Betting on PGL Major Arlington | All You Need to Know

2021/22 Dota Pro Circuit is in full flow. The next big tournament in this seasonal circuit is the PGL Arlington Major. Texas is the location, Esports Stadium Arlington is the venue of choice, and seventeen brilliant Dota 2 teams will be eyeing their chances here… Not to mention millions of Dota 2 esports fans all over the world who’ll want to start PGL Arlington Major betting as soon as possible.

Best Esports Sites for Dota 2 Arlington Major Betting

  1. 1xBet
  2. Pinnacle
  3. Betway
  4. bet365
  6. GG.BET
  7. Thunderpick
  8. Betathome
  9. Nitrogen
  10. Betfair

How to Begin your Dota 2 Major Betting Experience

Dota 2 Majors provide the perfect opportunity to start betting on esports events. You’ll get to see dozens of popular and strong esports teams compete against others from various esports countries. These tournaments bring out the best from each team, drawing in hundreds of thousands of live stream viewers.

But, before your excitement gets the better of you, you’ll need to learn how to begin your Dota 2 Major betting adventure. These following few steps are all it takes to start betting on all esports tournaments, not just Dota 2 Majors. They’ll also probably take less than 5 minutes for you to complete (at least the beginning few steps).

  1. Find the perfect bookie for your needsOnline betting operators generally follow the same betting rules but are unique in terms of odds, special bets, and supported esports tournaments. Make sure to compare all of this information and choose the bookie you feel is best suited to your needs. Of course, you will be able to start placing bets with another betting operator, but it’s better to keep it all in one place when you're just starting out.
  2. Create an account on the bookie’s website – Once you’re satisfied with your bookie choice, go ahead and create an account on their website. Virtually all betting operator websites feature the same or similar registration system where you input your real-life information (crucial if you want to receive betting bonuses in the future) and verify your email address.
  3. Set up your chosen payment method/s – As far as payment methods are concerned, everyone is entitled to use whichever they prefer. However, out of all the payment methods, Bitcoin, credit cards, PayPal, and Skrill are the most accepted and can be found on almost all bookie websites. You need to make sure your chosen bookie accepts the payment method you use because otherwise, betting won’t be possible.
  4. Learn about the participating teams and their past successes – With the semantics out of the way, you won’t be able to start betting before spending some time learning about the teams and players in Dota 2 Majors (if you want to win your bets which is highly recommended). Start off with researching previous Dota 2 Major events and seeing which teams reached what stage of the tournament. Then, look at that team’s history, followed by learning about the players themselves. This step is the longest and can take several days so keep that in mind.
  5. Start with fewer, smaller bets to test the water – Even after you’ve studied everything there is to learn, you’ll still be a beginner punter. We highly recommend placing a few simple bets to kick off your Dota 2 Major betting adventure to gain insight into the current state of affairs in Dota 2 esports. Otherwise, your bets might be disconnected from reality and that’s not good in the slightest. Be mindful and take it slow; you’ll get there eventually and without major mistakes along the way!

What are Dota 2 Majors?

Dota 2 Major tournaments are events that Valve itself sponsors and hosts. They are the largest and most prestigious existing Dota 2 events in modern esports history, just behind The International in scale and prize money.

When Valve hosted the first Dota 2 Major (The Frankfurt Major 2015), it featured 16 teams and had a $3,000,000 prize pool. However, Dota 2 Majors used to happen twice or thrice a year. As time went by, Valve expanded the number of yearly Major tournaments to five or more.

With this move, they could spread out the singular large prize pool across multiple tournaments so all Majors after The Kiev Major 2017 featured a $1,000,000 prize pool. Sadly, this frequency of tournaments wouldn’t last due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the number of yearly Dota 2 Major tournaments was reduced back to two.

From 2021 onwards (we don’t know for how long), all Dota 2 Major tournaments will have $500,000 up for grabs which is a pretty big drop compared to past Major tournaments.

