Valorant Betting Guide 2022

Valorant has been one of the most anticipated esports games of recent years and it looks like it will be an esports mainstay for players, viewers and punters alike. In this article, we will discuss Valorant betting tips and the best bookies for Valorant betting.




Top Valorant Betting Sites

  1. bet365
  2. 1xBet
  3. Betway
  5. Thunderpick


The Best Valorant Betting Sites Reviewed

While Valorant started out, there were only a few Valorant betting sites, however, due to the popularity of the game, betting on Valorant is becoming increasingly more available. You will find the option at specialized esports betting sites, as well as general sportsbooks.

In terms of e-sports betting diversity, welcome bonus offer, quality of odds, safe payment methods and overall customer service, we recommend the following sites for Valorant online betting: is one of the most recognized betting brands in the Americas. And they have a dedicated esports section. Besides a $1000 welcome bonus, the site offers a 20% weekly rebate for esports. Besides esports, the site focuses on American sports, horse racing, casino and poker. This is the best choice for players in many US states. Check our review of esports here.

Bet on Valorant at



bet365 is a one stop shop of casino, sportsbook, they have a dedicated esports section. New players can enjoy €50 in free bet credits. This brand is great for UK, European and International players. They allow not only classics like LoL betting or Dota 2 betting but also betting on some rising games like King of Glory.  We invite you to read bet365 esports review here.

Bet on Valorant at bet365

If you are looking for a good Valorant gambling site, you cannot go wrong with As its name implies, this site is specialized in esports betting. They know which games to offer to make sure you get the most exciting betting options. This all-round betting site also includes sports betting and caters to US and international players. Read our full review of esports here.

Bet on Valorant at is a fully licenced in Malta and Germany. While they also dabble in sports betting, this site specializes in esports. The site allows cashouts in case you want to cancel your bet. For your deposit, they have a unique bonus system with 100% up to €100 in bonus chips. This site is one of the best for European players.

Bet on Valorant at


About Valorant Esports Betting

Just like Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO), Valorant has a five versus five setup and consists of a number of rounds. Each round has a mission. One team must try to detonate the spike at select locations, while the other must defend.

The game has an economic dynamic as well. Players earn money during rounds, which they can use for buying upgraded armour and weapons.

While the game relies greatly on aim and weapons, a lot of emphasis is also placed on character abilities or spells. This makes it reminiscent of Overwatch. Each agent has his or her own special abilities. Agents can earn ‘Ultimate’ abilities by completing key missions in the game.

Choosing the right agent to suit your playing style, learning how to use each agent optimally, as well as having a balanced and experienced team of agents is key to winning matched and tournaments consistently.

The most recent Valorant agent tier list, according to

Tier Agents
S-tier Breach, Cypher, Jett, Omen, Sova
A-tier  Killjoy, Phoenix, Skye, Raze, Reyna, Sage
B-tier Brimstone, Viper

Overall, the game has a less gritty and more cartoonish feel to it. The game is lighter, friendlier and less realistic. It will likely appeal to fans of both CS:GO and Overwatch, and we expect to see major tournaments in the upcoming years.

These days, almost every sports or esports bookie has become a Valorant gambling site. You can bet live or prematch on most major esports tournaments. Valorant wagers include match winner, map winner and many other site markets.



How Valorant betting odds work

Valorant betting odds work the same way as odds for other e-sports and sports work. You can find odds in American (moneyline), Decimal or Fractional display. Moneyline odds are most common in the US and Canada, Fractional odds are most common in the UK, while the rest of the world is sensible enough to use decimals. We recommend decimal odds, as they are the easiest to understand. Most eSports bookies will let you choose how you want your odds displayed so there is no need for confusion.


An example of each type of Valorant betting odds:

Valorant Moneyline

  • Team A is favourite to win with -400

This means that to win $100, you must wager 400. Bet $100 and if you win your bet, you will get your stake + $25, or a total return of $125.

  • Team B is the underdog at +400

This means that you will win $400 for every $100 you wager. Bet $100 and if you win your bet, you will get a return of your wager + $400, or a total of $500.

Fractional odds

  • Team C is favourite to win at 2/5.

This means you stand to win 2 units for every 5 units wagered. Wager £100 and you will win £40, or get a return of £140.


Decimal odds

  • Team D is a huge underdog at 4.2.

This means that your return will bet 4.2 times your wager if you win. Wager €100 and you will get €420 on the return if your bet wins (or a profit of €320).


Valorant Betting Markets

As there are many similarities between the two games, Valorant betting markets will be similar to those of CS:GO. The most popular Valiant wager is to bet on map winner, match winner, or tournament winner, though there are plenty more options.

  • Outright winner – Bet on the team to win the tournament.
  • Map winner – Map winner means betting on which team will win the map.
  • Match winner – Bet on which team will win the match.
  • Map Handicap – Bet on whether the team would win the map with the added advantage or disadvantage of one or more match wins.

Valorant Side Markets

Besides the main markets, Valorant betting sites offer several side markets. These will usually have higher odds than Valorant match betting, since these are harder to predict. Many of these are also similar to CS:GO.

  • First Blood – Who will make the first kill?
  • Spike Plant – Who will plant the first/next spike?
  • Spike Defuse – Who will defuse the first/next spike?
  • Ace – Will a single player be able to eliminate all players from the opposing team in one round?
  • Team Ace – A team ace is when each player from one team eliminates one player from the opposing team.
  • Over/unders – Bookies can offer over/under odds on various game statistics, such as aces, kills, spike plants, spike defuses and more.

Valorant Betting Tips

Valorant is still a relatively new game. However, the game exists long enough to come up with some game specific Valorant betting tips. Many of the same tips also apply to CS:GO or Overwatch.

