast 51.00 60
Thunder Predator 51.00 80
OG 10.00 10
Elephant 9.00 10
Team Spirit 26.00 35
Fnatic 34.00 34
Undying 67.00 90
SG e-sports 251.00 251

Dota 2 The International Betting Predictions

What Are the Odds of OG Winning Three Times in a Row?

As the reigning champions, Team OG is the favourite to win. They have won this tournament two years in a row (2018 and 2019). However, OG will be missing two of its trophy-winning players but as an OG fan, I have high hopes that Syed Sumali and Martin ‘Saksa’ Sazdov to deliver. If they manage to win, they will qualify for the TI10 where they still have a high potential of winning.

However, can they win TI10 three times in a row? Well, it seems like the stage is set for another classic case of OG where they have not managed to win any big events and they barely got into TI and this is exactly what happened in the previous years where they ended up taking the trophy home.

Evil Geniuses Might End the Year Strong

Among the teams that have already qualified, Evil Geniuses, who are on the top of the list with 1,700 DPC seems to be the current favorite. Based on their flawless performance which saw them get the first invitation out of the 12, EG has the capacity to face-off the reigning champions. They have seen a successful year where they won the regional Dota Pro Circuit and they came second in both the WePlay and Singapore majors.

If they can finish strong at the final by putting up an impressive performance then they have a better chance of winning the Dota International.

Where Does Team Secret Stand?

At the beginning of the year, Team Secret was termed by many fans as the best in the world. Well, this was hard to argue considering that they won 8 tournaments in a row in 2020 and they barely dropped any maps. However, tables have turned on them this year seeing that their performance is not near impressive. They ranked fourth in the Singapore Major, Third to last in the WePlay AniMajor, and dead last in the ESL One Summer which was just a disaster, to say the least.

While this terrible performance could be attributed to the fact that they had already secured a spot at TI and were taking a break or wanting to save their best tactics, we cannot know for sure if they still have it in them.

Is it Time for PSG: LGD to Shine?

PSG: LGD has been playing Dota 2 the longest and it does not come as a surprise seeing them on the top of the list. The team has won several regional and international titles over the years and this has captivated their confidence. However, the team has never won the International Championship but has come close severally and lost out in the second position in 2018. Based on their impressive performance throughout the year, including winning the WePlay AniMajor, maybe this could be the year where PSG: LGD scoop the TI championship.

Tips For Dota 2 the International Betting

Here are some tips to help you get started with TI10 betting.

Compare the Odds

From the table above, different Dota 2 betting sites have varying odds and it is important to go through these odds and settle for a bookmaker that has the best odds based on your analysis of the game. These odds give you an idea of the favourite team in a match.

Get to Know the Team

Although the betting sites have their favourite team, having background information about the team comes in handy. Since these odds may change, understanding the performance of the team in previous matches will help you adjust your decision appropriately. Some of the details that you should take into account include their past match results, past tournament results, and their head-to-head results. Also, keep track of any recent news that can affect your predictions.

Play the Game yourself

You can get analysis from statistics and esports analysis sites such as HLTV, however, when you play the game, you will have a better understanding of the team and thus, you can easily verify the competitiveness of the players and the entire team.

Watch Live Streaming

In addition to playing the games, you can also access the credibility of a team by watching the teams play on live streaming channels such as Stream TV, Twitch, or YouTube.

List of Invited and Qualified Teams of TI10

There are a total of 18 teams qualified for the T110, 12 of which got a direct invite while 6 qualified through Regional Qualifiers

Invited Teams

Rank Team Total DPC points
1 Evil Geniuses 1700
2 PSG.LGD 1300
3 Virtus Pro 1200
4 Quincy Crew 1100
5 Invictus Gaming 1100
6 TI 1070
7 Vici Gaming 950
8 Team Secret 950
9 Team Aster 800
10 Alliance 800
11 Beastcoast 800
12 Thunder Predator 800

Regional Qualified Teams

Region Winner
Western Europe OG
China Elephant
Eastern Europe Team Spirit
Southeast Asia Fnatic
North America Undying
South America SG e-sports

Popular Bets for Dota 2 International

Some of the popular markets available for Dota International bettors include;

Outright Winner

Bet on the winner of The International. As expected, the teams will have varying odds depending on the esports betting site you are using.

Best betting site to use for Outright Winner: Bet365

Map Result

Bet on the winner of a map for a match.

Best betting site to use for Map Result: 1xBet

Map First Blood

Bet on the team that will be the first to draw blood during an ongoing Map

Best betting sites to use for Map First Blood: GG.Bet

Total Maps

Predict how many Maps will be contested in The international by two teams and this bet will be in the form of Over/Under depending on the bookmaker you are using.

