Bet builders are a new feature at many bookies that allow bettors to combine several markets from a single match. This concept is popular in football, and we expect it to extend to esports betting soon, as the software for it is already in the pipeline.

If you in to esports betting and want to know how to bet builders work, then continue reading as this article goes into details of what bet builders are, when to use it, as well as the pros and cons of using this feature.

Esports bookies that are likely to add bet builders soon

  1. Betway
  2. bet365
  3. 1xBet
  4. Vulkanbet
  5. Reloadbet

What are bet builders?

As its name implies, bet builders allow bettors to construct distinct and customized markets based on their preferences. In other words, they enables bettors to combine different markets from an event or match. It is worth mentioning that each bookie has a unique approach, and they often use different names for it.

The concept is similar for all bookmakers; therefore, you can use this feature on any platform once you understand to go about it. With bet builder, players can create personalized bets on esports games and traditional sports, thanks to its unique betting mechanic. It is an ideal betting tool for sports bettors who stake their bet on ice hockey, basketball, football, etc.

So far, we have not seen many bet builders for esports betting, however, it will interest you to know that many prominent software developers for betting are beginning to develop an interest in this new concept. Therefore, you should expect more sports and esports games to feature bet builders in no distant time.

How to create a bet using a bet builder?

This section explains how you can use this feature to build your football bets. In the future we might update this section to include bet building for sports like CS:GO, DOTA 2 or LoL. Here are the steps involved in using a bet builder:

Step 1 – Select a football match you intend to bet on

Step 2 – Select bet builder on the main menu

Step 3 – Click ” Add selection”

Step 4 – Select the markets you intend to add. Some of the football betting markets to choose from include:

  • Cards (Red Card in Match or Player Card, Total)
  • Both teams to score
  • Player to score
  • Double Chance
  • Number of goals / Odd or even
  • Results (half or full time)

Step 5 – the selection will be added to the bet builder

Step 6 – Repeat the process for the number of markets you wish to add

Step 7 – Click “add” after adding your selections

Step 8 – the bet will appear on the bet slip

Step 9 – Place your bet.

The number of markets to add and the procedure may vary slightly from one betting site to other. What is important to know is the idea and the general procedure of bet building.

Betting markets for esports bet builders

The advantage of bet builder is that it allows you to combine bets that would not be available in regular acca betting. While accas usually let you bet on multiple markets, they usually do not let you bet on multiple markets for the same match. On the other hand, a bet builder will let you customize your bet, using multiple markets from the same event.

One of the ways to learn how these features work is to consider the different types of combo bets. Football bettors enjoy a vast array of possible market combinations. However, there are fewer options for those who bet on other sports like basketball, ice hockey, and tennis. Esports bettors should expect fewer options when it comes to market combinations. Still you should be able to combine main markets with smaller ones for most esports games.

Bookies’ software ensures that punters do not use this feature incorrectly. Players are allowed to bet on different events in the same match that do not imply or negate each other. For example, in the LCK you could bet that T1 will be the first team to destroy a tower, the match-winner, and get first blood in your own customized bet. Winning one of these bets does not necessarily imply the success of another. All the bets must be successful in order to win the combined bet. Keep in mind that you can only combine bets in a single event (in contrast with an acca).

For a CS:GO example, you could bet that NAVI wins the first map, gets first blood, and wins the match. Of course, you need all your selections to win in order to win your bet.

It is worth mentioning that there is a remarkable difference between how bet builders on different sites work. These disparities include the type and number of betting you can add to a betting slip. Keep in mind that some esports betting sites can be more restrictive when compared to other bookies. Apart from that, there is also a difference in return on combined odds. Therefore, you should be extra cautious when using a bet builder at a new bookmaker, even if you are familiar with it the concept.

Will esports bet builders work live?

As stated earlier, this unique bet is subject to different conditions and rules, which vary from one betting site to other. At Betway and bet365, the bet builder is available for both live and pregame football; meaning that you can combine it with live markets and pregame. However, the total number of markets available shrinks once you activate a live bet betting option.

However, it is worth mentioning a major drawback of this unique bet. You cannot use the cashout feature once you activate the bet builder. This demerit can be discouraging to players who have included several markets on a single betting slip. However, punters can withdraw winnings on huge combined bets with massive potential winnings. Of course, this depends on the bookie, as each site has its own specific rules for different bet types.

Esport-Betting.Pro: Our verdict on esports bet builder betting

Bet builders are new features that enable football bettors to combine different bets and maximize their success chances. Esports betting sites are getting ready to add this new feature so that players can integrate two or more esports bets to minimize their odds. Esports bettors will probably not need to wait too long, as bet builders are already in development for most major esports games, including League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Valorant, DOTA 2 and more.

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Esports bet builders are new and exciting features that help punters combine their sports and esports bets. Some top esports bookies that are likely to feature bet builders soon include Betway, bet365, 1xBet, Vulkanbet, and Reloadbet.

Bet Builder is a new feature offered in football betting. As a result of its usefulness and popularity, some esports bookmakers will probably add them soon as their software is being developed. Therefore, you are sure to find an esports bet builder soon at some of the top-ranking bookies.

Yes, esports bet builder betting can offer great value. They could add extra fun and profit to your bets, but if you add too many options, your chances of losing might be higher, so bet wisely.

A bet builder lets you combine multiple markets in a single event for a higher potential return on your stake. An acca lets you combine multiple bets on different events, with multiplied odds.

Esports Bet builder betting will soon be available for CSGO, DOTA, LoL, VALORANT, and many other popular esports.

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