Nonetheless, the quality of teams has stayed the same and we’re still seeing immense competitiveness and drive from all participating esports organizations, which is great news for punters new and old.

PGL Major Arlington Key Stats

There’s plenty of stuff to talk about when it comes to this tournament. Key participants, most important dates, prize pool distribution, and DPC points. There’s a lot of stuff on our hands so let’s start chopping everything up in smaller bits and pieces.

Starting off with the prize pool, the 2022 PGL Arlington Major will feature $500,000 in prize money. The official prize pool distribution table is as follows:

Placement Prize Money DPC Points
1st $200,000 820
2nd $100,000 740
3rd $75,000 670
4th $50,000 590
5th 6th $25,000 515
7th 8th $12,500 360

As you can see, PGL Arlington Major isn’t just important because of its prize pool but because it brings forth a ton of Dota Pro Circuit points too. With lots of teams still eyeing a spot on the International 2022, things are likely to get chaotic. This will undoubtedly make betting on PGL Major Arlington even more charming.

As for the key dates, the PGL Arlington Major is set to start on August 4th and run through August 14th. We’re in for two weeks of exciting Dota 2 esports action. So, if you’re an esports betting expert, it’s your time to shine!

Dota 2 PGL Arlington Major Betting Odds

Here’s a look at the outright winner betting odds available right now on most reputable online bookmakers:

Team Odds
PSG.LGD +235
Team Spirit +700
Tundra Esports +700
OG +800
Team Aster +800
Royal Never Give Up +1000
Outsiders +1100
Evil Geniuses +1200
BOOM Esports +1400
Team Liquid +1400
Talon Esports +1600
Natus Vincere +2000
Thunder Awaken +2000
Quincy Crew +2500
Entity +2800
Beastcoast +3300
Fnatic +3300

Dota 2 Arlington Major Group Stage

Group A Group B
Fnatic Beastcoast
OG BOOM Esports
Outsiders Entity
PSG.LGD Evil Geniuses
Quincy Crew Natus Vincere
Royal Never Give Up Team Aster
Talon Esports Team Spirit
Team Liquid Tundra Esports
Thunder Awaken

*Xtreme Gaming withdrew from the tournament*

We’ll be taking a closer look at the key teams you should bet on in the following section:

PGL Major Arlington | Key Participants

Here’s what you need to know about the four biggest teams that will be playing on the Dota 2 PGL Major in Arlington next month.


Obviously, PSG.LGD is the number one title contender for PGL Major in Arlington. And why wouldn’t they be? They won Riyadh Masters last week and won the first two tours… though they did make an oopsie in the third.

That only shows us they’re human too. Ame and y will be on their toes in the coming first set of PGL Arlington matches. If everyone else reacts in a good way, we’re going to see PSG.LGD shine!

Team Spirit

Of course, the most notable candidate right behind PSG.LGD is Team Spirit. We’ve seen these two square off on Riyadh Masters grand finals. PSG.LGD took the big W with 2:0 on the scoreboard, suggesting the same is bound to happen in Arlington too.

But, Team Spirit is not to be taken for granted. Even though they were rather inconsistent this season, at their best, they are one of just a few teams that can outperform the current PSG.LGD team.

Tundra Esports

Why are Nine and the boys ranked so highly, especially after having a rough time on Riyadh Masters last week? Well, we’re not sure. They did place third at ESL One Stockholm and first in DreamLeague Season 18, though. Still, considering the forms other key contenders are in, I reckon Tundra Esports won’t get anywhere close to the PGL Arlington title.


OG have been pretty good this season. They’ve reached the semifinals of Riyadh Masters earlier in July which means they’ll be coming to Arlington with heads held high. Prior to that, OG won ESL One Stockholm Major following a superb 3:1 win against TSM in the grand finals. All in all, they’re going to be among the prime title contenders here.

