eSports Betting Payment Method: Neteller Review

Neteller LogoToday, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, we are going to talk about another eSports betting payment method! More precisely, our Neteller eSports betting review will thoroughly explain everything you need to know in order to start betting on eSports matches via this innovative online payment method. Over the course of last couple of years, Neteller has made itself among the biggest and most popular payment alternatives to online banking. It’s no wonder though – Neteller is owned by Paysafe Group Limited which also has the likes of Skrill and Paysafecard in their ranks. As far as its usage is concerned, Neteller is basically another electronic funds transaction service which allows fast and secure transactions to/from forex traders, merchants, and so on. Just recently, it has become a viable option in the online betting industry. However, even at this point in time, there are still people who are not sure whether or not they can use Neteller to bet on eSports. Well, why don’t we start off our Neteller eSports betting review by answering that simple question!

Can You Bet on eSports Using Neteller?

Just like we stated in the introductory paragraph above, Neteller has become an attractive service for depositing and withdrawing funds in terms of online betting. Considering the fact eSports betting is merely a subcategory of online betting, the logical answer is yes – you can bet on eSports using Neteller. Furthermore, there are plenty of options for Neteller too… If you are interested in eSports bookies which offer deposits and withdrawals via Neteller, here’s a short list down below:

Most Popular Bookies That Offer Neteller Deposits?


In addition to the bookmakers shown above, we would also like to mention that Pinnacle and Bet-at-Home work with and use Neteller's electronic wallet platform.

Neteller eSports Betting Review | Is It Cost Effective?

A part of Neteller’s recent success as far as online betting (including eSports betting) is concerned falls down to its cost-effectiveness. Well, cost-effectiveness, security and speed. You see, not only will you pay 0 fees for deposits and withdrawals from/to your Neteller account, the deposits will be instantly available in your online betting wallet. On the other hand, once you withdraw your funds, we’re afraid you will have to wait a bit to get your money to your account. This transaction doesn’t usually take a lot of time. Most often, it will show up in your account within 24 hours. Keep in mind though, this heavily depends on your currency, country of origin, among other things. To summarize – Neteller is a great option as far as cost-effectiveness is concerned, there’s no doubt about that!

How to Set Up Neteller for eSports Betting?

Setting up Neteller is a pretty straightforward task. It all comes down to several steps, none of which require IT wits to tackle. So, here's an explained step-by-step process of creating your very own Neteller account and using it for eSports betting.

  1. Visit the official Neteller website and click on the Join button which will redirect you to the registration page.
  2. Once you're there, fill up the registration form and click the “Create Account” button below the form.
  3. Make sure you carefully write down your Neteller Secure ID which will appear on the next screen right after you confirm your email account which you entered in the previous step.
  4. After you’ve done all that, simply login back to your Neteller account, click on Deposit Money to deposit funds from your bank account to Neteller.
  5. Now all that’s left to do is to find a proper eSports bookmaker and use your Neteller account to deposit the funds to your online betting wallet… after that, you will be set for eSports betting via Neteller!

Here’s a quick note within our Neteller eSports betting review which is bound to help you out while creating your account and depositing funds – Neteller will ask you if you want your money to be available for gambling or non-gambling transactions. Make sure you click gambling otherwise you will not be able to deposit funds to online betting websites.

Can Neteller Be Used for Both Depositing and Withdrawing Funds?

As you all know, many payment methods commonly used for eSports betting don't have the option to withdraw money to their systems. This, needless to say, creates problems for their users because they have to find alternative payment solutions to get their money. However, as far as Neteller is concerned, there is nothing to worry about since it features both deposits and withdrawals. Although, keep in mind that withdrawals take some time to show up in your bank account. It all depends on your country but generally speaking you should expect a short delay.


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