Get to know 100 Thieves and learn more on betting on them. The lifestyle brand & gaming organization started just 4 years ago by Nadeshot, former OpTic Gaming CoD player and team captain. Read on to know more.

Who Are 100 Thieves?

100 Thieves is one of the youngest Esports organizations in the world, on top of being in the top flight of the competitive scene in most Esports games they participate in. Started by Matthew Haag, also known as Nadeshot, the organization grew into the Esports role fairly quickly.

100T originally started off as a lifestyle brand company but quickly expanded into Esports. Technically, its beginnings in lifestyle and Esports are intertwined. 100 Thieves may not have the competitive experience others do but they constantly show consistent performances across the board.

What’s even more interesting is that there was an investment round to help 100 Thieves grow into the dream envisioned by Nadeshot. One unusual and unexpected investor was Drake, who is still part-owner of the team.

Many have doubted 100 Thieves when they first appeared in the professional scene – probably rightfully so due to them being new – but the organization has exceeded all expectations. Some pretty insane success stories belong to the 100T Esports org, all thanks to extremely competent and supportive leadership within and some exceptionally skilled players over the years.

Team History

Let’s start off this section by saying that all 100T divisions (teams across different games) still exist from the day they were created – apart from CSGO. They would have probably stayed in the CSGO scene if not for Covid-19 and travel complications from it.

Even so, what 100T have managed to achieve since their inception is nothing short of great. It has taken other teams years and years to win a Major or even Premier tournament whilst 100 Thieves have done it incredibly quickly.

Full Name Nickname Age Esports Winnings
Kim Chan Ho Ssumday 25 League of Legends $150,233
Can Çelik Closer 23 League of Legends $30,543
Kenneth Williams Kenny 22 Call of Duty $405,145
Davis McClellan Ceice 21 Fortnite $1,117,155
Victor Huang FBI 22 League of Legends $27,009

If we take a look at the 100T LoL team from when they first joined the LCS – they finished 1st in the NA LCS 2018 Spring season, 2nd in the Spring Playoffs, 3rd in NA LCS 2018 Summer, 4th in the Summer Playoffs, and a lowly 9-12th place at Worlds 2018. These are bafflingly good achievements for a new team, even if their roster included very experienced and talented players.

The team would continue to put in some great performances, but they took the cake in 2021 after winning the LCS 2021 Championship, finishing 2nd in LCS 2021 Summer, and thus, ensuring participation for Worlds 2021; the team’s second Worlds appearance.

The 100T VALORANT division has also seen plenty of success over the 2020 and 2021 seasons. They grabbed 1st place at the First Strike North America tournament just 5 months after they started competing in VALORANT Esports events.

In 2021, they won the VCT 2021: North America Stage 2 Challengers 1 event and came in a surprising 3rd/4th at the first S-Tier tournament they participated in – the VCT 2021: Stage 3 Masters – Berlin.

Their CoD campaign wasn’t initially successful after the team failed to record any meaningful results in larger tournaments. However, this would all change in 2019 where 100 Thieves won both CWL London 2019 and CWL Anaheim 2019.

They also snatched 2nd place at the Call of Duty World League Championship 2019 – quite an accomplishment.

As for Fortnite – 100 Thieves always had a few players taking part in tournaments and as such, the chances of winning are much higher than with just one team or player. In the first tournament they participated in – Summer Skirmish Series NA Week 2 – ‘NICKMERCS’ finished 3rd and took home $40k for the organization.

The Fortnite 100 Thieves Esports team did win a couple of qualifiers and tournaments (especially ‘Arkhram’ who won the Fortnite Champion Series Invitational: Chapter 2 Season 2 Grand Finals NA West), but their most notable result is, surprisingly, a 3rd place at the Fortnite World Cup 2019 Duo tournament. This 3rd place ensured a hefty $1,800,000 to the organization.

The organization is still very much active in these four games and are looking to achieve something grand – never before seen in the organization’s history. And that is winning Worlds 2021 in League of Legends.

100 Thieves Successes

Game Tournament Placement Date Roster
League of Legends NA LCS 2018 Spring 1st 18.03.2018. Ssumday, Meteos, Ryu, Cody Sun, Aphromoo
League of Legends LCS 2021 Championship 1st 29.08.2021. Ssumday, Closer, Abbedagge, FBI, Huhi
CoD CWL Anaheim 2019 1st 16.06.2019. Kenny, Octane, SlasheR, Enable, Priestahh
CoD CWL London 2019 1st 05.05.2019. Kenny, Octane, SlasheR, Enable, Priestahh
Fortnite World Cup 2019 Duo Finals 3rd 27.07.2019. Elevate, Ceice

What Games to do 100T Betting?

