FIFA 23 is the last FIFA game in the franchise. However, EA will continue making football games, but they’ll be called differently. There are already plenty of innovative gameplay changes, so what’s new when it comes to the FIFA 23 player ratings? Find out in our guide!

What Are the Highest FIFA 23 Player Ratings? (Top 50 List)

*The displayed rating also shows [in brackets] how the rating changed compared to FIFA 22

1Karim BenzemaReal Madrid CFCF91 [+2]
2Robert LewandowskiFC BarcelonaST91 [-1]
3Kylian MbappeParis Saint GermainST91 [0]
4Kevin De BruyneManchester City FCCM91 [0]
5Lionel MessiParis Saint GermainRW91 [-2]
6Mohamed SalahLiverpool FCRW90 [+1]
7Virgil Van DijkLiverpool FCCB90 [+1]
8Cristiano RonaldoManchester United FCST90 [-1]
9Thibaut CourtoisReal Madrid CFGK90 [-1]
10Manuel NeuerFC Bayern MunichGK90 [0]
11Neymar JrParis Saint GermainLW89 [-2]
12Heung Min SonTottenham HotspurLW89 [0]
13Sadio ManeFC Bayern MunichLM89 [0]
14Joshua KimmichFC Bayern MunichCDM89 [0]
15CasemiroManchester United FCCDM89 [0]
16AlissonLiverpool FCGK89 [0]
17Harry KaneTottenham HotspurST89 [-1]
18EdersonManchester City FCGK89 [0]
19N’Golo KanteChelsea FCCDM89 [-1]
20Jan OblakAtletico de MadridGK89 [-2]
21Erling HaalandManchester City FCST88 [0]
22Toni KroosReal Madrid CFCM88 [0]
23MarquinhosParis Saint GermainCB88 [+1]
24Luka ModricReal Madrid CFCM88 [+1]
25Joao CanceloManchester City FCLB88 [+2]
26Ruben DiasManchester City FCCB88 [+1]
27Gianluigi DonnarummaParis Saint GermainGK88 [-1]
28Bernardo SilvaManchester City FCCAM88 [+2]
29Marc-Andre Ter StegenFC BarcelonaGK88 [-2]
30Keylor NavasParis Saint GermainGK88 [0]
31FabinhoLiverpool FCCDM87 [+1]
32Thomas MullerFC Bayern MunichCAM87 [0]
33RodriManchester City FCCDM87 [+1]
34Mike MaignanAC MilanGK87 [+3]
35Antonio RudigerReal Madrid CFCB87 [+4]
36Andrew RobertsonLiverpool FCLB87 [0]
37Kalidou KoulibalyChelsea FCCB87 [+1]
38Frenkie de JongFC BarcelonaCM87 [0]
39Marco VerrattiParis Saint GermainCM87 [0]
40Leon GoretzkaFC Bayern MunichCM87 [0]
41Trent Alexander-ArnoldLiverpool FCRB87 [0]
42Hugo LlorisTottenham HotspurGK87 [0]
43David de GeaManchester United FCGK87 [+3]
44Vinicius Jr.Real Madrid CFLW86 [+6]
45Christopher NkunkuRB LeipzigCF86 [+5]
46Lautaro MartinezFC Inter MilanST86 [+1]
47Edouard MendyChelsea FCGK86 [+3]
48Paulo DybalaRoma FCCF86 [-1]
49Aymeric LaporteManchester City FCCB86 [0]
50Raheem SterlingChelsea FCLW86 [-2]

Best Players in the Top 5 Leagues

A word of note before we continue with this section: this information is all based on what EA themselves have concluded. The EA FIFA team has done an analysis and decided that these are the best 15 players in their respective country leagues.

