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Betting Options Esports
Support Live Chat
Owner Newera Frozen PTE. Limited
Founded 2016
Headquarters Limassol, Cyprus
License N/A
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  • Highly popular skin betting website
  • Available for bettors across the globe
  • Accepts numerous payment methods
  • Has a wide variety of gambling games
  • Website design isn’t suited for beginners
  • It’s not intuitive – things are overwhelming
  • Hellcase tends to take too big of a cut
  • Highly popular skin betting website
  • Available for bettors across the globe
  • Accepts numerous payment methods
  • Has a wide variety of gambling games
  • Website design isn’t suited for beginners
  • It’s not intuitive – things are overwhelming
  • Hellcase tends to take too big of a cut

Summary 4/5

Hellcase dates back to 2016. Back then, skin gambling was at its peak. Sure, it’s still a popular segment of the esports betting market, but it’s nowhere near as popular as it once was. Yet, several skin gambling sites remain, despite legal matters causing major shutdowns left and right. Whether you’re looking for Hellcase promo codes or a good old Hellcase review, you’re in for a treat!

These days, Hellcase is one of the biggest skin betting platforms out there. It offers three games in its portfolio (CSGO, Dota 2, and Rust) and features several gambling activities. They are as follows:

  • Case openings
  • Case battles
  • Mixer
  • Contracts
  • Upgrades

Pre-Match Offer 4.5/5

At the moment, Hellcase offers bets on three games. They are as follows:


CSGO is by far the most popular title, which isn’t surprising considering the fact it almost singlehandedly kickstarted the whole skin betting craze. But Dota 2 and more recently Rust are not to be taken for granted either.

Still, CSGO betting on Hellcase is what the vast majority of you are here for, so that’s what we’ll be focusing on.

Dota 2

Dota 2 is still a worthwhile game to explore. The game’s esports scene, though it doesn’t matter in the context of our Hellcase review, is continuing its positive trends year after year. As for Dota 2 betting, it’s at an all-time high. Whether we’re talking about the esports scene or cases/skin gambling, Dota 2 market is massive!


Here’s a game that doesn’t really have a proper esports scene. But Hellcase still offers Rust betting games on its site. You can play case battles, buy cases and participate in Hellcase events.

Hellcase is not your typical CSGO betting site. You won’t find any esports matches to bet on here. Instead, you will find RNG (random number generator) games which are based on luck. Now you might be asking, “What sort of bets are available on Hellcase?” That’s what’s coming right up.

Case Openings

CSGO cases are typically packed with low-grade items with a few solid ones here and there. Hellcase does things a bit differently. They have more than 40 different cases which you can open. They’re nicely sorted across all price tags, so you can pick your poison and enjoy the magic of opening boxes outside of CSGO.

Hellcase Case Openings Screenshot

Case Battles

When it comes to case battles, the premise is pretty straightforward. There are several types of rooms, but they all work the same way. To win the battle, your total items’ worth needs to be larger than your opponents’.

As mentioned earlier, Hellcase currently features more than 40 different boxes. If that’s not enough variety for you, you can even design your own cases. There’s something for everyone – from dirt cheap cases all the way to cases whose price tags would make your head spin.

Case battles are still the most popular form of CSGO gambling on Hellcase. If you’re in for an adrenaline rush and you’re ready to invest in Hellcase, you must give Case Battles a try.

Hellcase Case Battles Screenshot


If you have a skin you’ve won but you just don’t like, you can try to upgrade it to a better one. Head on over to the Upgrades section and choose the skin you want to upgrade to. You can use your account balance to improve your chances of the upgrade being successful. Once you’re satisfied with your odds, click Upgrade and hope for the best.

Hellcase Upgrades


Trade up contracts on Hellcase are pretty much the same as they are in CSGO. There are three levels of play, with increasing trade up requirements but also increasingly better rewards too. You have to deposit ten skins of the same quality to get a skin of a higher quality.

Hellcase Trade Up Contract Screenshot

Registration Process 4/5

  • The first step is straightforward – go to hellcase.com and click on the sign-in button. Yep, sign-in – not register. That’s because you’ll be logging in with your Steam account. Prepare your Steam credentials and your Steam Guard because you’ll need them.
  • The second step is simple – choose your preferred method for topping up your betting account. Even though Hellcase offers plenty of payment methods, skin betting services like SkinPay and ShadowPay are still by far the most popular options.
  • After filling up your balance, you’re free to do what you want with your funds. Choose one of the available games and hope for the best!

Yep, these three simple steps are all it takes to start your CSGO betting campaign on Hellcase.

Deposits and Withdrawal Options 4/5

Hellcase now offers real money gambling through a wide variety of payment methods. You can now top up your Hellcase account balance with the following:

Open Account Offer 1/5

Hellcase do not have a welcome offer implemented on their site yet, however, if you input the code: ‘esbpro’ you will be unlocking the bonus offer.