Best betting site to use for Total Maps: Vulkanbet

Maps Handicap

With this bet, you give your team a sufficient or a deficit before the match begins. In this case, the favorites will have a deficit while the underdogs will have an equal sufficient. For example, the OG can start with a deficit of -0.5 round wins while Team Secret starts with a sufficient of +0.5 round wins.

Best betting site to use for Maps Handicap: Rivalry

Tournament Structure for Dota 2 The International

The TI10 structure uses both invite and qualifies systems. In the past editions, Dota International had 6 or 18 teams some of which received a direct invite based on their performances while others were required to qualify.

It was not until 2017-2018 when things become more transparent after the introduction of a professional circuit called the Dota Pro Circuit where the tournaments and qualification points were created.

Here is an overview of TI10 Format

Open Qualifies

These are technically open to all Dota 2 teams however, the max number of teams that can compete is capped at 1024. There are 12 regional qualifies held and the winners get a ticket to the Main Qualifies.

Main Qualifies

Here, 6 Main Qualifies are held and the winners of this stage go through to the Group Stage of TI. The Runners-up of China, Southeast Asia, and North America also qualify for The International. The teams in the third-place in the North America Main Qualifiers also advances to TI.

The Group Stage

At this point, 18 teams are participating. However, only two of them won’t qualify for the Main Event. The Group stage has two groups with 9 teams each. The four top teams in each group go to the upper bracket of the Main Event while the 5th to the 8th positions are placed in the lower bracket. The two teams in the 9th position are eliminated.

Main Event

Now only 16 teams remain in the competition and at this point, instead of groups, the competition is held in two double-elimination brackets. 8 teams play in the Upper Bracket while the other 8 play in the Lower Bracket of the Main Event. All the matches are played on a best-of-three Maps basis apart from the first round of the Lower Bracket which is played on a best-of-one Map basis. The Grand Finals is played on a best-of-five Maps basis.

History of Dota 2 The International

Dota 2 International mirrors the magnificent spike in esports viewership based on the growth it has seen over the years. The first event was held in 2011 hosted and produced by Valve who is the developer of Dota 2.

The International 2021 will be the 10th edition after the postponement of the 2020 tournament. Each year sees the tournament break its own record for prize pools from $1 million in 2011 to currently over $40 million. There have been many winners of this tournament including OG, Invictus Gaming, Evil Genius, and Team Liquid among others.

Dota 2 The International- Past Winners

Year Winning Team
2020 N/A
2019 OG
2018 OG
2017 Team Liquid
2016 Wigs Gaming
2015 Evil Geniuses
2014 Newbee
2013 Alliance
2012 Invictus Gaming
2011 Natus Vincere

Dota 2 The Internationals-Key Facts

  •  Natus Vincere was the first team to win the very first TI in 2011.
  • Team OG has win TI two times in a row 2017-2018, and 2018-2019.
  • The Internationals 2019 had a record prize pool of $34.3 million which was the highest ever recorded in an esports tournament. The TI10 has broken the record this year where the 18 teams will be competing for $40 million.
  • The International 2019 had a concurrent viewership of 2 Million during the finals.
  • The T10 tournaments will start the Group Stage from October 7 to 10 followed by the Main Stage which starts on October 12. The TI10 finals will be held on October 17th
  • The Internationals 10 will take place at Arena Nationala, Bucharest, Romania


Which is the best bookmaker for Dota 2 International betting?

Our best betting sites for Dota2 betting include GG.Bet, 1xBet, and bet365

When will the TI10 take place?

The International 10 is set to take place from October 7th to October 17th

Where will Dota 2 International be held?

TI10 will take place in Romania’s largest stadium, Arena Nationala.

Where can I live stream TI10?

You can watch The Internationals live on Valve's official The International Twitch or on YouTube.

Which team is more likely to win Dota 2 The Internationals?

The top teams that have qualified for TI10 are highly competitive and with teams such as OG, Evil Geniuses, PSG.LGD, and Team Secret, it is hard to predict who will be the winner.

What is the prize pool of The Internationals 10?

The prize pool for TI10 is a whopping $40 million which is the highest in Dota 2 History

Esports Betting Pro: Our Verdict

The TI10 event set to be held this October will be the first T1 in over two years after the global pandemic led to the cancellation of the original TI10 last year. Millions of fans and Dota 2 Pro players are looking forward to it and it feels like a dream that it is finally here. With an impressive prize pool of $40 million, this is the highest in the history of any single esports tournament. The popularity of this tournament has attracted the attention of many bookmakers and bettors. If you are looking to participate in Dota 2 International betting, check our list of the best bookmakers offering impressive odds.

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