Not much has changed in 100 Thieves since they first started out, at least game-wise. Apart from CSGO, they’ve been active in all other games that they started with, not even taking breaks. The current games they play are League of Legends, VALORANT, CoD, and Fortnite.

As such, their game-specific history is fairly rich and their current rosters powerful. Time to take a deeper look into the org that will eventually help you with 100T betting.

League of Legends

The only times when 100 Thieves were truly bad in League of Legends was when they were going through some turbulence regarding their roster. Constant changes and insecurity about who to play lead to them dropping below what they wanted to achieve.

However, these times were rare. 100 Thieves are constantly in the fight for the top 3 spots with their work finally paying off during the LCS 2021 season. First, they finished 4th during the LCS 2021 Spring Split, then 2nd at LCS 2021 Summer. Finally, they won the LCS 2021 Championship which directly gave them a place in Worlds 2021.

Some notable results from before include a 3rd place at NA LCS 2018 Summer, 3rd at LCS 2020 Spring, and participation in Worlds 2018.

The team is currently vying for glory at Worlds 2021 with many being optimistic about their chances. The current 100T LoL roster consists of Ssumday (top lane), Closer (jungle), Abbedagge (mid lane), FBI (marksman), and Huhi (support).


Even though VALORANT is the newest game of the bunch, 100 Thieves have still been exceptional with their performances. Grabbing 1st place out of TSM’s hands at First Strike North America in 2020 (just 5 months after beginning their VALORANT Esports career) was a dream come true for them.

What followed was plenty of successful campaigns in various tournaments, although none of them were S-Tier. And then came VCT 2021: Stage 3 Masters Berlin. Unfortunately, the 100T VALORANT roster couldn’t win the event but still managed an impressive 3rd place at the only S-Tier event of the year (for now).

Both VALORANT and 100T fans have been, at times, mesmerized by what the 100T team has been doing and they don’t seem to be slowing down at all. So – meet the roster – Hiko, nitr0, Asuna, Ethan, b0i and Seven as their substitute.

Call of Duty

100 Thieves were quite something just a few years ago and even managed to win two pretty sizeable and respected tournaments – CWL Anaheim and CWL London in 2019. The last tournament they played in (Call of Duty: Black Ops 4) was the World League Championship 2019.

What’s interesting about the current 100 Thieves CoD squad is that they aren’t named 100 Thieves anymore. The current team is owned by 100 Thieves but is called Los Angeles Thieves. LA Thieves have been somewhat mediocre in the professional scene with the highest tournament position being 3rd/4th.

The current 100T CoD roster is Kenny, Octane, Envoy, and Drazah.


The 100 Thieves Fortnite division has an extensive history of tournament participation of all kinds. A team that finished 3rd at the 2019 World Cup should not be underestimated. With that said, the team doesn’t have the same roster as before; currently, it consists of Arkhram, Falconer, MrSavage, and Rehx.

The team is very active still and is looking to bring unforgettable glory to the 100 Thieves organization. Not an easy task, but if any game is forgiving enough with constant chances to succeed, it’s Fortnite.

Upcoming 100 Thieves Event Participations

The largest League of Legends event in 100 Thieves history is just around the corner. Worlds 2021 will be played from the 5th of October to November 6th. They’re looking to improve upon their last Worlds result (bottom of the ladder in 2018).

As for the other three games, there is no news yet about future 100 Thieves participation.

100 Thieves Betting for Beginners

There’s only one way to be certain about your bets and their success and that is by getting into the deep end with researching about 100T. With that said, 100T betting is one of the safest there is because all their rosters seem to be pretty strong.

Especially when you look at how young the Esports organization is. People are (justifiably) skeptical about new teams simply because of their unpredictability but 100 Thieves have shown that they’re better than that.

As such, 100 Thieves Esports betting is a great choice in most situations, even if you haven’t researched all there is about them. We’ll help by giving you vital information about the organization that should help you make smart bets.

Is 100 Thieves Betting a Good Choice?

Absolutely, 100 Thieves are not just an exciting team to watch but also to place bets on! All it takes is a look at their competitive history and accomplishments. There are, of course, cases when you shouldn’t bet on 100 Thieves – Fortnite tournaments for example.

Fortnite is a volatile game and even the best players sometimes finish in a bottom position in the table. Because of this, betting on 100 Thieves in Fortnite isn’t as safe as your other options so it might be best to skip it for now, until you get more experience placing bets.

Which Types of Bets Should you Place?