Pay attention to game economics

Valorant is largely based on economy. The more success players have, the better weapons, armour and abilities they can buy. Just like CS:GO, the economy is split between full-, half- and eco-buys. An eco-buy means a team must compete with weaker, less affective weapons, greatly decreasing their odds of winning. Smart Valorant match betting means knowing how much money a team has between rounds is a good indication of how well they will perform.


Watch out for Ultimate Abilities

In Valorant, each agent can earn unique and devastating ultimate abilities. These do not cost any money and do nothing unless unlocked. Thus, it is very important to know if an agent’s ultimate ability is available and if it is likely to be unlocked in the next round. These will greatly improve a team’s chances of winning. At the same time, ultimate abilities are highly situational and will only benefit a team in specific circumstances. So pay attention to these, especially during live bets.


Watch out for Patches and Updates

Patches are scourge of betting models, for bookies and punters alike. Since Valorant is a very young game, Riot Games is still creating updates which can greatly affect the gameplay. In particular, they are still balancing the different agent’s strengths and abilities, making sure no agent is OP.


Watch Tournaments and Streamers Regularly

If you want to take Valorant betting seriously, or any other esport for that matter, you need to be up to date on everything that has to do with the game. Watch all relevant tournaments religiously, and subscribe to relevant twitch channels and streamers who focus on your specific niche.


Remember the META

META stands for Most Effective Tactics Available. In Valorant, these are the best strategies, agents, agent combinations, and guns that the most effective teams use to maximize their win potential. Patches can often change these, so it is important to stay up to date. There are plenty of pros who create full strategy guides based on new updates, so remember to follow them as well.


Check Statistics

Checking stats is a very valuable tool, both for sports and esports punters. You should always find the most relevant stats before placing any bet on esports. Sites like provide detail stats for millions of esports players.


Visit Valorant Betting Reddit

Reddit has plenty of forums where you can ask questions and find comments about esports betting. Find recent relevant questions or create your own Valorant betting subreddit.


Remember Betting Fundamentals

Whether you are betting on Valorant, CS:GO, Football or any other e-sport, it is always important to remember sound betting fundamentals. Here are a few:

  • Look for value!

Value is the most important concept in betting. While it is impossible to predict every match correctly, the trick is to find odds that do not reflect the true probability. The more the odds are incorrect, the more value you can find.

  • Manage your bankroll!

Betting comes with its ups and downs. You may have a good win streak, but is important to always have enough money to compensate for losses and make sure you win more money than you lose. We recommend not betting more than 5% of your total bankroll on any single bet.


Why Bet on Valorant?

Valorant is one of the most promising esports and looks set to become one of the most popular games for players and punters alike. Here are a few reasons why Valorant betting might be a good idea.

Few Stats Available

Since Valorant is still a young game, it is hard for bookies to create accurate odds, which reflect the true probability of any given outcome. That means plenty of potential for hunting value.


Game is already very popular

The game is very popular. That means it has already attracted plenty of fans, and plenty of bettors as well. That means there are already plenty of people interested in Valorant esports betting, so plenty of people to win money from.


Free bets and other promos

Most betting sites offer fun promos for both new and existing players. These include free bets and deposit bonuses, which can be a fun way of winning a small extra prize.


Best Valorant tournaments

Valorant already has several elite tournaments planned, and we expect this game to be popular for the upcoming decade. Valorant is popular also among the ladies who will organize a female only tournament “The Huntress Trials” soon.

First Strike

First strike is a regional tournament organized by Riot Games. Any player over 16 and ranked Immortal 1 or higher can join. While the first regional round is over, we expect many more iterations of this exciting competition.



Famous for CS:GO tournaments, GameGune also organizes regular Valorant tournaments.


JBL Quantum Cup

The JBL Quantum Cup organizes regular professional tournaments for Fortnite, Valorant, and (PUBG).


More Valorant tournaments

At, you can find the latest A, B, C and S tier Valorant tournaments, invitationals and more.


Valorant Champions Tour

One of the biggest Valorant Tournaments with a great prize pool and a numbers of teams competing in order to secure their spots in Valorant Champions Masters.

Check our guide to Valorant Champions Tour betting here.


Where to watch the next Valorant tournament

Depending on your location, you may have local TV stations that broadcast various e-sports. Of course, the official Valorant Twitch channel, of the official Valorant YouTube channel are available everywhere. You can watch the matches live or in replay.


Valorant Betting FAQ

Is Valorant skin gambling possible?

Skin gambling was very notorious and controversial in CS:GO. Players would wager valuable skins, (with a real value at Steam marketplace) at various skin gambling sites for a chance at real money. However, Riot Games’ Joe Lee has confirmed that Valorant will not have skin trading, making Valorant skin gambling impossible.


Where can I bet on Valorant?

We recommend the following sites for Valorant Betting:

  • 1xBet
  • Luckbox
  • Pinnacle
  • Betway

Is Valorant More Like CS:GO or Overwatch?

Valorant focuses on aiming, shooting and team cooperation, making it similar to CS:GO. At the same time, special abilities each agent possesses can make a world of difference on the battlefield, similar to Overwatch. Valorant is something between CS:GO and Overwatch.


Is betting on Valorant legal?

Yes, Valorant online betting is legal, if betting is legal in the territory where you reside. Many countries have legalized and / or regulated online gambling. In other countries, betting is not covered by law, making it a grey area. In any case, if sports betting is legal in your country, you can also legally bet on Valiant or any other esport.


We hope that you feel more knowledgeable about Valorant Betting after reading this article. We invite you to read our articles about FIFA betting, Hearthstone betting, Free Fire Betting, Fortnite Betting, World of Warcraft betting or Cod Betting. For FPS lovers, we also recommend a guide to PUBG betting.

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