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Betting Options Esports
Support Live Chat, Mail
Founded 2016
Headquarters Nicosia, Cyprus
License N/A
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Deposit Methods
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  • Lively, active community
  • Up to daily promotions and bonuses
  • In-depth section on provably fair system
  • Generous reward and loyalty program
  • 24/7 support
  • No cash withdrawal or “real-world trading”
  • Lacking mobile application
  • Lively, active community
  • Up to daily promotions and bonuses
  • In-depth section on provably fair system
  • Generous reward and loyalty program
  • 24/7 support
  • No cash withdrawal or “real-world trading”
  • Lacking mobile application

Summary 4.5/5

Founded in 2016, CSGORoll is one of the most trustworthy gambling platforms that offer peer-to-peer skin trading. Despite what its names suggest, CSGORoll offers more than just rolls for your betting pleasures. It offers all kinds of games for players keen on trading up their rusty old knives to a bona fide Dragon Lore. So, if you want an all-new, rare skin you want to use in-game, you’ve come to the right place.

As we mentioned, CSGORoll is a go-to skin trading platform for CS:GO cosmetics or skins. Whether it’s knives, AWPs, or whatever it is you fancy, you can place bets on CSGORoll’s collection of games and win coins to be exchanged for these skins. CSGORoll remains as one of the top skin betting sites alongside Hellcase, CSGO Empire and WTFSkins. And that’s because it is a trustworthy platform for veteran and newbie CS:GO players alike who want to gamble, have fun, and earn skins while they’re at it.

Pre-Match Offer 4.5/5

CSGORoll has a neat collection of games to choose from when you want to start placing your coins to the test. So far, they have a total of six games you can bet on which are further divided into the typical casino-like games (Roll, Crash, Dice, and Plinko) and the more exciting Player versus Player games like Dice Duels, Case Battles, and Coin Flip.

As a part of their motto, CSGORoll swears that their games are provably fair which means that their results are always going to be random and never tampered with.

Depending on the game, you can place bets as little as 0.01 coins all the way up to 100,000! Although we don’t really advise you to do that, just know that you can bet big in CSGORoll. To give you an overview of the games they have, we’ve listed them below just for you:


Roll is the go-to game when head on to CSGORoll. It’s in their name after all. Roll is basically roulette with a 15-slot wheel numbered from 0 to 15. In Roll, you place bets to see on which slot will the wheel roll on. If your bet falls on red or black, you cash out twice (2x) your placed bet. If your bets fall on the Baits, you can cash out seven times your bet! But if you land the jackpot and hit green, you earn fourteen times your bet! But of course, that means that it’s much harder to land those bets in the first place. The first slot is green and is the only green one. The slot before it and after it are the Baits. Then the rest are interchanging red and black slots.

CSGORoll Roll Screenshot
CSGORoll’s game Roll

But in CSGORoll, there’s an even bigger jackpot that occurs when the roulette rolls the green thrice in a row called the Triple Green Jackpot. How it works is 0.666% of all the bets from the round is added into the jackpot and when there are three greens in a row, you win a slice of the jackpot if you bet in at least one of the greens. How much you cash out, however, is relative to how much you wagered in that round with a split of 33%/33%/33% per round. If you wagered 50 out of the 100 coins placed that round, you will receive half (50/100) of 33% which is 16.5% of the jackpot. So, if the jackpot had 1000 coins, you would have won 165 coins even if you only wagered 50 in a single round.


Although relatively simple, Crash is one of the higher-risk games you can bet on in CSGORoll. As in standard Crash, a multiplier starts at 1 and continues to climb up until it crashes. Here you can bet using coins and skins and once you put your placed bet with the fixed multiplier, you hold and withdraw when you see fit – hopefully before the multiplier crashes. In Crash, you can play it safe and just cash out when it reaches safe intervals of up to 2 because more likely than not, it’s going to be hard for it to consistently reach 10x upwards.