Dota 2 Major Betting Guide

Now let’s check out some concrete Dota 2 betting tips:

Pick a Proper Dota 2 Betting Site

Don’t take this one for granted – picking a good esports bookmaker is practically half of the job. With a poor bookie, you just won’t have a good time betting on esports. No matter how good your bets are, no matter how intriguing the whole esports betting world feels to you, it just won’t be it with a poor bookie.

That’s why it’s important to know what you’re getting yourself into before putting the ring on an esports betting website. See what other users have to say for it, and check out some online reviews and Reddit testimonials. You ought to find a lot of dirt on it – you can thank us later!

Do Plenty of Research

If you’re looking to get in on Dota 2 betting while it’s still hot, you need to understand that it’s not an easy hobby. If you get on a nasty losing streak, you’ll have to continue pumping money into your account. To prevent that from happening, you need your bets to get consistent ASAP.

To do so, research is the only legit way. We’re talking raw stats, previous campaigns, recent results (especially head-to-head clashes), champion pools, typical team compositions, roster alterations, and so forth. Dota 2 is a rather complex game with lots of stuff to research. Don’t slack!

Don’t Trust Self-Proclaimed Experts

The internet is packed with self-proclaimed esports betting experts. Let’s make this one short – just don’t believe their shenanigans. Don’t believe the predictions they give; don’t fall for their insider tips. If you’re in this for raw profit, you need to take things into your own hands and do research on your own.

Hunt for Value

Last but not least – make sure you’re always on the lookout for value. If you consider yourself an enthusiast, this is an absolute must. You won’t get any consistency until you fully understand the meaning of value and the best methods of accurately finding it.

PGL Arlington Major Betting Markets

Seeing as this is one of the biggest Dota 2 esports events this season, you can bet on bookies doing extensive coverage for PGL Arlington Major betting enthusiasts. Here are the types of esports bets you can expect to see for this event:

Outright Winner

Outright winner betting on PGL Arlington Major has been available for quite a while already. With this bet, you’re effectively betting on the winner of the entire event. You can check out the odds for PGL Arlington outright bets if you scroll up a bit.


Instead of betting on the winner of the entire tournament, these bets allow you to bet on a single match. As their name suggests, match-winners specify the match and two teams you can bet on. All you’re left to do is pick either Team A or Team B.

Since group stage matches will be played in best of 2 fashion (meaning draw is a possibility), we’re likely to see three-way match winners. In other words, there will be three options: Team A to win, Team B to win, and draw.

Point Spreads

How to recognize point spreads? It’s simple – you’ll see either + or – coupled with some numbers. For instance: OG -1.5. Point spreads give an artificial advantage to underdogs and a disadvantage to favorites. The disadvantage represents either added or subtracted maps. If you bet on OG -1.5 in a bo3 match, OG needs to win 2:0 (without going into the decider). That’s because they start the match with 1.5 rounds in deficit.

Keep in mind that these betting markets won’t be available in the bo2 group stage matches.

Correct Score

This is a much more straightforward bet than the last one. All you have to do here is guess the correct score of the match. Only available for best-of series, this esports special bet often draws a lot of attention. It’s risky, but the risk easily pays off because the returns tend to be on the high end.

Other Specials

You can expect a ton of other specials too. Perhaps not right off the bat in the group stage matches, but surely later on in the playoffs. Here are the specials we’re mainly referring to:

  • First blood
  • First tower destroyed
  • First barracks destroyed
  • Match duration over/under
  • Player vs. player number of kills
  • Team with most kills

Biggest Dota 2 Majors in History

The Frankfurt Major 2015

The Frankfurt Major 2015 Dota 2 Major tournament is what kicked off the future of Dota 2 esports by opening a new chapter of competitive tournaments. It featured a stunning $3,000,000 in prize pool money; more than virtually any other esports tournament at the time – except for The International, also a Dota 2 tournament.

