With talk of the next PUBG game set to release for console and PC in the near future, PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) betting and esports are still very much alive. PUBG has been around for a while, bashing heads with other esports games (including Fortnite at one point) and providing battle royale fans with some incredible PUBG esports tournaments. Find out what makes it tick, what’s the esports world like, and how to start betting on PUBG.

Best Esports Sites for PUBG Betting

  1. betway
  3. VulkanBet
  4. GG.BET
  5. forest.bet

How to Start Betting on PUBG?

PUBG was one of the largest esports games a few years back but it has since fallen out of favour for more modern titles such as VALORANT and Apex Legends. Nonetheless, it has remained a steady contender in the world of esports, with 2021 featuring more than 35 esports tournaments from a variety of different esports countries.

Additionally, you may want to take part in PUBG Mobile betting as well; however, there aren’t as many tournaments as there are for PUBG. In any case, here’s the PUBG betting process:

  1. Decide which betting operator to use – While not a lot of them support betting on PUBG, there’s still a decent number of choices you can make. Compare the odds, betting bonuses, and overall feel of each betting operator and decide which one you want to use.
  2. Set up your betting account – This step is simple – just make sure to include your real-life personal information to be eligible for betting bonuses.
  3. Choose a payment methodPayment methods vary from betting operator to betting operator but in most cases, you can expect Paypal, Bitcoin, and Credit Cards to be there. There are also lesser-used payment methods such as Neteller, Skrill, Entropay, and many others. Still, you should always check the bookie’s website for more information on which payment methods they support.
  4. Research PUBG tournaments, teams, players and more – The more you know about the game and its esports environment, the better your bets will be. Dedicate some time to learning the main elements of PUBG esports and take that information into account when placing a PUBG bet.
  5. Place a few bets and watch a live stream – Certain betting operators allow in-play or live betting which you can use to your advantage. Matches are often chaotic, and everything might change in a second so make sure you’re paying attention. On top of that, watching live streams will deepen your understanding of the game.

PUBG Betting Guide

PUBG Betting Markets

  • Outrights – You can bet on PUBG esports teams to win major tournaments in outright selections. Read up on the latest PUGB invitational results and see who looks strong or who might be a dark horse before deciding where to place your PUBG bets.
  • Match Winner Bets – If you’re confident about the outcome of a certain game or you support a team, you can also bet on the PUBG side you think will win the match-up. This can make following the live-action especially thrilling. In addition, you can bet on a team to be victorious on a certain map. This is sometimes called ‘Map Winner’ betting.
  • First Blood – One exciting PUBG betting market is First Blood where you put your money on which team you think will claim the first kill. It can make for an adrenaline-pumping start to the action. A similar PUBG betting market is Knife Round where you stake on the team to get the first kill of this special game.
  • Most Kills – Why not support your favorite players by betting on them to get the most kills in a PUBG match? Find out who’s on a hot streak and put your faith in them to produce the goods.

PUBG Betting Odds

Betting operators do not have the same odds compared to each other, but the differences can be negligible. Sometimes, however, there are stark differences between them. Therefore, you need to spend some time comparing their odds, because you want the best possible winnings.

As far as betting on PUBG is concerned, you won’t be set back by a lot because there are only five operators supporting PUBG betting. These operators are betway, LOOT.BET, VulkanBet, GG.BET, and forest.bet.

PUBG Betting Tips

There are a couple of activities you can do to bolster your knowledge of PUBG which will, in turn, enable you to place smarter bets.

Watch the Pros

One of the best ways to learn about the intricacies of PUBG and where you can find a PUBG odds advantage is by watching players who know all the tricks of the trade.

Watch their streams on Twitch and YouTube, listen to their advice, and watch how they play for a better understanding of PUBG and a better chance of more bet wins. You can also watch PUBG esports tournaments and listen to the commentators to better understand what’s happening.

Keep a Lookout for Game Updates

Game updates can make or break the game, but the larger ones always change the current meta. This can drastically impact teams and their players, especially if their strategy is based around a game component that has been changed.