CSGORoll Crash Screenshot
CSGORoll’s game Crash


Dice is pretty simple in that it follows your traditional over/under betting. You set a number you want to bet on and choose under or over, then CSGORoll rolls a dice. Depending on whether you got your bet right, your betted amount gets multiplied the multiplier shown in the slider. This goes up or down depending on how risky your bet is. For example, for an over bet predicting that the dice will go over 88.92, the multiplier becomes 9.43x with a 10.07% chance of winning the bet.

For over bets, you can place bets from over 5.99 to 99.98. Meanwhile for under bets, you can place bets from 0.01 to 94.

CSGORoll Dice Screenshot
CSGORoll’s game Dice

Meanwhile, Dice Duel works exactly the way you’d think it would. CSGORoll pits you against another play, rolls two dice each, and whoever who has the higher numbers put together wins. If you’re feeling than the guy next to you, then this could be your chance to win double your money as winner takes all in this PvP game.

CSGORoll Dice Duels
CSGORoll’s game Dice Duels

Unboxing and Case Battles

Now, if you’re an old timer looking to just open some lot boxes then unboxing is the game for you. You pick a case worth a certain number of coins then all that’s left is pray to your God. This case can be worth from little to nothing or the most valuable skins in CS:GO. You can choose from different sets of boxes like 50-50, 10%, and 5% which all denote the odds of getting a valuable item from the drop. Otherwise, you can open boxes from CSGORoll’s partnered affiliates like Tweeday, Grim, and Prodigy.

CSGORoll Unboxing Screenshot
CSGORoll’s game Unboxing

If you want to be competitive about it, you can try out PvP Case Battles where you go head-to-head with real-life players. In PvP Case Battles, whoever has the higher value in case drops wins the battle and takes all the skins home. It can be a fun way to freshen up the typical case unboxings and multiply your earnings all in one. They even have a crazy mode available if you’re feeling unlucky. Crazy mode practically reverses the rules meaning the player with the lowest total value wins the battle. In cases of draws, matches are decided by coinflips.

CSGORoll Case Battles Screenshot
CSGORoll’s game Case Battles


Plinko is as easy as it gets. If you remember the game pachinko from your old, arcade pinball machines, then plinko works in the same way except that it’s completely random. You simply pick the number of rows you want to include in your plinko, set the risk payout, and place your bet amount. A higher number of rows and increasing your risk payout increases your multiplier of up to 1030x. But of course, that means safer bets will have lower payouts in return.

CSGORoll Plinko Screenshot
CSGORoll’s game Plinko

Coin Flip

Everyone knows how a coin flip works. Some would say it represents gambling itself with 50/50 odds of winning or losing, never truly knowing who would win each round. As such, CSGORoll offers PvP coin flip battles where you can create a game and place a set number of coins to enter. Winner takes all so you could either double your money or lose it all outright. Simple, right?

CSGORoll Coin Flip Screenshot
CSGORoll’s game Coin Flip

Registration Process 5/5

Now that we’ve got you all excited, you’re curious on how to sign up for an account. Well, lucky for that starting your betting adventure in CSGORoll is as easy as 1-2-3. CSGORoll has one of the smoothest sign-ups you’ll ever experience because you simply login with your Steam account and you’re all set! Add in your email, verify your account, and you’re ready to go.

Step 1. Click on login in the upper right corner of CSGORoll.

CSGORoll Menu Bar Screenshot

Step 2. Sign in with your Steam account. (Will require you to use Steam Guard if you have It enabled).

CSGORoll Registration Page Screenshot

Step 3. Verify your account through the email address you provided in the sign-up process.

CSGORoll Verification Page

Deposits and Withdrawal Options 4.5/5

In CSGORoll, the currency used for all purposes of betting is called coins. Coins approximately have a value of around €0.69 per coin or €69.14 per 100 coins (or $70 for USD). Primarily, users can deposit using direct methods such as cards (VISA and mastercard), banks, PayPal, or even Cryptocurrencies (supported cryptocurrencies are as follows: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Tether, Ripple, and Bitcoin Cash). Otherwise, bettors can use Skrill, Neteller, UnionPay, and NeoSurf to deposit their payments. Minimum deposit for coins is 4.99 coins or $3.49 USD or €3.45 EUR.