16 teams competed for the grand prize in The Frankfurt Major 2015 across 9 days of competition. Out of those 16, eight teams were directly invited to participate due to their strength and popularity in Dota 2 – Evil Geniuses, CDEC Gaming, LGD Gaming, Vici Gaming, Vega Squadron, Team Secret,, and EHOME.

The other eight qualified through their respective regions (Europe, Americas, China, and the SEA region received two spots each for the tournament). The Grand Final was between Team Secret and OG with OG being the team to take the glory and $1,110,000 in prize pool money.

China Dota2 Supermajor 2018

The China Dota2 Supermajor was an outlier compared to other Major tournaments in 2018. The Supermajor was essentially a one-time Major event that gathered the 16 best teams in the world to fight for their share of the $1,500,000 grand prize.

Even though this prize pool was smaller than some other Dota 2 Majors (Frankfurt Major 2015 as an example), it was still larger than any other Major in 2018. This time, 10 teams were directly invited to participate while the remaining 6 spots were filled by teams qualifying from China, Southeast Asia, North America, South America, Europe, and the CIS region.

The Grand Finals between Team Liquid and resulted in a 3-2 scoreline favouring Team Liquid, winning $555,000 and 1,125 Dota Pro Circuit points.

WePlay AniMajor 2021

The WePlay AniMajor was the Dota 2 tournament that preceded the ESL One Stockholm 2022 Dota 2 Major. It featured a small prize pool of just $500,000 but it still attracted some pretty tough teams.

This time, there were 18 teams trying to win the event but none of them received direct invitations. Instead, they were seeded according to their finishing position relative to their competitive region.

PSG.LGD faced Evil Geniuses in the Grand Finals and proceeded to mop the floor with them in a decisive 3:0 victory. Following this win, PSG.LGD cemented themselves as one of the favourites to win The International 2021 which they almost managed to achieve but ultimately lost 2:3 to Team Secret following a grueling 4-hour encounter.

Where to Watch the 2022 Dota PGL Arlington Major?

You can watch the PGL Arlington Major on several languages including English, Russian, Chinese, Portuguese, and Spanish. The vast majority of people will want one of the English streams:

Dota 2 Arlington Major Betting FAQs

Where to bet on Dota 2 Arlington Major?

You can start betting on PGL Arlington Major on any of the top-ranking esports bookmakers. If you want nothing but the very best, then you’re best off scrolling back to the top of this page and checking out our favorites.

What sort of PGL Arlington Major bets can I bet on?

There ought to be a good variety of bets available considering the fact this is a DPC Major tournament. Plus, all the best teams in the world are here so Dota 2 betting sites are likely to go out of their way to present their users with deep coverage.

That said, you can expect match-winners, outright winners, live bets and a healthy variety of Dota 2 specials. No matter how experienced of a Dota 2 bettor you are, there ought to be something that’s right up your alley.

What’s the minimum stake amount for betting on PGL Arlington Major?

The minimum stake you can bet on Dota 2 events such as the PGL Major in Arlington greatly vary from one betting site to another. Some will let you bet with as little as $1 to $5, whereas some will require at least $10 to start betting on Dota 2 events.

What is the best team on PGL Major Arlington?

As things stand right now, PSG.LGD are the favorites coming into the Arlington Major. They are followed by the likes of Team Spirit and Tundra who are likely to pose as the biggest title contenders. OG should not be taken for granted either, and I’m afraid the same goes for Team Aster who are coming up in the world of Dota 2 esports.

Is betting on Dota 2 tournaments legal?

Betting on PGL Arlington Major is completely legal as long as you’re fulfilling two requirements. A – you’re living in a country that doesn’t strictly prohibit online esports betting. B – you’re using a bookmaker with a valid license that your country supports. That’s it! If you’re not sure how to check both requirements, here’s our advice.

For A, if you’re not sure just contact your local gambling authority and pop the question. For B, look up the bookie’s licenses. They’re typically available in the homepage footer. You’re welcome!

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