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Esports betting: How to Bet on Esports

We at will do our best to make your eSports bets easy and worry-free. We'll do this by giving you all the freshest information on your favorite eSports franchises and their respective tournaments. Additionally, we will occasionally have eSports betting predictions and betting odds comparisons too. Combine that with eSports bookmakers reviews in-depth overviews of the most popular eSports franchises, and you'll realize why should be your go-to option for eSports betting news! Now that we got that out of our way, it's time to show you how betting on eSports exactly works. But, before we jump into that, first we have to clear up what eSports betting actually is and answer some of the most common questions related to the topic.

Find the best betting site for your eSports bets

Online betting is something new in the world of eSports, and there are already several highly influential eSports betting websites which offer comprehensive betting on eSports leagues and tournaments. At the moment, some of the best ones include Pinnacle Sports, Bet365, ArcaneBet, Bet-at-home, BetWay and William Hill… but with such a rapid growth in the entire eSports betting industry, we wouldn't be surprised at all to see this number double by the end of this year. With that being said, there's no doubt betting on eSports has a bright future. After a huge (and well deserved) crackdown on illegal betting websites (so-called skin betting), chances are high that teenage gambling will drop down to satisfyingly low numbers which is always a huge plus. Once again, we don't approve of illegal betting and believe everyone encouraging it should face legal consequences. So, for all of you eSports betting enthusiasts (of full .legal age), we are proud to present the best 100% legit eSports bookmakers! Make sure you drop by our eSports bookie reviews to find a plethora of useful information regarding the most common question, such as how does betting on eSports work.

Are you ready to bet?

Featured eSports Games with betting markets

Currently, there are 4 major games that online bookmakers have lines and odds for League of Legends, Starcraft 2, Counter Stike (CS:GO) and Dota 2. Moreover there are some bookmakers who offer betting on leagues and tournaments of Hearthstone, NBA 2K, OverwatchSmiteHeroes of the Storm (HOTS)World of Tanks (WoT)EA FIFA Soccer, Fortnite, Dota2, CSGO, Rainbow Six, Starcraft 2, World of Warcraft, Call of Duty , King of Glory , ValorantPlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) and League of Legends. You can find more information on current tournaments and leagues in our news section or in the corresponding game profile here:

League of Legends Logo Icon Dota 2 Logo Icon Counter Strike Global Offensive Logo Icon Overwatch Logo Icon FIFA Logo Icon NBA2K Logo Icon Starcraft 2 Logo Icon Street Fighter V Logo Icon Fortnite Battle Royale Logo Icon Rainbow Six Logo Icon Players Unkown Battlegrounds Logo Icon Heroes of the Storm Logo Icon Hearthstone Logo Icon Arena of Valor Logo Icon Rocket League Logo Icon Smite Logo Icon Vainglory Logo Icon World of Tanks Logo Icon Halo Logo Icon World of Warcraft Logo Icon

eSports Betting FAQ

Considering the fact eSports betting is still a pretty new term to some people, here's a quick FAQ list that might answer some of your burning questions:

What is eSports betting?

eSports betting is a relatively new form of (mostly) online betting that has experienced an exponential growth in the last couple of years. With several groundbreaking eSports franchises seeing the light of day, eSports and eSports betting industries have reached new heights and it looks like it won't be slowing down anytime soon. I'm sure you have at least one friend who follows everything related to his favorite eSports professional scene. If that's the case, then chances are high he or she have already tried their luck by betting on eSports. CS:GO betting is among the most popular franchises at the moment, but the competition is very tough and that could change in an instance. New games are arriving, especially battle royale genre including Fortnite and PUBG. MOBA games still haven't lost their charm, thus we're seeing LoL and DotA 2 still being able to rack up high numbers.

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How To Bet On Esports?

It’s really not that hard. In fact, it’s the same as common online sports betting. You can browse through the sports book and have a look at which Games, Leagues our tournaments are offered. (You don’t need to register for this). If you are thinking to place a bet with one of the esports betting sites you need to register before you can place your first bet. After registration, you need to choose one of the available payment options to make your first deposit. (You can get a good overview about which betting Sites offers your favorite payment type by looking at our bookmakers' overview). Now here comes good news! Some of the bookmakers offer new customers a bonus for their first deposit. This is another thing you should check in our overview. So now you are registered, made your first deposit and claimed your welcome bonus or free bet. It’s time for your first bet!

The betting site of your choice is offering odds for the different outcomes of, for example a LoL Match. Here are some examples on how to calculate your winnings.

How to calculate what you could win

Let’s say the LCS game you would like to bet on is C9 vs. TSM. If the odd for a victory of C9 is 1.35 you get your stake multiplied by 1.35 in case C9 takes the nexus. For example – if you back C9 with € 10 it would get you € 13.50 back. Of course, you can combine those bets and in case you do so you can calculate your potential winnings with this formula:

Stake x Odd 1 x Odd 2 = Win

For example – you bet € 10 on C9 vs. TSM and combine it with a bet on the IEM Katowice 2018 backing G2 for which you get an Odd of 2.90. If both C9 and G2 win you get

€ 10 (Stake) x 1.35 (Odd 1) x 2.90 (Odd 2) = € 39.15 (Win)

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Esports Betting Strategy for League of Legends

Different types of bets are available for the league matches of Riot Games LCS 2018 (Season 8) which will start in January 2018 and will make a break after the LCS 2018 Spring Playoffs. Of course you can place a bet on witch team is winning (win bet), a bet who people that have already placed common sporting bets (like football) will be familiar with. In addition you can place bets on different LoL “in game” events: Which team gets “First Blood”, which team manages to defeat Baron Nashor first or will the match have a Pentakill? Special bets are mostly available during the big tournaments like the League of Legends World Championship (LoL Worlds 2018) or the MSI 2018. Since the markets are growing Bet365 is offering now special bets for the most of the other leagues and tournaments as well.

What can you expect from betting on Counter Strike: Global Offensive?

As far as CS:GO betting is concerned, the professional scene is well-known and has already established itself as one of the most influential ones in the industry. High tier teams and their players are already of iconic significance to the community, and that is only helped by more and more tournaments with even bigger prize pools than ever before. Right now, ESL One Cologne 2018 is the main topic of conversation for all CS:GO fans… But pretty soon that’ll be changed to FACEIT Major London 2018 which is bound to be a spectacle. Needless to say, CS:GO tournament are tough, transfers are frequent and game-changing, matches are nail-biting and outcomes are hard to predict… What more could you want from the most popular FPS game on the planet?

Is betting on esports legal?

In this matter betting on esports does not differ from betting on other sports like football and tennis. Sportsbooks that offer betting markets for esports events must have a valid gaming license for the country or region they offer bets in. Further information on the gaming license of the different bookmakers can usually be found on the website of the betting site or in our detailed reviews. We have listed the different gambling licenses in our overview as well. Since the legal regulations for betting differ from country to country, please consult the legal regulation of your country or region.

Is there a bonus for bets on eSports?

Yes – there are bookmakers, who offer a bonus for placing eSports bets (for example, Bet-at-Home, Arcanebet, Betway or William Hill offer a bonus of up to 150% for all new customers on their first deposit – Please notice: The T&C of the bookmakers apply). Which betting site has the best bonus can be found in our eSports betting bonus overview.

Gamble Responsibly


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