CSGORoll Deposit Methods Screenshot

Furthermore, since CSGORoll is a skin betting platform, you can also deposit your skins directly from your Steam account which are converted into coins based on its current market value. You can even apply a markup (of up to 12%) on skins you think will have an increased value upon depositing.

For skin withdrawals, you can always redeem them by trading them straight into your Steam account. According to CSGORoll, if the item is in stock, then withdrawal may be instant but can take up to a maximum of seven days. But if you prefer not to wait, you can always sell your items for coins and buy from CSGORoll’s Player to Player section which already houses a wide collection of skins to choose from.

CSGORoll Withdrawal Methods Screenshot
CSGORoll’s Withdraw section

However, since CSGORoll does not offer real-world trading, there is no way for you to withdraw cold cash from the platform. This is the only drawback of CSGORoll as it is. But no matter, you can always enjoy your skins as they are or perhaps trade it outside of CSGORoll but at your own risk. With regards to a withdrawal limit, there is a daily limit of 1000 coins over your deposit value to be able to withdraw. However, items to be withdrawn that exceed your daily limit can be manually approved by CSGORoll staff.

In relation to their anti-money laundering policies, CSGORoll has set in places established standards with regards to KYC (Know-Your-Customer). In order to satisfy these standards, the skins betting platform lays out its policies transparently on their website. But primarily, your identification would rely on either of the following:

  • A copy of one’s passport, ID card, or driving license shown alongside a handwritten note mentioning CSGORoll
  • A proof of address through a recent utility bill (electricity, water, bank, or governmental post) sent to one’s registered address which should be issued within the last 3 months

These could be submitted through their 24/7 support email at [email protected] or directly through their website by way of their live chat feature as shown below.

CSGORoll Message Feature Screenshot

Open Account Offer 4.5/5

CSGORoll is fairly generous with its welcoming offer allowing anyone to get three free cases and a permanent 5% deposit bonus. You can either claim this with their own promotional code “FREE21” or help out an affiliate by using their code. No matter which code you use, you’ll get the same benefits.

CSGORoll Welcome Offer Screenshot
CSGORoll’s Affiliates section

You can claim this bonus immediately upon registration by going to the Rewards section in the dashboard and entering your code. Then, you can open the three cases given of which can contain ultra-rare drops like the Butterfly Knife Lore! So test your luck and see where it takes you.

CSGORoll Promo Code Screenshot
CSGORoll’s Rewards section

Aside from the free cases, you get a 5% deposit bonus on future direct deposits there on out. To make use of this deposit bonus, just use the same promotion code you used to claim your free boxes in the Deposit section. The bonus is limited to 100 USD or around 83.10 GBP/98.88 EUR and does not apply to deposits made using CS:GO skins and gift cards. As we also mentioned, the minimum deposit is 4.99 coins.

CSGORoll Deposit Page
CSGORoll’s Deposit section

As a side note, due to how CSGORoll doesn’t involve itself with real-world trading, it has the privilege of being legal in countries worldwide as long as you’re above the age of 18. However, it’s always a good practice to check your own country’s gambling law regulations.

Sportsbook Promotions 5/5

There’s a reason why CSGORoll is one of the longest-standing skin betting platforms on the scene. Aside from their credibility being a trustworthy bookie, they offer a lot, and we mean a lot of promotions on the regular. Whether it’s their founding anniversary, St. Patrick’s Day, Easters, or even out-of-the-blue, CSGORolls is known to host giveaways (worth hundreds and thousands of coins) and game discounts whenever they have the chance.