The types of bets you should be using mainly depend on what the bookies offer and which betting types exist for a specific game. Luckily, 100T betting has enough variety to fulfill your betting needs.

League of Legends

League of Legends betting has a couple of main bet types:

  1. Outrights or match-winner
  2. First blood
  3. First Baron
  4. Game duration

Out of these, the highest chances of a placed bet being the winning one involves outrights or match winner bet types. Realistically, 100 Thieves have a great LoL team and have constantly been relatively near the top. They can deflect even the best of teams and that’s by pure merit.

First blood and First Baron are 50/50. In some cases, 100 Thieves take everything; First blood, first Baron, the bunch. They end up dominating the enemy team and take an easy win. However, they can also flop (though rarely) against weaker teams, without even taking first blood or first Baron. Placing these bets on 100T is risky so be careful.

Lastly, 100 Thieves have an average game duration of ~32 minutes. With that said, however, the 100 Thieves vs Cloud9 game during the LCS Championship 2021 lasted the longest of all in that tournament – 49 minutes.

Call of Duty

Call of Duty Esports is an ever-changing environment; we get a new game every year or so so things change regularly. Having said that, bet types don’t change; at least not the regular, well-known ones.

If you’re looking to bet on LA Thieves (100 Thieves are the owners), then you should choose them as match winners. There are also the occasional special bets but these depend on the bookies you use and tournament types.

As for outrights – the chances of LA Thieves winning a tournament are low so it’s best not to place any outright bets at all.


The 100T VALORANT roster has been extremely competitive and seems to be continuing that trend with no end in sight. Fans of this organization are very happy although there is an agreement that the team needs just a little extra to be truly one of the best teams in VALORANT.

With that said, they did come 3rd/4th at the VALORANT Champions Tour 2021: Stage 3 Masters Berlin. A hefty result and a sign of things to come.

Even so, placing bets on 100 Thieves is a rewarding choice. They have a great track record and fairly good K/D ratios. This essentially means you can place outrights on 100 Thieves, or go for the correct score bet type. Any of these should have high chances of being winning bets but you should still do your due diligence and research the team even further, just to be sure.


As said before, betting on 100 Thieves in Fortnite is not a very rewarding activity. Of course, you can try your hand at it but don’t expect any miracles. The reason for this is that most bookies that offer Fortnite bets don’t overcomplicate things; Outrights or bust essentially.

But outrights are fairly difficult to get right considering 100 players are looking to win the event. So, if you want to place a couple of bets – make sure to do them as ‘side bets’, instead of your main ones.

Best Game for 100 Thieves Betting

Theoretically, your best chances of placing winning bets are with the 100T LoL roster. Not only are they participating at Worlds 2021 (meaning they will surely secure at least a win or two in the group phase), they’ve also been stellar throughout LCS Summer 2021.

Alternatively, VALORANT provides some great odds and the chances of 100T being victorious are also fairly high.

Esports Betting Pro: Our Verdict

100 Thieves is a young organization. They still have a long road ahead of them but to say they’ve not done some great things would be heresy. They’re arguably one of the most interesting organizations to follow and they have some great merch as well.

Truthfully, Nadeshot has led 100T to greatness in more ways than one. Not only did he secure investment and funding to further expand, but he’s also managed to lay the foundations of a future dynasty.

This isn’t saying everyone else in 100T wasn’t involved; after all, the entire organization must follow the same dreams and ideals to reach the point they’ve reached. 100 Thieves are exciting to watch and fairly safe to bet on. Hopefully, this trend continues because we need more ‘new’ organizations in Esports to enrich the professional scene.

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100 Thieves Betting FAQs

As long as you aren’t making reckless bets and letting your emotions take over, you’ll get there eventually. The thing with betting on 100 Thieves is that they’re an inherently great team so your chances of winning are higher than with some other teams. Make sure you always do some research regarding the team’s recent results to get a feel of what to expect.

For starters, you should take all the information we covered here into account, as well as your own research. Betting isn’t about placing random bets, expecting to win some cash for yourself. It takes some skill, dedication, and perseverance combined to improve your chances.

Ideally, you would want to choose 100T as match-winners in most matchups. These bets are the simplest and, although the odds might not be the best, you can be somewhat positive that you’ll win. Alternatively, you could spice up your betting life with some unique and special bets that are game or tournament specific.

The riskiest bets on 100T are related to Fortnite and CoD so you should mostly avoid them, at least for the time being.

Live betting is a great way to feel more connected to the action, but it can be surprisingly difficult to get right. As for 100T Esports betting, it can be a good choice if you’re paying close attention to what’s happening.

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