Sportsbook Promotions 1/5

At the moment, Hellcase do not offer any Sports related promotions.

Live Offer 1/5

Since Hellcase are dedicated only towards CS:GO related gambling they do not have life offers available on their site.

Security 5/5

Hellcase is a legit CSGO gambling website. Even though some users have reported issues with them, they’ve been in the industry for far too long and continuously accommodate many players. No matter when you go to their website, there are always at least a few thousand people online. Their games are provably fair too and Hellcase allows you to check the results to see the most recent rolls.

Service and Customer Support 4.5/5

The best thing about Hellcase in 2022 is its customer support service. What’s so good about it? Well, for starters, it’s available 24/7, it’s packed with knowledgeable customer support specialists, and it won’t take too long to get your answers in order and sort out any burning issues you might have.

A few years ago, it wasn’t at such a high level, though. The most recent changes have brought it up to snuff and is now among the best-scoring gambling sites of its kind.

Design and Usability 3.5/5

Website design – it’s a bit too much, don’t you agree? Everything is flashy, there’s so much stuff going on and some of the things aren’t organized in the most intuitive manner. Overall, everything feels a bit overwhelming for most people.

But we must point out that things aren’t much different when compared to some of its direct competitors. From the looks of things, users are already fond of these over-the-top designs and have no major issues with them. However, for your average Joe, things are likely to be a bit too much.

Mobile 4/5

Hellcase offers superb mobile-friendly CSGO betting experience. Even though you wouldn’t expect such a high level of compatibility considering its direct competitors, Hellcase actually offers a solid overall mobile betting experience.

You can do pretty much everything on your mobile phone. The mobile website feels snappy, some design elements are not ideal and you might have troubles with finding certain features. But, all in all, we’re looking at a solid 4 out of 5, for sure!

Other Products 4.5/5

We’re looking at a monthly subscription here that supposedly provides the ultimate user experience and limited features. Bonuses are included in the mix too.

There are three distinctive tiers you can purchase. Here’s what differentiates them:

Free CasesArsenal, OriginArsenal, Origin, Absolution, DeadlineArsenal, Origin, Absolution, Deadline, Trophy, Bonfire
GiveawaysDaily $30 to $40Daily $30 to $40
Weekly $250 to $400
Daily $30 to $40
Weekly $250 to $400
Monthly: $500 to $1,000
Premium Tokens013
Customer SupportNormalPriorityPersonal
Premium Case Access10 Cases21 Cases33 Cases
Monthly Price$5$15$25

In addition to all this, Premium users also get case battle emotes (a brand-new set) and early access to recently released features on the Hellcase platform. Is it worth the money? We’ll let you be the judge of that!

How to Activate Hellcase Premium

Activating one of the three Hellcase Premium tiers is rather straightforward. All you have to do is go to the Premium section from Hellcase’s homepage. Once there, click on See Plans and you’ll be taken to the details.

Below each of the three tiers, you’ll see a Subscribe Now option. Click on it and follow the purchase instructions to subscribe. It’s quite straightforward and should not take you longer than a minute or two to complete the process.

Summary 4/5

It’s time to wrap everything up!

What’s there left to be said about Hellcase? Well, if you’re into all sorts of CSGO gambling games and you have a surplus of CSGO skins on your hands, Hellcase is a really great option!

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Hellcase CSGO Betting FAQs

There’s no need to register. Hellcase offers its users a unique way to log in. All it requires is that you connect your Steam account to Hellcase and you’ll be able to bet on their CSGO games.

The current promotion has plenty of free cases in store for you. Even if you haven’t deposited any money into your Hellcase account, you are still eligible for some of these free cases. How to get free cases on Hellcase, though? It’s simple – just head on over to their Daily Free page and finish the available tasks. You can get quite a few free cases this way. If you’ve deposited more than $5, you are eligible for additional bonuses too.

Withdrawing money on Hellcase takes just a few moments. All you need to do is hop onto the main Hellcase page and navigate to your profile. Once there, click ‘Send next’ to the item you wish to withdraw. This will lead you to the Steam Trade offer. Simply accept it and your skin(s) will be in your Steam inventory. Very important to link your Steam Trade URL. If you don’t know where to find, here’s a guide to help you.

You can deposit your CSGO skins on Hellcase. Heck, that’s what makes the site so popular to begin with. It’s rather simple too. You can use either SkinPay or ShadowPay. Both technically do the same thing. Just follow the on-screen instructions and you’ll be fine.

Hellcase Premium is basically a subscription plan for loyal users. There are three different levels of Premium – silver, gold, and diamond. Each of them has different perks. We’ve covered it all earlier, so there’s no point in repeating it again here.

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