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Where to start? Bet365 is no stranger to most of us. The British company is one of the biggest and best-known bookmakers. The website offers sports betting and many different languages and targets many international markets. Now the all-rounder also provides esports betting and impresses with a wide variety of betting options and games. You can really feel that they want to lead the market in that field too and give their best to stand out. With an own mobile app and many other features, they are one of the most attractive bookmakers around. Their dedication is also visible in the esports betting section with all that variety at bet365 betting will never be boring.

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Available games (Last updated Feb 2018)

Bet365 offers a wide variety of games that are available for esports betting. Bets are available for Dota 2, Starcraft 2 and CS:GO bets are also given a lot of importance at this bookmaker. You also can start with LoL betting and bet on big tournaments like The International or smaller regional competitions, that the bookmaker also offers. Esports betting at Bet365 is also possible for the following games: Hearthstone, Overwatch, Heroes of the Storm, KOG, Starcraft and WoW. Those are great opportunities for fans who like to place their bets at less common games for betting like World of Warcraft or the popular game Overwatch. Those games are famous, but many bookmakers do not offer any bets on them. Luckily Bet365 gives us that option.

What are the types of bets for the different games at bet365?

For our favorite games, bet365 offers a lot of different types of bets to keep things interesting. Some of them make for sense for specific games than others. One betting type that is attractive for almost every esports bet is the outrights. Outrights means you are betting on the tournament winner or the winner of a particular league. You also have the option to place so-called map bets. This means you bet on the winner of a specific map in the game. This is also a common betting type for Starcraft 2 or Dota 2. For your CS:GO bet at bet365 you can also choose a handicap bet or bet on the total round of a match. You also have the option to bet on an even or odd number of rounds. All of the bets can be chosen easily from the primary interface of the page, and you can also place a combination of those bets for a tournament or league.

Is live betting possible or ante-post betting only?

Live betting is a great way to spice up your esports betting. In this way, you can place bets in real times at events happening right now, while you are betting. That helps to keep an eye on the performance of the teams and place your esports bets accordingly. Bet365 does not disappoint in that field and offers the option to place live bets on events like the Dota 2 The International or famous LoL tournaments. Of course, this also counts for CS:GO, Starcraft and other games the bookmaker offers for eports betting.

Does bet365 only offer bets on eSports or other types of sports as well?

Thye bookmaker is really not limited and offers a vast variety of betting options. You can bet on sports and significant events like the World Cup or the Olympic Games. You can choose between many different sports like football, basketball, golf, hockey, horse racing and many other sports. Bet 365 also offers Casino, Bingo, and Poker. You also have the option to bet on events and other curiosities.

How easy is it to find available eSports bets on the bet365 site?

Bet365 is straight forward, and it is easy to find the esports bets on their site. They are located in the menu on the left-hand side just under darts. Once you click on the section, you can choose between your favorite games and tournaments. You have the biggest ongoing tournaments and leagues on the top level of the site. From there you are just a few clicks away from your bets on Dota 2, LoL, CS:GO or Starcraft. With only a few clicks you can select your, and you are not losing any time.

How good are their odds for eSports?

Bet365 is leading in a lot of sports betting fields when it comes to odds, why should that be different with the odds for esports betting at bet365. The bookmaker offers excellent odds for famous tournaments and especially for LoL betting and CS:GO bets there are some great odds on this site. You can also find some skin bets for Counterstrike and attractive odds combined with that. You will not have to worry about good odds for your esport bets with this bookmaker.

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Customer Support

Bet365 is a professional, and that is also represented in their customer support. The support is available in several languages and can be contacted every day for no matter what time via email, chat or phone. The competent and professional support team can be reached 24/7. If you need something very urgently, we recommend to contact them by phone or chat.

What licenses does this bookmaker have?

This giant on the sportsbook market has licenses in Gibraltar, Australia, UK, Malta and Spain and is following all their legal guidelines. Bet365 is compliant with national and international laws and audited by the authorities of the license-giving countries. The bookmaker is inspected as well by independent parties to make sure that everything is working correctly. Trustworthiness is really no issue with this bookmaker.

One of our favorite bookmakers is now also big in the esports betting game and really rocks it. The bookmaker offers a lot of games and betting types for esports fans and gives us also the option to play casino, bet on other sports and play bingo once in a while. What else do we need? Oh, yes there are also excellent bonuses and promotions available.


The information in this review have been updated in February 2018 and are subject to change. Please check the bet365 website for all details.

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