Do Your Homework

Unless you take some time to learn about the teams, players, and PUBG tournaments, you’ll end up not knowing which bets to place. This is crucial information that helps you determine whether or not to place a bet on a team or player so make sure to learn.

Track the Latest PUBG Esports Results

To be the best PUBG bettor possible, you should pay close attention to the results of major PUBG esports tournaments. You can check scores on the PUBG Liquipedia to keep track of which players and teams are on form and worth betting on.


Lastly, one of the most efficient ways of helping yourself with betting on PUBG is by playing the game itself. Overall, it’s not difficult to understand how to play; but it will take you some time to learn all the maps and weapons.

Still, this should give you an advantage compared to those who don’t play it by providing much-needed context during the betting process.

PUBG Esports History

Inspired by the legendary fight-to-the-death Japanese film, Battle Royale, PUBG caused a stir when it launched on PC via Steam’s early access program and the Xbox Game Preview product in 2017. You can now play PUBG on Playstation 4, Stadia, and mobile too.

PUBG won Breakthrough Game of the Year at the esports Industry Awards, plus Best Multiplayer Game and PC Game of the Year at the Golden Joystick Awards in 2017. The game’s shrinking circle mechanic and survival idea, with up to 100 players stranded to fight it out on an island, captured the imagination of players and helped make the game a popular esports title.

Tournament Name Prize Pool Dates Winners
PGI.S 2021 Main Event $7,070,000 05.02.2021 – 28.03.2021 Susquehanna Soniqs
PUBG Global Championship 2021 $4,410,830 19.11.2021 – 19.12.2021 NewHappy
PUBG Global Championship 2019 $4,080,000 08.11.2019 – 24.11.2019 Gen.G
PUBG Global Invitational 2018 (FPP) $1,000,000 28.07.2018 – 29.07.2018 Oh My God
PUBG Global Invitational 2018 (TPP) $1,000,000 25.07.2018 – 26.07.2018 Gen.G Gold
PCL 2021 – Spring $621,680 13.04.2021 – 23.05.2021 Four Angry Men
PCL 2021 – Summer $619,800 20.07.2021 – 29.08.2021 NewHappy
PUBG Asia Invitational 2019 $500,000 10.01.2019 – 12.01.2019 Actoz Stars Red
PUBG Nations Cup 2019 $500,000 09.08.2019 – 11.08.2019 Russia
PUBG Challenge Gamescom 2018 $452,000 23.08.2018 – 25.08.2018 Team Staxxx

PUBG Global Invitational.S

The PUBG Global Invitational.S (PGI.S 2021) saw 32 teams from eight international regions, all going gun on gun for their share of the $3.5 million prize pool and 30% of the fans’ Pick ‘Em Challenge proceeds.

You could have even streamed the competition in your own PUBG matches via screens found in Erangel and Miramar maps.

The tournament was won by Susquehanna Soniqs who were the best team following six rounds of play. They’ve won $1,296,189 from the $3.5+ million prize pool.

PUBG Global Championship

The PUBG Global Championship is the culmination of PUBG esports throughout each year. The PUBG Corporation have organized it and only the best PUBG teams get invites to the tournament.

In 2021, the tournament featured 32 teams competing for the $4,340,000 prize pool over the course of three weeks and fifteen rounds. NewHappy won the event but just barely, being only 4 points in front of Heroic. They took home an impressive $1,378,264 following the win.

PUBG Nations Cup

The PUBG Nations Cup differs from the usual PUBG esports tournaments by virtue of countries competing against each other instead of the usual team competitions. Unfortunately, the tournament wasn’t held in 2020 and 2021, presumably due to the pandemic, but fans are hopeful that it will return when (and if) the next PUBG game comes out.

The latest edition of the tournament was in 2019 where Russia took home the grand prize of $100,000 following 15 rounds of play. This result was surprising considering South Korea and China are generally considered the best PUBG esports countries out there.