Premier League

1Kevin de BruyneManchester City FCCM91
2Mohamed SalahLiverpool FCRW90
3Virgil Van DijkLiverpool FCCB90
4Cristiano RonaldoManchester United FCST90
5Heung Min SonTottenham HotspurLW89
6CasemiroManchester United FCCDM89
7AlissonLiverpool FCGK89
8Harry KaneTottenham HotspurST89
9EdersonManchester City FCGK89
10N’Golo KanteChelsea FCCDM89
11Erling HaalandManchester City FCST88
12Joao CanceloManchester City FCLB88
13Ruben DiasManchester City FCCB88
14Bernardo SilvaManchester City FCCAM88
15FabinhoLiverpool FCCDM87

La Liga

1Karim BenzemaReal Madrid CFST91
2Robert LewandowskiFC BarcelonaST91
3Thibaut CourtoisReal Madrid CFGK90
4Jan OblakAtletico de MadridGK89
5Toni KroosReal Madrid CFCM88
6Luka ModricReal Madrid CFCM88
7Marc-Andre Ter StegenFC BarcelonaGK88
8Antonio RudigerReal Madrid CFCB87
9Frenkie de JongFC BarcelonaCM87
10Vinicius Jr.Real Madrid CFLW86
11Dani ParejoVillareal CFCM86
12David AlabaReal Madrid CFCB86
13Gerard MorenoVillareal CFST85
14Iago AspasRC Celta de VigoST85
15PedriFC BarcelonaCM85

Serie A

1Mike MaignanAC MilanGK87
2Lautaro MartinezFC Inter MilanST86
3Paulo DybalaRoma FCCF86
4Ciro ImmobileS.S. LazioST86
5Romelu LukakuFC Inter MilanST86
6Sergej Milinkovic-SavicS.S. LazioCM86
7Nicolo BarellaFC Inter MilanCM86
8Marcelo BrozovicFC Inter MilanCDM86
9Milan SkriniarFC Inter MilanCB86
10Wojciech SzczesnyJuventus FCGK86
11Theo HernandezAC MilanLB85
12Paul PogbaJuventus FCCM85
13Filip KosticJuventus FCLM85
14Dusan VlahovicJuventus FCST84
15Sandro TonaliAC MilanCDM84


1Manuel NeuerFC Bayern MunichGK90
2Sadio ManeFC Bayern MunichLM89
3Joshua KimmichFC Bayern MunichCDM89
4Thomas MüllerFC Bayern MunichCAM87
5Leon GoretzkaFC Bayern MunichCM87
6Christopher NkunkuRB LeipzigCF86
7Kevin TrappEintracht FrankfurtGK86
8Kingsley ComanFC Bayern MunichLM86
9Yann SommerBorusia MönchengladbachGK85
10Patrik SchickBayer 04 LeverkusenST85
11Marco ReusBorussia DortmundCAM85
12Niklas SüleBorussia DortmundCB85
13Serge GnabryFC Bayern MunichRM85
14Matthijs de LigtFC Bayern MunichCB85
15Péter GulácsiRB LeipzigGK85

Ligue 1

1Kylian MbappeParis Saint GermainST91
2Lionel MessiParis Saint GermainRW91
3Neymar Jr.Paris Saint GermainLW89
4MarquinhosParis Saint GermainCB88
5Gianluigi DonnarummaParis Saint GermainGK88
6Keylor NavasParis Saint GermainGK88
7Marco VerrattiParis Saint GermainCM87
8Wissam Ben YedderAS MonacoST84
9Achraf HakimiParis Saint GermainRB84
10Sergio RamosParis Saint GermainCB84
11Presnel KimpembeParis Saint GermainCB83
12Kasper SchmeichelOGG NiceGK83
13Dimitri PayetOlympique de MarseilleCAM82
14Kevin VollandAS MonacoST82
15Anthony LopesOlympique LyonnaisGK82

Which Players Received the Biggest Upgrades?

A couple of FIFA 23 players stand out when it comes to their ratings because of how big of a jump they made. This usually happens to players that are in their breakout seasons where they perform incredibly well across numerous competitions and matches.

This is also beneficial to FIFA’s success as an esports game. Take for example Erling Haaland, who now has millions of fans around the world. Many of the players that take part in FIFA 23 esports tournaments are also fans, and because his in-game rating is so high, they’ll definitely put him in their squads.

These are the players that have received the biggest rating upgrades compared to their FIFA 22 ratings:

Vinicius Jr.