For their giveaways, they usually are run using their jackpot system which is basically a raffle. You earn entries or tickets to their jackpot by opening event-only cases which increase your odds of securing a prize. So, the more you play, the greater chance you have of being a part of the lucky weekly winners. These winners are usually then called live on stream on their Twitch channel.

CSGORoll Jackpot Screenshot
CSGORoll’s Jackpot section

As a part of these raffles, CSGORoll also increases deposit bonuses, release cases with increased odds of better loot, and even reduce the house edge of the betting platform for limited times. A great example of this is their Summer 2022 promotion with 500K worth of coins to be given away from July 25th to August 21st. In this generous giveaway, spending on coconut cases in the Coconut Shack will earn you tickets towards their 300K jackpot. Aside from the jackpot, there are exclusive CS:GO staff and community tournaments, leaderboards, and exclusive cases all for you to enjoy as long as you play on CSGORoll. Another good reason to join in on the fun in CSGORoll.

CSGORoll Promotions
CSGORoll’s Promo section

However, do note that this is always changing and a promotion may be in the works anytime in the near future so check their social media channels on their blog, Facebook, and Twitter for further updates. Be always on the lookout as they give out codes for free cases and more on a day-to-day basis.

Live Offer 1/5

Since CSGORoll is a dedicated CS:GO gambling site, they do not have any live offers.

Security 4.5/5

As we have repeatedly pointed out, CSGORoll prides itself with its secure Provably Fair system which can be tested by anyone who looks at their source code. In their blog, they have provided the formulas for the hashes of each of their individual games which should be enough to reassure you of their trustworthiness. If not, look and try it out for yourself to see how secure it truly is!

Furthermore, they are openly transparent about their Privacy Policy which can be read on their blog. However, they are lacking in a dedicated section towards responsible gaming and self-exclusions which could be a liability for problem gamblers.

Is CSGORoll legit?

Of course, we wouldn’t be here if we didn’t think CSGORoll was worth your time. But don’t take our word for it, listen to their roaring community. CSGORoll boasts a 4.6 star review with 1772 reviews thus far on Trustpilot with an almost 6-year track record of being a go-to skins betting platform for CS:GO players.

With their provably fair system and secure withdrawal and deposit lines, CSGORoll is as legit as it gets amongst skin betting platforms. Lastly a quick peek at their Twitter shows an amazing 200,000 followers which the platform’s badge of honour when it comes to trustworthiness. There’s a reason why they have been here this long in the scene.

Service and Customer Support 4.5/5

Customer ServiceDetailsDurationAvailabilityQuality
Live ChatCan be accessed on the bottom corner of the platformUpon receiving your request, as fast as ten minutes10 am CET – 10 pm CET (Monday – Friday)4.5/5
MailThrough [email protected]Within 24 hours24/75/5
Social MediaFacebook, Twitter, Discord, and InstagramLeads you to Customer Support24/74.8/5

If you do end up having problems on CSGORoll, know that you can reliably contact their Customer Support channels 24/7. In our case, Customer support was respectful, straight to the point, and efficient. We contacted their channels through Live Chat and Mail, which are both answered through email as of now.

CSGORoll Email Support Screenshot

But, if you’re more interested in their Frequently Asked Questions, they have a comprehensive list in their FAQ and General Info section. Questions include getting free cases and promo codes, problems with depositing and withdrawing skins, getting refunds, and more.

Design and Usability 4.5/5

CSGORoll has a classic and sleek-looking user design interface which accentuates its ease-of-use and useability. Since its redesign in February, CSGORoll has never looked cleaner with a color palette of black with accents of green that is easy to the eyes and satisfying to use. Even their games have undergone a face lift that make them even more satisfying to play! But if you’re an OG player, you can always witch back to their classic looks like in the traditional roulette in Roll.

Then, if you look at your account, you can check your own betting stats like total coins wagered, highest wins per game, and triple green jackpot winnings. However, one caveat that we have with CSGORoll is that it only offers its services in English which may limit access in countries that don’t speak the language natively.