Best PUBG Players in 2021

Position Nickname Full Name Earnings (2021) Earnings (Total)
1st MMing Ming, Ming $417,226 $432,003
2nd ZpYan1 Pinyan, Zhou $393,670 $398,317
3rd Nannnnn Nanjiang, Li $393,352 $410,661
4th HS Wang Yanwen $389,525 $389,525
5th TGLTN James Giezen $379,728 $415,194
6th hwinn Hunter Winn $364,478 $450,510
7th Shrimzy Tristan Nowicky $364,478 $429,214
8th M1ME Austin Scherff $364,228 $412,002
9th Pio Cha, Seung Hoon $306,985 $908,623
10th Inonix Na, Hee $304,569 $350,789

Best PUBG Teams

Position Team Name Total Earnings Tournaments Entered
1st Gen.G esports $4,281,682 39
2nd FaZe Clan $1,682,635 40
3rd Susquehanna Soniqs $1,642,000 21
4th NewHappy $1,605,372 11
5th Four Angry Men $1,533,235 35
6th Team Liquid $1,266,626 45
7th Zenith E-Sports $1,077,370 8
8th Multi Circle Gaming $927,134 13
9th Infantry Clan $865,896 21
10th OGN Entus $777,185 32

Susquehanna Soniqs

The Susquehanna Soniqs PUBG team is made up of hwinn, Shrimzy, M1ME, TGLTN and they won the PCS2 and PCS3 Grand Championships in North America in 2020, making them more than $100,000. To win the PCS3 they had a final day performance of three wins out of four with several double-digit kill victories.

Their most recent victory, however, came in the form of the PGI.S 2021 Main Event. The team is still considered one of the strongest PUBG teams in the world, so they’re always a good type of PUBG bet.

FaZe Clan

FaZe Clan began their PUBG tenure in 2017, immediately finishing 4th at the A-Tier IEM XII Oakland PUBG Invitational. This was an exceptional result for such a new team.

Over the years, FaZe has won a couple of S-Tier tournaments including PUBG Europe League 2019 – Phase 2, the GLL Grand Slam: PUBG Classic, PUBG Europe League 2019 – Phase 3, and the PUBG Continental Series 2: Europe. They narrowly missed out on winning the PUBG Global Championship in 2019.

The team is considered one of the best in the world, albeit they’ve hit a bit of a slump in recent times. Still, there aren’t many teams that can beat FaZe Clan in most tournaments. Aitzy, Gustav, and Fexx make up the team, after the departure of Fuzzface late last year.


Gen.G won the 2018 PUBG Global Invitational and added the PUBG Global Championship in 2019. The rest of the Gen.G PUBG esports team is Spear, Maczora, Inonix, and Renba.

Gen.G is the team to beat in PUBG due to their vast experience and impeccable playstyle. The team has (to date) participated in more than 35 tournaments and has managed to win a whopping $4,200,000+.

This is a very good bet for anyone that’s looking to kickstart their PUBG betting career thanks to the team’s flawless gameplay and team cohesion. Truly, they are a force to be reckoned with.

PUBG Basics – How to Play

After competitors parachute onto one of the game’s maps, they have the chance to scavenge weapons and items that will help them survive. And as the habitable area gets smaller and smaller, players are forced to confront each other, leaving the last player standing the winner.

There are 8 maps in total, set in different parts of the world. For example, Haven in North America, Miramar in South America, and Karakin in Africa.

Esports Betting Cover

PUBG Betting FAQs

Betway, VulkanBet, and LOOT.BET are all incredible betting operators with generally favorable odds. You’d have a great time betting on PUBG by using any of these bookies.

The player that has earned the most by participating in PUBG esports tournaments is Loki (full name Bak, Jeong Yeong). He has earned a total of $960,503 over his entire four-year career.

Gen.G is arguably the best PUBG team today, being one of the toughest teams to defeat in the history of PUBG. Over their entire existence, Gen.G has amassed more than $4,200,000 in prize money alone.

The PUBG Global Invitational and the PUBG Global Championship are prime candidates for watching professionals do their thing and betting. PUBG esports betting is simple as long as you know about the teams and players. In any case, these two are the most prestigious and largest PUBG esports tournaments out there today.

Considering how well Gen.G and Susquehanna Soniqs are playing, most match-winner bets will be viable for these teams. Alternatively, you can place outrights on the teams as well since they have high chances of winning entire tournaments.

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