Vinicius Jr. popped off in 2022 with some incredible performances in La Liga. His track record of 4 goals and 2 assists, alongside providing consistent pressure against Real Madrid’s opponent have earned him a +6 increase of his rating compared to 2022. Perfectly justifiable, and we’ll most likely see Vini Jr. picked up in esports events, most likely in the first few live streams.

Christopher Nkunku

Christopher Nkunku is the proud owner of the second biggest ranking upgrade compared to 2022 – an impressive +5. This player has been the key to RB Leipzig’s powerful and successful attack. Considering he’s just 24, there’s definitely room for even more growth in the coming years, but for now, he’s a worthwhile asset in any FIFA 23 team.

Antonio Rudiger

Real Madrid’s centre-back has already proven himself against even the toughest opponents. Antonio Rudiger is the pillar that holds the team’s defense together and is an invaluable part of the squad. EA has given Rudiger a +4 increase to his overall rating – the third highest rating increase compared to 2022.

Who Should Have Had Higher FIFA 23 Ratings?

This section is subjective and is just a representation of our personal opinion. Regardless of whether you agree with our statements here, at the end of the day, EA won’t change the ratings based on what we say, so it’s all just good fun!

Vinicius Jr.

Arguably one of the biggest travesties of the new FIFA is having Vini Jr. as the 44th best player in the game, at least according to the community. Well, we’re inclined to agree. Vini Jr. has been tremendous for Real Madrid, and although he’s not yet at absolute star level, he’s slowly getting there.

It can be argued that EA was generous with the +6 rating increase (from 80 to 86) but it’s not a good look when you put Trent Alexander-Arnold above him. Mind you, TAA is an excellent player in his own right, but he has fallen into a slump and has been making more mistakes than before. An 87 rating would be the most accurate for Vini Jr. in our opinion.

Neymar Jr.

Neymar Jr. has been a top 5 player in FIFA 22 but EA has decided that his injuries and worsened performance warranted a -2 reduction in his rating. However, Neymar has shown he’s up to the task in recent matches and has finally linked up with Lionel Messi to provide Kylian Mbappe with nigh unlimited goal-scoring opportunities.

There is a possibility his rating is adjusted based on these facts in a ‘Day-1 patch’ to at least a 90. For example, Cristiano Ronaldo has a rating of 90 but he’s clearly been less influential in his matches for Manchester United. Yet he is above Neymar Jr. in the standings. It’s worth noting that we’re talking about fine margins here but overall, we think Neymar deserves a bit more.

Erling Haaland

When many expected Erling Haaland to be in the top 10 FIFA 23 players based on rankings, it turns out that he’s not even in the top 20. Yes, that’s right – Erling Haaland (who already scored 11 goals and got 1 assist) is not in the top 20.

This is surprising because his overall rating hasn’t been changed compared to FIFA 22 when he’s clearly continuing his epic run of form from Borussia Dortmund. Haaland has a rating of 88 which seems pretty low for such a strong and skillful player. In our humble opinion, Haaland should at least have a rating of 89 and ideally a 90.


As always, there is a bit of controversy surrounding the player ratings of a new FIFA game. Certain players seem undervalued while others are too high up. Whatever your opinion may be, we think that EA did a good job overall, bar a few grievances.

So, that’s the story of the FIFA 23 player ratings. Keep in mind that there’s always a possibility of EA stepping in and buffing/nerfing certain players and their ratings in future patches, so definitely keep an eye out for that!

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FIFA 23 Ratings FAQs

Currently, the best player in FIFA 23 (according to the rankings) is Karim Benzema of Real Madrid CF. He’s climbed 13 places due to the +2 increase to his rating.

FIFA 23 ratings are calculated at EA’s discretion, but they mostly revolve around analysing real-life plays and the effectiveness of each player. Players are assigned numbers that show how good their pace, shooting, passing, defending, speed (and so on) are.

Erling Haaland has a rating of 88 in FIFA 23 and is currently ranked 21st best player.

FIFA 23 is set to be released on the 30th of September 2022. However, players that pre-order the game will be able to play it on the 26th/27th of September, depending on your country.

FIFA 23 will cost €69.99 for the base version. If you’d like to purchase the Ultimate edition of the game, it will cost you €89.99.

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