Mobile 4.5/5

Unfortunately, as of right now, CSGORoll does not have an app available for use. Whether perhaps of development costs or for security reasons, they still haven’t built a native app for the site. However, CSGORoll is mobile-friendly and can be accessed through their website just fine on mobile.

CSGORoll Mobile Screenshot
CSGORoll’s Homepage on Mobile
CSGORoll Mobile Screenshot
CSGORoll’s Homepage on Mobile

Other Products 4/5

For hardcore players and bettors, you’ll be glad to know that CSGORoll has a neat loyalty program to reward your investment to the betting site – whether you’re a punter who only bets leisurely or you’re a big-time spender. CSGORoll has a dedicated rewards system that offers daily free cases. These free cases increase in value as your account levels up. Although it is free to enter, you need to spend coins to level up by wagering on the site’s different games.

You can level your account by wagering your coins on the available game modes to gain experience. According to the betting platform, you need to play a total of 288 coins to reach level 10 where each coin rewards you with 400 experience points. Of course, the higher the level you get, the more experience you need to level up. But with higher levels, means more free cases to open. Free cases are available at the following intervals:

CSGORoll Rewards Screenshot
CSGORoll’s Rewards section
  • Level 2
  • Level 10
  • Level 20
  • Level 30
  • Level 40
  • Level 50
  • Level 60
  • Level 70
  • Level 80
  • Level 90
  • Level 100

To know how many coins you need to bet in order to level up, just divide your XP needed to level up by 400. Example, to reach Level 2 you need 8300 XP which is basically 20.75 coins wagered to level up. So eventually, should you reach level 100, you can start making passive income daily by opening your chests and pressing your luck! You can then either sell the skins you get from these boxes or keep them for yourself, your choice.

And for the players who can get their friends, family, and acquaintances to play on CSGORoll, they get a slice of the cake too. After creating your own referral code, those who sign up with your code get the 3 free boxes and 5% deposit bonus we mentioned earlier. But what’s in it for you, you ask? Affiliates get a commission for the referrals they successfully connect to CSGORoll.

CSGORoll Affiliates Screenshot
CSGORoll’s Affiliate’s section

You can get a maximum of up to 10% commission per deposit that your referrals make. All you have to do is make sure they keep coming back while you reap what you sow. As motivation, the top affiliate hall-of-famer has received a whopping 2,123,991 coins (equivalent of around $150,000) from commissions alone!

CSGORoll Affiliate Tiers Screenshot
CSGORoll’s Blog post on its revamped affiliate system

Summary 4.5/5

To put it all together, we believe that CSGORoll is a great platform for players who want to bet, trade up, and profit off of their skins in CS:GO. With its easy-to-use interface, it becomes easy for even beginners to kickstart their journey on trading up their PP-Bizon all the way up to a Dragon Lore. Given its variety of games to choose from as well, you’ll have a lot to choose from should you choose to convert your hard-earned cash into coins.

The only drawback we would give the platform is that it only allows you to withdraw your winnings through skins. But at the same time, this can be beneficial because it allows the website to operate in many more countries across the world.

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Currently, CSGORoll is owned by the operating company Feral Holdings Limited which operates internationally from Belize in Central America.

Using the withdraw feature, you can choose from a selection of CS:GO skins that you can trade your existing coins for. Skins may be withdrawn once you’ve made at least one successful deposit to CSGORoll. Read more about their withdrawals in their blog.

To level up in CSGORoll, you need to wager your coins using the available game modes to gain experience. To calculate the number of coins you need to level up, divide the experience needed to level by 400.

Before, players used to be able to tip each other coins. However, CSGORoll removed the feature, as explained in their FAQ, as it was being abused by scammers and panhandlers alike.

To deposit in CSGORoll, you can either use a direct deposit bonus using cards, PayPal, cryptocurrency, etc. Or you could deposit your CS:GO skins from your own Steam inventory. All of this can be done through the deposit feature.

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